Guns of Icarus Online is the premier airship combat game. With a good ship and the right crew, you can conquer the skies!
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"A really unique multiplayer game involving 4 man crews battling each other in airships. Each crew member must perform different tasks. Communicate!"
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18 marzo

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6 marzo

PAX East 2015 Co-Op Preview!

Join us at for a preview of Co-Op mode! This is part of our showing at Pax East so come along, show your support and ask us your questions!

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“This indie gem is in fact funking awesome.”

“Those looking for a team-based challenge will find plenty to love with Guns of Icarus Online.”
Penny Arcade

“Guns of Icarus Online scratches a certain itch that few other games can reach.”

Appena aggiornato

v1.3.6 Update is now live! With community features such as clan and events, as well as ship customizations (figureheads, deck themes, decals, and paints), a new tutorial, and more!

The full release notes here:

Community Events

Here are a list of ongoing and upcoming community events hosted by players and Muse Games!


  • Fireside Chat with Devs on Fridays at 3pm EST (
  • Fight the Devs Hour! In game on Tuesday and Thursdays at 1pm EST (watch global chat for password and win cosmetic items if you beat the devs!)
  • Leviathan Seasonal Battles every weekend (sign up on the forums {COLLEGAMENTO RIMOSSO}
  • Sunday Rumble on Sundays at 3pm EST (sign up on the forums and look for latest Sunday Rumble thread {COLLEGAMENTO RIMOSSO}


Riguardo questo gioco

Hop aboard a steampunk airship with friends and play as Gunner, Engineer, or Pilot. Gun down dirigibles, repair your way out of danger, pilot the ship into combat. Are you a decisive Captain or dutiful Crew? Teamwork is required to survive the skies of the premier airship combat game: GUNS OF ICARUS ONLINE!

Raising the stakes on team-based PvP combat with an emphasis on strategic competition and truly cooperative play, Guns of Icarus Online is the best airship-to-airship combat game that’s all about teamwork, tactics, and fast-paced action. With a good ship and the right crew, you can conquer the skies!

Key Features

  • Richly crafted steampunk/dieselpunk-inspired world
  • Genre-busting gameplay with strategy, navigation, shooter, and time-management elements
  • Pick a role to suit your play style: Pilot, Gunner, or Engineer
  • Choose your airship and its weaponry to execute the perfect strategy as a Captain
  • Form a group with up to 3 other friends and crew a ship together
  • Integrated voice chat keeps you in constant contact with your teammates
  • Diverse ship classes and tons of weapons to choose from with realistic flight and projectile physics
  • Massive air battles with up to 32 players in a match
  • Multiple game modes including Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Crazy King
  • Rise in the ranks! Earn titles and cosmetic items as you progress
  • Achievement system fully integrated with Steam achievements
  • Balanced, competitive matches reward strategic, skillful play, not level grinding
  • Show off your style with a wide range of cosmetic options in the in-game store with an amazing dye system
  • Support Workshop for hats, goggles, and ship decals
  • 1st person and 3rd person camera modes
  • Custom games with spectator mode for streaming and tournament play

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:2 GHz processor
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Intel HD3000, Nvidia GeForce GT8600 or equivalent
    • DirectX®:dx90c
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Mac OS X 10.6
    • Processor:2 GHz processor
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Intel HD3000, Nvidia GeForce GT8600 or equivalent
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 32-bit (Linux machine configuration not supported)
    • Processor:Dual-core 2 GHz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Intel HD3000, Nvidia GeForce GT8600 or equivalent, supporting Shader Model 3 equivalent
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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Pubblicata: 24 ottobre 2014
This game taught me one thing: Metacritic score is bullcr@p! It's an absolute gem with more than 95% of the reviews being positive, and what score do the critics give? 62/100? Are you serious?

Yes, it's still not as polished as TF2, let's say. Yes, it's somehow harder to wrap around it, to understand the mechanics (rather unique). Yes, there are bugs and there is an in-game store (purchases are purely cosmetic - like other games like TF2, CS:GO, DOTA2, etc.). But the GAMEPLAY is amazing.

