Aruncă-te în apocalipsa zombie cu Zombie Panic! Source: un cooperativ, survival-horror first-person-shooter. Una dintre cele mai populare modificări Half-Life 2 ale tuturor timpurilor.
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28 dec., 2007

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Joacă Zombie Panic! Source

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v3.0.9a Update

Hi all,

We've released a small, yet important update to ZPS version 3.0.9!

This patch includes a few changes to the round manager regarding a zombie skipping bug, sound tweaks, and Asylum bug fixes. Full details on the list below!

v3.0.9a Changelog

  • Added "changelevel" as an alias to "map" in the admin built-in system.
  • Added "sv_punish_late_joining_abuse" CVAR for server operators to control the anti-late joining abuse system (by community request).
  • Added "sv_punish_starting_zombies_skipping" CVAR for server operators to control the anti-starting zombies skipping/anti-zombies rage quit system (by community request).
  • Fixed an issue where kicked players wouldn't drop their inventory (could be used for griefing).
  • Fixed a security flaw where it was possible to crash a server by cooking a grenade and dying (thanks [ZB] Winter).
  • Fixed delivery/useable items being useable through world brushes.
  • Fixed zombies being able to respawn infinitely even if all zombies lives are used.
  • Made the "Allow servers to open web MOTD in Steam Overlay" CVAR disabled by default.
  • MP3 player can be localized.

  • zpo_frozenheart
    • Fixed broken C4 teleporter.
  • zps_asylum
    • Added cubemaps.
    • Fixed player clipping
    • Fixed misaligned decal
  • zpo_harvest
    • Fixed broken z-spawn
    • Grammar fix in game_text
  • zpo_biotec
    • Key protection
    • Fixed a broken z-spawn

Music engine (backported from v3.1)
  • Added ID3v1 tag parsing capability to retrieve the music's title directly from the file instead from a hardcoded list.
  • Replaced obsolete FMODEx middleware to the latest FMOD Studio Low Level API with a lot of bug fixes, speed improvements, security fixes.
  • [Community request] Server operators can now make a "HTTP/HTTPS jukebox" system with Angelscript/SourceMod, see this guide for details. Players will be required to enable the system through ZP Options in order to make it work.
  • No longer relies on a hardcoded list, this makes adding custom and replacing existing musics easier, check the Steam guide for more information.

Changes for modders

  • Level Designers - Since delivery/useable items are no longer useable through the world, you need to make sure that your "trigger_useable" brush does NOT collide with anything.
  • Music - Because the music engine has been changed, music mods will have to be updated, please read this guide for details.
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v3.0.9 Update

Hey everyone,

Remember when we said v3.0.8 would be the last? Yeah, we lied. Sorry! We've updated ZPS to version v3.0.9!

This is an important update because it features changes to the rounds manager where late joiners won't be able to play as a Survivor every time, a penalty for players who choose to 'zombie skip' during the round, small changes to ZP Options, tweaks to pistol fire rate and more.

We also have slightly increased movement speed for regular zombies! Check the list below for full details:

v3.0.9 Changelog

  • Added a "Game Manual" button that opens the Steam overlay to our official ZPS manual. (Special Thanks to: Orphanage and the dev team)
  • Updated English and French translations.
  • Angelscript - Added "CHL2MP_Player.OpenSteamOverlayToWebPage( const string& in szURL )" function (clients can deny it's execution, see below).
  • Round Manager - Fixed an exploit where players could bypass starting zombie selection and late joining.
  • Round Manager - Late joining as a survivor is now limited at "once per map" to prevent abuse.
  • Round Manager - Players that try to bypass the new late joining limitation are punished by being forced to play as a zombie.
  • Round Manager - Players that try to zombie skip are punished by being forced to play as a zombie.
  • Round Manager - Starting zombies that tries to zombie skip are forced back in the zombie team as punishment.
  • Server configuration - Added "sv_allow_wait_command 0" to the default server configuration in an attempt to block fast pistol firing scripts.
  • ZP Options - