I den brennende sanden i det gamle persiske riket finnes det en legende som fortelles på et eldgammelt språk. Den finner sted i en tid avlet av blod og styrt av svik. En ung prins blir tiltrukket av de mørke kreftene til en magisk dolk og blir drevet til å slippe løs en dødelig ondskap i et vakkert kongerike.
Brukeranmeldelser: Veldig positive (329 anmeldelser)
Utgivelsesdato: 2. des, 2003

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About This Game

I den brennende sanden i det gamle persiske riket finnes det en legende som fortelles på et eldgammelt språk. Den finner sted i en tid avlet av blod og styrt av svik. En ung prins blir tiltrukket av de mørke kreftene til en magisk dolk og blir drevet til å slippe løs en dødelig ondskap i et vakkert kongerike. Ved hjelp av en listig og forførende prinsesse og den absolutte makten i Sands of Time setter prinsen ut på et opprivende oppdrag for å gjenerobre palassets forbannede rom og på nytt skape fred i landet sitt.

  • Et teknologisk mesterverk – opplev noe av den mest avanserte programmeringen i spillhistorien. Den tøyer grensene for hva som er mulig på en konsoll, og hever standarden på alle områder av spillproduksjon: fysikk, lys, grafikk, animasjon og mer!
  • En makeløs helt – prinsen vender tilbake til actioneventyr med krefter av legendariske proporsjoner, som akrobatikk i løse luften, ekstreme slåssferdigheter og evnen til å manipulere tiden for å oppfylle sin skjebne.
  • The Sands of Time – Ubisofts studio i Montreal presenterer Sands of Time – et teknologisk gjennombrudd som vil endre hvordan vi ser på actioneventyr for alltid. Slett fortiden, se fremtiden, og frys nåtiden i sanntid for grenseløse spillvariasjoner.
  • Eksotiske verdener og vidstrakte kongeriker – avslør mysteriene i en verden som aldri før er blitt utforsket i et actioneventyrspill. Middelalderens dødelige og mytiske Persia har en imponerende rekke landskap og kongeriker som du kan utforske og erobre.
  • Et omfattende eventyr om forræderi og triumf – episke legender og dødelige fabeldyr fra det myteomspunne Persia våkner til glødende liv i denne spenningsfylte historien med flere skiftninger i handlingen enn i det labyrintaktige palasset.



    • Operativsystem som støttes: Windows® 2000/XP (kun disse)
    • Prosessor: 800 MHz Pentium® III eller AMD Athlon™
    • Systemminne: 256 MB RAM
    • Skjermkort: 64 MB GeForce™ 3 eller bedre eller ATI® Radeon™ 8500 eller bedre, Matrox Parhelia™. (GeForce4 MX støttes ikke)
    • Lydkort: Lydkort som er kompatibelt med DirectX® 9.0 eller nyere
    • DirectX-versjon: DirectX®-versjon 9.0c eller nyere
    • Harddisk: 1,5 GB tilgjengelig harddiskplass
    • Styremekanismer som støttes: ThrustMaster FIRESTORM Dual Analog 3
    • Merk: Hvis du vil ha en oppdatert liste over støttede brikkesett, skjermkort og operativsystemer, kan du se de vanlige spørsmålene om spillet på http://support.ubi.com.
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8 av 10 personer (80%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
7.5 timer registrert
Publisert: 6. november
I owned this game on Gamecube, PS3 and now PC. I can't tell you how many hours I've put into playing and re-playing it. <3

Game rewards your progression by making the protagonist's clothes come off. 11/10 would undress the prince again and again!
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1 av 1 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
8.9 timer registrert
Publisert: 17. november
One of the best platformers ever made. Great parkour sections, well animated and challenging to boot. The sequels never managed to top this one, whether it comes to story or gameplay (though the sequels vastly improved the combat system, I'll give them that).

Has aged relatively well, though I don't remember the game having such awful washed out colours on PS2 as it does on PC. Get a good SweetFX setting to resolve this.

Only fault of the game is the repetitive and simplistic combat, but it's animated well enough as to not be TOO annoying. Just figure out how to cheat the combat system so you can get to the platforming, which you'll mostly be doing anyway.
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1 av 1 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
8.3 timer registrert
Publisert: 3. november
Absolutely awesome game, the story line throughout this game is just fantastic. The fight engine is a little limited and can be frustrating to use on PC occasionally and the camera angles can be a ♥♥♥♥ but they are more only complaints and they are really minor. Esepcially as the sequals fixed these issues. But, the story itself and the complexity of the puzzles and boss fights makes this into an absolute gem of a game that has inspired many games after it's time.
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5.2 timer registrert
Publisert: 29. oktober
The combat system isn't the best and you'll often get hit, reverse time, and immediately get hit again. Graphics are a bit dated and movement is a bit awkward. Puzzles aren't too difficult, as they consist mainly of standing on a button, pushing an object on a button, or pulling a lever. I got to a point in the game where I died constantly from a swarm of enemies and gave up.
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16 av 17 personer (94%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
16.3 timer registrert
Publisert: 25. august
Do I recommend this game? No! I strongly Insist that you should try it!