You'll definetly need a microphone. You'll need good communication skills and hope to get an experienced captain (or become one). And then, you're set to go. It's loads of fun and it's worth it, both your time and money.

Play as one of these three classes : navigator (captain) - one per ship; engineer or gunner. Four guys on the same ship (captain's choice) form a crew. You'll repair and rebuild components, you'll shoot down other ships or just speed past them, you'll flank, you'll use flamethrowers and mines, you'll develop strategies with your allies and have the time of your life doing so. Even if you lose, cause defeat IS imminent. But when you taste the success, oh it will be SWEET!

I see people giving negative reviews, but they've played for 1 or 2 hours. It took me 1 hour to finish the tutorial and 2-3 more hours to understand the game playing novice games. Yes, if there's no communication between crew, it's just a game where you run on the deck, hit things with your wrench and put out fires. The whole thing comes alive when you're communicating, when you're making strategies. It's that thrill when you're an engineer and your haul is down, but instead of repairing it you take the cannon and shoot the enemy, knowing you'll be able to bring him down first. It's that split-second decision that makes it thrilling. It's that pre-buffing that you put on your weapon that makes the difference. It's that able stearing that lets you evade or flank, hide just enough to repair or get on your enemy's blind spot with a flamethrower. And yes, you won't understand all these things after 3-4 hours of playing. There's a learning curve, but in the end it's worth it!

Also, people complaining about the "latest" Matchmaking system - it has been changed. Developers are trying to listen to the players and the community is fun and friendly (for the most part).

Some later edits:
1. Don't buy this game for your 4yo son / daughter. It actually requires some maturity and sense of responsability to be played. Please, just don't. Rather play it yourself.
2. NO SPEAK ENGLISH - NO GOOD! Find someone that speaks your language to play with, don't jump into a random ship with people who can't understand you and who you can't understand and start wondering why you're losing all the matches.
3. Respect more experienced players. If you're level 1-7, and all the enemy ships are high-level, you might lose the game for your team. It's frustrating for you and is frustrating for your teammates. Try to hop into balanced games for the best experience.
4. Just wanted to say last Satuday I had the best time I've ever had on my computer, and it was playing this game. If you manage to make some friends in-game, chances are you'll bump into cool and funny guys. It's both the in-game jokes and the funny, weird ship-loadouts and strategies that shouldn't work yet they do that will make you not to want to go to bed (even if it's 5AM and you're working the next day).
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Pubblicata: 1 dicembre 2014
Coinvolgente, emozionante, impegnativo!
Questo teamgame offre la più difficile delle sfide: coordinarsi con la propria squadra! Senza un team ben coordinato la vostra nave verrà abbattuta in un minuto, ma con una ciurma piena d'intesa e coordinazione tra i capitani delle navi sarete inarrestabili, dando vita ad emozionatissime battaglie aeree!
Il gameplay è fluido ed immediato, le possibilità di azione in combattimento ampie, soprattutto nei 3v3 e nei 4v4! Mi chiedo come possa non aver notato questo gioco fino ad adesso!
Se dopo 600 ore di gioco a Team Fortress 2 vi state guardando in giro in cerca d'altro posate l'occhio qui!
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Pubblicata: 22 dicembre 2014
davvero divertente se giocato in compagnia altrimenti potrebbe risultare noioso ai più
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Pubblicata: 5 gennaio
Guns of Icarus è indubbiamente un bel gioco.
Il suo pregio maggiore è quello di essere assolutamente anticonvenzionale. Quanti altri simulatori di dirigibili da guerra avete avuto l'occasione di giocare? Ecco dunque che Muse Games cerca di inserirsi nel panorama videoludico per colmare questo vuoto e sfornare qualcosa di veramente nuovo.

Il risultato finale non è un FPS, non è un GDR, non è un RTS, ma tutto questo contemporaneamente. La divisione dei ruoli (pilota, artigliere e ingegnere) è molto interessante, e obbliga la ciurma a pianificare attentamente i ruoli prima e durante la partita.
I giocatori che incontrerete sono generalmente cordiali (chiaramente un branco di giovialoni appassionati) e sono molto bendisposti a dare consigli ai meno esperti.

