您是 John Blade,HardCorps 的指挥官,这是一支精锐的护卫队,誓死捍卫者自由港市(Freeport City)居民的安全。距离您第一次与 Elexis Sinclaire 的较量已经有很多年了,她是一位冷艳、聪明、而又无情科学家,一心想要根据她自己的扭曲的性格再造人性。法律拿 Elexis 和她庞大的金融帝国 SiNTEK 毫无办法,对于正义,Blade 决定用自己的双手去争取。与 Blade 并肩作战的是 JC - 一名信守秘密的电脑黑客,全名 Jessica Cannon,是一位满怀热情的新手,拥有在任何情况下都能脱离险境的美妙技能。 进入逼真、生动的自由港市(Freeport City),仿佛置身于未来的纽约、旧金山和东京。
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"Surprisingly fun source engine based singleplayer game with some interesting (and fun) design."


您是 John Blade,HardCorps 的指挥官,这是一支精锐的护卫队,誓死捍卫者自由港市(Freeport City)居民的安全。距离您第一次与 Elexis Sinclaire 的较量已经有很多年了,她是一位冷艳、聪明、而又无情科学家,一心想要根据她自己的扭曲的性格再造人性。法律拿 Elexis 和她庞大的金融帝国 SiNTEK 毫无办法,对于正义,Blade 决定用自己的双手去争取。与 Blade 并肩作战的是 JC - 一名信守秘密的电脑黑客,全名 Jessica Cannon,是一位满怀热情的新手,拥有在任何情况下都能脱离险境的美妙技能。

进入逼真、生动的自由港市(Freeport City),仿佛置身于未来的纽约、旧金山和东京。由于自由港(Freeport)持续不断地遭受变异物种的攻击,您现在必须打败 Sinclaire,阻止她实施更为疯狂的死亡计划,然后永久性地塑造人类。

SiN Episodes™:Emergence 开创了故事游戏的新纪元。作为第一人称射击游戏的 SiN Episodes,采用 Valve 荣膺大奖的 Source™ 技术,提供了无与伦比的交互性,再加上引人入胜的故事情节,革命性的动态难度系统,使您能够根据自身的技能水平和游戏风格自定义游戏体验。

  • 激烈的战斗:面对冷酷的敌人进行战斗,如 Jetpack 士兵以及会在与您的战斗中进化的异种。见识一下,敌人能够像一个真正的团队一样应对您的行动,他们会彼此掩护并会帮倒下的同伴复仇。
  • 无与伦比的交互性:增强版本的 Source 引擎为您提供了一个具有高度交互性的环境。人物角色可以动态地与您看到的事物和周围环境互动。瞄准并向车辆的特定部位射击,将使车辆炸成碎片。使用灵活的布置系统感受另一级别的车战,您将获得前所未有的自由度,从而能够在最有利的位置给予敌人迎头痛击。
  • 个人挑战系统™:借助最为精细的统计系统之一,SiN Episodes 将能够逐渐适应您的游戏风格,并为您提供一个根据您的技能水平量身定制的挑战。
  • Episodic 出品:随心所欲购买游戏,想要多少就有多少,每个部分均提供 3 - 6 小时的动作包游戏。游戏时请谨慎前进,因为您做出的选择可能会影响到随后的情节。
  • 采用 Source 引擎:Emergence 采用的引擎与 Half-life® 2 相同,使您获得极佳的画质和异常真实的游戏感受。


    最低配置:1.2 GHz 处理器,256MB 内存,DirectX 7 显卡,Windows XP,鼠标,键盘,互联网连接

    建议配置:2.4 GHz 处理器,512MB 内存,DirectX 9 显卡,Windows XP,鼠标,键盘,互联网连接

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"Save me a seat in the sequel, Blade!" ;_;
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SiN is the ORIGINAL half-life mod. The game is so bland and predictable, and so much like every other FPS you've ever played in the last 10 years, but it was the FIRST of its kind. You think starting a game with a heli-mounted machine gun section is a filthy cliche? SiN INVENTED that. Cover based shooting? Charging berzerker bosses? Terrible voice acting? Unplayable forced stealth sections? Sewer levels? SiN is guilty of every cliche in the modern FPS dictionary because it INVENTED every cliche in the modern FPS dictionary. SiN is so far ahead of it's time while paradoxically so stuck in the past that it boggles my mind.

