Guns of Icarus Online est le un jeu de combat aérien de premier plan. Avec un bon appareil et un bon équipage vous pourrez partir à la conquête du ciel.
Évaluations des utilisateurs : Majoritairement positive (7,223 évaluation(s))
Date de parution: 29 oct 2012

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"A really unique multiplayer game involving 4 man crews battling each other in airships. Each crew member must perform different tasks. Communicate!"
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30 avril

Release 1.4.1 Notes (part 3)


- Fixed Linux crashbug during dye application
- Fixed rare white smear on map when spectating
- Burning balloon now shows triple flame icon at 8 stacks and single flame icon otherwise (consistent with other components)
- Restored missing flames to the Minotaur
- Fixed floating tools on Galleon
- Fixed prev/next page buttons have no button style in the new UI
- Fixed delay in "invalid hit" sound (larger than latency)
- Fixed map and description brackets intersecting
- Fixed missing textures on both side gun platforms of the Goldfish
- Fixed objects flashing on screen while leaving guns/ladders/helms with certain tools in hand
- Fixed bug that would allow equipping duplicate tools/ammos
- Fixed speaker icon not scrolling with player name in social tab
- Fixed dummy shots when quickly exiting the Minotaur
- Fixed window remaining always on top when switching from full screen
- Can no longer interact with components behind you in 3rd person
- Fixed wind at low altitude on Canyon Ambush (2v2 & 3v3)
- Fixed vertically mispositioned button labels
- Loading screen and map descriptions now show correct (13) point reward for ship kills
- Spectators now get audio and visual effects for firing carronades
- Silhouette of a lighthouse is no longer visible through clouds on Northern Fjords (2v2 & 3v3)
- Fixed a bug that could cause novice captains to get the wrong loadout in a non-novice match if the selected ship was not unlocked
- Fixed UI bug that could cause a renamed player’s name to float across other UI
- Fixed missing UI click sounds
- Added missing units for arming time on Wilson notes and tooltips
- Fixed play button getting disabled in crew formation screen
- Fixed a bug where repair tools didn't properly give off the success and fail sounds at the correct time.
- Fixed flickering map objects on Canyon Ambush (2v2 & 3v3)
- Match list no longer shows novice matches to players who can’t join them
- You are no longer kicked from your crew when game finishes while you are AFK
- Spectator "Dutch angle" control now resets when exiting free-fly mode for any other UI state
- Fixed reward UI not showing correct icons for unclaimed items
- Fixed long email addresses overflowing registration text box
- Fixed many cases of “rubberbanding” mid-jump
- Fixed many cases of getting stuck when moving along railings, walls, obstacles, etc
- Fixed client and server character controller disagreeing when jumping above ladders
- Fixed fade out when jumping down to the bottom side guns on Junker and Mobula
- Fixed a few bugs with Engineer Tutorial

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30 avril

Release 1.4.1 Notes (part 2)


- Flare Gun
-- Arming range of 200m, flare will not light until after 200m to reduce chance of lighting a cloud in front of your own ship and revealing yourself
-- Fire stack application moved from AoE to Direct to ensure that Flare can still apply fire stacks at any range.

- Flamethrower
-- Changed hit logic: will not completely penetrate ship and will instead stop when the center of its sphere collider hits the target ship.
-- Anything within the sphere collider’s radius will have the chance of fire stacks being applied. Increased fire stack chance to 22% (from 18%).
-- Commentary: The Engineer repair game comes down to time to complete action and number of actions that need attention at any given moment. Previously, the Flamethrower would penetrate the entire ship and potentially set all components on fire. For experienced players, this was not an issue due to expert use of Chemical Spray. However, for the less experienced this created an extremely debilitating state of play (even causing us to remove Flamethrower from Novice) in both psychological and systemic ways—too many actions needing attention and too many things taking damage over time. Now that the Flamethrower will not penetrate, this will decrease the number of things needing attention and hopefully give Engineers some room to breathe. Coupled with an improvement to the Extinguisher, reactive play should be more manageable. With Engineer Stamina in mind, Flamethrower now places more stacks of fire on components. This places emphasis on the time aspect of the Engineer game where Engineer Stamina can be used in.

