Product Update - Valve
Jun 26, 2013
DISHARMONY (1.0.87 and 1.1.0)
- Added 14 new Steam achievements [G2G]
- Updated tutorials
- Added lobby messages for multiplayer management between Classic and Disharmony versions
- Add information in the data of multiplayer sessions to know the host's current Expansion Pack
- New button to switch from Disharmony to Classic (and from Classic to Disharmony)
- Current Expansion Pack and current mod are now saved to be activated automatically when launching the game again
- The client that can't connect to a server from an invitation due to a problem of Expansion Packor mod is now blocked in the main menu screen with an error message
- Changed loading screens
- Invalid custom factions are not removed from player directory. The player can still edit them to repair them
- The new growth calculation has been improved when loosing population on systems
- Option to survey all moons (empire management screen)
- Option to reduce all anomalies (empire management screen)
- Golden Age feature for the Pilgrims' Fleet Errant
- Adding Automaton ships models [G2G]
- Saves compatibility with previous version 1.0.67
- Added Sheredyn affinity: Battle Stasis [G2G]
- Added Automaton and Sheredyn intro movies
- Updated victory screens for Sheredyn
- Added Coloured anomalies mod into the game *based on the mod of [Luminality]*

- Fixed a bug reported by community on Escalating Event
- Fixed an error raised when a fleet start moving while the user is not in the galaxy view
- Fixed the bug with Steam overlay and Shift key
- Fixed: BattleAction_WeaponOverlock now compares military power with the so far highest mp (instead of comparing to 0)
- Fixed AI bug: Attack are cancelled when loading a saved game
- Fixed an issue with blockade
- Fix: the player could not invade a system when the enemy AI system border is close to the player's border while in the cold war diplomatic status
- Fix: the title remains stuck on End Turn action if the user assigns a hero to a system from Academy window
- Fixed various desynchronizations

CHANGES AND ADDITIONS [Disharmony Version]
- Added the Official Artbook
Ship design:
- Small hulls cost increased from 30 to 40 and large hulls from 400 to 500
- Added Hull effects which are different for each faction
- Added new notion of ranges among categories of weapons
- New special slot system in ship design
- New modules Fighters and Bombers
- New modules Troops
- Notion of module archetype and specialization
- Modules can be damaged and repaired
- Added feedback for the invasion MP
- Increased all module costs by 35%
- New modules Bombs
- Updated Template of the Pirate's ship design
- Nano repair has been switched with Armour: Armour is unlocked from the start and Nano Repair is in a technology
- New module defence points
- Increased limit of ship design from 10 to 20
- AMAS (AI-Diplomacy) with new attitude reports
- New option to disable technology exchange
- General update on sound bank and FX for ships in battle
- Two new battle musics
- One new galaxy ambiance music
- Updated all Hero ability trees
- 5 new heroes: Harmony, Automaton, Dust Collective, Virus and Pilgrim [G2G]
- Heroes can now level up to level 25
- Increased pre battle timer from 30 to 45 seconds
- From now on, attack action will target the most powerful fleet in orbit (inverted the sort order, and ignored the guard state)
- Update of pre-battle panel
- Battle Formation
- Battle Targeting
- Fighters & Bombers (tiny ships) effects in manual battle:
- Behaviours occur during rounds which are parallel to the phases
- The camera can focus on a random squadron
- The camera can focus on some key points on an assault trajectory
- The camera can focus a zone used during the melee sequence
- Realization: the camera will focus alternatively ships and squadrons according to a given ratio
- Added a Camera follow to the already existing Free Camera
- The player is now able to switch back from freecam to director cam (3D battle view)
- A Hide HUD button is implemented
- Update on damage formula
- Update of battle report overview info
- Razing system feature (as an improvement) [G2G]
- Pillage system feature (as an improvement)
- New option to build improvements with a fixed number of turns and no industry costs
- The growth is now frozen when the system is building a ship containing civilian module or when the player is colonizing a new planet inside the system
- Harmony ship models [G2G]
- Harmony faction [G2G]
- Specific Diplomacy technology tree
- Affinity Harmony: Freeze bank account, no approval, tax rate on food VS science, no access to Academy, local penalty when colonized planets generates Dust, purifying power
- Disharmony: FIS penalty depends on the number of impure systems
- Disharmony penatly is related to the Game Difficulty
- New invasion actions to send troops or bombs on system
- Those special actions appears only when siege is active
- Added Land invasion and bombardment arts in the reports
- Ship tool-tips in galaxy view display special slots and invasion military power
- Warfare technology tree re-factoring
- Added 3 unique technologies for each faction in order to strengthen their unique play-style
- Added Sheredyn faction technologies
- Modified some Battle Card effects
- Mods are linked to an Expansion Pack
- For modding, new possibility to add effects during the construction of an improvement thanks to the tag "ConstructionDescriptors"
- Reduced Bushido Length
- Add default Defence Anti-aircraft on Colonial Base to avoid division by 0
- Added Intro event for Disharmony
- Added Disharmony only credits
- Battle card Power Convergence temporary disabled: needed until a proper fix
- Aware of performance issues / freezes due to various additions of previously described features and we are still improving the build for further updates!
- Known bug: visual issue with the resource that can be required for a module. Even if the resource is accessible, if something else prevents the module to be added the resource icon will remain crossed out
- Feedback still Work In Progress, such as "Golden Age", or "Purify System" in the Galaxy view (amongst other features)

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