La pecca maggiore di questo gioco sono, purtroppo, i pochi giocatori che si trovano online. Diciamo che, mediamente, esclusi i periodi caldi di feste e saldi Steam, i giocatori connessi sono all'incirca uno o due centinaia. Per giocare si gioca, ma i tempi d'attesa a volte possono essere snervanti. Questo è particolarmente critico poiché, come il nome indica, Guns of Icarus Online non prevede una modalità campagna offline.
La realizzazione tecnica infine lascia un po' a desiderare, e spiega perché il titolo sia venduto ad un prezzo di 15€. Gli appassionati non ci pensino due volte e comprino questo titolo, gli altri aspettino una buona occasione a prezzo ridotto. In ogni caso, preparatevi per ore di divertimento!
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Pubblicata: 28 febbraio
The game DOES have flaws, just like any other game in development.

That said, it's just amazing how much I got from my purchase. Here's a list.

- 46 hours of entertainment, and I've just begun.
- The chance to roleplay a steampunk pirate!
- The chance to meet new, nice people
- The chance to build my reputation in the community!
- Frequent updates, with actually new stuff!
- Community guides to tell you anything you need!
- Community mentors that will just love to answer my dumb questions!

And the list continues with all the stuff I can't recall this very instant.
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Pubblicata: 20 ottobre 2014
This game actually requires teamwork and communication, what were the developers thinking.

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Pubblicata: 12 ottobre 2014
This will be the day you will always remember as the day you ALMOST- *ship explodes*
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Pubblicata: 14 novembre 2014
It's like Pirates of the Carribbean but with russians and guns.
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Pubblicata: 20 dicembre 2014
Before I begin, let me clear a few misconceptions that are common in the negative reviews:

"♥♥♥♥ the micro-transactions in a $15 game."
The in-game store only sells cosmetic items such as costumes and ship decorations. You cannot gain an in-game advantage by paying $$$. Half of the catalog can be earned without paying real money by levelling up your classes and doing achievements.

"Long waiting times in lobby, takes forever to find/start a match"
This problem has been solved in the latest patch with the addition of an actual matchmaking system. The lobby now has a time limit.

"This game requires voice chat."
There is a voice and signal command system accessed by pressing the V key that allows you to give a variety of commands spoken by voice actors. Voice chat is no longer required, especially if you are an Engineer or Gunner as you most of the time you receive commands instead of giving them.

"New players are stomped by experienced players."
True. However there are new player-only matches that cannot be entered by experienced players. New players are automatically put into these matches, although they may opt out of them. Also, the new matchmaking system is effective in avoiding stomp matches as long as there are enough players online.

"Balanced matches are hard to find."
This problem has been solved in the latest patch with the addition of an actual matchmaking system, except when there are less than 50 players online.

"Poor graphics."
It's actually quite good for Unity graphics. There is 12x AA, water reflections, real-time shadows, dynamic lighting and a post-processing filter available.

"Laggy FPS."
This is usually caused by unexpected bugs in new patches that are quickly fixed.

"Laggy Ping."
Low ping is not required to play this game since it is not a twitch shooter. I live in Hong Kong and regularly play with no issues on US servers (150ms ping) and EU servers (200ms+ ping).

"Huge rebalancing between patches."
The latest patch contains the first major buff for any weapon in months.

"Shallow game, no strategy or skill required."
This is like saying Counter-Strike is shallow and requires no strategy or skill because it is a game about shooting back at enemies on de_dust2. In fact Guns of Icarus not only has a lot of high-level strategic depth, it also gives many opportunities for players to show off and excel with their mechanical skills. Examples of high-level play include ship positioning, flanking, ship loadouts, and min/maxing of engineering efficiency and gun damage. Examples of mechanical skills include engineering parkour tricks, reactionary piloting, and using hard-to-aim or long-range guns.

The game's long-time competitive community (going all the way back to beta) is a testament to the depth that this game actually has.

"Lack of new gameplay content."
Mostly true only for the PvP mode. In the latest patch two new 2v2 maps have been introduced. There is plenty of new cosmetic content every patch. A co-op mode where you fight AI ships is in the works for 2015 and has already been demoed in September at PAX 2014.

