Guns of Icarus Online est le un jeu de combat aérien de premier plan. Avec un bon appareil et un bon équipage vous pourrez partir à la conquête du ciel.
Évaluations des utilisateurs : Majoritairement positive (6,922 évaluation(s))
Date de parution: 29 oct 2012

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"A really unique multiplayer game involving 4 man crews battling each other in airships. Each crew member must perform different tasks. Communicate!"
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24 février

Release 1.4.0 notes

New Content:
- Minotaur Heavy Cannon: New support heavy weapon that knocks back enemy ships! Use to help your friendly airships keeps enemy airships out of gun arc or to prevent rams. Has arming time, Primary Damage is piercing, Secondary AoE is shatter. Fires like a Carronade where each ‘buckshot’ causes knockback. Knockback is equally distributed across both Primary and Secondary damages. The farther from a ship’s center of mass you shoot, the more ‘spin’ you will add to that ship.
- Workshop support for voice commands
- Game Grumps RubberNinja Voice Packs in game store.
Ross has lent his amazing voice talent to record 2 sets of voice commands (varied by how much they stay on script :D) for us. They are available through the in game store. All proceeds from the sales of the voices will go to Child’s Play, Ross’s designated charity.
- New Workshop items (Only a subset of new Workshop items that people submitted are presently integrated into the game due to a 1-2 weeks delay in Steam’s creator revenue sharing feature. Once Steam’s feature is ready, we’ll be able to patch those items in, add them to our store, and start revenue sharing with item creators.)
- Storm Ryder (Decal) by ¬°GeoRmr
- Flying Hare (Decal) by Rookster
- Gears of War (Decal) by Herr_Razor
- Holy Sun (Decal) by Skargil
- Ramming Speed (Decal) by A_Harmless_Fly
- Triple Horn (Decal) by SassyKat
- Gold and Sheepskin Goggles (Goggles) by AIB (aka AnInnocentbaby)
- Winged Panama (Headwear) by Il Mostro
- Wooden Moustache (Goggles) by Mr. Lambert

New Features:
- Capture Point Mechanic Redesign
With the new capture point design, capture and de-capturing are based now on superiority of ship numbers at the capture point. Once a team has more ships at the point than the enemy ship, the team can start capturing or de-capturing. Teams no longer have to wait to root out the enemy team completely. Also, each ship kills is now awarded 20pts toward the goal as well. With the change, capture point maps should be more fluid and dynamic.
- State why player's name is refused at registration and rename
- Remove bubble help when hovered by mouse cursor
- Search for friend list
- Confirmation for "Abandon Match"
- Updated Gunner Tutorial (Banshee)
- Show matches with your clanmates in Friend's match list.
- Music: changed drums conditions; they no longer trigger based solely on enemy proximity.
Drums trigger when you are spotted or spot enemies, and intensify when spotted enemies are near
Drums trigger and intensify with the amount of damage your ship has taken
Drums trigger when your ship is firing and intensify if your ship is hitting an enemy
- Music: Spectators now hear combat music
Drums trigger based on spot status and health of all ships in the match
Melody triggers on any ship kill
- Humbly added a shortcut for players to review the game for us.

Balance Changes:
- Spire: Hull Health increased to 950 (from 750), Forward Acceleration increased to 4.5m/s2 (from 3), Top Forward Speed increased to 28m/s (from 26)
- Squid: Hull Health increased to 950 (from 850), Forward Acceleration increased to 6.65m/s2 (from 5.5), Weight decreased to 95000 tonnes (from 115000, affects acceleration)
- Pyramidion: Hull Health decreased to 550 (from 700), Forward Acceleration decreased to 2.25m/s2 (from 2.5)
- Maps
- Labyrinth: Objective reduced 450 (from 600)
- King of Flayed Hill: Objective reduced to 550 (from 660)
- Anglean Raiders: Objective reduced to 450 (from 550)
- Desert Scrap: Objective reduced to 400 (from 600)
- Raid of the Refinery: Objective reduced to 450 (from 600)

-Screenshot Contest:
Start sending your favorite screenshots to with the title “Screenshot Contest.” The best screenshot gets any item of their choice! Winners will be announced at the end of March!

