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¡ÚNETE A LA REVOLUCIÓN! Atraídos a Marte por la promesa de la Ultor Corporation de una vida mejor, miles de personas han llegado para buscar fortuna y trabajar para la masiva compañía minera. Pero no todo es lo que parece.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 18 de Sep, 2001

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Incluye 6 artículos: Red Faction Guerrilla, Red Faction, Red Faction II, Red Faction®: Armageddon™, Red Faction: Armageddon Path to War DLC, Red Faction Armageddon Soundtrack

Acerca del juego


Atraídos a Marte por la promesa de la Ultor Corporation de una vida mejor, miles de personas han llegado para buscar fortuna y trabajar para la masiva compañía minera. Pero no todo es lo que parece. Una plaga mortal se propaga entre los barracones, y los mineros sufren el maltrato diario por parte de los guardias de Ultor. ¿Se divisa una revolución en el horizonte?

Red Faction revoluciona la jugabilidad con la tecnología Geo-Mod, la capacidad de alterar y destruir por completo el entorno en tiempo real. ¡Con 5 vehículos manejables, 15 armas de destrucción masiva, una acción multijugador que no conoce rival, y en un escenario como Marte, asolado por una plaga mortífera y una rebelión, Red Faction ha establecido un estándar de oro en los juegos!

  • Tecnología Geo-Mod — el único FPS con modificación arbitraria y en tiempo real de la geometría

  • Acción multijugador inigualada, con estrategias específicas para Geo-Mod

  • Avanzada simulación física - soporta geometría que se derrumba, partículas y líquido

  • Cinco vehículos de tierra, mar y aire para comandar y controlar

  • Una convincente historia que se desarrolla a lo largo de 20 niveles variados

  • Misiones de incógnito y de acción

  • Entornos variados incluyendo zonas naturales únicas al género

  • Iluminación dinámica y en tiempo real que incluye mapas de luz, sombras proyectadas por los objetos y más

  • Avanzado comportamiento de IA

  • Deformación esquelética en tiempo real con interpolación para animaciones totalmente fluidas

  • Sistema de daño según la zona de impacto

  • Soporte multijugador por LAN y TCP-IP (hasta 32 jugadores)

Requisitos del sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows® 2000/XP
    • Versión de DirectX: DirectX 8
    • Procesador: Pentium II 400 MHz o superior
    • Memoria: 64 MB RAM
    • Tarjeta Gráfica: Tarjeta Aceleradora 3D (8MB)
    • Sonido: Certificado para Direct X
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-Good story
-Fun mechanics
-Variety of weapons.

-No auto save feature, only manual saves.
-The sneaking around mission are tedious

-People talking to you can be drowned by the action around.

-Use the purefaction patch to be able to play in widescreen and at an higher resolution than the game allows (make sure to dowload the beta, this is the only version that works with steam. Check out the guide in the community section for more info)
-Lock the framerate to 60. Anything higher and it will cause some game breaking bugs.

Still a classic. Grab it and have fun.
Publicado: 9 de Julio
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Personal Rating: Worth playing. 8/10

Red Faction is an FPS with destructible environments. It takes place on Mars, inside of a mining colony. The main character, Parker is involved in a series of revolts against Ultor, a corrupt mining company.

Gameplay: 9/10
Red Faction plays smoothly. The engine is pretty decent for a 2001 game. You can choose different paths in the level by blowing up the walls, leading to alternate routes. Destroying the walls can also lead to secret areas, containing health packs, armor, and ammo. This game is, in fact, a linear shooter. There are several vehicles to drive, and they all have guns. Vehicular combat is in the game, but it only exists inside the driving levels, which don't last very long. There are also stages of the game where you must holster your weapon, and enter a non-combat environment. These stages are also fun, giving you a break from the normal FPS experience.

Story: 6/10
The story in red faction is a decent one, but overall it isn't the main focus point of this game. You play as Parker, a random miner who is actually very skilled in combat. Once the Red Faction revolt starts, Parker is one of the few survivors of his sector, making him of interest to the enemy, as well as the other protagonists. As you play, there are a couple good plot twists, but overall, the story isn't the greatest.

Soundtrack: 8/10
I'll admit, Red Faction has a solid soundtrack. About half of it is ambient, but the other half is for combat situations, and it's pretty good. The more fast paced songs are in the techno family, and have a slight industrial tone.
Publicado: 26 de Junio
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Oh no. A door I can't get past. Well I could go and backtrack for 3 hours and fight enemies that have respawned again, looking for that keycard... or I could just blow a hole in the wall and go around it. Like literally anyone carrying explosives would do.

