The Dark Eye - Demonicon is a thrilling action-RPG set in the extraordinarily popular universe of “The Dark Eye”, a richly crafted fantasy world beloved by fantasy gamers across the globe. The Dark Eye - Demonicon tells the tragic story of a brother and sister who become pawns of sinister forces in a world of cruelty and depravity.
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“… shaping up to be a fantastic game”
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“Demonicon may well be the RPG that both gamers and Dark Eye fans have been waiting for”

“Demonicon will get a lot of gamers excited”
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The Dark Eye - Demonicon is a thrilling action-RPG set in the extraordinarily popular universe of “The Dark Eye”, a richly crafted fantasy world beloved by fantasy gamers across the globe.

The Dark Eye - Demonicon tells the tragic story of a brother and sister who become pawns of sinister forces in a world of cruelty and depravity. In this bleak yet magical world, their affection is both a blessing and a curse. Both are constantly threatened by mortal danger and demonic temptation, and must find a way through their tortured lives by facing serious moral decisions. Their common destiny will determine that of the entire continent, and will be decided by the choices they make. Hordes of fiends block their way to freedom and peace, and only through battle and magic they will truly become free of the darkness.

  • A third-person action-RPG featuring brutal melee attack combos and dazzling magic spells
  • Powerful storytelling with an elaborate narrative rich with twists, as well as believable conflicts and ethical decision-making opportunities
  • Action-packed battles, where pin-point timing and clever tactics play important roles
  • Unique magic system: a dark talent grants the player devastating mystical powers and changes his physical appearance
  • Comprehensive crafting system allows for creation of potions, poisoned blades and enchanted armor
  • State-of-the-art 3D visuals using the powerful Havok Vision engine
  • A richly detailed game world embedded in the extensive fantasy world of The Dark Eye


    • 操作系统: Windows XP SP3 (32bit), Windows Vista / 7 / 8
    • 处理器: 2 GHz Dual-core
    • 内存: 2 GB RAM
    • 图形: Dedicated DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 512MB VRAM and Shader Model 4.0 support. ATI/AMD Radeon 3800 series and higher, NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT and higher
    • DirectX 版本: 9.0c
    • 存储空间: 需要 10 GB 可用空间
    • 声卡: DirectX compatible
    • 操作系统: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 (64bit)
    • 处理器: 3 GHz Quad-core
    • 内存: 4 GB RAM
    • 图形: Dedicated DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 1GB VRAM and Shader Model 5.0 support
    • 附注事项: Best played with Xbox 360® controller for Windows
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( 0.1 小时(记录在案的) )
Played 10 mins, and got bored real quick! Also aparently in this game i cant pick up flower on the ground bc im not a lvl 1 florist... make sens. Oh and the narrative sucks.10/10
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( 34.0 小时(记录在案的) )
The major annoying thing I felt with this game is that it doesn't allow the player to save the progress manually. If you don't like a choice you just made in the game and so you load a previously (and automatically) saved game record, then you will need to go through what you have done since the previous save point all over again. Sometimes this means redoing everything you did in the past a couple of hours, especially if the choice you don't like is made at the end of a chapter.

The in-game tutorial doesn't really teach you any useful tricks in a fight, and the enemy/monsters in the game do not progressively level up as your character. Therefore, in your first a few fights, you may feel it difficult to defeat the enemy/monsters without drinking a few potions. However, once you get a grasp of it, you may start to enjoy the fights.

The equipment you can buy from the merchants usually is no match to those you get after a major (boss) fight. As such, the merchants in the game basically are places where you can dump the garbage which you pick up during your journey. In fact, as I can recall, I only purchased maybe 5 or 6 items from the merchants before I finished the game. From my point of view, the trading system in this game is useless.

The combat skill and magic systems, on the other hand, are more interesting. The storyline is okay. The 3D engine runs smoothly on my computer. I have completed the game once already, but so far my computer has never hung up during playing.

If the game is on a 50% or 75% off discount, I would suggest RPG lovers to try it.
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( 2.5 小时(记录在案的) )
this game starts off strong.
introduces you to the game and teaches you base mechanics such as skill point allocation, skills magic etc and has active blocking and throwing daggers etc, all in all a great start. then however once you leave the beggining area you get thrown into a desilate ugly town with reeeeeaaly boring narrative and lots i mean LOTS of it i spoke to all the boring people and SPOILER ALERT kept trying to stop the main characters sister having sex with him. thats right the first thing you have to do in the story is choose wether your going to bang your sister END OF SPOILER.
at this point id spent over an hour and a half talking crap doing fetch quests havnt progressed further.
as of now its a negative, but if i summon the inner strength to play it more it might supprise me
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( 5.5 小时(记录在案的) )
First attempt - system restarded after two minutes
Second attempt - game bug after five minutes, I wasnt able to move