The levels are unintuitive, and will have you backtracking constantly. The enemies are either far too easy or tear off 50% of your health unavoidably. The weapons are uninspired and bland as all hell. The stealth is garbage and isn't even worth attempting unless you HAVE to. The game is absolute balls compared to it's source material, but you know what? Blade, the protagonist is the most Bad-♥♥♥ Mofo I have EVER played, the levels are supremely rewarding, the voice acting may be ♥♥♥♥, but is full of charm. The game is beautifully cinematic in a B-movie sort of way.

SiN is a masterpiece, it is so fantastically average, it exists in trancendant mediocrity. SiN is the BEST WORST GAME EVER MADE.

(0 or 10)/10
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This is really a good game. Lot's of fun. I have enjoyed it more than some newer games which cost much more money. I , like others have said, really wish this game could be picked up and continued with more episodes. If you are looking to buy it I think you'll be glad if you do and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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This is such a fun game, I have no idea why they didn't make more episodes. 8.5/10
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The game is not all that mediocre about this game as they say.

PROS (+)
The story is well done at last is a series of SiN. The game takes place in an already known to us from the previous game, John Blade who was imprisoned by Elexis Sinclaire his main opponent and her new assistant, Victor Radek SiNTEK in life sciences. Suddenly there is an explosion and a helper saves us a new Jessica Cannon. Lab starts to burn after Radek and Elexis flee. After leaving the labolatories we grab Radek and destroy his evil plans.
What a revelation to the music, the songs have a great listening sometimes even a little was left menu to listen to "What's the world come to" by Zak Bellic and Sarah Ravenscroft.
The game runs on the familiar to us from Half-Life 2 Source engine and honestly the graphics look a little worse than in hl2 but it does the trick and is not bad :)
As for the physics that we see here is the same as in Half-Life 2, pick up objects, a perfect system of Ragdoll etc ...
As for the artificial intelligence of enemies and adversaries it looks a little different than in Half-Life which is better: the enemies of helping each other in need and throw various objects at us. As for the AI allies is the same as in Half-Life 2 which are immortal.

CONS (-)
The game lasts somewhere so for a maximum of three hours of fun, this is a wine that the game had come out in 9 episodes and walked only one.
The game features only three types of weapons. These are:
-Magnum Pistol (is there an alternative shoot)
-Shotgun (Has bullets bouncing off the walls)
-Assault Rifle (firing a bomb)
+ Grenades

If you love the game for 3-4 hours is recommended, when you buy you will get also free the first part of the game, if the game is too short for you, I would not recommend. I personally liked the game in terms of climate which is better than the HL :)
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Such wasted potential.

A revisit to a lesser-known classic game world that had style, simplistic but fun gameplay and a legit challenge (mostly thanks to a difficulty bug).

Originally planned to be episodic content, Ritual was purchased. Sadly, this is the only taste of a seriously great FPS series that we shall see.

Lots of fun enemies, a shotgun that fires superballs of death and a few fun vehicle shootout sections made this a blast to play?

Oh, did I mention a Slow-Mo mechanic?

Catchy theme song and the most gratuitous fake boobies and ♥♥♥ ever seen since old-school Lara Croft.

Worth a $5? You bet your (sweet-looking, thong wearing) ♥♥♥ it is!

Seriously. Lots of ♥♥♥.
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It's a damn shame this series of games was never completed.

SiN was a classic from my childhood, and although it hasn't aged too gracefully (that said, neither has Quake II, Unreal, or Half-Life), it holds a fond spot in my heart. I never played SiN Episodes: Emergence, since I hadn't heard anything about it when it was released, and afterwards, I only heard bad things about it.

Frankly, I don't understand why this series receives so little attention, and so much negativity. SiN Episodes: Emergence has a splendid soundtrack, a very immersive set of environments, arguably better gameplay than most games from its era (Half-Life 2, Call of Duty 2, etc.), competent AI (appropriate use of cover, grenades, flanking, etc.) and a story I'd love to see completed.

Sadly, I cannot say I recommend this series. Not because the games are bad, but because neither of them really have a place in the modern world. SiN has such a steep difficulty curve that it will put off most modern gamers and SiN Episodes: Emergence is merely an introductory chapter to what was supposed to be a game series comprised of nine episodes.

It's a damn shame this series of games was never completed.

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old ♥♥♥ game
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Buy it now, BLADE!
Best game ever, BLADE!

Don't forget, try to make sure my corpse is easily identifiable, BLADE! That way my family will get a faster life insurance payout, BLADE! Of course don't forget to loot my corpse, BLADE! And make sure you pick up my ammo, BLADE!