-Guns of Icarus Seasonal
An amazing new event is starting up and we need all great crews to show up and try to win free items, both digital and physical!,5667.0.html

- Fixed harpoon reload visual issue when distant
- Fixed issue of shadows skipping or have unsynchronized animations
- Joystick bindings menu is called "Keybindings"
- Fixed issue of not able to cancel when creating/editing event
- Artemis reload animation issue Fixed
- Fixed a case where the Artemis and Banshee projectiles sometimes had the same explosion
- Added missing UI click sounds
- Removed unused ‘Minimap’ binding from Spectator section of keybindings'
- Fixed issue of join advanced games text slightly too large.
- Fixed issue of tutorial achievements are not being displayed in UI.
- Fixed bug with playtime pie graph for players with playtime in only one class
- Fixed issue of matchmaker not putting the player in the lobby
- Fixed: deploy button not working if timer was allowed to expire
- Fixed: Novice Graduation achievement needs adjustment
- Fixed: Badge info in stats panel is off
- Fixed: Recommended loadout UI is shown when inspecting someone's ship
- Fixed: UI breaks if getting recommended loadout while being in the options menu
- Fixed: While in character select screen you do not hear the starting drums
- Fixed falling sound at the end of match as spectator
- Social/notification tab now closes when entering the Custom Game screen
- Fixed "Unknown" voice
- Fixed text positioning issue for the achievement "Doom and Gloom" and "Role Models"
- Fixed model scale for Paritan maps
- Fixed: can't switch to regular ammo from a spec ammo you don't have
- Fixed a bug that could cause the chat scrollbar to remain visible after closing chat
- Fixed: non themed ship objects intersecting with ship theme objects
- Fixed: Wrong loadout is shown/not saving when a novice unlocks their ship loadout
- Fixed: No victory/defeat music at match end screen
- Fixed: Sometimes there is no music during match
- Fixed resolution issue in workshop tool
- Fixed: Spam protection timer doesn't change if chat UI is not visible
- Fixed: Pop-up for the main menu chat draws below other UI elements, obscuring some options
- Fixed typo in Hydrogen Canister's tooltip
- Fixed typo in Wilson’s notes (Harpoon)

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24 février

Scheduled downtime extending an hour

Sorry everyone, we were removing some old log data in our server to free up some space, and it's taking longer than expected. The servers probably will need another hour to restart, and we plan to start before 8AM EST or 1PM UTC. Thank you for your patience!

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“Cette perle indépendante est en fait vraiment géniale.”

“Ceux qui recherchent un défi fondé sur les équipes trouveront beaucoup à aimer dans Guns of Icarus Online.”
Penny Arcade

“Guns of Icarus Online nous démange à un endroit que peu d'autres jeux ont réussi à atteindre.”

Nouvelle mise à jour

v1.3.6 Update is now live! With community features such as clan and events, as well as ship customizations (figureheads, deck themes, decals, and paints), a new tutorial, and more!

The full release notes here:

Community Events

Here are a list of ongoing and upcoming community events hosted by players and Muse Games!



À propos de ce jeu

“Appel aux citoyens !

Recherchons CAPITAINES et ÉQUIPAGE ! Prenez votre destin en main et obtenez des capacités pour le futur !

PILOTES, CANONNIERS, INGÉNIEURS. Tous sur le pont pour la défense de l'espace aérien !

EXPLOREZ des contrées étranges. CAPTUREZ des ressources importantes. PARCOUREZ le monde et COMBATTEZ les pirates !

Rejoignez la réserve de l'armée de l'air !
Document de recrutement de l'Empire

La vie n'est pas facile mais elle vaut le coup. De nombreux candidats se sont enrôlés après avoir entendu les histoires des capitaines, des ingénieurs et des canonniers. Vous pensez avoir l’étoffe d'un héros ?

Plaçant la barre très haut en combat d'équipe joueur contre joueur avec une dimension coopérative et stratégique, Guns of Icarus Online est le premier jeu de combat aérien avec du travail d'équipe, des la stratégie et de l'action. Avec un bon appareil et une équipe motivée, partez à la conquête des cieux.