"Game gets boring."
If you like the game, appreciate its strategic depth, play with the mindset of improving yourself or simply find and play with friends, you'll discover this game's longevity in the same way people have played Counter-Strike or DotA for a decade.

"The community is horrible."
This question needs to be answered in two parts: trolls and the actual community:

1) Trolls are introduced every time this game is on sale. Since they only buy the game to troll around, they leave after a week or two to troll the next multiplayer game on sale.

2) I won't deny that a sizeable portion of this community is made up of largely veterans, or that a precious few veterans can get extremely elitist, abusive and salty towards new players. However these people are quite rare and are drowned out by a mass of helpful and friendly players that are happy to help cooperative newbies.

"The game is dead (no one playing)."
This game can hit 500 concurrent players on weekends without sales. Weekday numbers peak at around 300. Most players play in American and European timezones.

"No Australian servers."
This is true because the "Oceania" server is actually located in Singapore (lol wtf devs) and the cost of renting servers in Australia is too much for the small indie studio that developes Guns of Icarus. However, low ping is not required to play this game, and there is a sizeable population of Australian players, including an entire clan (Sacrilege).

"No co-op/VS bots mode."
This is in the works for 2015. The co-op mode has already been demoed at PAX 2014 as recently as September.

Now for the review:

What should I know before playing: This game requires a lot of teamwork. Individual skill is rarely enough to win a match. Not listening to the captain's order or recommendations, running around the ship instead of cooperating with your fellow crew and leaving your allies to die while you try and fly past the edge of the map is not fun for anyone. It will only cause your ship to die over and over again while your team loses in five minutes.

This game has a steep learning curve (except flamethrowers, lol.) While most of the game's basic knowledge can be grasped within a few matches, the intricacies of piloting, the efficiencies of engineering and the specifics of gunning will take you many deaths and many losses to get good at. Very few people have truly mastered everything the game has to offer even with thousands of matches in game.

What's really good in this game: The requirement for teamwork combined with the setting and competitiveness of airships haphazardly wrecking each other makes for some truly magical highlight moments, as well as providing an environment that fosters communication and encourages friendships.

The game's high skill ceiling allows for continuous self improvement. It feels great to discover something new about the game, learn ways of maximising the efficiency of your ship, or find out how to beat a specific strategy and apply this knowledge in the next matches you play. As you cleverly circle into a Pyramidion's blind spot while you maintain your gun arcs, you smile as your recall how, once upon a time, you didn't know how to accelerate or decelerate.

JK it isn't that romantic. In reality you'll just suffocate yourself laughing while you crush an enemy ship into a building as your teammate is burning them into a crisp.

The huge amount of possible combinations of ships and weapons makes sure that, most of the time, no two consecutive matches will have the exact same ships in play. Also, you can experiment with new load outs or strategies and feel awesome when they work.

What's meh: Dealing with unresponsive teammates. In game that relies so heavily on teamwork, having crew members that refuse to change classes, take stupid loadouts and then steal the gunner's gun can get extremely frustrating.

Crazy King. Due to the large size of maps and unfamiliar mechanics, Crazy King games are either stomps when one team has captains that don't know how to play the mode, or drag into long stall-fests when both teams are tryharding.

Flamethrowers. Playing with flamethrowers is easy but playing against them is needlessly frustrating for new players. Fortunately flamethrowers are disabled in newbie lobbies and flamers are easily hard countered with the correct knowledge.

Analogy using another game: FTL, but your crew are real people.

Would I recommend: 11/10 would fly again, especially once you make some in-game friends.

There is simply no where else to get Guns of Icarus Online's unique blend of teamwork, strategy, airship flying and crazy highlight moments.
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Pubblicata: 12 ottobre 2014
Addictive, fun and nice community just wish it had a single player campaign... The idea behind it is awesome just think I would be fun exploring more of the world...
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Pubblicata: 15 novembre 2014
Metacritic score can suck it. This game is great.
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Pubblicata: 15 novembre 2014
A GoI-Veterans Impression

As you can tell by looking at the 4 digit number above this post, this game has entertained for quite some time already and I will likely stick to it a while longer. The learning curve for Guns of Icarus is quite steep, but once you get the hang on it you will be able to enjoy the tactical depth and the rich variety this game has got to offer to its full extend. I for one can state that Guns of Icarus is the best game I've ever played since I've picked up videogaming about two decades ago.