PS: I'll get you BLADE. (Psssst. Kill me, BLADE! I'm 3 days away from my pension, BLADE! But make sure it will look like an accident, BLADE!)

I give you a few stars, BLADE!


☆♡☆ InsideGaming the BEST! ☆♡☆

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Buy this because Inside Gaming... BLADE!
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Blade let's talk this out........ Kill me *Bang*
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Despite being an absolute ♥♥♥♥♥ to get running, this is a criminally underrated FPS with an awesome soundtrack, great visuals and satisfying combat.

Full video review:

Sin Episodes Review:
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Interesting story and atmosphere, the gameplay felt right and when it came out, the graphics were great and the price was low. Even the challenge mode was astonishingly demanding and rewarding at the same time.

Such a promising start of a game series - and so disappointing that there was never a next part.
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***I WROTE THIS REVIEW IN 2006... Found it on my HD and reposted it because I felt it still holds up- hope you enjoy it***


If you figured the gameplay would be similar to Half-Life 2 because they use the same engine, you would figure correctly. The movement of the characters, the inside and outside environment with impressive lighting and of course the physics are almost identical to Half-Life 2.

Because SiN uses the same engine has HL2, one might think the games would be so strikingly similar SiN would completely rip off Hl2 in its entirely. Although the enemies are similar, both games include soldiers in armored suit that sounds like they are talking out of some sort of walkie-talkie, there is enough original material for you to forget about HL2 and start thinking SiN.

One of the more original ideas is to take the healing method from HL2 and modify it. SiN makes you search for empty canisters that can be found throughout the game, and carry them to wall mounted health stations where they can be used to spray a healing blue cloud. Other times when you are too lazy to carry the canister, you can just shoot them and the healing cloud will be released around the area, allowing a quick heal but not as complete as it would have been if you had taken it to the station.

Another neat feature they added was a type of chemical agent, that when exposed to, it increased your response time dramatically. What does that mean? Well it means they kinda copied F.E.A.R and Max Payne and slowed down time a bit so the player can react to apposing enemies better. This feature is not controllable, but rather goes into affect when a canister is broken in a gun battle and you walk through he green cloud. The time it takes to wear off is represented as a green bar on the left side of the screen. But be careful. Too much exposure will result in the loss of health.

Over the course of the game, Blade will interact with a few different characters. We saw in HL2 how impressive Valve was able to create life like faces and by playing through the game, you can see this effect was used in SiN.

Blade also fights along side the hot Jessica Cannon who pretty much resembles Alyx from HL2 and does most of the talking. But Alyx didn't have her thong strings poking above her hips now did she?

Gun battles are similar to HL2. You are given a handgun at the propitiate time and gradually upgrade to an assault rifle and shotgun, but that's it. I'm guessing the plan on releasing more guns as the episodes continue, but it gets a little repetitive using the same guns after a while. Most of the soldiers are easy to kill, until you get to the more armored mini-gun soldiers. One thing SiN lacks that HL2 incorporated so well was a scare factor. SiN ignores this approach and aims for a more typical shooter where you can see your enemy coming from a couple of feet down the hall or road.

A couple of notes as I investigated SiN a bit further. I read afterwards that SiN apparently keeps track of your shooting statistics. The data isn't kept for you to print out and nail to your dorm room wall, but the game actually analyzes the data and will adjust the difficulty level of the game as your progress through the game. For example; if the game see that out of your last 10 kills, 9 of them were headshots, you may see soldiers appear with helmets or dodge your fire more often. As I think about it now, I can remember a few instances in the game where I tired to kill an armored soldier and took a lot more ammo then I previously had used. Very impressive idea for the date of this game.


SiN is filled with crisp luminous lighting in various different areas of the game. The soft pastel sunset with a mirrored reflection over the water looks great and need I say HL2ish? There are numerous scenes throughout the game where you stop fighting and shooting, and just take a moment to look at the scenery, or when you're inside, look at the detail of some of the rooms.

The monster and mutant skins are nothing special, except for the two giant ones you end up fighting, but I have a feeling they are going to release a few more enemies in the next episode.

Again, the faces on most of the characters look extremely realistic and in the very opening scene, you will notice an obvious feature that they added to one of the bad guys…or should I say bad girl.

Pros: Fast paced, inspired visuals from HL2, interesting story, check out all the hot chicks!

