Explore a randomly generated Galaxy populated with factions, enemies, missions, and items providing you with a unique experience each time you play.
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Data lansării: 15 aug., 2011

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Cumpără Space Pirates and Zombies(SPAZ)



Recomandat de Curatori

"Very fun, very arcady....though dieing can be extremly costly. This game is a soft grind, doing repeatable type quests while painting a map."

Ce spun criticii

“Producătorii vor să dezvolte pe viitor jocul, dar de ce să astepți? Este deja grozav…”
9/10 – Atomic Gamer
“Dar este suficient să spunem că Space Pirates and Zombies nu este doar un RPG cu lume deschisă realizat în tradiția Star Control. Este de asemeni o rară înfățișare a zombilor care aparține alături de Dead Rising si Atom Zombie Smasher.”
A – Gameshark
“Este un joc consolidat, creat cu pasiune și este un bun exemplu al renașterii indie pe care am văzut-o în ultima vreme. În opinia mea, este unul din cele mai bune lucruri pe care $15 le pot cumpăra.”
90/100 – RTS Guru

Despre acest joc

At its core, Space Pirates and Zombies is an action based, skill oriented, top down space combat game. It’s similar to the ones we knew and loved in years past, but now using full physics simulation and modern graphics for those oh so pretty explosions. But as you dig deeper, SPAZ becomes much more.
Instead of flying a single ship, you are in charge of an ever growing and evolving fleet, unlocking the rich tactical elements of SPAZ, all accessed at the touch of a button. Issue orders, change ships, apply fleet AI settings, all on the fly. At any moment the battle can change, and the Tactics Panel gives you the tools to make the battle turn in your favor.
As a layer on top of the action and tactics, we have a detailed technology and levelup system akin to what you would expect from an RPG. Learn to build new ships by destroying your enemies. Explore the galaxy to find components, use your hard earned research points to unlock their potential, and then customize every aspect of your new fleet.
Finally, there is the universe in which all this strife and adventure takes place. SPAZ features a persistent randomly generated Galaxy populated with story elements, factions, enemies, missions, items, to provide you with a unique experience each time you play. While you are struggling to survive, uncover the secret of an ever expanding Zombie infestation that spreads by establishing its own real time multi-tiered ecosystem.

Key features:

  • 33 ships to research, build, outfit and pilot.
  • 70 unique components to discover and customize your fleet’s performance.
  • Totally physics based combat system.
  • Fight Zombie infestations, battling a full zombie ecosystem comprising four stages of un-life.
  • Explore a persistent randomly generated galaxy containing hundreds of star systems.
  • Freedom to explore the galaxy and take on challenges at your own pace.
  • Aid, flee, or exploit the warring factions in each star system.
  • The unique event system lets the player change the balance of power in any star system
  • Carefully spend your hard earned research points on hundreds of upgrades across 15 categories.

Cerinţe de sistem

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7/XP/Vista
    • Processor: 2.5 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB Available System Memory
    • Hard Disk Space: 250 MB Available HD Space
    • Video Card: 256MB 3D DirectX 9 Compatible video card
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Additional: OpenGL: 3.0
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor (1.8GHz or better)
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 500 MB Free Space
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Postat: 15 septembrie
“I prefer face-to-face conversations. In case the situation turns bad, I know exactly who needs to be blown up.”

Space Pirates and Zombies (SPAZ) is a hybrid 2-D space simulation crossed with a real-time strategy game by the company Minmax Games with emphasis on combat mechanics and tactics.

Atmosphere & Details:

+ Large amount of ships with creative designs guarantee a lot of variety and enable a corresponding learning curve.
+ The salvage and mining mechanics keep up the motivation to explore new star systems.
+ Size and mass of ships influence movement and inertia of each vehicle.
+ Late game introduces an ever shifting equilibrium of power.

o The faction system adds an interesting dimension to the game, but it has little impact on the behaviour or decision making of the player.

- Amount of side missions and randomly generated events throughout the galaxy are limited and repetitive.
- The musical background lacks variety.

