Explore a randomly generated Galaxy populated with factions, enemies, missions, and items providing you with a unique experience each time you play.
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Αγορά Space Pirates and Zombies(SPAZ)


“Οι προγραμματιστές σχεδιάζουν να συνεχίσουν να επεκτείνουν το παιχνίδι στο μέλλον, αλλά γιατί να περιμένουμε; Είναι ήδη φανταστικό...” – 9/10 Atomic Gamer
“Αλλά είναι περιττό να πούμε οτι το Space Pirates and Zombies δεν είναι απλά ένα μεγάλο, ανοιχτού-κόσμου διαστημικής δράσης RPG στην παράδοση του Star Control. Είναι επίσης μία σπάνια έκφραση απο ζόμπυ που ανήκουν μαζί με τα Dead Rising και Atom Zombie Smasher.” - A Gameshark
“Είναι ένα πολύ στέρεο παιχνίδι που προφανώς έχει φτιαχτεί με πάθος και είναι ένα τέλειο παράδειγμα της αναγέννησης των ανεξάρτητων παιχνιδιών που βιώνουμε τελευταία. Κατά τη γνώμη μου είναι ένα απο τα καλύτερα πράγματα που μπορούν να αγοραστούν με 15$.” - 90/100 RTS Guru

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At its core, Space Pirates and Zombies is an action based, skill oriented, top down space combat game. It’s similar to the ones we knew and loved in years past, but now using full physics simulation and modern graphics for those oh so pretty explosions. But as you dig deeper, SPAZ becomes much more.
Instead of flying a single ship, you are in charge of an ever growing and evolving fleet, unlocking the rich tactical elements of SPAZ, all accessed at the touch of a button. Issue orders, change ships, apply fleet AI settings, all on the fly. At any moment the battle can change, and the Tactics Panel gives you the tools to make the battle turn in your favor.
As a layer on top of the action and tactics, we have a detailed technology and levelup system akin to what you would expect from an RPG. Learn to build new ships by destroying your enemies. Explore the galaxy to find components, use your hard earned research points to unlock their potential, and then customize every aspect of your new fleet.
Finally, there is the universe in which all this strife and adventure takes place. SPAZ features a persistent randomly generated Galaxy populated with story elements, factions, enemies, missions, items, to provide you with a unique experience each time you play. While you are struggling to survive, uncover the secret of an ever expanding Zombie infestation that spreads by establishing its own real time multi-tiered ecosystem.

Key features:

  • 33 ships to research, build, outfit and pilot.
  • 70 unique components to discover and customize your fleet’s performance.
  • Totally physics based combat system.
  • Fight Zombie infestations, battling a full zombie ecosystem comprising four stages of un-life.
  • Explore a persistent randomly generated galaxy containing hundreds of star systems.
  • Freedom to explore the galaxy and take on challenges at your own pace.
  • Aid, flee, or exploit the warring factions in each star system.
  • The unique event system lets the player change the balance of power in any star system
  • Carefully spend your hard earned research points on hundreds of upgrades across 15 categories.

Απαιτήσεις συστήματος PC

    • OS: Windows 7/XP/Vista
    • Processor: 2.5 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB Available System Memory
    • Hard Disk Space: 250 MB Available HD Space
    • Video Card: 256MB 3D DirectX 9 Compatible video card
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Additional: OpenGL: 3.0

Απαιτήσεις συστήματος Mac

    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor (1.8GHz or better)
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 500 MB Free Space
Χρήσιμες κριτικές χρηστών
28 από 30 άτομα (93%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
264 προϊόντα στο λογαριασμό
10 κριτικές
37.6 ώρες στο μητρώο
SPAZ does almost everything right as a 2D arcade space shooter. The game is fun, features a considerably deep ship designer; as challenging as you wish it to be and it looks good. The low points are the dialogue, which is thankfully sparse; early balance (good luck getting anywhere if you choose to research beam weapons instead of cannons!); lack of information regarding the effectiveness of your ship design and, for some, though not for me, the control scheme. These issues, however, do not detract from the experience in a significant way. 8/10, looking forward to the sequel.
Αναρτήθηκε: 8 Δεκεμβρίου 2013
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22 από 27 άτομα (81%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
310 προϊόντα στο λογαριασμό
10 κριτικές
26.7 ώρες στο μητρώο
This game is one of the best games I ever played. The story is nice, simple and well made. But too short. At least they tried to expand it with missions between every story mission. The gameplay is also simple, but full of fun. The graphics are pretty awesome compared to a lot of other games. Nice details and animations. And all those little features. It's funny to see how people pop out of a shell. Too bad this game has no multiplayer. Would be much fun.
At least it offers long-term fun with some pretty achievements. And some of them are really hard.
And even if it becomes boring there are mods to expand the fun. Or you just generate a new universe and enjoy another run.
All in one it's totally worth the money.

Story: 7/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Physics&Mechanics: 9/10
Multiplayer: none
Achievements: 9/10
Long-Term Fun: 10/10
Αναρτήθηκε: 27 Νοεμβρίου 2013
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13 από 14 άτομα (93%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
75 προϊόντα στο λογαριασμό
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70.6 ώρες στο μητρώο
This is a rare gem. Next time I look at a space shooter game, this will be a comparison.
Your ships are fully customizeable, reactors, shields, engine, armor, weapons, you choose whether it'll be powerful but sluggish or nimble but less powerful.
It has upgrades, though higher leveled doesn't mean better - it depend on your playing strategy about how using it.
And of course it has lots of things to blast including starbases if you don't want to pay those upgrades.
Αναρτήθηκε: 5 Δεκεμβρίου 2013
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14 από 17 άτομα (82%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
428 προϊόντα στο λογαριασμό
34 κριτικές
78.1 ώρες στο μητρώο
SPAZ is one hell of an action & strategy game, with you taking command a small ship to eventually a large capital ship you'll be roaming the galaxy, attacking or working with 2 factions and even bounty hunters. Amazing game, if you're a fan of any strategy or top-down action shooters this is a must have!
Αναρτήθηκε: 25 Οκτωβρίου 2013
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6 από 6 άτομα (100%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
288 προϊόντα στο λογαριασμό
1 κριτική
106.2 ώρες στο μητρώο
You are a group of mercenaries, traveling through randomly generated galaxy, gathering resources - actually there is only one main resource - "rez". You're trying to reach the galaxy core to discover the origin of "rez". That's how the story looks like, pretty simplistic, but by no means boring. SPAZ is almost completely non-linear - You can visit a lot of galaxy sectors without touching the main storyline.

Gameplay reminds me of another great game "Escape Velocity Nova". You build ships, gather resources, research new technologies, fight against 4 game factions - Civilians, UTA, Zombies and sometimes Bounty Hunters. Built-in tutorial is all You need to learn basics of SPAZ.

SPAZ features top-down 2D graphics, and I find it a big advantage - everything is nice and simple. Sounds are also good, music nicely blends into the gameplay.

To sum this up - If you're a fan of space games, at least try SPAZ - it's a true gem among the genre.

Nice 2D graphics
Non-linear gameplay, high replayability
Easy to learn, difficult to master
RPG elements
Lots of ships to discover

Combat can be frustrating at higher difficulties
Becomes repetitive at times
Αναρτήθηκε: 28 Νοεμβρίου 2013
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