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Oct 10, 2008
Following last week's successful launch of Hinterland, a fantasy PC title featuring fast paced RPG combat and strategic town-building, Tilted Mill Entertainment announces the first free Content Update for the title. The full title, including the Content Update, has simultaneously been expanded to include French, German and Spanish, as well as English, in a single multi-language version of the game.

Chris Beatrice, Tilted Mill's president, had this to say: "Given all the interest and attention the title has received, and the great feedback we''ve gotten from the fan community, we wanted to demonstrate both our intention to continue supporting and developing the title, but perhaps more importantly our ability to respond quickly and appropriately to input from players. Developing the title initially was very much an iterative process, and now that process has been broadened to include the fan community as a whole. It's really great to be part of that."

The Free Content Update includes:
  • Two new playable character types - The Elf Archer and the Dwarf Warrior

  • Creature-specific item drops - Rare and unique items, (e.g. Troll Blood) that give the character who consumes them permanent bonuses

  • Character Info Screen - Details your abilities, and gives information on the town in general

  • Resource management through economic means - Dig a well for Fresh Water, plant Herbs, import Iron, etc.

  • Expanded character customization choices when leveling - Three ability choices instead of two with the third choice based on your character's profession.

  • Item Sorting - Ability to automatically sort inventory items by type and relative power

  • Auto-equipping - Townspeople will automatically take items they can use from the town inventory periodically as needed (this can also be turned off if desired)

  • Miscellaneous balancing, pacing and usability improvements and refinements - made in response to player feedback

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