Product Update - Valve
11. pro. 2009
The first free MOD for Killing Floor, Defence Alliance 2, is now available on Steam! Major updates to Mare Nostrum and Killing Floor have also been released. To celebrate the major update to Mare Nostrum, Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 is being offered at 50% off until Monday!

In doesn't end there... all owner's of Killing Floor now receive 2 guest passes to hand out to friends that want to play free for three days!

Updates for Killing Floor have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Four of the top maps from the Killing Floor Grindhouse Custom Map Making Competition:
  • KF-Icebreaker - Winner of the $10,000 grand prize in the mapping competition and one of the most ambitious, creative, and visually stunning Killing Floor maps ever made, Icebreaker is set on a large icebreaking ship that is pitching and rolling in the middle of a fierce storm.
  • KF-Departed - Winner of second place in the final wave of the mapping competition, Departed is a visually impressive level set in an industrial city area outside of London. Featuring hectic gameplay this map plays as good as it looks.
  • KF-Crash - Winner of third place in the final wave of the mapping competition, Crash is an impressive remake of a classic custom map for the original Killing Floor mod. The map is set in an urban storage facility where your team’s helicopter has crashed.
  • KF-FilthsCross - Winner of second place in the first wave of the mapping competition, FilthsCross is both incredibly fun and intense. Be warned, this map set in an Underground tube station is one of the most challenging Killing Floor maps ever made.

Changelist for Mare Nostrum:

  • 26 all new Steam achievements.
  • 14 new infantry weapons, such as the ever-distinctive Thompson submachine gun, Bren machine gun, Beretta 1934 pistol, and the SMLE rifle.
  • Full Italian and Polish localisations.
  • Over 20 new crewable vehicles including the Carro Armato M13/40 and Semovente 75/18 for the Italians, countered with multiple Valentine tank variants, plus the Stuart I, Matilda II and Vickers Mk VIB.

12 new maps, including:

  • Crete - Fallschirmjager units dropping into the midst of Australian defenders in this classic battle.
  • Ancona Approach - The Fallschirmjager are back in action, this time defending against the Polish advance in eastern Italy.
  • Gazala Line - Desert tank warfare does not get bigger than this. Start your engines and prepare for total war.
  • Road To Tunis - The war in North Africa is almost over, but the British must first push the Axis tanks from one last mountain valley to reach Tunis.
  • Tobruk Central - The Australian defenders have been under siege for longer than they can remember, how much longer will they be able to hold out?
  • Bardia - The Italian garrison is surrounded, but they will not give us this cliff top town and its valuable port without a struggle.

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