Una entidad misteriosa está absorbiendo y corrompiendo tu música ante tus propios ojos. Deberás luchar a lo largo de tu colección musical y pelear para recuperar tus canciones!
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 6 de Ago, 2012

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1 de Septiembre

Build 1136 (framerate fixes) is now LIVE!

After a few days in beta, we have put build 1136 in the LIVE branch. This update fixes frame rate issues that cropped up in the last update. As usual, let us know if there are any new issues with this build!

Thank you,

Empty Clip Studios

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16 de Junio

Build 1120 (PC/Mac) is now LIVE! (Mouse/display fixes)

Hello everyone,

We haven't heard of any issues with the BETA that was released on Friday, so build 1120 is now live for everyone! As mentioned, this build contains mouse fixes and some display fixes. Please let us know you run into any problems. Enjoy!

Empty Clip Studios

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“Symphony es simple y llanamente divertido”.
84/100 – PC Gamer

Acerca de este juego

Tu música está siendo atacada, ¡debes liberarla!

Una entidad misteriosa está absorbiendo y corrompiendo tu música ante tus propios ojos. ¡Deberás luchar a lo largo de tu colección musical, descubrir objetos, personalizar tu nave y enfrentarte a jefes enemigos para liberar la Sinfonía de las Almas y recuperar tus canciones!

Symphony es uno de los juegos más relacionados con la música que se haya hecho jamás. En este shooter vertical, vuelve a experimentar cada una de tus canciones, que se convertirán en un campo de batalla único según su intensidad y su tempo.

¡Tu colección musical es ahora una colección de objetos! Cada una de tus canciones contiene objetos que puedes descubrir, equipar y mejorar. Personaliza totalmente tu nave para alcanzar tu objetivo de puntuación, mejorar los objetos y desbloquear nuevos niveles de dificultad.

Muestra tu pericia. La innovadora tabla de clasificaciones por canción de Symphony te recompensará todavía más, cuando domines con armas menos potentes. ¡Descubre el equilibrio que más se ajuste a tu estilo y muestra de lo que eres capaz!

Características Principales

  • Enfréntate a una misteriosa entidad que absorbe y corrompe tu música a medida que suena
  • ¡Analizador de música de última tecnología que adapta el juego a cualquier canción!
  • Innovadoras tablas de clasificación por canción que te recompensarán en función de tus armas y del nivel de dificultad
  • 5 conjuntos únicos de jefes para conquistar
  • 6 niveles de dificultad
  • Descubre, recoge y equipa armas ocultas en tu colección musical
  • 30 logros/medallas para desbloquear
  • Tipos de archivo soportados: MP3, M4A y AAC (funciona mediante QuickTime), OGG, WAV, FLAC, WMA, AIFF, WV, APE
  • Soporte completo para amBX™ (¡luces molonas!)

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7
    • Procesador: 2 GHz
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 250 MB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: MB, Gráfica compatible con DirectX® 9.0c y con soporte para Shader Model 3.0 o superior
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Sonido: Dispositivo compatible con DirectX 9.0c
    • OS: OS X 10.8 or later
    • Processor: Dual core, 2 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 (with shader model 3 video card or higher)
    • Hard drive: 500 MB available space

    • Not recommended for Intel integrated graphics, Mac Mini's or early generation MacBooks
    • OS: Major Linux distributions from 2012
    • Processor: Dual core, 2 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 (with shader model 3 video card or higher)
    • Hard drive: 500 MB available space

    • Not recommended for any integrated graphics GPUs
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5.5 h registradas
A fun top-down shooter thing with levels randomly generated based on your music. It is very entertaining, and the more songs you play the more weapons, difficulties and progress you unlock. This game is seriously fun, as well as rewarding you for making things difficult for yourself by giving you higher score multipliers for weaker weapon loadouts.
Publicado: 18 de Octubre
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3.6 h registradas
Fun game.
Publicado: 27 de Septiembre
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5.2 h registradas
Ever since I updated to windows 8 I cannot play this game it just gets stuck on the Special thanks screen and freezes and I can only close it through the task manager
Publicado: 9 de Octubre
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4.6 h registradas
*Pium pium* naves & music.
Publicado: 16 de Octubre
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0.6 h registradas
Play against a Dubstep song, and you're ♥♥♥♥ed
Publicado: 18 de Octubre
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7.9 h registradas
This game is freaking awesome!!
Online downside is: No Steam Cloud. I hate having to start anew everytime I log in from another PC.
Publicado: 18 de Octubre
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2.9 h registradas
I'm rather enjoying this little gem my missus found earlier, it's a bit like Beat Hazard in that it's a bullet hell game whose levels are based on your own music collection. Each song can generate special items ranging from new weapons to in-level pickups like smart bombs.