The "Prince" was one of the best titles even in 90's, but its 3D re-vision I am talking about - is definetely a mind-blowing piece of art! We've got a perfect mixture of both simple and catchy story, and a veeery enjoyable acrobatics, with tons of multi-levelled obstacles to climb, enemies to bring down...

Game is perfect!

Well, yeah, it's dated 11 years now, so we have visuals of PS2-era... But it was fascinating back then, and still looks pretty decent even on big screens. And it's the only dated part. Story - still fine, acrobatics (and control of it) - kicks asses, music - eternally fresh.
9/10 in my book.

PS Yeah, there is "fog" issue you might meet, if at first start all is blue and you don't see anything... worry not, just turn off that "fog" feature in video options and you'll be fine.
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9 av 9 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
8.2 timer registrert
Publisert: 15. oktober
The Gold Egg of the trilogy, classic as ♥♥♥♥, decent and sometimes annoying combat (I.E. a couple of those big dudes surround you, knock you down, you get up, rinse and repeat while they say "YOUR TURN! YOUR TURN!" as you get stuck in an infinite loop of ♥♥♥♥ no amount of time travel can save you from. Eh, anyway...

Time travel, parkour, and puzzles. This game does those 3 best (well, at least at the time, its no fun, fast paced, free roaming type of parkour like in the Assassin's Creed games, but more of a (mostly) linear, slow pace, and eventually satisfying platforming and parkouring and whatnot. Also unlike in Assassin's Creed, you can wallrun horizontally and vertically to reach otherwise inaccessible places, which made me cream my pants the first time.

Puzzles are fairly straightforward and challenging.

And then you have several time altering powers using the Dagger of Time, you have your:

Recall: Reverse time (uh, in real time?.... backwards....? er, yup!) for up to several seconds, usually for saving you from heavy damage, screwing up on a jump or puzzle, or instant deaths.

The Eye of the Storm: Slows down time and makes combat and some puzzles/platforming/parkouring easier.

Enemy Freeze: Renders an enemy frozen in time and much easier to kill.

Frozen Time Assault: Freeze time and go into a badass Omnislash-like frenzy on multiple enemies and wreak havoc.

All time powers require either a sand tank, or a halfmoon depending on which power it is. You fill up sandtanks and halfmoons by finishing enemies with the Dagger of Time.

One of my favorite parts in the game I remember is the bats, who always retreat in groups of 3 when you kill a bunch. My brother would always yell "THREE RETREAT!" and I would always laugh.

Man... I wish I would of kept my Gamecube copy of the game I got back in 2003 that my dad got me for Christmas... because... them nostalgias.

The PC version of this game holds up pretty good though, well at least the last time I checked. I'm one of those hip ♥♥♥♥♥♥bags who still uses Windows XP, so I wouldn't know whether this is horribly broken or not on much newer operating systems.

So yeah, a classic game and is pretty badass in general, give it a try sometime.
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3 av 3 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
13.0 timer registrert
Publisert: 6. september
The first Prince of Persia game I played and probably the one I enjoyed the most. It was great while it lasted.
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4 av 5 personer (80%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
0.3 timer registrert
Publisert: 11. juli
It's the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Prince Of Persia... Just play it....
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2 av 2 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
17.9 timer registrert
Publisert: 6. juni
Considering its age, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this game.
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2 av 2 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
7.4 timer registrert
Publisert: 2. oktober
The level design, the storytelling, and the ability to rewind time during intense platforming sessions all combine to create what has become one of my favourite games, that I have played through too many times to count.
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1 av 1 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
11.6 timer registrert
Publisert: 4. august
*Warning* possible spoilers ahead

+Excellent platforming based puzzles. These are usually pretty simple to work out once you realise most of them have only one path but when you consider how they work as a whole they are pretty ingenious and will challenge you're platforming skills and timing.

+Great atmosphere and art direction. The Persian setting is unique and rarely done. Even in 2014 this game looks excellent. The character models haven't aged well but the environments have for sure.

+Ability to rewind time and use it in battle is an excellent idea

+First person view allows you to offset the terrible camera

+Varied enemies force you to engage combat in different ways

+The Prince. Although it happens infrequently, when the Prince does chime in it's usually something humorous and entertaining.

-The camera is a pain whether you're doing platforming or you're in combat. During platforming the camera will frequently move into undesirable positions forcing you to guess what you're supposed to be doing next. In combat it does the same which quickly becomes tiresome when you're unable to see the enemy attacking you from behind. It also struggles hard when you're in tight spaces and the camera has to contend with walls :S

-You're companion is kinda useless and it feels as if you're partnership is a one way deal. During platforming she will stand there and let you do all the work aside from when she has to go through a few cracks or pull a few triggers (to Ubisoft's credit they use this as a point of humour which is much appreciated). In combat she is the same. The AI refuses to move from a certain position unless you stray too far from her which means that when there are multiple enemies attacking her she is essentially a sitting duck which wouldn't be too bad but she has very low health. Oh and her arrows can harm you. She killed me once when I had one enemy left to kill and a number of times her arrow has hit me stunning me for a number of enemies to take away my remaining health. Her voice actor is also very poor.