No thanks.
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( 19.5 小时(记录在案的) )
-The story is mediocre...but enjoyable and good for what its worth
-The combat is mediocre...easy and simple
-The character customisation is mediocre...but still,well done
-The invetory is mediocre...console like list of gear
-The graphics of the game is mediocre...but it is not ugly
-The animations are mediocre...all of animation is mediocre, (2D cutscenes where well done)
-The voice acting is shines here and there for few NPC's
-The gameplay is really is

So yeah, overall it is a pretty mediocre game.
Although I myself am a mediocre guy so for some reason, I liked this game.
It was nice to go back to the Dark Eye universe,back to Aventuria.
Still longing for a proper Drakensang game.

I can recommend this game to those who have no high expectations,and can lower it a that mediocre level to be precise. This ARPG can deliver some fine playing hours,it has some good moments.
It was OK for me.
Giving it a mediocre thumbs up. :)
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( 2.4 小时(记录在案的) )
UNACCEPTABLE, UNPLAYABLE, BROKEN!! On my MSI laptop if I move the cursor near the bottom of the screen, the system switches out of the game and into the Steam app, and I have to click on the game icon to get back into the game. With other games this is a minor annoyance.

But Demonicon causes a total hard system crash if one leaves the game and then tries to resume or alt-tab back into it. CTL-ALT-DEL doesn't work. The only solution is to power down and reboot. Hard crashes can damage the directory.

I've looked at the discussion area, and others have encountered the same problem. Not worth my time!
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( 17.3 小时(记录在案的) )
A nice ambitious game, that wished to be many things; it does not exceed every expectations in any, but it still is quite enjoyable.
For instance, its graphics appearence is outdated, and the fact that you cannot save whenever you want is extremely out of place in an RPG; however, the RPG component is not the only one - we should call it an action-RPG, with scarce focus on equip, with stats and abilities that are used and developed more like a hack-and-slash than a pure RPG and generally feel less important than your dodging abilities. Your character cannot be personalised, the story is quite linear, the world clearly has its lore, but you never get really sucked into it.
All of this said, the story keeps you interested long enough, the style is challenging without being frustrating, and the Dark Eye's world has a lot of potential that has been scarcely exploited in games, so it feels like a breath of fresh air. If you can accept its limitations, it is a game you will enjoy.
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( 13.1 小时(记录在案的) )

-Dialogues, cinematics and cutscenes
-Character development
-Decision making (affecting story as it unfolds)
-Skill levelling system
-Slot abilities (endurance), passive abilities and gift (mana) abilities
-Upgradable weapons (barely)
-Linear story


-Poorly written
-Clunky mechanics
-Repetitive combat
-Terrible character animation, movement and expression (all very important to a story driven RPG!)
-Linear story

Conclusion: I would recommend this game both on sale and to RPG enthusiasts who play an expanse of games. If you have been grounded in modern day, open world story RPGs such as The Witcher, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls etc. Then chances are you will not enjoy this. When playing this game I felt as if it was from last decade. Every aspect of this game is lacking intuition and innovation, there is no replayibility factor. So why am I giving this game a thumbs up? It still managed to provide me with several hours of entertainment, which is an achievement considering its flaws and I got it as part of a bundle. Worth.
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( 4.8 小时(记录在案的) )
Can't neg review a game I got as part of a cheap bundle, however I will highlight that it is of another era. The gameplay dynamics such as combat system and menu navigation is set to reflect the lore of a preexisting universe and it's not awesome for new players.. That being said, it has merit as a highly technical game and what I saw of the storyline was impressive.
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1 升级系统个性化,取消了等级概念,取而代之的是每次战斗或者探索或者任务之后奖励的“冒险点”来自由选择升级属性或者技能
2 战斗有一定技巧性,需要善用格挡和翻滚
3 我觉得主角塑造的还挺幽默
4 每一章都有困难的考验人性的抉择