I think what I like most about this title is the strong Teamplay focus. Guns of Icarus encourages you to run the ship like a well oiled machine by coordinating yourself with your fellow crewmates. As communication is the key to success in this game, a large fraction of the player base talks via microphone or is at least active in text-chat. As everyone on your ship is forced to play WITH you for the better or the worse, tips and gameplay-relevant info is commonly shared through these channels. Perhaps as a result of this GoIO has got the friendliest and most communicative game-community I've ever encountered.

Another aspect I really like about this game is the rich variety of loadout option you've got for your ships. Right from the start everyone has got access to a large arsenal of ships and weapons which can be combined by the captains as they see fit. Depending on your own fleets loadouts and the enemy fleet you encounter, you have have to adjust your playstyle, which ensures the game stays interesting in the long run. Sometimes the best way to engage an enemy is a straight rush to their position to force them into close and personal brawl engagements. In other Situations such tactics are doomed to fail and you might want to to stay back isntead as you've got the upperhand on mid or long range engagements. Sometimes it's a good choice to pick weapons which allow to kill your opponents as quick as possible. In other situations you might want to mix in a ship which is really good at taking out key components like weapons or balloons instead, even if this implies it isn't as good at delivering the killing blow.

To enjoy Guns of Icarus you will need to be able to understand spoken english. As mentioned previously, communication is a key-element of this game and english is the lingua franca. There are a few sub communities which speak different languages, but if you want to hop into the game without previously setting something up, it's very unlikely you will find a ship which is filled with french/german/russian speaking people.
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Pubblicata: 28 ottobre 2014
Where to begin?! Well lets start with, this game is PvP orientated, but, levels mean nothing, just how much experience you have, the kit everyone has access to is all the same, it's just how well you use it that counts!
The biggest part of using your kit, is team work!
Each ship can have a crew of 4 people, Pilot who is often the captain and three crew members (2 engineers and a gunner) and its the crews job to keep that ship up, Voice comms is pretty much a must, unless you're an awesome typist or learn the ingame key bindings! Then there is the added bonus, team captains can communicate in battle, allowing for battle tactics to be planned out!
This means more ofen than not, clans will dominate the game due to using the same tactics, discussed before the battle. There is no OP weapon or OP ship, just Team work and good communications! If someone is dieing too quick, someone was doing something wrong, or people were not communicating well! Remember, too much communication can be a bad thing too sometimes! :)

The best part of it all, the community is mostly awesome guys and girls with very few bad eggs. Often the bad eggs are solo players who don't like to play their part, or want all the credit and as you can imagine, they'll not get far in this game! :o

My personal experience in this game, I started as an engineer as it's often needed and reletively easy to pick up, but during one battle our ship captain went afk so I took the helm while our main engineer gave me an emergency flight school, in the middle of a fire fight! The fight was tough, tensions were high on all our team as I learnt my way around the helm of someone elses ship, but in the end, we succeeded! We played two more rounds together that night and now, thanks to that one guy, I have about 8 people who request me to pilot ships for them and their friends to be the final componant of a good crew! Last night by request to be a pilot of the crew and we had a 7 match win streak out of 8 matches! A captain is nothing without his crew, so don't treat 'em mean!

The gameplay mechanics take a bit of learning! Read through the tutorials carefully and don't be scared to let your crew know you're new and may needs tips when you come to join fights! You'll be surprised how many people will go out of their way to teach new players how to do well!

Would I recommend this game?
Why are you not playing it already?!

