Sep 30, 2013
Community Announcements - [Uber] Garat
A couple of patches were done after Beta went live that were mostly focused on client and server crash bugs. This build includes more of that, as well as some changes to the build. Expect a lot more in the coming weeks, as we track problems down, add more features, polish existing features, and generally iterate on the game!

We hope you've been enjoying it so far, and let us know how the game is going! We're tracking down issues preventing people from playing as fast as we can. Keep in mind: start small and then go bigger, especially on solar system size, as large planets and large solar systems can have a very negative game experience if you have limited memory or a slower net connection. Also, things we're working on! :)

Beta Build: 54497
  • Various server crash fixes
  • Units should handle wall dodging properly again
  • Fixes to Mac OS/X / AMD sun not rendering (we hope).
  • Lighting changes to lava planets
  • No more metal extractor exploit
  • Orbital Balance Changes: Tac missile launchers can no longer attack orbital units, ANY recon unit will provide orbital radar info (this is experimental/WIP - We think that information may need to be "general" knowledge); Pretty big rebalanc to orbital laser / ion defense cannon
Sep 30, 2013
Community Announcements - Mr. Biscuits
Achievements have been added to Lunnye Devitsy.

The mission achievements will need to be completed again to unlock them.
Sep 30, 2013
Community Announcements - Mr. Biscuits
Wake has been updated to support Steam achievements.

Run the game to turn the in-game achievements into proper Steam achievements!
Community Announcements - supermalparit
Hello all!

We want to thank you all for the patience of waiting of v14, it took a long time, had to take a revision of features midway, but its finally here!

So, what does V14 bring to the table?


Events are special, random and semi-random situations that can affect the map, the people or the items in the game. They come in all sort of forms, some can be benefitting but some can cause harm.

Day/Night system

We have added a day/night cycle. Some events will be limited only to the days and some only to the night. Some might get harsher during night times.

The day/night cycle affect the lighting and trigger sounds, so don't get surprised by hearing chickens here and there.

Mouse interface improvements

The mouse has been improved so that it now allow for interaction of the terrain/items/creatures from higher layers. If you have grown too accustomed to the old mouse style interface, you can set it up easily by switching the 2d mouse. If you don't want the height boxes indicators showing, you can disable them in the options menu accessible from within the game.

Rotation and unlocking

Some items can now be rotated by pressing the F button while building them (a direction indicator will appear) or through right clicking the menu and choosing the facing direction.

Any item can now be unlocked so that it could be moved around and about.

Other stuff

We have reworked heroes so that they are now waiting to be fully healed before returning to the dungeons. Also, heroes now require specific items to be built inside the tavern rooms if you wish to attract them:

Barbarian - bone bed
Elf - harp
Knight - wooden bed
Dwarf - room to be built underground
Mage - wooden cupboard
Sips - necromancer statue
Vechs - bird in a golden cage
Punchwood - a wooden bed and a stone male statue
Herbalist - Potted plant
Rogue/Thief - Decorative Chest
Highlander - Room above level 5

Soldiers can level up, but will not keep their levels if they are reverted back to civilians, this is done so you will want to keep a steady and regular fighting force.

Townies will now drop crafted and harvested items directly into containers if they can see free ones around them in close proximity.

You can check the full patch notes on top thread in the discussion area..

We hope you will enjoy this patch and as always, you are more than welcome to leave us suggestions and feedback on steam, indiedb or on our forums.

Community Announcements - DiscorderlyChaos
We would like to thank you for your awesome support. We appreciate your great activity in the development of the project and we are very grateful for your devotion!

So we prepared some special event for our dedicated players:

From September 30th 20:01 GMT (13:01 PDT) to October 1st 20:01 GMT (13:01 PDT) x5 experience bonus and 20% special discounts for following premium aircraft: BTD-1, He.112B-1, P-39K-1, Hellcat F Mk.I, Ki-96.

Thank you and stay tuned!

Community Announcements - johnnyrocket
The city of San Cruces has two new residents: Golden Falcon and Al Hazardous! These two new playable heroes are available for all Fist Puncher players as of right this very second. If you haven’t fist punched in a while, now’s the perfect time to punch some fists. Other updates include a brand-new SUPER hard “They Live” difficulty and Steam Trading Cards!
Community Announcements - br33dlove
<iframe width="640" height="480" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Community Announcements - | -Kaïmi- | (Menekis)
So finally! Here is the update that everyone seem to be waiting for!

  • The DELETE key now call the garbage collector. This should help when there is lags.
  • Fixed a major memory leak.
  • Fixed save for barrels and stockpiles
  • Added Display name and server port for multiplayer
  • Added left and right click images for screencasting. (F10)

For Linux users, before we can update to the latest version, we must sit with our sound ninja to find a solution. That will go sometime this week. Thanks for your patience.


Community Announcements - DiscorderlyChaos
War Thunder presents Ace of the Month special from 18:00 GMT September 30th (11:00 PDT September 30th) to 18:00 GMT October 1st (11:00 PDT October 1st) : +30% experience on Yak-1b aircraft. 30% special discount for the purchase price of MiG-3, Yak-1b, Lagg-3, Lagg-3-35, Lagg-3-66.

Born in Moscow on August 18th 1921, Lydia Litvyak grew up with her parents and younger brother in a cramped, two room apartment a mile from the Kremlin. Her father worked for the Commissariat of Transportation and her mother added to the family’s meager earnings with part time hours in a store.

Read more Here!
Community Announcements - Hashmallum
To check your game version: enable console (by pressing ctrl+~), input _version and press Enter.

Shadow Warrior Patch Notes:

Shadow Warrior 1.0.2
- Fixed many crashes.
- Gozu freeze bug fixed.
- Troll shield now always breaks after troll's death.
- Custom katana selection hack blocked.
- Fixed several places through the game where players could get stuck or fall below level geometry.
- Safe mode added.
- Language packs added.

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