It's cheap too, which is nice. And if you're anything like me and my 12,400-mp3 music folder you're not exactly going to be running out of challenges any time soon. My only issue thus far is that you can't turn the main menu's music off, but that's as minor a gripe as I've ever had with a game.
Publicado: 21 de Octubre
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1.9 h registradas
Symphony is one of the better randomly generating rhythym games. Creating its levels from your music library, it creates levels perfectly tuned to the music as if it were personally made, going in my opinion, way beyond the capabilities of Audiosurf in terms of level design. The controls with mouse and keyboard work well too, but a lack of controller support has me wanting. With an upgrade system and all for your ship, it only entices you more to play one more song. The only issue that I have with the game is the fact that you have to pay extra to access your itunes library which brings the entire price up to 10 USD. A fantastic addition to ones library if they are a music lover especially , if not, this is still a great arcade shooter well worth your time and money.
Publicado: 15 de Octubre
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0.5 h registradas
ok so this game is very good. If you like to play games that youse ur music it is great. 2nd best muic game on steam. Melody's escape is better but that game ...that game is great. This game is completly* difrent than melodys escape and is great for some high pased but less pressued action instead of hitting keys at precisly the right time. Your opononst spawn and behave according to your music and the fact that there is no pentaly to dieng is great so you can play a fun little mini game whlie ur lsiteng to your music great for when ur bored
Publicado: 9 de Octubre
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3.7 h registradas
You can play your own epic adventures with your personal songs. You will really get into this game.
Publicado: 28 de Septiembre
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1.4 h registradas
It's not a bad game but it's just not my cup of tea.

In three words:
+ Flashy
+ Slippery
+ Crazy

Even at a low difficulty and at optimized settings, this game is a sensory overload- and not always in a good way. It's very, very fast paced and can be surprisingly difficult- and very stressful at times. I've never played Touhou or Ikaruga or anything of that nature (and I don't plan on doing so) but it's similar to that, from what I've seen of those games. Even when the mouse sensitivity is at 100%, I found my hand moving all over the mousepad and sometimes sticking to the mousepad when my hands got sweaty, thus straining my wrist.

There are some good concepts passed around such as an underlying story, unlockable items, a customizable ship, and an interesting difficulty system but ultimately, playing this game is more stressful than liberating. Integration of musical terms, pieces, and historical composers was definitely interesting. Also, the interaction between the software and the music is definitely novel (intriguing), with certain weapons and elements firing in tandem with certain musical elements and pacing of course following sound intensity and tempo.

Another thing I found interesting was how this game makes you feel like you have little control over the music you own, which I guess means that the premise of the game (fighting for the liberation of your music) really does work. My music, however, to me is very personal. I bought and own this ♥♥♥♥ and I will declare ownership and mastery over it if I please. My music also felt skinned when in menus which have their own non-mutable soundtrack. The song browser was also inferior to the one in Audiosurf/Audiosurf 2.

In the end, it just doesn't match Audiosurf and Audiosurf 2, both of which are pleasantly engaging and exhibit an unparalelled experience in this genre.
Publicado: 29 de Septiembre
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3.5 h registradas
Symphony is a game that is powered by yuor music, much like AudioSruf and Beathazard. There are some things that make Symphony stand out.

At first launch of the game, an "unknown entity" has seized control of your music, and you must liberate your library by defeating 5 bosses. Not only does this game have an arcadey feel like AudioSruf and Beathazard do, but it also incorperates a story, which I think is really cool.

When you play a round of one of your songs, you will die, however the song won't end and you'll be able to continue to the end of it (but your score will take a hit). After completing a new song you'll unlock a new weapon, and if you have enough Kudos and Insperation (earned by completing more songs), you can buy it and be able to equip it on your ship. So having a large music library is an advantage. Your ship can hold 4 weapons in any configuration you desire. You can even change the angle these weapons can fire, and the firing mode (fully automatic, semi-automatic, manually etc.), so there is a TON of varation to be experimented with.