  • Lunettes, équipement et gloire : invitez-vous dans un monde steampunk
  • Choisissez le rôle qui vous convient : Capitaine, Ingénieur ou Canonnier
  • Faites équipe avec 4 amis ou jouez en tant qu'agent libre
  • Communication audio vous permet de rester en contact
  • Différentes classes de vaisseaux et le choix parmi de nombreuses armes
  • Batailles aériennes massives avec jusqu'à 32 joueurs
  • Combats en modes différents : Deatmatch, King of the Hill, Resource Race, et plus encore
  • Jouabilité originale avec une dimension stratégique, navigation, tirs et gestion du temps
  • Grimpez les échelons ! Remportez des titres et des éléments esthétiques pendant que vous progressez
  • Système de succès entièrement intégré avec les succès Steam
  • Matches compétitifs qui récompensent les risques stratégique : pas de "grinding" pour obtenir des niveaux
  • Nombreux costumes et accessoires dans le magasin dans le jeu pour afficher votre style
  • Modes caméra en 1ère et 3ème personne
  • Jeux personnalisés avec un mode spectateur pour les jeux en streaming et tournoi

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 7
    • Processeur : Processeur de 2 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 2 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : Carte graphique avec 256 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • DirectX® : Version 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 3 Go HD space
    • Autres : Connexion internet haut débit
    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Mac OS X 10.6
    • Processeur : Processeur de 2 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 2 Go RAM
    • Carte graphique : Carte graphique avec 256 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • Disque dur : 3 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Autres : Connexion haut débit
    • OS:Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 32-bit (Linux machine configuration not supported)
    • Processor:Dual-core 2 GHz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Intel HD3000, Nvidia GeForce GT8600 or equivalent, supporting Shader Model 3 equivalent
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
19 personne(s) sur 20 (95%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
8.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 7 octobre 2014
Innovant dans son genre, GOI vous depaysera quelques soirées.

Graphiquement c'est raisonnable. Customisation trop lègere pour les dirigeables.
La bande son est vide. La prise en main est difficile suivant les rôles endossés.

Le jeu prend sont ampleur avec des amis, sur un TS ou autre. Afin de coordonner les mouvements de l'équipage.
Les canoniers informent le pilote, le pilote indique les passerelles de tir à utiliser, les mécanos se donne des zones de travail... Sans ça , c'est l'anarchie à bord, ça court dans tout les sens, vous perdez du temps, des occasions, et des victoires !
L'édition 4Pack n'est pas là pour faire jolie, elle est nécessaire ! Cependant, le jeu ne mérite pas que vous dépensiez 15€ ou 28€, c'est bien trop cher pour le contenu proposé, le faible nombre de batiment de guerre et la répetitivité des parties.
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664 personne(s) sur 691 (96%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
1 personne a trouvé cette évaluation amusante
607.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 24 octobre 2014
This game taught me one thing: Metacritic score is bullcr@p! It's an absolute gem with more than 95% of the reviews being positive, and what score do the critics give? 62/100? Are you serious?

Yes, it's still not as polished as TF2, let's say. Yes, it's somehow harder to wrap around it, to understand the mechanics (rather unique). Yes, there are bugs and there is an in-game store (purchases are purely cosmetic - like other games like TF2, CS:GO, DOTA2, etc.). But the GAMEPLAY is amazing.

You'll definetly need a microphone. You'll need good communication skills and hope to get an experienced captain (or become one). And then, you're set to go. It's loads of fun and it's worth it, both your time and money.

Play as one of these three classes : navigator (captain) - one per ship; engineer or gunner. Four guys on the same ship (captain's choice) form a crew. You'll repair and rebuild components, you'll shoot down other ships or just speed past them, you'll flank, you'll use flamethrowers and mines, you'll develop strategies with your allies and have the time of your life doing so. Even if you lose, cause defeat IS imminent. But when you taste the success, oh it will be SWEET!

I see people giving negative reviews, but they've played for 1 or 2 hours. It took me 1 hour to finish the tutorial and 2-3 more hours to understand the game playing novice games. Yes, if there's no communication between crew, it's just a game where you run on the deck, hit things with your wrench and put out fires. The whole thing comes alive when you're communicating, when you're making strategies. It's that thrill when you're an engineer and your haul is down, but instead of repairing it you take the cannon and shoot the enemy, knowing you'll be able to bring him down first. It's that split-second decision that makes it thrilling. It's that pre-buffing that you put on your weapon that makes the difference. It's that able stearing that lets you evade or flank, hide just enough to repair or get on your enemy's blind spot with a flamethrower. And yes, you won't understand all these things after 3-4 hours of playing. There's a learning curve, but in the end it's worth it!

