Guns of Icarus Onlineは世界初の飛行船による対戦ゲームです。 船をカスタマイズし、船員をまとめあげ、空を制圧せよ!
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リリース日: 2012年10月29日


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2.0.2 Order & Chaos Update!

New content:
  • New factions! The final factions have been added, the Arashi League and Yesha Empire. Each come with their own ship, gun, and cosmetics that are waiting to be unlocked.

  • Ship: Arashi Stormbreaker. An extremely agile ship to weave in and out of combat with ease. It may not be the fastest or the toughest, but with the right pilot and crew it’ll be a hard target to chase down while packing a massive punch.
  • Gun: Immortal Gaze Heavy Accelerator. Put together from the scraps buried beneath the sand, the Arashi have harnessed a mysterious and devastating power in the form of a new heavy gun. Hold down to charge its power and tear through armor and components.

  • Ship: Yeshan Judgement. A powerful ship with a primary and secondary heavy gun ready for dishing out significant damage from afar. A skillful pilot will be able to train the majority of the ship’s guns on enemies, but beware a spread out component layout.
  • Gun: Roaring Tiger Heavy Detonator. Exacting control are strong Yeshan characteristics that have even carried through to their weaponry. Launch powerful bombs into the air that can be detonated mid-flight with the alt fire button. Each bomb explodes 4 times!

  • Game Mode: Blockade. Control the skies in this high-octane struggle between the defence of your faction's refineries against bomber ships & repelling skirmisher attacks from the enemy fleet!

  • New General Weapon: Nemesis Heavy Carronade. The robust cousin of its class, the Nemesis harks back to times when naval warfare reigned supreme. Its classic cannonball slug is a key ingredient to the power of this ordinance.

  • New PvP Map: Misty Mutiny. Take the fight of the skies to an exotic and alluring landscape woven together by nature and civilization. Use the cover of the misty environment to make your strike, carry out an assault in formation in the open valleys, or dig in your heels and unleash a maelstrom of your payload!
New Alliance Class progression:
  • Each class has an additional achievement that unlocks new cosmetic items! Unlock victory poses, repair tool skins, and ship decals to use across any class while you play!
  • Gunner Unlock: New Victory Pose. The language of victory is a glorious demonstration of your prowess and clever strategic skills in the battlefield. Show your foes your pride in this accomplishment with new victory pose selections!

  • Engineer Unlock: New Engineer Tool Skin. Trade is on the rise and with it new gear for prospecting engineers looking to put out fires with exquisite taste. Golden Chemical Sprays are now an available tool option, show some class in tools you use with mastery.
  • Pilot Unlock: New Decal. Stand tall amongst your adversaries with your own vessel’s ensign. A symbol of the loyalty and commitment to your faction and your cause!

  • War has changed the world… strong borders can been erected where battles wrought the most devastation. Seek new alliances, face new challanges for an unknown future...
  • All daily login rewards now include coins.
  • Adjusted faction colors for colorblindness
  • Added vignette to World Map
  • Tempest projectile performance improvements
  • Boss particles on guns tweaks
  • Better inflow for 'solo' players
  • Matched map icons for blockade to loading screen and sidebar
  • Enemy faction is now randomized when rematching in the same lobby

  • Fixed binding of inverted joystick "look" axes
  • Fixed missing click sound feedback in video options
  • Resolutions lower than 1024x768 are no longer shown in video options (they were incompatible with some UI anyway)
  • Fixed flickering decorations on birthday Magnate
  • Magnate: Fixed the "hole" where you can walk off the ship
  • Fixed some joystick/controller input being framerate dependant
  • Binding settings: changing tabs doesn't go to the top
  • Fix misleading adjacency lines on world map
  • Fixed missing airplane sounds
  • Munitions upgrade from killing supply ships no longer modifies reload time (previously was bugged and increased reload time by 25%)
  • Fixed invisible hitbox suspended in mid-air on Northern Fjords
  • Inconsistent fonts on icon display and map
  • "Not Ready" in Match Lobby Lowercase
  • Fixed boss potentially not spawning when multiple progress events trigger in very rapid succession
  • Water collider and fan colliders

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“This indie gem is in fact funking awesome.”

“Those looking for a team-based challenge will find plenty to love with Guns of Icarus Online.”
Penny Arcade

“Guns of Icarus Online scratches a certain itch that few other games can reach.”


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"忍び寄る敵の飛行船団をかわして進攻するInfiltration、敵の猛攻を毎ウェーブ耐え抜くSurviveなど、Allianceのゲームモードは多彩。敵陣を強襲し、護衛船を追い、時にはただ砲火を耐える――君と仲間を限界に追い込む様々なミッションが待ち受けている。ミッションをクリアするごとにIcarus AIディレクターは難易度を上げ、君に新たな挑戦状をつきつける。



ボードゲーム「リスク」型MMO 四大勢力の覇権争いは世界の新たな歴史となる




Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    最低要件 :
    OS : Windows 7
    プロセッサ : 2GHz
    メモリ : 2GB RAM
    グラフィック : Intel HD3000, NVIDIA GeForce GT8600または同等のもの
    DirectX® : dx9.0c
    ハードドライブ : 空き容量 3GB HD 以上
    その他 : ブロードバンドインターネット接続
    最低要件 :
    OS : Mac OS X 10.6
    プロセッサ : 2GHz
    メモリ : 2GB RAM
    グラフィック : Intel HD3000, NVIDIA GeForce GT8600または同等のもの
    ハードドライブ : 空き容量 3GB HD 以上
    その他 : ブロードバンドインターネット接続
    最低要件 :
    OS : Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 32-bit (Linux環境では構成変更をサポートしておりません)
    プロセッサー : 2GHz
    メモリー : 2GB RAM
    グラフィック : Intel HD3000, NVIDIA GeForce GT8600または同等のもの
    ハードドライブ : 空き容量 3GB HD 以上
    その他 : ブロードバンドインターネット接続
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