1 支线任务太少了,每章就布告板那么几个任务,其余全部是跟着主线走,没有足够的细节支撑世界观,这一点比起RPG大作,明显显得很苍白
2 对话里头恶魔类召唤类的专业术语太多了,古英语太多了,看多了特别烦
3 属性很容易升满级,所以并没有尝试不同加点的必要
3 很多辅助技能其实没啥大用,点数投入却还很高。比如整个游戏下来,我都攒了1000多金币,都是因为没有什么需要从商人那里买的,好的装备任务都给了,所以砍价技能是鸡肋,再比如草药技能,草药跟本不刷新的,整个游戏通关就那么几张地图那么点草药,再比如观察技能,明显是充数的根本捡不到好东西
4 剧情转折突兀,整个剧情堪比韩剧般狗血,一会儿兄妹情,一会儿兄弟相争,一会儿找爸爸,最后终于团聚,但是情节非得逼着牺牲一个,我一点也不觉得感动,只觉得狗血
5 女主角太难看了,原画不难看,但是游戏里的样子就。。。
6 不能手动存档,存档点少
7 结尾很明显的赶工
8 画面灰暗,人物表情,动作僵硬

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14.9 小时(记录在案的)
Is the game worth $40? Hell no? Is the game worth around $10? Well that depends. Many gamers today aren't willing to invest into games that provide a mediocre experience. They only want to play games that are highly recieved. Gone are the days of going to the store and just picking out a game because the cover art looked cool. With reviews everywhere, gamers are more wary of their purchases. So I will say this, the game will not woo you. It will most likely be a forgettable experience. The controls are somewhat clunky and the animations are subpar. But is it worth your time? I say yes. Games like this reach towards the stars and fail poetically due to a lack of budget. IF you are looking for a decent Action RPG with an OK story to pass time, then I reccommend this game. If you only concern yourself with the highest quality of game out there, then I suggest you move along.
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29.1 小时(记录在案的)
I've given this game a 'Yes' recommendation, but only if you can find it going really cheap in a deal or a sale somewhere.

So - Demonicon. It's not the worst game you'll ever play, but it's not terribly well designed, and it's kind of 'obvious' that it worked to a budget, which is a shame because it's got some nice visuals and as an RPG it manages to hit some of the right notes. It's got a lot of obvious bugs and half-finished elements, it's kind of clunky, and the story isn't amazing, and isn't really developed entirely well. I think the game tries to rely too much on the background The Dark Eye lore, which will appeal only to fans of that pen & paper RPG. The first couple of areas as well are a bit cumbersome, and it's not really that enjoyable a game to begin with.

But eventually, after about 10 hours or so, maybe? Towards the latter half of the second hub, suddenly you get a sense of... moorishness. By this time Cairon should have some better abilities & equipment, and should be levelled up to a point where he's actually slightly ahead of the curve for that area. This makes the fighting easier (but not boring), which stops some of the sluggish battles you may have had before this. Keep on top of things and this advantage can last you the rest of the game, and all in all it makes you feel like a little bit of a badass.

As an example, in a later hub section, I found myself confronted by three or four demons in armour, wielding some pretty nasty looking weapons. I was preparing myself mentally for long and difficult fight, and I ran at the first one and did that stabby move that's kind of like what Brad Pitt does in the movie Troy. The demon knight fell instantly - recovering from my momentary surprise, I repeated the move on the others, and then the fight was over. I felt like a total BOSS, and that's something that this game is kind of good at, especially in the later half.

So – all in all, if you find it cheap and are willing to put up with a rather poor start, this is one of those one-shots that can entertain you for a while. I finished the game in 26 hours, so it’s not short by any means, but it’s fairly linear for an ‘RPG’ so the story can only go on for so long.

For more information, especially about the specific mechanics of the game, check out my full review at Strategy Informer:
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11.0 小时(记录在案的)
Demonicon reminded me a bit of Dragon Age 2 because of its repetitive and dull environments. But it's a game that's understandable, a game that anyone can play. It's actually fairly good for an action RPG. Until it becomes very repetitive as far as the quests are concerned.

The character and skill upgrade systems are refreshing. They aren't perfect, but at least they allow for a lot of customization, even if half of these upgrades aren't used all that much. You earn AP by finishing quests, killing enemies, you name it. These points can then be spend on upgrades. Each skill requires 4 blocks of points before it is entirely upgraded and there are about 10 skills in total. You can also spend these points on stats like strength and you also unlock a magic system early on that uses GP which can be earned pretty much the same way, but you have to use magic while doing things.

Quests consist of kill and fetch quests and halfway through the game this becomes rather repetitive. This is also thanks to the not-all-that-exciting combat, which is real-time, by the way.
The graphics are sharp and pretty good, but the framerate drops in villages and I have no idea why. The villages aren't overly crowded and there aren't any spectacular visual effects in it either. Weird. Otherwise, the game runs well.

The voice acting isn't all that bad, even if some of the voices don't match the personalities of the characters. But then again, this is no AAA title so if we take that into account it isn't all that bad.
Demonicon didn't disappoint me because I didn't really have any expectations so if you feel the same way give it a try. But if you want a quality RPG that isn't too repetitive look further.