Also, people complaining about the "latest" Matchmaking system - it has been changed. Developers are trying to listen to the players and the community is fun and friendly (for the most part).

Some later edits:
1. Don't buy this game for your 4yo son / daughter. It actually requires some maturity and sense of responsability to be played. Please, just don't. Rather play it yourself.
2. NO SPEAK ENGLISH - NO GOOD! Find someone that speaks your language to play with, don't jump into a random ship with people who can't understand you and who you can't understand and start wondering why you're losing all the matches.
3. Respect more experienced players. If you're level 1-7, and all the enemy ships are high-level, you might lose the game for your team. It's frustrating for you and is frustrating for your teammates. Try to hop into balanced games for the best experience.
4. Just wanted to say last Satuday I had the best time I've ever had on my computer, and it was playing this game. If you manage to make some friends in-game, chances are you'll bump into cool and funny guys. It's both the in-game jokes and the funny, weird ship-loadouts and strategies that shouldn't work yet they do that will make you not to want to go to bed (even if it's 5AM and you're working the next day).
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1 personne a trouvé cette évaluation amusante
36.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 4 novembre 2014
Une jeu vraiment agréable, à l'action bien dosée. Que de plaisir à parcourir les cieux à bord d'un dirigeable sur-armé ! Sans être exceptionnel, ce jeu ne pêche sur aucun point : une bonne jouabilité, des graphismes agréables sans pour autant demander un pc de compet', de la stratégie et des explosions (très important).

Le jeu prend cependant une tout autre profondeur lors du jeu en équipe. Que de plaisir de voler et pulvériser des coques entre amis ! A recommander en 4-pack !

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6 personne(s) sur 7 (86%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
8.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 2 octobre 2014

Très bon jeu proposant un gamplay très original et peut répendu ou coop et compétitif vont de pair !

Point Positifs : - Pas mal de Navire très différent les un des autres.
- de nombreuses tourelle a disposé comme on le veut sur nos batiment.
- très adicitf
- pilotage bien réalisé
- intempéries bien reproduite donnant accès a des phase de conduite très complèxe par moment.

Point négatif : - lvling complètement inutile ... ( sauf pour montrer sont temps de jeux car très long a up )
- Jouer avec des inconus fini souvent par vous faire rager ...
- Personalisation de personnages Absente et a peine plus complète en passant a la caisse ...
- Pas d'argent virtuelle Uniquement un shop en $ ...
- Pas de navire a plus de 4 joueurs ?
- Uniqument en Anglais

Pour Finir je recomande ce jeux au personne pouvant jouer avec leur amis ou leur Team pour ce crée sont propre équipage. Avec des combat bien rythmée des partie tournant autours des 10-20 mins des niveau certe inutile mais long a monter Guns of Icarus Online vaut largement ces 14.99€ !
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4 personne(s) sur 4 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
1 personne a trouvé cette évaluation amusante
2.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 7 février
Jeu extrêmement fun surtout lorsque l'on joue avec des gens que l'on connait : on se prend vraiment pour un équipage de pirates steampunk.

Le gameplay est original et tout le monde a un rôle crucial à jouer afin de maintenir le dirigeable "à flot".

Les graphismes sont tout à fait corrects et l'ambiance est vraiment bien mise en valeur par la musique, que ce soit dans le menu du jeu ou lors des combats.

La seule frustration que j'ai pu avoir et l'absence d'une campagne solo/coop qui permettrait de développer plus en profondeur l'univers du jeu qui peut être très riche. Frustration qui va disparaître tantôt car le studio a un projet Kickstarter pour un "Adventure mode" qui se porte plutôt bien.

