Virtual Foosball - Shrimmeling Studio
Patch - Beta has been released for Virtual Foosball
  • Reduced AI shooting power.
  • Smoothed the input and movement for the clinet in multiplayer.
  • Fixed AI do not shoot while ball is in range.
  • Fixed replay is playing 2 or 3 times.
  • Set teamcolor to non metallic if enabling glowing mod.
  • Changed ball and rods physic and collision settings.
  • Worked out the tables mesh a bit.
  • Replaced the tableframes wood textures.
  • Several small bugfixes.
Crossout - PR Targem Games

Survivors! A year has passed since the launch of public game servers on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! We would like to thank all the players who took, is taking and will take part in intense battles in the Wasteland. Thanks to you Crossout is constantly moving forward and developing, and this is only the beginning!
Vinnie's Diary VR - EntangleGames

To celebrate the publishing of Vinnie's Diary PC version, we will reduce the price of Vinnie's Diary VR to $9.99 permanently!

If you are interested in puzzle solving games, now it's the best time to purchase Vinnie's Diary!

Thank you for your supports!
VEmpire - The Kings of Darkness - w.lueger

No, no new artwork this time, stay tuned for this, but some introduction
to the "First Father"

Adventure one is about Rudolf I, he was the first habsburg king.
And here i want to reveal the original text from 'The Book of Names':

(by Nick Macari, VEmpire Story-Writer...)

KINGS of Vempire

Rudolph I / The Babenburg Legacy 1237-1526

He is known among his loyal followers as the “First Father”. Though the dark lineage of the Habsburg dynasty predates Rudolph by at least two centuries, the First Father overthrew the Bohemian King Ottokar solidifying Habsburg’s power and place in history.

Claiming a pure blood-bond to the originators of the house, court traditionalists (and many on the elder council of vampyrs) accredit Rudolph as the progenitor of the dynasty.

With many of the records of the 13th century lost to time, I have been unable to confirm or deny such boasts. Though it is without question, Rudolph is indeed one of the oldest documented vampyrs. In truth, beyond this I know very little of him.

Unlike the other undead returned to claim their dynasty of old, Rudolph remains far from prying eyes. It is rumored even those summoned to his cause rarely gain direct audience to the First Father. An ancient king who moves to rebuild his empire from afar… manipulating those around him from the shadows, as a master tactician plays a game of chess.

—Jakob, The Chronicler ‘Book of Names

King Arthur's Gold - Max

June Bounties:

The 3 bounties for June have been decided by community vote on github - they are:

  • Bounty 1: $50 - Add an extra button for knights that just eats food and doesn't light bombs
  • Bounty 2: $30 - Feature Pitch: Stone Quarry for CTF
  • Bounty 3: $20 - Feature Pitch: Fix for all flags being captured by both teams

Next Month:

We're continuing the bounty system next month! Same system as last time, but existing pitches are still "in the running". Pitches can be withdrawn by the submitter (just close the issue), or by us, as deemed appropriate.

    Quick overview:
    • Anyone can vote on as many issues as they like by issuing a +1 (thumbs up) reaction on github.
    • Anyone can submit one pitch, and as many issues as they like per month.
    • At the end of the month, upvotes are counted, most-upvoted get a cash bounty placed on them.
    • Comments as well as votes are welcome! We want a collaborative community environment.

For more info on the particulars, please read the previous post - here's the link again. We'll be looking at integrating this information into the repository soon, to have a consistent reference.

This is your chance to say what you'd like to see in KAG next, and to direct and be involved in development. We've been pleased with the level of engagement so far, but would love to see even more!

Bounty Notes:

  • Bounty 1 actually already has a waiting pull request - tentative congratulations to ferrezinhre on snagging it so early!
  • Bounty 2 has a work in progress implementation from Mazey - please direct all feedback to either the github issue or chase them down on discord.
  • Bounty 3 is more or less fair game, have at it folks!
  • The Submission "Feature Pitch: Improve failure rate of knight animations" won by a mile, but is not easily solvable by the community. We are taking this as an indication that it should be a priority for internal development this month.
  • The 3rd bounty tied in upvotes with "Feature Pitch: Bloody tiles". As that pitch was quite... extensive, as well as likely to be somewhat performance intensive, we decided not to include it in this round. Your thoughts are welcomed on this matter though - would you like to see bloody tiles in KAG? Should we reconsider for next time?
  • We're seeing more engagement on github since the bounty system was announced - it's simply a correlation, but we're happy to see more people giving it a look and contributing where they can.

We're looking forward to a small fix build with a few features, and updates on the situation with DLC heads, including some previews, in the next couple of weeks!

Have Fun!
Frozen Soul - HAL_9001
Hey guys, we have good news for you! Frozen Soul will be out soon! It's a hardcore quest for survival among the snow-covered rocks. If you manage to overcome all the difficulties, you will see... What will happen to your hero then? You'll know it only if you go through this ice adventure to the end.
Please subscribe and add the game to your wishlist.

 We look forward to know what you think about our works!
Simulators Live Team
Granado Espada - GE_imcGAMES
Greetings Pioneers,

Introducing our New Updates Preview. Check it out below!

A new pioneering history has begun...

Eight years after Illier's civil war,
heroes of continents old and new embraced new hopes
on a journey to an unknown world ready to explore: Altria, the Promised Land.

"Welcome to the Promised Land"


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