This massive online sandbox RPG features elements of magic, spellcasting, building, exploring and crafting. As a newly minted apprentice of the magic arts, you will set off to the dangerous world of Ignus. Tame mighty beasts, forge alliances, explore uncharted territories or fight for dominance!
Останні рецензії:
змішані (24) - 50% з 24 рецензій за останні 30 дн. є позитивними.
Усі рецензії:
змішані (3,128) - 62% з 3,128 рецензій на цю гру є позитивними.
Дата виходу:
26 лип 2017

Увійдіть до акаунта, щоби додати цей товар до бажаного чи позначити як «не цікавить».

Гра з дочасним доступом

Отримайте доступ і відразу почніть грати, беручи участь у процесі розробки.

Увага: ця гра з дочасним доступом не дороблена, і надалі може як істотно змінюватися, так і ні. Якщо вам не дуже кортить зіграти у неї в її поточному стані, то радше зачекайте, доки гра не прийме більш завершений вигляд. Дізнайтеся більше тут

Що бажають сказати розробники:

Чому дочасний доступ?

“Have you ever dreamed of wielding untold magical powers? Have you caught yourself fantasizing about battling legendary monsters and plundering mysterious, treasure-filled caves? Does the idea of taming dragons and using them to rain fiery death upon your enemies, human or otherwise, make you giggle with delight? For us, all of the above is true – this is why we set upon creating Citadel!

Our primary goal with Citadel is to craft a massive, ambitious fantasy sandbox game in partnership with you, the community. Having a clear line of communication with our players is a top priority, and we plan to use Early Access as an opportunity to build and maintain a relationship of transparency and collaboration. Your feedback will be used to influence the implementation of everything from new gameplay features and content to refining and re-balancing existing mechanics.”

Як довго гра буде у дочасному доступі?

“We anticipate the Early Access process lasting between 18-24 months, with a full launch planned for early 2019.”

Чим повна версія гри буде відрізнятися від версії для дочасного доступу?

“We’ll be using the Early Access period to rapidly update the game with new content, bug fixes and stability improvements so that we are fully prepared for our full launch in the future. We already have a laundry list of planned content, but our number one source of new ideas will be the community. Simply put, we want to make the game you want us to make.

New content to look forward to following our Early Access launch:

  • A unique in-game feedback system to allow faster implementation of community requested features
  • Many more staves, wands, gauntlets and melee weapons to equip and fight with
  • Tons of new creatures like living-tree Forest Guardians, deadly Cultists and many more
  • More spells including summoning creatures and companion possession
  • More potions and trinkets with a variety of new bonuses for you to loot and craft
  • Increased selection of clothing and armor to provide more character customization
  • Expanded building options including new material types and magical structures
  • Greater expansion of the House system to further incentivize group play and encourage House vs House warfare

Який поточний стан версії для дочасного доступу?

“The Early Access version represents Citadel’s foundation, and includes a strong offering of features and content right out the gate. Some features will need to be fleshed out and polished over time, but we made a conscious decision to not pursue Early Access until we decided everything was in a playable and enjoyable state. We want to work with you guys to build up from this point, using your input to guide the direction of the game’s development.

Content available at our Early Access launch included:

  • 36 square kilometers of land with caves, dungeons and enemy camps to explore and loot
  • A large variety of skills and crafting recipes to be earned and unlocked across 60 player levels
  • A selection of spells with a variety of functions including combat, beast taming and resource harvesting
  • A robust and flexible structure building system with hundreds of structural pieces and magic enhancements
  • A wide swath of enemy creatures to fight, tame and mount
  • Ability to freely fly by means of broomsticks, potions and beast taming
  • A dynamic loot system providing near infinite variety among item drops
  • A House system allowing for player alliances and large-scale team play

Content we’ve delivered since our Early Access launch:

  • More weapons to equip and fight with such as the Bear Claw Gauntlet and Blade of Simeon’s Soul
  • Increased selection of clothing and armor to provide more character customization
  • New creatures such as the Infernal Dragon, Skeleton Warriors, Wild Boars, Forest Guardians, Phoenix, Giant Golem, Divine Unicorn, Abomination and more
  • Holiday themed loot and reagents for various occasions
  • A total revamp and improvement of the UI, HUD and menu system
  • A complete top-to-down revamp of the spell system to include new customizable spell crafting and all-new visual effects
  • Enhanced character customization with an expansion of cosmetic options to change head, neck, arms, legs, chest and torso proportions
  • Expanded building options including new material types, like the marble tile set, and castle decorations, such as rugs, beds, chairs, statues, bookshelves, trap doors and more
  • Material swapping and Tower upgrading to further expand offensive and defensive combat
  • Expansion of the House and Party system, with specific permissions and abilities added for House and Party members
  • Introduced Broomstick League: a high-flying, broomstick sport with arenas available on any server. Ability to unlock recipes and free build your own arenas also exists
  • Implemented the Forsaken Crypts which includes 3 End-game Dungeons and Boss Caves with new Boss Cave Armor sets
  • Added Daily Quest System customized for players at every level
  • Farming system introduced with seeds, sprinklers, fertilizers and farming plots to provide gameplay depth
  • Continuous server optimizations and programming fixes
  • Steam Trading cards introduced to unlock unique Citadel gameplay badges and Steam emoticons and backgrounds
  • Introduced 50+ Steam Achievements for Citadel players to unlock across all levels

Чи буде відрізнятися ціна гри протягом дочасного доступу та після його завершення?

“While the price for the final, feature complete version of Citadel is still being determined, we are offering a discounted price for those gamers buying during its in-developer Early Access phase.”

Як ви плануєте залучати спільноту до розробки гри?

“We’ve made it a priority to embed our philosophy of community collaboration right into the game. Shortly following the launch of Early Access, we will be introducing a system whereby players can vote within the game on features they’d most like to see added to Citadel. This will allow us to consistently address player wants and help have the game’s development be driven by the community in a significant way.

We are also committed to actively participating in the community on a variety of forum and social media platforms, gauging player reactions to new content and listening closely to what our fans want to see from us in future updates. Community feedback will be a huge part in guiding the future of Citadel, and we want to ensure that we are always delivering the experience you want.”
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18 жовтня

Patch Notes - 10/18/2018 - Bug Fixes

Good afternoon Wizards!

We’re putting out a small patch today to address some bugs introduced in last week's mega update. Since our last update, some players reported experiencing building issues while being part of a house. Check out the fixes below for details on the changes we've made.
  • Fixed an issue where house members could not build on member structures while they are offline
  • Fixed an issue where new players could spawn at other player's respawn stones without being a housed ally
To get these fixes in your game, update your client through Steam, and give the servers a few moments to come back online with the latest version.

Thank you for your support and feedback as we identify and correct issues as quickly as we can. We hope to see you in Ignus soon!
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11 жовтня

Patch Notes - Part 2 of 2 - 10/11/2018 - Balance Adjustments for Harvest Rates, Farming, Siege, Building, Item Weights, Potions and More

Item Weights

Item weights were another area we heard could be improved. Item weights have been calculated based on the sum of their reagent weights, which there is often some merit to and was required to solve some issues on our end regarding items crafted on the player. This system was a bit restrictive and made balance quite difficult and we are implementing a change in that regard: items that are crafted on the player are clamped at a maximum of their sum-of-reagent weighting, and all other items will be adjustable.

As a result of the deliberate item weight changes and the new calculation method, a vast number of item weights have been adjusted and may not be listed below. Some "old weight" values are taken from the data tables and may not be exactly what was represented in-game based on the crafting requirements.