- Extinguisher
-- Increased fire resistance time to 4s (from 3s)
-- Decreased repair cooldown time to 2s (from 3s)
-- Developer Commentary: mentioned above

- Heavy Carronade
-- Increased jitter to 6 degrees (from 4)
-- Pitch arcs reduced to -20 to 10 (from -30 to 15)
-- Reload time increased to 7.5s (from 5.5)
-- Range reduced to 400m (from 425m)
-- Direct damage increased to 17.5 (from 17)
-- AoE damage reduced to 10 (from 18)
-- Commentary: In short, the HC was low risk and high reward. It was clear that it needed some tweaking. Pitch arcs and reload time were adjusted with new Gunner Stamina in mind. When using Gunner Stamina, the values revert back to their previous values (or very close to). The effective range decrease will introduce additional risk but provide the same reward of 2 vanilla shots to kill the balloon. The AoE shatter damage decrease addresses another complaint that the weapon is effective at not only balloon lockdown but also component lockdown. For example, if the target ship’s engines are destroyed then there is no means for them to escape. This is problematic since the chance for the target ship to recover from a balloon lock is slimmer if engines or weapons are destroyed as well.

- Carronade
-- Direct damage reduced to 6 (from 8 )
-- The adjustment to direct flechette damage now means that more than one clip is required to destroy a balloon. Compared to HC, the Carronade is slower at destroying balloons but is still quite effective against mechanical components and since it has more shots per clip than the HC, Carronade can actually destroy more components per clip compared to HC. Despite requiring a reload to destroy the balloon, don’t forget that there is Gunner Stamina that can augment this in addition to the fact that Carronade is a Light weapon (more slot spaces). With the distinctions between HC and Carronade, each weapon should have clearer advantages over the other.

- Heavy Clip
-- Reduced jitter reduction to -70% (from -100%)
-- Commentary: In hindsight, -100% jitter likely wasn’t the optimal choice as it collapses several decision spaces. In light of the Carronades, it meant that any adjustment to their jitter wouldn’t matter since Heavy Clip would remove all of it. Keep in mind that Heavy Clip, even with -70% jitter, is extremely powerful. In the case of the HC, the new jitter of 6 would be reduced to 1.8 degrees with new Heavy Clip. Even with a 1.8 degree jitter, the HC will be able to get most of its shot onto a balloon at 400m. For other weapons like Gatling, Light Flak, and Hwacha, their jitters are extremely small to begin with so even with new Heavy Clip you’ll be seeing new jitter values in the range of 0.375 to 1.2 degrees. The Hwacha can still take out a swath of components at 400m+ range.

- Hwacha
-- Reduced jitter to 4 degrees (from 6)
-- Developer Commentary: related to Heavy Clip change

- Reload Mechanic
-- When a new ammo is being reloaded into a gun, you can step off the gun and the gun will continue reloading the ammo that you intended to put in. You no longer have to be at the gun for the last second of the reload to load a different ammo type. Like before, you will still be able to change which ammo you’d like to reload up until the very last second without forcing another reload. This means any player can run to every gun on a ship and load a new ammo type into each gun without having to sit there for the reload cycle.

- Wilson's Notes and Evadne’s Reports default unlocked and have no XP reward
- Sequenced class achievements XP rewards restructured to reward less at the beginning and more at the end. The total XP rewarded for completing an entire sequence is roughly the same as before (give or take a hundred due to rounding error).
-- Commentary: We’ve received several reports that new players are completing Novice too quickly. After diving into the statistics into where new players are getting their XP from, we confirmed that the bulk of the XP was from various achievements. Some were from the notes, which are very easy to unlock. We’ve unlocked all of those since they’re useful information to have from the beginning, but we’ve also removed their XP rewards. Furthermore, players were getting the lower sequence class achievements fairly quickly as well. We’ve re-tuned the XP curve on achievements to an exponential curve rather than linear. Previously, XP rewarded = sequence * 1000. In other words, Sequence 1 rewarded 1000 XP and Sequence 2 rewarded 2000 XP. This is a lot for lower level players. This change will not affect the XP you’ve already accumulated but will affect all future achievements you unlock. Hopefully this will be sufficient to prevent players from leaving Novice too soon.