En bref, si jamais vous vous êtes toujours senti l'âme d'un pirate et que vous avez 3-4 amis avec qui jouer, ruez vous sur ce jeu, vous ne le regretterez pas !
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46.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 15 septembre 2014
Prenez place dans un équipage, guettez l'horizon, et soyez au agué car bientot les foudres s'abattrons, les obus fuserons et il va falloir faire preuve de sang froid pour maintenir le navir a flot !
Gun of Icarus Online est un jeu pvp basé sur la coopération, pas de place ici pour les héros solitaires. A chaque match vous prenez place dans un équipage composé de 4 joueurs, chacun ayant choisi sa spécialité parmis 3 disponibles: Gunner, Pilote et mécano. Chaque classe à ses bonus propre à leur rôle (vous pouvez par ailleur choisir ses bonus), mais cela n'empèche pas à chacune d'entre elle d'être polyvalente.
Le capitaine, la plupart du temps pilote, détermine le type de dirigeable avec lequel l'équipage combattra, ainsi que l'armement.
En effet il existe un large choix d'arme, tel que la gatling, le lance flamme, le mortier...
Pendant la bataille, Il vous faudra porter une grande attention aux dommages que subit le dirigeable, en effet les dommages sont localisés, partagés entre: les machines (mouvement), le ballon (altitude), l'armement (défense), et l'armure/coque (structure).
Chacune de ses parties ont leur importance, si votre navire ne peut plus se mouver, le pilote ne pourra plus vous donner un angle de tir faforable, si le ballon est en feu, vous allez vous écraser ect... le plus important reste l'armure, une fois que celle-ci est grandement endommagé, la vie du ship commencera à baisser plus ou moi vite selon la gravité de la situation.
Après avoir passé le tutoriel qui explique les bases du jeu, vous aurez la possibilité de rejoindre des parties exclusives aux bas lvl, en effet dans Gun of Icarus Online vous obtenez de l'expérience et augmentez en grade ce qui vous permez de débloquer de nouvelles tenus, des médailles etc il existe une boutique, mais heureusement celle-ci ne propose que du cosmétique, bien que personnellement cela me dérange.
En bref, c'est un bon jeu et cela se reflete par le nombre de joueur présent sur les parties. Par ailleur il est toujours en développement, actuellement il n'y a que du pvp 2vs2 ou un peu plus, les devs ont prévu d'ajouter un mode "aventure" ou il sera question de jouer une sorte de campagne en coop. Il y a peu de joueurs francais, le jeu n'attend que vous pour qu'ensemble nous puissons affirmer notre présence dans la communauté !
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54.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 24 décembre 2014
Jeux d'un univers steamPunk, totalement dépaysant que j'ai trouvé très agréable et bien fun.

Les plus :
- Une bonne diversité de dirigeable, allant des très rapide et maniable mais peu résistant aux gros qui se trainent mais qui peuvent encaisser plusieurs attaques avant de succomber.
- Des tourelles diverses et variées permettant plusieurs stratégie, mêlées aux spécificités du dirigeable (rapidité, courte porté, longue porté, résistance, etc.)
- Des cartes bien agréables et assez variées.
-Très addictif (trop ? xD)
- 3 rôles donnant des bonus bien que n'importe qui peut tirer, réparer ou piloter.
- Les graphismes, sans être exceptionnels, sont très agréables

Les moins :
- Le niveau est inutile mis à part pour montrer l'expérience et le temps passé à un rôle. Il n'apporte rien, seulement 2-3 trucs cosmétique. Et encore../
- La personnalisation du personnage et/ou du dirigeable d'un point de vue cosmétique est ridicule. Même en passant par la boutique (uniquement en $)
- La limite de 4 personnages par équipage peut être frustrante par moment (sur un dirigeable très grand et avec 5-6 tourelles par exemple)
- Jeu uniquement en anglais

Conclusion :
Un jeu très addictif et très coopératif à jouer avec des amis en vocal.
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3 personne(s) sur 3 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
173.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 23 février
Jeu en coopération changeant des standards que nous connaissons, Guns of Icarus permet de bons délires entres amis.

Les + :

-Un choix d'aeronefs et d'équipements permettant de varier son style de jeu. On peut aussi bien jouer agressif et proche des ennemis, comme à longue distance pour servir de support aux autres vaisseaux.

-Un nombre de cartes suffisant pour varier les plaisirs avec chacunes son lot de contraintes et d'avantages.

-Possibilité d'être en "match de débutants" jusqu'au level 8 (ce qui est pratique pour ce faire la main au départ).

-Le choix d'un rôle propre sur l'aeronef, (pilote, ingenieur, ou artilleur) même si chaque "classe" possède une compétence des deux autres permettant une légère souplesse de jeu (un artilleur peut a tout moment preter main forte aux reparations s'il y en a besoin par exemple).

-Des graphismes et un univers plutôt sympas.