[Rating: 74/100]
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31.5 小时(记录在案的)
I bought this game at a pretty hefty discount before it was released after watching trailers and reading previews. I like the game quite a bit, not at all disappointed with the purchase. I played it pretty consistently until I finished it. Overall I'd rate it a 80/100

The story is dark, set in a world plagued by demons and monsters after some sort of cataclysmic magical apocalypse. The decisions you make have very real consequences both for those close to your character and for the city where you spend most of your time.

The game system works well - clearly heavily influenced by the Witcher 2. The combat is pretty good, but slightly rough around the edges.

So should you buy this game? Depends on how much you like RPG's with dark stories, and whether or not you are willing to excuse the combat for not being as good as Witcher 2, Skyrim, Dragon Age or KOTOR 1&2.

Finally I'd like to address the "incest" thing. Clearly people were not paying attention as your character is not actually a blood relative of the possible romantic interest.
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56.5 小时(记录在案的)
The Dark Eye Demonicon is a third person action-RPG set within The Dark Eye series, a German tabletop role-playing game that outsells Dungeons & Dragons in the German market. You play as Cairon, a young man who suddenly acquires demonic powers when his blood is mixed with the blood of his sister. Some people begin to take an interest in you, and events unfold from there. It is a fairly straightforward tale, with plenty of twists and turns that are less than shocking along the way. But it is an interesting story, and it features one of the most often used tropes in role-playing games today: moral choices.At certain points throughout the story, you have to make choices that will affect how others will view you. Standard stuff, but the best part is that you will often have no idea how your choices will impact you in the future.As Cairon explores the world, he has a few methods with which he can dispatch his enemies. Attacking with your weapon and using whatever physical skills you have is the first method, alongside throwing weapons which he can use to attack enemies at a distance. And then there is magic, which is comprised of four spells with multiple unlockable variations for each spell. Both play well, and I used a mixture of the magic and the mundane as I journeyed through the game.Alongside your combat skills are your non-combat skills such as lock-picking and legend lore, which are used to acquire and unlock additional opportunities. If you upgrade your fast talking ability for example, you will be able to obtain greater rewards for quests or avoid fights entirely in some cases. But a key detail to all of this is the way in which you use experience, or in Demonicon, AP and GP. AP is used for physical oriented skills, non combat skills and primary stats, while GP is used to upgrade your magic abilities. This is an interesting feature, as you now have to choose between upgrading your skills and upgrading your stats when you obtain experience. In theory you could turn Cairon into the least capable warrior in all existence, but in practice you will have increased everything at least moderately by the end of the game. You’ll want to level up everything at least somewhat equally, but the non-traditional character progression forces one to make careful decisions as you progress through the game.If there is one major problem that I can pinpoint in Demonicon, it would be the technical issues that pop up time and again.Textures would pop in and out when I entered conversations, the camera would often move by itself to the worst possible place imaginable during a battle and plenty of other technical glitches and bugs occurred during the 19 hours I spent with the game.With Demonicon being far from flawless, I found myself wondering whether or not I enjoyed it enough to give it a positive recommendation. Honestly, I did. Despite its issues, The Dark Eye: Demonicon remains a fun adventure that, while lacking polish, is an enjoyable journey through The Dark Eye setting.
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22.4 小时(记录在案的)
Neither a Triple A rpg nor does it have top notch gameplay but extremely well done game nevertheless.

The Plot:
The plot is quite interesting but may put off some people, personally i love it. Its not very deep and has a few plot holes but manages to pull through. The areas in the game also ain't that big. Standard RPG formula, main plot brings the player to different places where he/she can choose to clear side quests(basically made up of kill this, collect that). Within the main plot there are crossroads where you will have to make choices and side with either faction. Without spoiling much, these choices affect that portion or area of the story but not much towards the ending. I've completed the game on my first playthrough within roughly 20hrs, minus all the afk and crash and completed almost all side quests.

Combat is action based not very fluid and flashy(it is a bit dull) but still passable and entertaining. Quite a limited Skill/Magic and Stats system, a far cry from other Dark Eye games and other "single character" RPGs. Again, nothing that really impressed me. Technically you can almost max them if you do grind the side quests. Crafting is very simple but kinda pointless, you don't really need the potions/buffs unless on higher difficulty.

Looks more like a pre-2010 graphics, it looks somewhat dated therefore do not expect much on the looks of the surroudings, characters and world itself. Soundtrack is decent.

Overall, i'd give it a 7/10. Plot and the backstory premise mainly the reason i play this game for.
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