- Moved in game manual to web for ease of maintenance and update
- Class selection in character customization UI no longer changes your currently selected class.
- Store title and description revisions
- Timestamp for notifications

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“Cette perle indépendante est en fait vraiment géniale.”

“Ceux qui recherchent un défi fondé sur les équipes trouveront beaucoup à aimer dans Guns of Icarus Online.”
Penny Arcade

“Guns of Icarus Online nous démange à un endroit que peu d'autres jeux ont réussi à atteindre.”

Nouvelle mise à jour

v1.3.6 Update is now live! With community features such as clan and events, as well as ship customizations (figureheads, deck themes, decals, and paints), a new tutorial, and more!

The full release notes here:

Community Events

Here are a list of ongoing and upcoming community events hosted by players and Muse Games!



À propos de ce jeu

“Appel aux citoyens !

Recherchons CAPITAINES et ÉQUIPAGE ! Prenez votre destin en main et obtenez des capacités pour le futur !

PILOTES, CANONNIERS, INGÉNIEURS. Tous sur le pont pour la défense de l'espace aérien !

EXPLOREZ des contrées étranges. CAPTUREZ des ressources importantes. PARCOUREZ le monde et COMBATTEZ les pirates !

Rejoignez la réserve de l'armée de l'air !
Document de recrutement de l'Empire

La vie n'est pas facile mais elle vaut le coup. De nombreux candidats se sont enrôlés après avoir entendu les histoires des capitaines, des ingénieurs et des canonniers. Vous pensez avoir l’étoffe d'un héros ?

Plaçant la barre très haut en combat d'équipe joueur contre joueur avec une dimension coopérative et stratégique, Guns of Icarus Online est le premier jeu de combat aérien avec du travail d'équipe, des la stratégie et de l'action. Avec un bon appareil et une équipe motivée, partez à la conquête des cieux.


  • Lunettes, équipement et gloire : invitez-vous dans un monde steampunk
  • Choisissez le rôle qui vous convient : Capitaine, Ingénieur ou Canonnier
  • Faites équipe avec 4 amis ou jouez en tant qu'agent libre
  • Communication audio vous permet de rester en contact
  • Différentes classes de vaisseaux et le choix parmi de nombreuses armes
  • Batailles aériennes massives avec jusqu'à 32 joueurs
  • Combats en modes différents : Deatmatch, King of the Hill, Resource Race, et plus encore
  • Jouabilité originale avec une dimension stratégique, navigation, tirs et gestion du temps
  • Grimpez les échelons ! Remportez des titres et des éléments esthétiques pendant que vous progressez
  • Système de succès entièrement intégré avec les succès Steam
  • Matches compétitifs qui récompensent les risques stratégique : pas de "grinding" pour obtenir des niveaux
  • Nombreux costumes et accessoires dans le magasin dans le jeu pour afficher votre style
  • Modes caméra en 1ère et 3ème personne
  • Jeux personnalisés avec un mode spectateur pour les jeux en streaming et tournoi

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 7
    • Processeur : Processeur de 2 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 2 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : Carte graphique avec 256 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • DirectX® : Version 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 3 Go HD space
    • Autres : Connexion internet haut débit
    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Mac OS X 10.6
    • Processeur : Processeur de 2 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 2 Go RAM
    • Carte graphique : Carte graphique avec 256 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • Disque dur : 3 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Autres : Connexion haut débit
    • OS:Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 32-bit (Linux machine configuration not supported)
    • Processor:Dual-core 2 GHz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Intel HD3000, Nvidia GeForce GT8600 or equivalent, supporting Shader Model 3 equivalent
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
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2.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 7 février
Jeu extrêmement fun surtout lorsque l'on joue avec des gens que l'on connait : on se prend vraiment pour un équipage de pirates steampunk.

Le gameplay est original et tout le monde a un rôle crucial à jouer afin de maintenir le dirigeable "à flot".

Les graphismes sont tout à fait corrects et l'ambiance est vraiment bien mise en valeur par la musique, que ce soit dans le menu du jeu ou lors des combats.

La seule frustration que j'ai pu avoir et l'absence d'une campagne solo/coop qui permettrait de développer plus en profondeur l'univers du jeu qui peut être très riche. Frustration qui va disparaître tantôt car le studio a un projet Kickstarter pour un "Adventure mode" qui se porte plutôt bien.