-Un prix abordable en 4pack (surtout pendant des promotions steam).

Les - :

-Un manque cruel de joueurs, les matchmakings mettent une plombent à se former impactant directement le plaisir de casser la tronches à d'autres joueurs. De plus, il arrive frequement de partir avec des bots sur son vaisseau, même si ces derniers sont assez réactif,celà n'est pas aussi performant que de partir à quatre "vrais" joueurs.

-Aucune influence du niveau du joueur à part pour montrer aux autres que l'on a passer du temps en jeu.

-Customisation des personnages et des vaisseaux assez limité si on ne passe pas par le shop (achat uniquement en vrai argent).

En conclusion, je recommande vraiment ce jeu, qui est vite addictif mettant l'accent sur une vrai synergie de groupe. Il manque vraiment d'un bon coup de pub pour avoir plus de gens dessus :)
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1.5 heures en tout
Posté le : 21 décembre 2014
Intéressant à condition de VRAIMENT savoir parler anglais, de communiquer en équipe, savoir être teamplay, et à condition aussi d'avoir une équipe organisée qui s'y connait en tactique.
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13.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 31 décembre 2014
Des combats de dirigeables, ça explose de partout, vous pouvez vous cacher dans les nuages pour echaper à vos ennemis, ce jeu vous promet de longues soirées entre potes ( parce que oui quand on y joue avec ses amis, le jeu prend tout son sens )
Jeu VI-VE-MENT recommandé !
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15.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 20 novembre 2014
Ce jeu a un style visuel bien a lui, ce qui ce jeu unique. Ce n'est pas dans n'importe quel jeu où vous aurez la sensation de vous retrouver dans un film steampunk.
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5.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 1 janvier
J'adore ce jeu ! Le style steam punk, mélangé au gameplay en FirstPerson pour des combats de divers vaisseaux volants, juste génial ! Le fait qu'il y ai plusieurs classe aide à s'organiser dans une team, de plus cela forge autonomie, parce que chaque objets est lié à une classe, ou une autre.

Un jeu très complet, mais qui lag légérement, enfin, cela concerne mon PC, mais sinon, avec de minuscules bug.

Je recomande et je met un 18.5/20 à ce jeu !

Bon pilotage !
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19.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 12 janvier
Souquez les artimuses !
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1 personne a trouvé cette évaluation amusante
10.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 10 octobre 2014
Ce jeu mais ce jeu, je l'ai acheté sur un coup de tête pour 4 potes, et punaise, qu'est ce que l'on s'éclate, la coopération est à son maximum, c'est ultra fun. Je le recommande !
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Posté le : 20 octobre 2014
This game actually requires teamwork and communication, what were the developers thinking.

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This will be the day you will always remember as the day you ALMOST- *ship explodes*
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Posté le : 14 novembre 2014
It's like Pirates of the Carribbean but with russians and guns.
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Addictive, fun and nice community just wish it had a single player campaign... The idea behind it is awesome just think I would be fun exploring more of the world...
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Click for Gameplay Trailer - Review
I Like:
+ unique co-op experience
+ nice soundtrack
+ steampunk airships rock
+ distinct class roles

I Dont Like:
- shallow gameplay barely evolves
- weak graphics
- lags

Guns of Icarus Online takes place after a large war which has run the earth barren. Humanity has developed technology which allows them to traverse the skies in airships.
They do so seeking resources and trade to protect their livelihood. Rising from the ashes of a ruined planet, humanity has split into factions each with their own views, rules and aesthetic style. Ranging from the Mercantile Guild – seeking material gain, but never forgetting their origins – to the Arashi League – living in the harshest of environments, forced to co-operate with eachother.

From sluggish flying fortresses to scrappy little vessels, each of the different airships you can pick from have their own distinct visual design, deck layout and maneuvering capabilities. Captains can customize the loadouts for different gun stations on their ship with a nice assortment of weaponry ranging from harpoons, flamethrowers, and machineguns to cannons and rocket launchers.
Beyond their armament slots, the unique ship designs are a blast to work on and around in battle. You'll climb scaffolding to hop into a gun station, run below deck to make crucial repairs, and even precariously balance along tail rudders to reach engine propellers.
Figuring out the location of key systems on each ship and the quickest ways to access them is crucial, and running around to frantically fix damage as you're bombarded by incoming fire delivers a particularly panic-stricken thrill.