-Combat encounters take far too long on occasions. You would expect combat to last about a cpuple of minutes at the most but sometimes they take double that making those encounters tedious to go through.

-Fall heights are deceptive. There are essentially 3 fall heights. Twice you're height which the prince can handle. 2-3 times you're height the Prince will lose a bit of health. Anything above 3 times you're height and the Prince will die. This becomes incredible frustrating when you have what appears to be a manageable fall and yet the prince cant take it. What would have been useful is a more lenient falling system where you took larger damage rather than outright dying for higher drops.

-The story. It feels as though everything is rushed. You never get a chance at the beginning to digest what is actually going and then suddenly you're on this Grand Adventure. What's worse is that at no point aside from the end of the game is the story truly developed, which is a shame because the concept is excellent. There are points in which the subplot with you're companion is expanded but it feels so contrived especially since she is so damn unlikable.

Misc thoughts:

=You're companion would be far more likeable if she was controllable. Frequently during the game there are situations only she can deal with like crawl into narrow spaces etc. I stand by my point that she is still useless as you tend to do 95% of the work but being able to control her would have enabled more complex puzzles and allowed there to be more varied
platforming challenges if creative enough. In combat it would allow you to experience a different combat style and allow you to better position her to reduce damage if you were primarily going to play as the Prince. I belieev this would also help you better engage with her as a character (although thevoice acting is still terrible)

=It would be nice to have a larger variety of sand based abilities to use.

=Controller support on PC would have made the game much more easier to control but as it is it's still very much playable.

Final thought:
Get the game if you enjoy excellent platforming and puzzles but pass if you're buying it for excellent combat or story.
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11.5 timer registrert
Publisert: 4. september
The game is an old classic, and a damn good one.
I mean, it does have its drawbacks. The camera, for one, is horrible and at times can really mess things up, especially during combat. And this particular version of the game has a few strange bugs, but nothing game breaking (except for one at the end of the game which forced me to reload my last save).
Those things aside however, the game is really solid. The gameplay is fun and quite a bit challenging, there are lots of platforming sections and environmental puzzles which are fun to go through. The story is... all right, nothing earth shattering but engaging enough and well executed, in my opinion.
If you haven't played it already, please do so, you will most likely enjoy it. Anyone interested in platforming should give this game a chance. And if you're not interested in platforming, give it a shot anyway, who knows, you might get into it!
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13.4 timer registrert
Publisert: 23. juni
I grew up partially with this game, I remember when it came out on PS2 years ago and just loving this game to pieces, it's not your usual linear adventure, it actually holds an interesting story with great character development and incredible gameplay, especially for the time it came out. Words can't describe how amazing the soundtrack is by Stuart Chatwood, really immerses you in the experience with catchy music overall, even though it's all instrumental. I really recommend this game to anyone looking for a great game to play. Honestly gets a 10/10 from me. Probably an 11/10.
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3.9 timer registrert
Publisert: 31. juli
I really wanted to like this game. It has that wonderful Arabian Nights vibe and wall-running, so how could it go wrong? Well, it manages to, mostly due to its age. The camera gets in the way, the puzzles are dull, the combat is repetitive (and dull), the auto-aiming is horrid, and some of the basic controls are finicky (e.g., wall-running and time-control).

I'm sure that if I had played this when it came out on the original Xbox, and had I been 13 at the time, I would have loved it. It's unfortunate, though, that I've played too many games that do too many of the things this game attempts - but better.
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6.1 timer registrert
Publisert: 10. oktober
The port leaves a lot to be desired on modern machines, though it does run without any difficulty. I'd rather emulate the Gamecube or PS2 version.
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Publisert: 3. september
Camera and controls in this game absolutely suck. After 20 minutes, I am so irritated by it that I had to stop playing. Not worth a penny, wish I hadn't bought it.
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Publisert: 9. august
Where to start? THIS GAME IS NOT FUN! THE FREERUNNING IS A CHORE! At least they fixed this in Assassin's Creed.
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2.9 timer registrert
Publisert: 30. mai
it brings me back :')
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5.5 timer registrert
Publisert: 27. juni
I like to think of this game as a prequel to AC. You can see how Ubisoft has developed and will continue to. 8/10
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7.2 timer registrert
Publisert: 23. juni
Nostalgia came over me when I saw the game, I immediatly bought it, and it was even better than I remembered. Only a few minor errors like that the camera won't always do what you want it to do, but other than that I would play this game over and over once every few months.
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