En bref, si jamais vous vous êtes toujours senti l'âme d'un pirate et que vous avez 3-4 amis avec qui jouer, ruez vous sur ce jeu, vous ne le regretterez pas !
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5 personne(s) sur 5 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
67.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 24 décembre 2014
Jeux d'un univers steamPunk, totalement dépaysant que j'ai trouvé très agréable et bien fun.

Les plus :
- Une bonne diversité de dirigeable, allant des très rapide et maniable mais peu résistant aux gros qui se trainent mais qui peuvent encaisser plusieurs attaques avant de succomber.
- Des tourelles diverses et variées permettant plusieurs stratégie, mêlées aux spécificités du dirigeable (rapidité, courte porté, longue porté, résistance, etc.)
- Des cartes bien agréables et assez variées.
-Très addictif (trop ? xD)
- 3 rôles donnant des bonus bien que n'importe qui peut tirer, réparer ou piloter.
- Les graphismes, sans être exceptionnels, sont très agréables

Les moins :
- Le niveau est inutile mis à part pour montrer l'expérience et le temps passé à un rôle. Il n'apporte rien, seulement 2-3 trucs cosmétique. Et encore../
- La personnalisation du personnage et/ou du dirigeable d'un point de vue cosmétique est ridicule. Même en passant par la boutique (uniquement en $)
- La limite de 4 personnages par équipage peut être frustrante par moment (sur un dirigeable très grand et avec 5-6 tourelles par exemple)
- Jeu uniquement en anglais

Conclusion :
Un jeu très addictif et très coopératif à jouer avec des amis en vocal.
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5 personne(s) sur 5 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
189.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 23 février
Jeu en coopération changeant des standards que nous connaissons, Guns of Icarus permet de bons délires entres amis.

Les + :

-Un choix d'aeronefs et d'équipements permettant de varier son style de jeu. On peut aussi bien jouer agressif et proche des ennemis, comme à longue distance pour servir de support aux autres vaisseaux.

-Un nombre de cartes suffisant pour varier les plaisirs avec chacunes son lot de contraintes et d'avantages.

-Possibilité d'être en "match de débutants" jusqu'au level 8 (ce qui est pratique pour ce faire la main au départ).

-Le choix d'un rôle propre sur l'aeronef, (pilote, ingenieur, ou artilleur) même si chaque "classe" possède une compétence des deux autres permettant une légère souplesse de jeu (un artilleur peut a tout moment preter main forte aux reparations s'il y en a besoin par exemple).

-Des graphismes et un univers plutôt sympas.

-Un prix abordable en 4pack (surtout pendant des promotions steam).

Les - :

-Un manque cruel de joueurs, les matchmakings mettent une plombent à se former impactant directement le plaisir de casser la tronches à d'autres joueurs. De plus, il arrive frequement de partir avec des bots sur son vaisseau, même si ces derniers sont assez réactif,celà n'est pas aussi performant que de partir à quatre "vrais" joueurs.

-Aucune influence du niveau du joueur à part pour montrer aux autres que l'on a passer du temps en jeu.

-Customisation des personnages et des vaisseaux assez limité si on ne passe pas par le shop (achat uniquement en vrai argent).

En conclusion, je recommande vraiment ce jeu, qui est vite addictif mettant l'accent sur une vrai synergie de groupe. Il manque vraiment d'un bon coup de pub pour avoir plus de gens dessus :)
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3 personne(s) sur 3 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
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12.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 21 décembre 2014
Intéressant à condition de VRAIMENT savoir parler anglais, de communiquer en équipe, savoir être teamplay, et à condition aussi d'avoir une équipe organisée qui s'y connait en tactique.
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14.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 31 décembre 2014
Des combats de dirigeables, ça explose de partout, vous pouvez vous cacher dans les nuages pour echaper à vos ennemis, ce jeu vous promet de longues soirées entre potes ( parce que oui quand on y joue avec ses amis, le jeu prend tout son sens )
Jeu VI-VE-MENT recommandé !
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2 personne(s) sur 2 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
15.5 heures en tout
Posté le : 20 novembre 2014
Ce jeu a un style visuel bien a lui, ce qui ce jeu unique. Ce n'est pas dans n'importe quel jeu où vous aurez la sensation de vous retrouver dans un film steampunk.
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2 personne(s) sur 2 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
5.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 1 janvier
J'adore ce jeu ! Le style steam punk, mélangé au gameplay en FirstPerson pour des combats de divers vaisseaux volants, juste génial ! Le fait qu'il y ai plusieurs classe aide à s'organiser dans une team, de plus cela forge autonomie, parce que chaque objets est lié à une classe, ou une autre.