Captain: Tasked with keeping the crew working smoothly, piloting the ship and handling the strategic aspects for the entire crew. this is one of the most demanding yet rewarding classes to choose. If you’ve got a mic and are willing to work with the team, you’ll do great with this class.

Gunner: Pretty much explains itself to be honest. Your job is to transfer as much ordinance into the enemy ships as possible. While all the crew are important, without actually attacking the enemy it renders other tasks moot.

Engineer: Backbone of a ship, you need to keep a flying Junker aloft long enough for the rest of your crew to do their job and you will find yourself scuttling around hitting machines with your trusty wrench to keep them repaired, You’ll also chances to fire some shots off between repairs so the a few kills are not beyond your ability.

Guns of Icarus Online is full of gorgeous scenic maps which have a sort of desolate, forlorn beauty to them. Vast spanning desert, littered with scrap, surrounded by dust clouds and sandstorms. Craggy peaks protruding out of rough oceans, washed blue with lightning.
A desolate city, crumbling from disuse. The variety is excellent and the sky-boxes are just as good. Piercing blue skies contrasting the yellow-orange deserts.
Grey skylines erupting in shards of blue lightning. All of this is accompanied by a wonderfully orchestrated soundtrack which only drives to accentuate the scenic views.
The ships themselves almost contrast the beauty of the maps in their scrap-like appearance, making great use of rusted reds, browns and dull greys.

Firing weapons sound like they should and you’ll quickly cringe in fear as your ships hull takes damage. The crackling of fire after an enemy flamer pass will quickly send you scurrying to put them out and the drum beats guiding you into battle will prepare you for the fury to come. All I can really say is it all works great.

While it can be touted as its biggest strength, it’s also its biggest weakness. The fact co-operation is absolutely required can often put you in the situation where you need to play with random players. While the majority of the community is a pleasure to deal with, you often-times run across people without microphones and sometimes bad eggs. This is normal for any game, but when co-operation is such a big thing, it stings a bit more.

Guns of Icarus Online is a great example of a co-op game and does plenty of things right. There aren’t really any comparable games, but it does what it does and it does it well. If you’re looking for a fun co-op romp with friends this is definitely one to look at.

Sorry for my bad english. This is my review account, because the low playtime.
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Your help is greatly appreciated :)

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Posté le : 20 décembre 2014
Before I begin, let me clear a few misconceptions that are common in the negative reviews:

"♥♥♥♥ the micro-transactions in a $15 game."
The in-game store only sells cosmetic items such as costumes and ship decorations. You cannot gain an in-game advantage by paying $$$. Half of the catalog can be earned without paying real money by levelling up your classes and doing achievements.

"Long waiting times in lobby, takes forever to find/start a match"
This problem has been solved in the latest patch with the addition of an actual matchmaking system. The lobby now has a time limit.

"This game requires voice chat."
There is a voice and signal command system accessed by pressing the V key that allows you to give a variety of commands spoken by voice actors. Voice chat is no longer required, especially if you are an Engineer or Gunner as you most of the time you receive commands instead of giving them.

"New players are stomped by experienced players."
True. However there are new player-only matches that cannot be entered by experienced players. New players are automatically put into these matches, although they may opt out of them. Also, the new matchmaking system is effective in avoiding stomp matches as long as there are enough players online.

"Balanced matches are hard to find."
This problem has been solved in the latest patch with the addition of an actual matchmaking system, except when there are less than 50 players online.

"Poor graphics."
It's actually quite good for Unity graphics. There is 12x AA, water reflections, real-time shadows, dynamic lighting and a post-processing filter available.

"Laggy FPS."
This is usually caused by unexpected bugs in new patches that are quickly fixed.

"Laggy Ping."
Low ping is not required to play this game since it is not a twitch shooter. I live in Hong Kong and regularly play with no issues on US servers (150ms ping) and EU servers (200ms+ ping).

"Huge rebalancing between patches."
The latest patch contains the first major buff for any weapon in months.