Publicado: 13 de Junio
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This is a long review, so if you want a brief summary of why I recommend Red Faction skip to Results and read from there.

Volition, Inc. provides an amazing action experience that brings you back through the ages. Red Faction is the start of an amazing series which provides a possibly reality to early space colonization.

You play Parker a man who travelled to Mars in order to work for Ultor Corporation and create himself a future. Ultor Corporation lures miners with the promise of a future. Little do they know the corporation is manipulating the media to show people a completely different light of what is really going on. Breaking basic Human Rights Ultor is essentially torturing miners forcing them to work in terrible conditions. But all is about to change as the Red Faction rises up from the dust and who is going to be unwittingly a part of the rebellion, but Parker. As you progress through the campaign you learn more about the horrible tortures that Ultor is actually conducting.

The campaign is broken up into 12 levels: Mines, Registration, Abandoned Mines, Gryphon, Canyon, Comm Center, Barracks, Docking Bay, Geothermal Plant, Capek, Subway, and Shuttle. The game takes you through the underground of mars, through canyons, and to space itself. Throughout the campaign you will be put against bosses, environmental hazards, and hordes of enemies.

The game has an array of difficulty levels that allow you to enjoy a casual simple first person shooter to a hard-core gaming experience. Red faction has a variety of weapons: FCA-26 Rail Driver, UAR-42 Assault Rifle, F-1TL Fusion Rocket Launcher, URL-6T Rocket Launcher, UBS-4 Riot Shield, UFT-1 Flame Thrower, UCB-24 Control Baton, USP-16 Pistol, UAP-32/20 Sub Machine Gun, UAS-18 Shotgun, UHG-90 Offensive Hand Grenade, URC-15 Remote Charge, JF60 Heavy Suppression Machine Gun, MK/SG-1 Defender Pricision Rifle, and USG-50 Sniper Rifle. The massive combination of weapons provides a very deep gameplay experience allowing you to go for a close and personal combat all the way to a long-distant assassin. The scenery is highly destructible allowing you to blow holes into walls, destroy furniture, and even destroy parts of scenery making it fall onto enemies below.

Red Faction is an amazing first person shooter that offers amazing combat and a fantastic story. Red Faction may be an older title, but it offers features still not fully offered in games today. The campaign has pretty decent length and you will not be regretting the purchase. This game is a fantastic experience, and I would recommend getting it as part of the Red Faction Collection when it goes on sales. As the other titles of the series are definitely a great group of games.

+Loads of weapons.
+Destructible environment.
+Great difficulty curve.
+Boss fights
+Fun vehicle scenes.
+Great gameplay that varies throughout the campaign from full blown action to assassin style.

-Audio levels make it hard to hear cinematic scenes when action is occurring.
-Make sure to save a lot or when you die you will be wishing you did.
-It is old, thus it has poor GFX (if you can't enjoy games for their content alone and you need them to be pretty you may want to avoid this).
Publicado: 2 de Agosto
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Lots of fun. Storyline is different than the sequel though.
Publicado: 23 de Junio
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Juegazo donde no los haya. Si jugasteis al Half Life 1 entonces este juego os recordará bastante a dicho juego, así que ya sabéis, si teneis mono de HL jugad al RF.

Todo empieza cuando nuestro personaje decide hacerse minero y luego lo típico, que los que mandan toman el control, los mineros explotados y apaleados, y luego una revolución llamada Red Faction.

No me esperaba que llegara a ser tan buen juego. Es un buen FPS que recomiendo a todo el mundo que no lo haya jugado. Hay muchas armas para utilizar y también hay variedad de situaciones: Ir a lo shooter a matar a diestro y siniestro, infiltrarse y hacerse pasar por otra persona en plan Medal of Honor Allied Assault, hasta llegara conducir todo tipo de vehiculos: Aeronaves, Submarinos, Tanques...

Y otra cosa importante: El Geomod. Si, el Guerrilla lo tiene también, lo que permite una destrucción masiva del escenario. En este caso evidentemente el Geomod esta algo verde y solo se destruyen ciertas partes del escenario, pero el concepto en si es muy bueno.

En definitiva, un juegazo que no se debe perder.

Mi nota: 9/10

PD: Si lo jugais por steam, bajaros el PureFaction, que permite jugar el juego con configuración moderna
Publicado: 10 de Enero
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