Un jeu très complet, mais qui lag légérement, enfin, cela concerne mon PC, mais sinon, avec de minuscules bug.

Je recomande et je met un 18.5/20 à ce jeu !

Bon pilotage !
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19.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 12 janvier
Souquez les artimuses !
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840.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 20 décembre 2014
Before I begin, let me clear a few misconceptions that are common in the negative reviews:

"♥♥♥♥ the micro-transactions in a $15 game."
The in-game store only sells cosmetic items such as costumes and ship decorations. You cannot gain an in-game advantage by paying $$$. Half of the catalog can be earned without paying real money by levelling up your classes and doing achievements.

"Long waiting times in lobby, takes forever to find/start a match"
This problem has been solved in the latest patch with the addition of an actual matchmaking system. The lobby now has a time limit.

"This game requires voice chat."
There is a voice and signal command system accessed by pressing the V key that allows you to give a variety of commands spoken by voice actors. Voice chat is no longer required, especially if you are an Engineer or Gunner as you most of the time you receive commands instead of giving them.

"New players are stomped by experienced players."
True. However there are new player-only matches that cannot be entered by experienced players. New players are automatically put into these matches, although they may opt out of them. Also, the new matchmaking system is effective in avoiding stomp matches as long as there are enough players online.

"Balanced matches are hard to find."
This problem has been solved in the latest patch with the addition of an actual matchmaking system, except when there are less than 50 players online.

"Poor graphics."
It's actually quite good for Unity graphics. There is 12x AA, water reflections, real-time shadows, dynamic lighting and a post-processing filter available.

"Laggy FPS."
This is usually caused by unexpected bugs in new patches that are quickly fixed.

"Laggy Ping."
Low ping is not required to play this game since it is not a twitch shooter. I live in Hong Kong and regularly play with no issues on US servers (150ms ping) and EU servers (200ms+ ping).

"Huge rebalancing between patches."
The latest patch contains the first major buff for any weapon in months.

"Shallow game, no strategy or skill required."
This is like saying Counter-Strike is shallow and requires no strategy or skill because it is a game about shooting back at enemies on de_dust2. In fact Guns of Icarus not only has a lot of high-level strategic depth, it also gives many opportunities for players to show off and excel with their mechanical skills. Examples of high-level play include ship positioning, flanking, ship loadouts, and min/maxing of engineering efficiency and gun damage. Examples of mechanical skills include engineering parkour tricks, reactionary piloting, and using hard-to-aim or long-range guns.

The game's long-time competitive community (going all the way back to beta) is a testament to the depth that this game actually has.

"Lack of new gameplay content."
Mostly true only for the PvP mode. In the latest patch two new 2v2 maps have been introduced. There is plenty of new cosmetic content every patch. A co-op mode where you fight AI ships is in the works for 2015 and has already been demoed in September at PAX 2014.

"Game gets boring."
If you like the game, appreciate its strategic depth, play with the mindset of improving yourself or simply find and play with friends, you'll discover this game's longevity in the same way people have played Counter-Strike or DotA for a decade.

"The community is horrible."
This question needs to be answered in two parts: trolls and the actual community:

1) Trolls are introduced every time this game is on sale. Since they only buy the game to troll around, they leave after a week or two to troll the next multiplayer game on sale.

2) I won't deny that a sizeable portion of this community is made up of largely veterans, or that a precious few veterans can get extremely elitist, abusive and salty towards new players. However these people are quite rare and are drowned out by a mass of helpful and friendly players that are happy to help cooperative newbies.

"The game is dead (no one playing)."
This game can hit 500 concurrent players on weekends without sales. Weekday numbers peak at around 300. Most players play in American and European timezones.