Stop twiddling those thumbs lad! There's a war to be won! Pack your goggles and bow-tie, Pick up that spanner, hammer and spyglass! It's time for some adventures! Tales of daring do! Tally Ho!
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Pubblicata: 30 ottobre 2014
Put all flamethrowers on a ship, and called it the Jew Burner. Got banned for 7 days. 9/11
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Pubblicata: 20 ottobre 2014
GoIO is one of the few games to actually understand what teamwork is. You play as part of an airships crew, where each member of the crew have their own abilities and specializations, this requires constructive communication rather than the usual standard for "multiplayer games" of lexicological abhorrence.
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Pubblicata: 5 ottobre 2014
'why is the enemy ship still alive'

'because everyone is repairing the hull'

I love this game

6th march

Now onto the serious bit of the review.

Guns of icarus online is a team based fps/strategy game in which you will fill out a role out of a gunner which has the ability to carry more ammo types for guns and one repair and pilot item, an engineer who can bring three repair items and an ammo type and a pilot item, and then the pilot who can bring three pilot items and one repair and a ammo type (like a pilot will ever use a gun though) and then do battle with your loadout.


Gameplay in guns of icarus is really dependant on your role, if your an engineer you will spend most of your time repairing damaged parts of the ship like the hull, guns and engines and fill out time between that manning the smaller guns of the ship, if your the gunner you will be most of the time using heavy weaponry to bring down a ship with special ammo types like lesmok for increased range or charged for heavy damage, where as the pilot of the ship will be responsable for the majority since he/she will be flying the ship and have to give the gunner good shots and minimise damage to help the engineer(s) manage repairs. on each ship there will be four crew members, more often then not the layout will be two engineers and a gunner with pilot but sometimes there will be differances. While there are three base classes the community has made subclasses like the gunineer which is a engineer that uses guns more then repairs or the metamidion which is a pyramidon that is designed to kill ships increadibly quickly with a chaingun and mortor combo.

Character and ship customisation

Once you start the game up you wont have much in terms of customisation of your appeal but you can unlock most of it by playing classes and ranking them up to unlock pieces for free, while you can buy most of these with real life money from what i'v seen most items can be unlocked in time, in terms of ship though you have the same issue only from what i'v seen so far no ship customisation item can be unlocked for free. i want to also make this point clear, everything ingame that you unlock are purely cosmetic.

the community

The guns of icarus community is by far one of my favorites, will many great clans for both the competitive and casual gamer, I have fond memorys of a certain clan where i met so many awesome people, the GOIO community is by far one of the best communities i have ever seen in gaming.

Game mode varity

As it stands theres only the standard team death match where your team has to get a certain amount of kills before, a king of the hill mode where you have to capture a point and hold it to get points killing ships also gets points for your team and a crazy king mode where the capture point is constantly moving. though i mainly play deathmatch i have never had a game that left me bored and wanting more. i always stopped playing this game satisfied.


Guns of icarus is a really great game, the community will always welcome new players and not berate you for making mistakes and finding a clan that suits your style of play even if your a competitive player or looking for a little bit of fun in your spare time. for now i'll leave with this closing remark, Munkers are so much fun
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Pubblicata: 14 ottobre 2014
This is one of the most fun team based games I've played. With only 4 players per team communication is key. It may seem, at first glance, to be strictly a shoot-em-up in a gunship, but there is a lot of in-depth strategy under the hood, especially in higher level matches. One of my favorite things about this game (other than pulverizing enemies and scrambling around a dying ship trying to sqeeuze out another breath of life from her) is the community. It's one of the best I've seen!
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Pubblicata: 10 ottobre 2014
Steampunk. Zeppelins. Guns. Cooperate. One of the most original and enjoyable online multiplayer games out there. Being a crew in one of the Guns of Icarus ships is definitely fun.

Community is generally friendly and helpful, most likely because most players are above average age for online multiplayer games (e.g. LoL, DOTA...).

One of the best games I've played recently.
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Pubblicata: 27 dicembre 2014


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Pubblicata: 15 ottobre 2014
♥♥♥♥ing fantastic game. One of my favorite games to play that's for sure. Without teamwork you CANNOT and WILL NOT win in this game. Which is probably why I love this game so much.

+Great Community
+Teamwork Efficiency
+Good Selection of Ships
+Beautiful Soundtrack
+Steampunk Theme
+♥♥♥♥ing AIRSHIPS
+Plethora Amount of Customization

-Needs moar ship cosmetics.
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