Outlined hereafter are the recipe weights we deliberately changed, in the form: item: new weight(old weight):
  • Diluted Mana Vial: 0.15(0.78)
  • Diluted Mana Flask: 0.5(1.06)
  • Diluted Mana Potion: 0.75(1.26)
  • Diluted Health Vial: 0.15(0.94)
  • Diluted Health Flask: 0.5(1.06)
  • Diluted Health Potion: 0.75(1.26)
  • Health Vial: 0.25(0.88)
  • Health Flask: 0.75(1.26)
  • Health Potion: 1.25(1.98)
  • Mana Vial: 0.25(0.72)
  • Mana Flask: 0.75(1.26)
  • Mana Potion: 1.25(1.98)
  • Vitality Vial: 0.25(0.4)
  • Vitality Flask: 0.75(1.26)
  • Vitality Potion: 1.25(1.98)
  • Potent Mana Vial: 0.5(1.44)
  • Potent Mana Flask: 1(2.16)
  • Potent Mana Potion: 1.5(3.06)
  • Potent Health Vial: 0.5(1.76)
  • Potent Health Flask: 1(2.16)
  • Potent Health Potion: 1.5(3.06)
  • Potent Vitality Vial: 0.5(0.8)
  • Potent Vitality Flask: 1(2.16)
  • Potent Vitality Potion: 1.5(3.06)
  • Primitive Magic Ring: 0.5(0.52)
  • Intricate Magic Ring: 1(1.76)
  • Dignified Magic Ring: 1.5(2.6)
  • Exquisite Magic Ring: 2(4.04)
  • Prodigious Magic Ring: 2.5(5.54)
  • Ring of Light: 3(11.72)
  • Dark Ring of Power: 3.5(12.68)
  • Magic Bracelet: 0.5(0.52)
  • Arcane Bracelet: 1(1.76)
  • Barbaric Bracelet: 1.5(2.68)
  • Distinguished Bracelet: 2(5.3)
  • Bracelet of Courage: 2.5(5.54)
  • Enlightened Bracelet: 3(6.58)
  • Cimmerian Stone Bracelet: 3.5(13.28)
  • Magic Necklace: 0.5(0.52)
  • Outstanding Magic Necklace: 1(1.6)
  • Dark Necklace: 1.5(2.52)
  • Luminous Necklace: 2(4.12)
  • Reawakened Necklace: 2.5(5.1)
  • Nocturnal Necklace: 3(6.38)
  • Magic Necklace of Hatred: 3.5(12.68)
  • Magic Amulet: 0.5(0.52)
  • Spellbound Amulet: 1(1.76)
  • Amulet of Justice: 1.5(2.6)
  • Simeon's Amulet: 2(4.04)
  • Magnificent Amulet: 2.5(5.54)
  • Amulet of Vengeance: 3(5.94)
  • Amulet of Vengeance: 3.5(12.68)
  • Cloth : 0.04(0.16)
  • Leather : 0.05(0.08)
  • Eagle Skull: 0.1(0.12)
  • Dark Plasma: 0.2(0.36)
  • Demonic Eye: 0.42(0.74)
  • Blackened Iron Ingot: 0.25(0.52)
  • Refined Leather: 0.1(0.16)
  • Refined Cloth: 0.1(0.32)
  • Feather: 0.02(0.06)
  • Yellow Pine: 0.04(0.08)
  • Crowberry: 0.04(0.08)
  • Ghost Orchid : 0.04(0.08)
  • Kaltbitur Herb: 0.04(0.08)
  • Snowdonia Hawkweed: 0.04(0.08)
  • Corpse Flower: 0.04(0.08)
  • Buffalo Felt Leaves: 0.04(0.08)
  • Buskas Leaves: 0.04(0.08)
  • Kylma Flower: 0.04(0.08)
  • Amethyst Crystal: 0.1(0.16)
  • Irisite: 0.1(0.16)
  • Obsidian: 0.1(0.16)
  • Mushrooms: 0.05(0.04)
  • Ornate Marble Slab: 0.2(0.24)
  • Marble: 0.15(0.08)
  • Flawless Rune Gem: 0.05(0.06)
  • Crowberry Seeds: 0.02(0.04)
  • Ghost Orchid Seeds: 0.02(0.04)
  • Yellow Pine Seeds: 0.02(0.04)
  • Kaltbitur Seeds: 0.02(0.04)
  • Buffalo Felt Seeds: 0.02(0.04)
  • Corpse Flower Seeds: 0.02(0.04)
  • Kylma Flower Seeds: 0.02(0.04)
  • Buskas Seeds: 0.02(0.04)
  • Snowdonia Seeds: 0.02(0.04)
  • Mushroom Spores: 0.02(0.04)
  • Wheat Grain: 0.04(0.08)
  • Snap Dragon Seeds: 0.04(0.08)
  • Black Hellebore Seeds: 0.04(0.08)
  • Mandrake Seeds: 0.04(0.08)
  • Cultist Leaf Seeds: 0.04(0.08)
  • Rowan Bush Seeds: 0.04(0.08)
  • Frostwood Sapling Seeds: 0.04(0.08)
  • Wheat: 0.08(0.16)
  • Snap Dragon: 0.08(0.16)
  • Black Hellebore: 0.08(0.16)
  • Mandrake Root: 0.08(0.16)
  • Cultist Leaf: 0.08(0.16)
  • Rowan Berries: 0.08(0.16)
  • Frostwood: 0.2(0.24)
  • Raw Poultry: 0.05(0.16)
  • Egg: 0.1(0.2)
  • Flour: 0.16(0.32)
  • Spice: 0.05(0.54)
  • Salted Boar: 0.1(0.08)
  • Salted Elk: 0.1(0.12)
  • Salted Hare: 0.05(0.06)
  • Salted Horse: 0.1(0.12)
  • Salted Poultry: 0.05(0.18)