"No Australian servers."
This is true because the "Oceania" server is actually located in Singapore (lol wtf devs) and the cost of renting servers in Australia is too much for the small indie studio that developes Guns of Icarus. However, low ping is not required to play this game, and there is a sizeable population of Australian players, including an entire clan (Sacrilege).

"No co-op/VS bots mode."
This is in the works for 2015. The co-op mode has already been demoed at PAX 2014 as recently as September.

Now for the review:

What should I know before playing: This game requires a lot of teamwork. Individual skill is rarely enough to win a match. Not listening to the captain's order or recommendations, running around the ship instead of cooperating with your fellow crew and leaving your allies to die while you try and fly past the edge of the map is not fun for anyone. It will only cause your ship to die over and over again while your team loses in five minutes.

This game has a steep learning curve (except flamethrowers, lol.) While most of the game's basic knowledge can be grasped within a few matches, the intricacies of piloting, the efficiencies of engineering and the specifics of gunning will take you many deaths and many losses to get good at. Very few people have truly mastered everything the game has to offer even with thousands of matches in game.

What's really good in this game: The requirement for teamwork combined with the setting and competitiveness of airships haphazardly wrecking each other makes for some truly magical highlight moments, as well as providing an environment that fosters communication and encourages friendships.

The game's high skill ceiling allows for continuous self improvement. It feels great to discover something new about the game, learn ways of maximising the efficiency of your ship, or find out how to beat a specific strategy and apply this knowledge in the next matches you play. As you cleverly circle into a Pyramidion's blind spot while you maintain your gun arcs, you smile as your recall how, once upon a time, you didn't know how to accelerate or decelerate.

JK it isn't that romantic. In reality you'll just suffocate yourself laughing while you crush an enemy ship into a building as your teammate is burning them into a crisp.

The huge amount of possible combinations of ships and weapons makes sure that, most of the time, no two consecutive matches will have the exact same ships in play. Also, you can experiment with new load outs or strategies and feel awesome when they work.

What's meh: Dealing with unresponsive teammates. In game that relies so heavily on teamwork, having crew members that refuse to change classes, take stupid loadouts and then steal the gunner's gun can get extremely frustrating.

Crazy King. Due to the large size of maps and unfamiliar mechanics, Crazy King games are either stomps when one team has captains that don't know how to play the mode, or drag into long stall-fests when both teams are tryharding.

Flamethrowers. Playing with flamethrowers is easy but playing against them is needlessly frustrating for new players. Fortunately flamethrowers are disabled in newbie lobbies and flamers are easily hard countered with the correct knowledge.

Analogy using another game: FTL, but your crew are real people.

Would I recommend: 11/10 would fly again, especially once you make some in-game friends.

There is simply no where else to get Guns of Icarus Online's unique blend of teamwork, strategy, airship flying and crazy highlight moments.
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Posté le : 14 novembre 2014
It's like Pirates of the Carribbean but with russians and guns.
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Posté le : 15 novembre 2014
A GoI-Veterans Impression

As you can tell by looking at the 4 digit number above this post, this game has entertained for quite some time already and I will likely stick to it a while longer. The learning curve for Guns of Icarus is quite steep, but once you get the hang on it you will be able to enjoy the tactical depth and the rich variety this game has got to offer to its full extend. I for one can state that Guns of Icarus is the best game I've ever played since I've picked up videogaming about two decades ago.

I think what I like most about this title is the strong Teamplay focus. Guns of Icarus encourages you to run the ship like a well oiled machine by coordinating yourself with your fellow crewmates. As communication is the key to success in this game, a large fraction of the player base talks via microphone or is at least active in text-chat. As everyone on your ship is forced to play WITH you for the better or the worse, tips and gameplay-relevant info is commonly shared through these channels. Perhaps as a result of this GoIO has got the friendliest and most communicative game-community I've ever encountered.

Another aspect I really like about this game is the rich variety of loadout option you've got for your ships. Right from the start everyone has got access to a large arsenal of ships and weapons which can be combined by the captains as they see fit. Depending on your own fleets loadouts and the enemy fleet you encounter, you have have to adjust your playstyle, which ensures the game stays interesting in the long run. Sometimes the best way to engage an enemy is a straight rush to their position to force them into close and personal brawl engagements. In other Situations such tactics are doomed to fail and you might want to to stay back isntead as you've got the upperhand on mid or long range engagements. Sometimes it's a good choice to pick weapons which allow to kill your opponents as quick as possible. In other situations you might want to mix in a ship which is really good at taking out key components like weapons or balloons instead, even if this implies it isn't as good at delivering the killing blow.

