Product Update - Valve
Aug 7, 2012
AirMech Version 11196

- Added new game server locations: Paris and Chicago
- New server location world map for filtering servers based on a player’s location
- Updated the vote kick dialog to be less obtrusive and have vote hotkeys
- Updated to ‘kick due to ping’ mechanism (should be more forgiving/reduce button camping).
- Map images have been updated in the Create Game screen
- New quest icons for CTF based quests
- Fixed/removed some pre-existing creeps on some maps
- Added in a new ‘Social’ tab in the UI (work in progress)
- Localization updates with latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server
- Balanced AirMech air damage and movement speeds while shooting
- Removed Osprey healing penalty on taking damage when in air mode
- Added air mode damage falloff at 60% range to AirMechs
- Added a new indicator when the game is in Overtime
- Updated Fortress front wall in CTF mode
- CTF cores will now show up on the mini-map and will blink
- Add chat messages to replays

Bug Fixes:
- Bug fix to AirMech ground form targeting
- Bug fix for controller layout not saving when exiting that Settings UI
- Replay bug fix for when a player left the game
- Bug fix for CTF Return and Score stats
- Fix for UI glitch when entering a new online game lobby
- Warthog bugfix to lose booster when out of energy
- fix end game UI to properly show XP accumulation and level up

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