RaceRoom is the premier free-to-play racing simulation on PC and home to official race series like DTM, WTCC, and ADAC GT Masters. Enter RaceRoom and enter the world of a professional race car driver.
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Udgivelsesdato: 12. feb 2013

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3. februar

RaceRoom has been updated (Hotfix)

04-Feb-2016 Hotfix Patch

- Fixed a crash that was sometimes occurring between session changes in Multiplayer.

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15. december 2015

RaceRoom has been updated (Hotfix) 15-12-2015

15-12-2015 Hotfix Patch

- Fixed a cuttrack rule issue on Monza.
- Fixed an inaccuracy in steering wheel animation rotation in cars with new drivers e.g Audi TT.
- Fixed a crash that was occurring to some users when switching between sessions in Multiplayer.
- RUF RT12R - Added the missing action cameras.
- Audi TT cup - Moved the bonnet camera a bit back.

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“There's the accessibility, and the way it's just as satisfying to play on a cheap pad as it is on an expensive wheel set-up; how the handling is translated sublimely through both. And what handling it is, spread out across a delicious range of thoroughbred racing cars: there are the DTM cars, with their downforce and low-slung lines, that only seem one step removed from the hi-tech of F1, or their WTCC cousins that bounce over kerbs with the kiddish enthusiasm of a go-kart.”

“The sounds, the looks, the feel, it all comes together to form something that is simply a high quality product. Whether you play only the free content, or you buy it all, there is no question that this sim is worth the download.”

Om dette spil

RaceRoom is the premier free-to-play racing simulation on PC and home to official race series like DTM, WTCC, and ADAC GT Masters. Enter RaceRoom and enter the world of a professional race car driver.

A selection of free-to-play race cars and tracks are yours to drive with unlimited wheel time in multiplayer and single player games modes. Sponsored competitions and other free-to-play events allow you to enjoy premium game content at no cost.

Additional cars, tracks, and liveries can be bought individually or as packs inside the game store using an in-game currency called vRP, which is purchased using your Steam Wallet.

Key Features

  • Free to play - Eat, Sleep, Race, Repeat
    A premium racing simulator is yours free-to-play on the PC. Race endlessly alongside the world’s most talented drivers in online multiplayer and single player game modes.

  • Your dream car is here - Grab your pick
    BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Chevrolet, Ford, McLaren, Pagani, RUF, Radical, Volvo, Saleen, and more to come. These manufacturers bring the best minds in racing together to dominate the world of motorsport and the machines they create are precision instruments of power, perfection, and speed. We are proud to present them in the digital form for your enjoyment.

  • Speed is a universal language - Hit the road
    Going fast is a worldwide pastime and many of the most beautiful points on the globe are home to miles of thrilling blacktop. Start racing and conquer these places for yourself.

  • Up Close and Personal - Stand among the giants of racing
    No game gets you closer to professional racing and the drivers that make a racing series great. RaceRoom is home to WTCC, DTM, and ADAC GT Masters, with more to come.

  • Realism - Every sense touched
    You will see, hear, and feel what a race car driver does behind the wheel. You’ll grow smelly from intense focus and the resulting perspiration, and all you control is the taste at the end of the race. Will it be that of sweet victory... or bitter defeat? The experience of racing is yours and it’s unforgettable.

  • Accessibility - Racing is a family sport
    Novice, Amateur, and Get Real game modes cater to drivers of all ability. This game is fit for the entire family, so start driving today with your Steering wheel, keyboard, or gamepad.

  • The pursuit of perfection - Single Player
    Refine your skills against intelligent and challenging computer driven opponents. Use the Adaptive A.I., which automatically adjusts opponent difficulty based on your performance, or customize opponent difficulty to your liking.

  • Defeat the competition - Online Multiplayer
    Line up with a grid of twenty-four players as you battle new friends and rivals in online multiplayer races.

  • Competitions - Capture glory
    Compete against the world’s greatest drivers in sponsored competitions from Mercedes-Benz, EURONICS, DTM, ADAC GT Masters, and more. These competitions also allow free players access to premium content throughout the duration of most events.

  • Fast paced gameplay
    Be ready to break a sweat! Racing is the ultimate in twitch gameplay. No time for breaks, no room for mistakes. You are on point or you are into the weeds. Push harder, go faster, and reap the rewards of an adrenalin induced smile.

    Important Info/DLC Purchasing Policy

    R3E user accounts are associated with the user’s Steam account for security and transactions through Steam Wallet. A Steam account can use multiple R3E accounts by using the ‘switch accounts’ function in the R3E Account Settings.

    Upon purchasing an R3E DLC via the Steam Store, an R3E user account will be permanently associated with that Steam account and it will no longer be possible to switch accounts. The option to switch accounts will be permanently removed from the R3E Account Settings.