This game supports all the formats you need (.MP3, OGG, FLAC, .WAV, and .AIFF are officially supported). Symphony will not play any song that is less than 1:30 minutes long, but there is no maximum cap.

I love AudioSruf and Beathazard, but IMO this game has a lot more going for it, and I highly recommened it.

For Linux players, this is a good working port. I play on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and it plays flawlessly. Thank you Empty Clip Studios for deciding to support Linux :D.
Publicado: 4 de Octubre
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4.8 h registradas
The only game I know of where I can shoot a 3-d cubist, floating, disembodied head of a composer while playing Day-O.
Visually labor intensive, not recommended for those that suffer from epilepsy.
The game can be overwhelming and confusing at times because the enemies tend to blend in with the background. Otherwise, very fun and proves to be a challenge later on.
Publicado: 27 de Septiembre
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2.1 h registradas
So much fun it is ridiculous!
Publicado: 27 de Septiembre
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4.7 h registradas

This game is causing hateness to favourite songs and addiction.


If you are listening to heavy fast music = dont use it in game.
Tutorial in legendary mode is not that fun lol
Publicado: 24 de Octubre
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9.2 h registradas
Sencillamente genial y una locura.
Un juego de navecitas aparentemente simple pero lleno de detalles que marcan la direrencia.

Simple en cuanto a la temática: esquivar y eliminar a los enemigos.
Pero aportando su seña de identidad: la música.
Es la música la que marcará la evolución de la partida, adaptandose la aparición de nuestros enemigos al tempo de la partitura.
Y no deis por sentado que una balada hará disminuir la dificultad.
Para poner un ejemplo, he pasado más apuros con la canción de "Someone like you" de Adele que con "Seek & Destroy" de Metallica.
Parece que el sistema de análisis musical funciona mejor con temas más estructurados que con aquellos basados en la acumulación, tales como el Speed o Trash Metal por poner un ejemplo.

A medida que avanzamos en el juego vamos desbloqueando nuevas armas que podremos ir mejorando.
Y paralelamente también podremos ir modificando la combinación armamentística más adecuada para nuestra nave. No solo el tipo de arma, sino también el ángulo de disparo.

Yo recomendaría este juego, sobre todo, a aquellas personas que les guste la música y que sean capaces de disfrutar de todos los géneros porque se pueden llevar alguna sorpresa.
Publicado: 11 de Septiembre
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12.2 h registradas
Muy bien lo que tengo que decir de Symphony es que es muy divertido tiene una buena dificultad en la forma de juego para tratar de conseguir los logros haciendolo algo complicado, me agrado la tematica que utilizaron acerca de la música y el uso de algunos terminos de música clásica igual haciendo referencia a algunos compositores y sus obras notorias, tiene una historia corta pero divertida, y pues es buen motivo para escuchar algo de nuestra música de mayor agrado y jugar a las navesitas xD
Publicado: 23 de Junio
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9.7 h registradas
es el mejor dolar invertido en la historia. completamente recomendable (para comprar de oferta)
Publicado: 19 de Junio
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1.8 h registradas
Lo primero de todo es que TODA la gente que vea este juego no se deje llevar por sus imagenes, y mucho menos por el propio nombre del juego. Symphony... suena música clásica, ¿no? Pues os equivocais. Este juego me ha impactado y eso que solo llevo menos de una sola hora jugada. Trata de exterminar una especie de raza "alien" con tu propia música. Y el decir PROPIA es PROPIA... toda la música de tu ordenador la puedes utilizar para jugar a este juego. Los escenarios se cambian de color y las algunas armas funcionan al ritmo de la música. Un juego imprescindible... 9€? Una chorrada. UN HUMBLE BUNDLE? Corre y no mires atrás
Publicado: 30 de Mayo
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10.8 h registradas
Symphony is a must have if you are a music games fan. It allows you to enjoy your favorite musics while shooting stuff, you can also find new weapons to customize you ship according to your play style. Very relaxing! :)
Publicado: 23 de Mayo
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