To enjoy Guns of Icarus you will need to be able to understand spoken english. As mentioned previously, communication is a key-element of this game and english is the lingua franca. There are a few sub communities which speak different languages, but if you want to hop into the game without previously setting something up, it's very unlikely you will find a ship which is filled with french/german/russian speaking people.
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Metacritic score can suck it. This game is great.
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How could I possibly summarise over 2000 hours of gameplay into a review? I think it's the teamwork aspect that creates the social aspect of this game that doesn't exist anywhere else along with the depth in strategy created by the ship designs that keep this game fresh. Also, the mine launcher.

I'll try to remember to update this review when I hit 3000 hours.
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Floating warships duking it out in the skies of an apocolyptic wasteland. All in awesome steampunk fashion!
4 man crews, 7 different ships, 17(ever expanding) weapons to outfit them.
Flamethrowers and mortars and mines, oh my! Ships that range from hulky Galleon tanks, to fast and nimble Squids. Come in loud and proud, or pester the enemy to death. There's a good variety to have fun with.

A simple concept, it's easy to learn but hard to master. It's class based: pilot/engineer/gunner.

Ships have predefined weapon placements, but you're free to select what weapons to fit(depending on if its a heavy or light weapons spot).
-Pilots do nothing but fly and bark orders! :D
-An Engineers job consists of repairing/rebuilding/extinguishing fires/upgrading components, and sometimes spotting hostiles.
-The Gunners class is self-explanatory, but will often overlap with Engineers duty. But, it's unique because youre allowed to choose 3 different ammo types, which can be invaluable if you learn how to use them.

There are several components aboard evey ship; balloons and engines, weapons and the hull, each ship has its pros and cons about these. They can all be damaged and destroyed by an enemy. You learn what parts are priorities, or that you need to shoot instead of repair. It's very important to know what weapon and ammo type to use at any given time. This is the skill of the game, this will all ultimately decide the fate of a battle.
When it all works out, it's an experience you'll love.

The weapons are all fantastic and totally diverse. Some will trade off raw power to be better equipped at taking out certain components, so you have to feel them out and equip your ship accordingly.
There is almost nothing more satisfying than hosing down an enemy ship with flamethrowers and just watching them BUUUURRRNNN!
Although, seeing an enemies futilile attempt at burning yours after youve chem-sprayed, is even more rewarding... I gotta admit, i got a stiffy once or twice from firing the Hwacha too ; ) The weapons are just flat-out gratifying to use. Which is great, because that's what the whole game revolves around - shooting down your enemy.

Cooperation is crucial, however, not always necessary if you have a competent crew. Coordination is also key.
If you can get together some friends, it can make for some incredibly fun battles, some of the best you can have online imo. I mean, who doesnt like being the crew of a well-oiled killing machine!? The game is very balanced, and the only thing that is OP is communication.

Graphics arent too great, sometimes they're kinda lackluster. The audio is pretty well done, with just some minor gripes here and there. All-in-all, for $3 it's a fkn steal. I never pay full price, but this game is worth a lot more than a few dollars.

If you havent tried it, DO IT! everyone at least likes it for a little while.
If you havent played in a while, come back and see the new changes. Theyve added a lot!
Now with steam workshop!!
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bots shout at you for not doing your job
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Fumbled through the tutorial, joined a game, didn't know what was happening, captain didn't have a mic, died.
Joined a game, didn't know what was happening, captain didn't have a mic, died.
Joined a game, didn't know what was happening, captain didn't have a mic, died.
Joined a game, didn't know what was happening, captain had a mic, was enlightened.
Joined a game, played as captain, won 5-0.

11/10 Would pwn the mic-less again
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Flying tank simulator 2014
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You know how an Italian chef kisses his fingers and says something in Italian that translates to "A masterpiece" after tasting their own dish? That's how I feel about this game.
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The guns are on fire. The balloon is on fire. The hull is on fire. I am on fire.

11/10 I am the best ship engineer.
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