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Bland brännheta sandöknar i det forna Persien lever en legend sedan urminnes tider. Den berättar om ett rike som föddes ur blod och styrdes av svek. En ung prins dras till de mörka krafterna i en magisk dolk, och leds till att släppa loss en livsfarlig ondska i ett vackert kungarike.
Utgivningsdatum: 2 Dec 2003

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Om spelet

Bland brännheta sandöknar i det forna Persien lever en legend sedan urminnes tider. Den berättar om ett rike som föddes ur blod och styrdes av svek. En ung prins dras till de mörka krafterna i en magisk dolk, och leds till att släppa loss en livsfarlig ondska i ett vackert kungarike. Med hjälp av en förförisk prinsessa och tidens mäktiga sand beger sig prinsen ut på ett rafflande uppdrag för att återerövra palatsets förhäxade kammare och återställa freden i landet.

  • Ett tekniskt mästerverk – Upplev spelhistoriens kanske mest avancerade programmeringsteknik där man tänjer på gränserna för konsoler och höjer ribban för spel inom områden som fysik, ljussättning, grafik, animering och mycket mer!
  • En hjälte utan motstycke – Prinsen är tillbaka med sina rent mytiska krafter i ett actionäventyrsspel där han får uppvisa gravitationsupphävande akrobatik, grymma kampfärdigheter och en förmåga att styra över tiden.
  • The Sands of Time – Ubisofts Montreal-studio presenterar The Sands of Time – ett tekniskt genombrott som kommer att ändra genren actionäventyrsspel för alltid. Sudda ut det förflutna, se in i framtiden och frys ögonblicket i realtid för obegränsade spelvariationer.
  • Exotiska världar och vidsträckta kungadömen – Avslöja mysterierna i en värld som aldrig tidigare har utforskats i ett actionäventyrsspel. Persien under medeltiden är mytiskt och livsfarligt och innehåller otroligt många landskap och kungadömen som kan utforskas och erövras.
  • Ett svindlande äventyr av svek och triumf – De storslagna legenderna och livsfarliga varelserna i myternas Persien flammar upp i den här nervkittlande berättelsen som innehåller fler vindlingar och vändningar än det labyrintiska palatset.



    • Operativsystem: Windows® 2000/XP (endast)
    • Processor: 800 MHz Pentium® III eller AMD Athlon™
    • Systemminne: 256 MB arbetsminne
    • Grafikkort: 64 MB GeForce™ 3 eller högre eller ATI® Radeon™ 8500 eller högre, Matrox Parhelia™. (GeForce4 MX kan inte användas)
    • Ljudkort: Kompatibelt med DirectX® 9.0 eller senare
    • DirectX-version: DirectX®-version 9.0c eller högre
    • Hårddisk: 1,5 GB ledigt hårddiskutrymme
    • Tillbehör som kan användas: ThrustMaster FIRESTORM Dual Analog 3
    • Obs! Om du behöver en uppdaterad lista över vilka grafikkretsar, grafikkort och operativsystem som kan användas går du till Vanliga frågor för det här spelet på http://support.ubi.com.
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9.9 timmar totalt
The game that changed my life forever. This masterpiece has it all:

- Amazing Story. (The plot is just a marvel.) 10/10
- Great Graphics. (I still can't believe this game was released back in 2003.) 10/10
- Fantastic Music. (The whole soundtrack was stunning. Perfectly scripted for every situation and utterly magnificent. Stuart Chatwood quickly became one of my favorite music composers.) 10/10
- Charming Voice Acting. (Yuri Lowenthal's voice alone was enough for the top score. The whole adventure is so beautifully narrated, so full of great ideas and outright perplexing figures of speech...) 10/10
- Addicting Gameplay. (A great mix of combat, acrobatic free-running and a some tricky puzzles.) 10/10
- Character Progression. (The game constantly updates the player with new powers, weapons and even clothing.) 10/10
- Diverse and Unique. (This game has some of the most beautiful surroundings I ever seen. Lots of unique enemies and locations to discover.) 10/10

This game is pure gold. The characters not only look amazing but they also feel... Alive. Totally different, each with it's own moral standing and their way of thinking. There is this good feeling when playing this game. Both the Prince and Farah are behaving as natural as it could get. They are very distant at the beginning, unmoved, cold. But as they make progress, they develop this feeling of mutual respect. Later on they become good friends. Joking and taunting each other in a very loving way. Check this monologue here:

"She said my love... I know she did. I didn't dream it... at least I think I didn't... It's quite natural really, her Kingdoms' conquered, she has nothing, no one to protect her. She needs me! I can see it in the way she looks at me. All I'd have to do is... Reach out and, take her hand... And she'd be mine! Why am I talking to myself ?!"

I have beat the game at least 5 times. Don't mind my Steam playing time. It was before I had purchased it here. And I don't regret a thing.

This game offers and unforgetable adventure. If you haven't still played it, do it. The best game in the franchise.

Upplagd: 21 Januari 2014
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6 av 6 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
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12.0 timmar totalt
Honestly one of the best games I have ever played, The story line was magnificent, the atmosphere, it all drew you. However the constant changing view points have resulted in my death in the game quite a bit, nonetheless magnificent scenery and captivatng story. The gameplay was a bit shakey but very wonderful, leaping through the air from beam to beam tends to exite someone, and this game created that feeling.

The addition of the sidescroller prince of persia minigames was excelent.

There were a few issues with playing on steam however, I noticed that it lacked the ability to "shift+tab" while in game. The ability to "alt+tab" still remains however it is a tedious thing to tab out of a game for the purposes of a message.

I did enjoy the soundtracks but there were some moments where it would not play during a fight and then start again at random intervals. Nonetheless this did not make the fighting less intense.

In summary a very well made game, it is astonishing to believe it has really been ten years since I have played it on the ps2.
I recomend this game for anyone who likes a good story over graphics.
Upplagd: 28 Mars 2014
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5 av 5 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
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10.9 timmar totalt
The game has enchanting graphics. Each room and area has a gorgeous design and the platforming has been done well. The combat can get repetitive once you are long in the game even though they have tried to keep it fresh by introducing new enemies as we progress in the game. The story line is romantic, charming and gripping with its sense of adventure and loneliness. The puzzle solving is downright fun and the voice acting is awesome. This is one the best games ever to grace the consoles and PC. The score is extremely good with the Persian chorus and music; will have the gamers immersed completely in the game forgetting about the real world. A must play game. A classic forever
Upplagd: 24 April 2014
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4 av 4 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
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12.7 timmar totalt
Apart from some annoying bugs and flaws, the game is very enjoyable with parkour, some great puzzles and difficult combat. The game is a bit tedious at times, but otherwise I think it's a good game, even if it's not as great as it was when I first played it.
Upplagd: 21 Mars 2014
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3 av 3 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
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A very solid and fun puzzle platformer, re-envisioning the old classic. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is one of the most successful revivals in gaming history, and it is well deserved for having done so. The game is a third-person platformer interspersed with action segments featuring melee combat. A time-rewinding mechanic is present to assist both in combat and platforming, which can be recharged by defeating enemies.

The platforming is the focus of the game, and the combat serves more to break up the puzzles - the controls for combat are not as tight as those for platforming, so those sections of the gameplay can be a little less interesting/more frustrating.

The puzzles themselves are rather imaginative, and require some acrobatic moves in order to complete them.

While the graphics are starting to show their age, the game itself holds up. If you enjoy puzzle platformers, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not playing this game.
Upplagd: 22 Februari 2014
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