Boss Loot

We understand there are issues with how light the looted boss armor and weapons are. The items have now been rebalanced to address the easier-late/endgame feedback we receive. The weights have been adjusted by taking the top crafted equivalent item weight, and adding a very modest amount. The decrease in other item weights such as potions and trinkets should help offset these increases to a certain extent.
  • Dracul King Claw: 23(1.2)
  • Pyrant Hammer: 27(3.6)
  • Staff of Helios: 23(2.4)
  • Dracul Mask: 11(0.9)
  • Dracul Cuirass: 27(2.1)
  • Dracul Leggings: 18(1.5)
  • Dracul Boots: 12(0.9)
  • Pyrant Helm: 10(2.1)
  • Cuirass of the Pyrant: 26(3.6)
  • Pyrant Leggings: 17(2.7)
  • Pyrant Boots: 11(1.5)
  • Helm of Helios: 10(0.9)
  • Cuirass of Helios: 26(2.4)
  • Leggings of Helios: 17(1.8)
  • Boots of Helios: 11(1.2)
  • Helios Ring: 4(0.3)
  • Orcus Necklace: 4(0.48)
  • Evren Amulet: 4(0.72)
  • Bracelet of Ignus: 4(0.96)
  • Indigo Wand: 12(0.6)
  • Indigo Hood: 8(0.54)
  • Robe of the Indigo: 24(0.96)
  • Boots of the Indigo: 9(0.48)
  • Mace of the Dracul: 28(3.6)
  • Staff of the Dracul: 24(2.4)
  • Wand of the Dracul: 14(0.9)
  • Staff of the Pyrant: 23(2.4)
  • Gauntlet of the Pyrant: 22(1.8)
  • Wand of the Pyrant: 13(0.6)
  • Helios Gauntlet: 22(1.2)
  • Blade of Helios: 27(3.6)
  • Wand of Helios: 13(0.9)
  • Staff of the Indigo: 22(2.4)
  • Blade of Freya: 26(3.6)
  • Gauntlet of Huna: 21(1.5)
  • Helm of Huna: 9(0.96)
  • Cuirass of Huna: 25(2.52)
  • Leggings of Huna: 16(1.92)
  • Boots of Huna: 10(0.72)
  • Helm of Nabrok: 9(0.96)
  • Cuirass of Nabrok: 25(2.04)
  • Leggings of Nabrok: 16(1.44)
  • Boots of Nabrok: 10(0.72)
  • Helm of Freya: 9(1.68)
  • Cuirass of Freya: 25(4.2)
  • Leggings of Freya: 16(2.75)
  • Boots of Freya: 10(1.74)
The loot chests found in boss caves functions on a system with both guaranteed and random rolls. We originally included items such as the elixir of amnesia and elixir of destruction in these loot sets so players could circumvent the farming mechanic if they so desired. We've been hearing feedback that those two elixirs drop quite frequently during boss raids. Receiving many of those powerful items was made easier by the fact that boss weapons and armor weighed very little, allowing players to carry many of them out of the cave.

We've nerfed the drop rate of elixir of destruction from general boss cave chests from 5 to 1 (the other items in that set have values from 1 to 10, for comparison). The drop rate to elixir of amnesia and destruction have been reduced for the Dragonheart boss' loot from 50 to 10, compared to most items in that set having a value of 25.

World Update

There have been reports of players losing tames and inventory during server crashes or bad latency. One such circumstance occurs when a player is moving (typically flying) toward the west, south, or east bounds of the map. The "out of bounds" volume will kill the player but allow the mounts, with their inventory, to travel far beyond and make them difficult/impossible to retrieve.

We had a navigation blocking volume on the outsides of the world-bounds damage volumes to prevent edge-case behavior with random-spawned AI, and we have repurposed those volumes to block everything. This will hopefully help players retrieve tames and loot, although we still expect it to be pretty difficult. This is an interim solution and we may address this in a better way in the future depending on community feedback.

