Conquest of Elysium 3 (CoE3) is a streamlined turn based fantasy strategy game with a touch of rogue-like and the complex undertones of Illwinter's Dominions series. While CoE3 appears to be a simple game with limited options at first glance, delving further into the game reveals a game of complex decision making and risky endeavors.
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Datum vydání: 24. říj. 2012

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"Beneath its crude interface and simple graphic style is a robust, addicting, and deeply immersive turn-based fantasy strategy game! Check out my video"
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17. ledna

Conquest of Elysium 3.23

This update makes the world creation much faster and it speeds up large area effects during combat. This should eliminate the need for fast forward in battles where e.g. an earthquake affects a large army. There are also some balance improvements and the usual bug fixes.

  • Faster world generation
  • Team placement bug fixed
  • Speed up large area effects (row or more targets)
  • Gates to pandemonium etc did not spawn demons correctly
  • Incorrect distance between rows on attackers side
  • Hellhound summoning improved
  • Slightly larger popups at larger text settings.
  • Fixed black border around map glitch
  • Minor bug fix for druid AI.
  • Income wouldn't always update at once, fixed
  • Some minor bug fixes
  • Senator Revelry didn't work for network play
  • Scoregraph nations were all disabled by default for network screen
  • Various network fixes
  • Fix modding mastery for negative numbers

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Informace o hře

Conquest of Elysium 3 (CoE3) is a streamlined turn based fantasy strategy game with a touch of rogue-like and the complex undertones of Illwinter's Dominions series. While CoE3 appears to be a simple game with limited options at first glance, delving further into the game reveals a game of complex decision making and risky endeavors.

The main focus in CoE3 is that each race plays differently. We're not talking about a unique building and unique unit, we're talking about completely differently, with different mechanics and different goals. Perhaps you're playing a druid, focused on amassing a vast forest and jungle empire from which to harvest ingredients to summon creatures of the woods with no practical need to conquer mines. Perhaps you're a dwarf, who's only concern are mines and produce units at a set rate every turn, focused almost entirely on upgrading those units to survive as long as possible since they are so difficult to replace. With 18 different factions that alone is enough to keep your play dynamic as you vie for control of the map to conquer Elysium. That isn't where it ends, however, there are 6 scenarios in which your game takes place that will help randomize the map. These scenarios range from a the early days of an agrarian world to a giant gleaming capital, which you can conquer, that spawns patrols of human guards, to a fallen empire filled with the living dead and scarred by battlefields and tombs. There's also random events to contend with, from merchants to pillage to the very gates of the underworld opening portals to your realm, your hands will be full before you even make contact with the enemy.

In each game the objective is to defeat your enemies by relying on the strengths of your chosen race. Combat in CoE3 is automatic to keep things streamlined, but that doesn't make it non-strategic. Each unit has a desired "location" it wants to be in the battlefield. Archers want to be in the rear, heavy infantry want to be in front. As you can imagine, putting together an army that has enough strength to protect the powerful archers and spell casters in the rear is vital. It goes beyond that though, as you must determine your enemy's strengths and hopefully be able to counter their strategy. An army of a mere 10 trolls is extremely dangerous, perhaps able to bring down a dragon, but they can only kill 10 creatures at once. An army of 50 small units will make short work of your trolls. However, an army with a wizard able to cast high level spell may completely destroy all 50 small units in one shot but would be unable to harm 10 trolls. Determining the strength and composition of an enemy army is a vital skill, and since hitting in combat, damage, and even the very spells that will be cast are randomized based on the abilities of each unit, every battle invites potential disaster and a change of plans.

Key Features:

  • 18 different classes that are unique, both in resources they need and the rituals or special abilities they have
  • Copious amounts of monsters and random events, good and bad
  • Random maps.
  • Spell system with 42 magic paths
  • Network or hotseat multiplayer
  • Team play, you can be 2 players against the AI for example.
  • Stealth and invisibility. Scouts needed to detect stealthy troops, something better (a star spawn or a beast bat will work) needed to detect the invisible ones.
  • Assassins that make an assassination attack before combat starts.
  • Catapults, Hill Giants and Rocs that can throw or drop boulders during sieges.
  • Immortal Liches and Vampires.
  • Regenerating trolls rise from the dead if they haven't been killed too badly or their side lost.
  • Large worms that can swallow smaller enemies whole. Swallowed units take a few points of damage from digestion each round until they are freed.
  • Shape changers that looks like something else when seen by the enemies.
  • And many many more monsters and abilites....

Systémové požadavky

Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor:1 GHz
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL capabable graphics card
    • OS:10.4.11 and above
    • Processor:any PowerPC or Intel cpu
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
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Přidáno: 21. ledna
Even though I have Dominions 3, I recommend this. I might even enjoy this better, because it seems faster paced and less serious. You don't need much time investment to the starting game settings like in Dominions. Instead it's more of a rogue-like (I wanted to use this term rogue-like in an earlier review and thought "no all the rogue-like fans will get all over me about that" - but then saw another review using the term "rogue-like 4x" - yes that describes this game very well).

It's a rogue-like 4x with game saves! SAVES! Okay? All you rogue-like developer nutso's - think about adding game-saves to your rogue-likes - because I for one welcome our rogue-like game-saving not so much punsih the player when he makes a mistake overlords.

Okay.. so what else can I tell you?

The variety that's in Dominions still seems to be here - or most of it anyways. It's just buried under the hood. If I had a choice and could only buy one game between Dominions and Conquest of Elysium - I think I would pick this, just because it's a little more fun and not as taxing to play.

The game is so fast-paced (for a 4x) that several games can be played in succession. Yet it still has very much a Civilization 1 feeling to it.
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7 z 8 osob (88%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
1 osoba ohodnotila tuto recenzi jako vtipnou
32.2 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 28. března
This game is deeper than it first appears to be. A real gem. Lots of possible strategies. Plus, my massive empire was felled by a single deer. OK that part was not fun.
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30.7 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 15. dubna

- factions look and play very differently; many have entirely different resources and mechanics
- lots of factions to choose from
- excellent battle system that doesn't rely too much on RNG but rather, you having imperfect information
- battles resolve before being played, so you don't have to watch them if you don't want
- lots of different types of units
- custom units and mods
- simple and easy multiplayer


- Random roving monster bands often kill you at the start of games in a way that you can't control
- charming, but ultimately sometimes eye-straining and plain ugly sprite-based graphics
- antiquated UI that doesn't let you know what something does before clicking it
- manual doesn't explain too much
- very unbalanced factions
- no real "population" or "civilization" mechanics to speak of
- one way to win: conquest
- worldmaps are boring

It's okay. If you can get over the issues in the "Con" section above, you may get some enjoyment out of it, but Dominions 3/4 is ultimately a better game by the same developers, that allows you more customization and has more features anyway.
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23.5 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 3. května

This game is amazing. Lots of different classes to choose from and they make for a lot of replayablity over time. You can also play in different time eras and the random maps are great. You can also create your own map if you're into that kind of thing
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1.1 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 23. června
It's great, they finally get everyone up to the space station and kill off Matt Damon's character. Thrill ride of the summer!
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