    • OS:Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    • Processor:Dual core at 2.4 GHz or AMD equivalent
    • Memory:4 GB
    • Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD equivalent
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:15 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • Processor:Quad-core AMD or Intel at 2.4 GHz
    • Memory:8 GB
    • Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2.0 GB Video Card or AMD equivalent
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Indsendt: 31. december 2015
Jeg har problemer med at styre speeder via keybord, det fungerer med joystick.

Formodet bedst med rat og pedaler til at styre med...
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Indsendt: 12. august 2015
+ Best vehicle sounds I've ever heard in any sim
+ Great physics
+ Sense of speed is just right
+ Good force feedback
+ You can really feel the difference when tyres are cold, warm and worn
+ Cars drive how you would expect them to, not over exaggerated like you're on ice
+ Nice leaderboard system
+ UI Presentation
+ Hillclimb tracks

- No flags / penalties / safety car
- Most purchasable content is not listed on Steam and thus does not show as being owned in your Steam library, even when purchased using steam wallet funds.
- No weather system at all, can only race in the dry.
- Need more vehicle data accessible in game and not just through apps. ie tire temps, telemetry etc.

- Always online.
Cannot play offline content without being hooked up to the internet. If the service was to shut down in the future, content could well end up being completely inaccessible.
Also, it seems Sector3 do not have the infrastructure capable of handling 350+ concurrent online players, so many 503 errors and server outages, it's unacceptable.

-+ AI
The AI give a good race, have decent awareness of the player (sort of, they can ram quite a bit) and take advantage of openings. I have found Raceroom AI to give the best door to door racing out of any sim. However, I would like to see a bit more unpredictability in their driving, ie losing control sometimes.
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Indsendt: 24. oktober 2015
I suppose after 250 hours I should post a review. I race with a Logitech Momo wheel and triple 1920x1200 monitors with a nVidia GTX680.

This is the best racing simulation at the moment because:

1. Realistic physics
2. Excellent sound
3. Excellent force feedback
4. Plenty of cars to choose from - I recommend purchasing at least one of the following Experience packs: DTM201x, ADAC GT Masters 201x so you get a good set of cars/tracks and then add DTM1992 and Group 5 packs later.
5. Single player has the Experiences, Custom Championships, Competitions and Leaderboard challenges to keep things interesting.
6. Multiplayer has dedicated server and allows for large fields. Of course who you race with determines if it's fun or not. For the most part the online racing is pretty good and active during the mornings in North America and during the evenings in Europe. Do not use the free-content races as a gauge on whether the racing is any good. I avoid free-content races.

To get the best deal when starting:

1. Grab a vRP package from the online store: http://www.raceroomstore.com. You will get a code to redeem in the Store portion of the game. Click the [v] button beside the vRP amount then Redeem Code.
2. Only buy one pack at a time because you get discounts when new packs have tracks/cars you've already purchased. For example DTM2015 only cost around $10 USD if you already have DTM2013 or DTM2014

So what's bad about it? You can't save different setups.
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Indsendt: 8. oktober 2015
The most under-rated racing simulation on the market, yet in my opinion one of the best with the potential to be even better.

Raceroom Racing Experience (better known as R3E) has improved immeasurably over the past year or so. No longer a featureless hot-lapper as it was in the first early years, R3E has experienced a turn-of-direction toward a proper racing simulation. Developers Sector3 -formerly Simbin - are trying to build a simulation worthy of its forebears - the GTR and RACE series. R3E is steadily but surely becoming what we all hoped GTR3 would be. It's still got some way to go and many core features are yet to be implemented, but R3E is on the right path.

R3E has a good mix of approachability and realism. There is something here for casual racers and simulation enthusiats alike. Content is focused on purpose-built race cars, predominantly touring cars and GT racing (with open-wheel and endurance content to come), and in this field R3E is peerless. If you want road cars and supercars as per Gran Turismo and Forza it's best to look elsewhere. Track content is also exceptional both in number and quality. Online racing is pretty stable and offline features pretty decent AI with an adaptive feature that matches the CPU controlled cars to the player's pace for a good challenge every time. The real highlight of R3E is the audio - it's the benchmark, as simple as that. I cannot be understated how much good sound adds to the immersion of a racing sim. Sector3 clearly understand this. It's brilliant,

A little more on the 'free-to-play' aspect - it's not really F2P in the traditional sense. There is a very small selection of free cars and tracks with almost no scope to unlock new content or credits by playing, although parts of the game can be played for free such as hot-lap competitions. It's a modular game where the user can buy exactly the content they like rather than paying for a whole game or DLC packs. I think it works well.

To summarise, R3E is something of a hidden-gem, worthy of any sim-racer's time. It's a project that's only going to get better. It's certainly my go-to sim.
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Indsendt: 26. november 2015
Like some people say on other reviews this can be considered just a demo of a overpriced game but for free you get:
-some free cars
-2 tracks with different settings and time of day
-simulator like experience
-good sounds
-okay graphics

so I can't really complain imo
I just wish it wasn't needed to download 17GB to just play the free content....
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