NPC Projectile Adjustments

The projectile speeds of some of our NPC attacks were somewhat sluggish. Troll, ranged orc, and undead caster attacks could be pretty easily dodged by strafing. Those attacks should be more effective and much harder to dodge now, as the projectile speeds have been increased roughly 2-3x.

Programming Updates
  • Removed auto-capture lambdas
  • Optimized structure download time
  • Added structure safety when destroyed
  • Removed Telekenesis
  • Merged destructible actors loading in at run time rather than advance cache and relevancy-based structure destruction

Future Updates

Another large undertaking will be audit and adjustment of player levels and XP requirements. The hope is that we can make the early levels (<20) more interesting and engaging for new players, while the later levels (>40) will likely see some slowing, which will help address feedback we hear about the later game being a breeze. There are a couple items that don't apply the correct debuff when consumed. Magic find will also be looked at and will likely be buffed.

As always, please make sure you give the servers a moment to come back up with the newest version of the game. Thanks again to everyone for their feedback, we're listening so please feel free to share on the forums. See you in Ignus soon!
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Citadel: Forged With Fire is a massive online sandbox RPG with elements of magic, spellcasting and inter-kingdom conflict. As a newly minted apprentice of the magic arts, you will set off to investigate the dangerous world of Ignus. Your goal: create a name for yourself and achieve notoriety and power among the land’s ruling Houses.

You have complete freedom to pursue your own destiny; hatch plots of trickery and deceit to ascend the ranks among allies and enemies, become an infamous hunter of other players, build massive and unique castles, tame mighty beasts to do your bidding, and visit uncharted territories to unravel their rich and intriguing history. The path to ultimate power and influence is yours to choose.

Welcome to the magical world of Ignus: a 36 square kilometer landmass of sweeping plains, dense forests, craggy mountains, festering swamps and frozen tundra. Leave no stone unturned as you explore dangerous caves and ancient ruins to recover powerful artifacts and uncover a rich history spanning thousands of years. Embark on a journey across the land to find the perfect place for you and your allies to call home.

Master a diverse range of powerful spells. Use the Extract spell to quickly harvest the world’s bountiful resources, bring meteors down from the heavens with Conflagration, or lift and throw an entire castle with Telekinesis. Discover your conduit of choice among a huge selection of mystic wands and staves, magically imbued axes, swords, maces and hammers, and enchanted gauntlets.

Align your efforts with fellow Warlocks to create a mighty House. Create an internal hierarchy of power, design and plant your own House flag, share your resources to build huge castles and team up to hunt legendary creatures. Wage war with opposing Houses or hatch plans of deceit and trickery to cause internal chaos and ascend the ranks within your own.

Use the Pacify spell to tame ferocious creatures and amass an army of minions. Tamed companions will gain experience and grow with you as you travel the world and triumph in battle. Siege an enemy fortress with a horde of savage Orcs, ride Horses and Direwolves to quickly traverse the vast landscape, or rain fiery death upon your enemies from the back of a Dragon!

Construct your Dream Castle using hundreds of structural pieces found within a flexible and easy-to-use building editor, or take advantage of the dynamic destruction engine and crush someone else’s. Enhance your fortress with magical structures like defensive shields, attack towers, mana pools and respawn stones. Unlock new fortification materials and building features as you level up: with so many materials and pieces to work with the only limit is your imagination.

Are you an old, bearded and wise Warlock or are you a young, ambitious and strong-willed Mage? Create your own style with a huge variety of clothing and weapon options. Discover a near limitless variety among these items’ stats with Citadel’s rich and deep loot generation system; every loot pull is different and ensures that fighting monsters and exploring dungeons is a constantly rewarding and memorable experience.

Why walk when you can fly? Use your Wizardly prowess to take to the skies. Enjoy the convenience of a custom-crafted broomstick, tame and mount airborne companions like dragons and giant eagles, or use alchemy to concoct potent elixirs allowing flight without the aid of beast or broom.

Системні вимоги

    • ОС: Windows 7 or better
    • Процесор: 2.0GHZ or better
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 8 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: GTX 950 equivalent or better
    • DirectX: версії 10
    • Мережа: Широкосмугове підключення до інтернету
    • Місце на диску: 20 GB доступного місця
    • ОС: Windows 7 or better
    • Процесор: 3.0GHZ or better
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 16 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: GTX 970 or better
    • DirectX: версії 10
    • Мережа: Широкосмугове підключення до інтернету
    • Місце на диску: 20 GB доступного місця

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