"Shallow game, no strategy or skill required."
This is like saying Counter-Strike is shallow and requires no strategy or skill because it is a game about shooting back at enemies on de_dust2. In fact Guns of Icarus not only has a lot of high-level strategic depth, it also gives many opportunities for players to show off and excel with their mechanical skills. Examples of high-level play include ship positioning, flanking, ship loadouts, and min/maxing of engineering efficiency and gun damage. Examples of mechanical skills include engineering parkour tricks, reactionary piloting, and using hard-to-aim or long-range guns.

The game's long-time competitive community (going all the way back to beta) is a testament to the depth that this game actually has.

"Lack of new gameplay content."
Mostly true only for the PvP mode. In the latest patch two new 2v2 maps have been introduced. There is plenty of new cosmetic content every patch. A co-op mode where you fight AI ships is in the works for 2015 and has already been demoed in September at PAX 2014.

"Game gets boring."
If you like the game, appreciate its strategic depth, play with the mindset of improving yourself or simply find and play with friends, you'll discover this game's longevity in the same way people have played Counter-Strike or DotA for a decade.

"The community is horrible."
This question needs to be answered in two parts: trolls and the actual community:

1) Trolls are introduced every time this game is on sale. Since they only buy the game to troll around, they leave after a week or two to troll the next multiplayer game on sale.

2) I won't deny that a sizeable portion of this community is made up of largely veterans, or that a precious few veterans can get extremely elitist, abusive and salty towards new players. However these people are quite rare and are drowned out by a mass of helpful and friendly players that are happy to help cooperative newbies.

"The game is dead (no one playing)."
This game can hit 500 concurrent players on weekends without sales. Weekday numbers peak at around 300. Most players play in American and European timezones.

"No Australian servers."
This is true because the "Oceania" server is actually located in Singapore (lol wtf devs) and the cost of renting servers in Australia is too much for the small indie studio that developes Guns of Icarus. However, low ping is not required to play this game, and there is a sizeable population of Australian players, including an entire clan (Sacrilege).

"No co-op/VS bots mode."
This is in the works for 2015. The co-op mode has already been demoed at PAX 2014 as recently as September.

Now for the review:

What should I know before playing: This game requires a lot of teamwork. Individual skill is rarely enough to win a match. Not listening to the captain's order or recommendations, running around the ship instead of cooperating with your fellow crew and leaving your allies to die while you try and fly past the edge of the map is not fun for anyone. It will only cause your ship to die over and over again while your team loses in five minutes.

This game has a steep learning curve (except flamethrowers, lol.) While most of the game's basic knowledge can be grasped within a few matches, the intricacies of piloting, the efficiencies of engineering and the specifics of gunning will take you many deaths and many losses to get good at. Very few people have truly mastered everything the game has to offer even with thousands of matches in game.

What's really good in this game: The requirement for teamwork combined with the setting and competitiveness of airships haphazardly wrecking each other makes for some truly magical highlight moments, as well as providing an environment that fosters communication and encourages friendships.

The game's high skill ceiling allows for continuous self improvement. It feels great to discover something new about the game, learn ways of maximising the efficiency of your ship, or find out how to beat a specific strategy and apply this knowledge in the next matches you play. As you cleverly circle into a Pyramidion's blind spot while you maintain your gun arcs, you smile as your recall how, once upon a time, you didn't know how to accelerate or decelerate.

JK it isn't that romantic. In reality you'll just suffocate yourself laughing while you crush an enemy ship into a building as your teammate is burning them into a crisp.

The huge amount of possible combinations of ships and weapons makes sure that, most of the time, no two consecutive matches will have the exact same ships in play. Also, you can experiment with new load outs or strategies and feel awesome when they work.

What's meh: Dealing with unresponsive teammates. In game that relies so heavily on teamwork, having crew members that refuse to change classes, take stupid loadouts and then steal the gunner's gun can get extremely frustrating.

Crazy King. Due to the large size of maps and unfamiliar mechanics, Crazy King games are either stomps when one team has captains that don't know how to play the mode, or drag into long stall-fests when both teams are tryharding.

Flamethrowers. Playing with flamethrowers is easy but playing against them is needlessly frustrating for new players. Fortunately flamethrowers are disabled in newbie lobbies and flamers are easily hard countered with the correct knowledge.

Analogy using another game: FTL, but your crew are real people.

Would I recommend: 11/10 would fly again, especially once you make some in-game friends.

There is simply no where else to get Guns of Icarus Online's unique blend of teamwork, strategy, airship flying and crazy highlight moments.
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