Cons: Only 3 weapons

Bottom Line: For $9.99 you will receive a fun, quick FPS shooter. It's a bummer Ritual claimed they have 4-6 more hours of upcoming episodes, which were eventually canceled. The entire episode took between 3-4 to complete.
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another game based on the source engine that deserved a better fate.
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The Story is about Bad Guys... And One Women with Big Balloons ^^ What more can you ask for any way :D

There are some really funny Secrets in the game. If you can find them :P

To bad, there is only One Episode :(
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A very interesting and nuanced game besieged by a couple of issues and unexplained and wonky plot that was intended to be cleared up by the third episode. Unfortunately, it didn't sell enough to make a sequel. It recouped costs, but didn't even get near the jumping-off point they needed for EP2. So, Ritual was bought by MumboJumbo, a casual games outfit, and SiN is doomed to the aether of inexistence.

One of the most prolific devs, Levelord (A parallel Gabe if there was one) has entirely moved on* from the games industry and without his influence the odds are not a single peep will ever be heard again from SiN. Which is a shame, because it showed promise.

A doomed sequel to a relatively unknown game that got clouded out by Quake 2 and Half-Life. Such a waste of potential that it died so soon. Worth a buy and a play.

* Source: http://www.shacknews.com/article/75336/where-are-they-now-richard-levelord-gray
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That this series never made it past the first episode is one of the greatest losses in the history of gaming.

It is awesome.

I know the Half-Life series gets a lot of credit - as well it should. But the Half-Life series has some serious gameplay flaws - like being forced to complete platforming puzzles without being able to see your own feet, or constant reliance on those annoying and frustrating sandlions, and so on.

This is a Source engine game, and it plays very much like Half-Life 2, just without those glaring flaws that have become even more glaring over time.

This game holds up extremely well. In the days of PhysX, its use of native Source engine physics is still impressive. It's level design is consumate. It's difficulty can be adjusted incredibly well. The voice acting is as decent as you can expect from a game of its day.

Indeed - and in a very real way - if you can look past the unfinished plot, you will see glimpses of gaming brilliance that, sadly, went unnoticed in its day, and largely still does.

If you have $9.99 and love shooters, this game is a must-have, especially now that nearly everyone has the tech in their rigs to max its settings to proper HD, enhance with proprietary GPU driver filters, and really enjoy the experience as the designers intended.

There are some flaws in the game itself, but bear in mind it was supposed to be the 1st of 9 episodes. These flaws are an over-reliance on just one or two types of enemies, for example, and a few bugs in the AI that, understandably, never got patched. Unfortunately, it is just plain tough to tell where the designers were going with enemy design and how these one or two basic enemies were going to relate to what may have come.

All of that said, just drop the tenner and get it. It deserves it, and maybe, just maybe, if enough people show interest, the series will be picked up again.

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2.5 小时(记录在案的)
What HL2 should have been.
Fast paced, fun, explosive, and incomplete, SiN : Emergence is one of the saddest things in the universe.
This was supposed to be an episodic series of short first person shooters (this may not have been the smartest idea), but the company went bankrupt and was bought off to make casual games after half of the team left the studio.

The company was killed by ridiculous marketing. Nobody in their right mind would pay 10 euros for a 2-3 hours long episode.

However, I consider this well worth the asking price.
Not only for the original SiN (it's pure gold) but also because this little episode is very interesting.
The core gameplay manages to be fun and stay fresh with only 3 weapons (A very reliable pistol, a shotgun, and an SMG), incendiary grenades, a melee attack, and a secondary fire for every weapon.
That's pretty impressive.
The level design is very similar to something like SoF, with some elements borrowed from HL2.
Think HL 2 on steroids.
You're constantly running around, jumping, shooting stuff, and fighting your way through well designed arenas.

The experience will leave you wondering what amazing things could have come from Ritual.
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I do not understand why the store page disappeared for this title. I wonder if anybody can see / read my review of this game.

SIN was an interesting FPS at the end of the '90s. It had a lot of scripted events and some really good action sequences. The game was also very difficult (or at least this is how I remember). I guess a lot of people played Half Life instead so perhaps not many gamers remember this title.

Emergence meant to be a sequel but with the new Source engine developed by Valve. The creators wanted to release follow-up episodes but it seems Emergency was not successful enough for this to happen. It is a pity as the game is quite good. It can be completed in a mere 3-4 hours due to its shortness, though.

I played its demo years ago so when it was offered with a discount bundled with the original game (released in 1998) I instantly grabbed it.

PS: It seems the store page is up and running so there's no issue with this.
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