Combat & Tactical Gameplay:

+ Fluent combat mechanics create a dynamic battlefield with focus on tactical positioning.
+ Each ship offers different customization options for weapon and auxiliary systems, which benefits the tactical spectrum of the game.
+ Easy-to-learn-but-hard-to-master skill tree challenges the player to gain more experience.
+ Late game requires a more strategic approach of the evolving situation.

o Everything on the map can be attacked and destroyed.

Characters & Story:

+ Story telling has a surprising and refreshing twist.
+ Well done integration and development of the zombie threat.

o Stereotypical portrayal of characters.

- Very little voice acting during the entire game.


Minmax Games succeeded in creating a well-rounded game with only a few rough edges. SPAZ delivers much more action and tactics than one might expect of this indie title. The urge to unlock the next ship class, spending points on the elaborate skill tree or collecting credits for the next weapon upgrade will keep you up late into the night. And the entertaining zombie plot will come around the corner when you least expect it.

Estimated time for 100 % completion: +50 hours

Adept level of commitment (achievement difficulty: 5 of 10)

Arena Champion [+1]
Base Killington [+1]
Masochist [+1]
Single Minded [+1]
War Hero [+1]

Two playthroughs are recommended. First one should be done on the lowest difficulty level to get the “Arena Champion”, “Base Killington”, “Single Minded” and “War Hero” achievements. On your second run you have to go all out on the highest difficulty level for the “Masochist” achievement. Good luck! You will need it.

There are no multiplayer achievements.

A very good achievement guide can be found on the link below (thanks to Omnisciurus).


Space Pirates and Zombies 2 (PC) – 3-D space simulation + real-time strategy
(Science-Fiction) – Planed release in 2016

Space Pirates and Zombies (PC) – 2-D space simulation + real-time strategy
(Science-Fiction) – 2011
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Postat: 15 iunie
Very nice surprise, had it on wishlist for a while. Got and was shcoked when I saw the download size, less than 200meg. So almost lost hope, but when I got into it the game turned out to be remarkebly in depth. lots of goals and HUGE game system you can play with as you dominate a huge universe. Learning how to move the ships can be pretty horrid , especialy if you have sinus/equilibrium problems as the fluid movement can make you dizzy if you take things too fast..lol Highly recommend this game for it's amny fun and in depth aspects. Will most certianly be looking to get the new one when it comes out if it stays true to this formula

And as always a plue....they took the time to make a trading card set for us Badge/card collectors. Always an extra selling point!
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Postat: 25 iunie
Great game, I pirated about 3 years ago and liked it for the few hours trying it. Then I found it agian on Steam a month ago and bought it on the summer sale for only 2,5 euro, more than worth it if you like tactical 2d space shooters!

The game starts out simple, but becomes more and more advanced as you research new ship parts and discover more in the game. I can't believe how much a game made by only TWO PEOPLE can be so well developed and have great tactics! After 11 hours of playing i'm now level 21, and I can say for sure that you need to know a lot about the game and it's tactics to progress further. If you don't learn them, you're gonna get crushed by the UTA and civilians until you have to retreat to mine for resources with the "short bus".
The game has some pretty graphics and a variety of good looking space backgrounds, effects and sound effects. The ambient soundtracks are nice, sometimes chilling and gives a great feeling to the game. Theres barely anything to complain about SPAZ.

Things i'd like to see in the next game that is coming: Multiplayer battles and/or co-op, and voice acted characters in game and/or cutscenes :)
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Postat: 29 octombrie
Do you like spending a looooong time fighting your way through 999999 systems that all feel pretty much the same?

Do you enjoy mindless circle strafing and trivial aiming?

Do you like a ship customization system that basically amounts to little more than "give your ship the overpowered machine gun laser"?

If so, you'll like this game. Otherwise, not so much. Say NO to strafing in physics-based space shooters!
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Postat: 27 august
You go from solar system to solar system, and from planet to planet, and all you do is fight and mine. Well, not really, you'll also upgrade ships and play with all kinds of setups. You're always in action or close to it, and because it's a pretty fun and addictive game it can really hook you up. I'm a bit of a sucker for bright colors and this game provided those in spades in an aesthetically pleasing way. You can customize your universe, but if you choose from a medium one and up, you'll have a lot of grinding to do until the end of the game.

Pros: pretty colors, overall fun and keeps you engaged.
Cons: it can get grindy.
Rating: PEW! PEW! PEW!
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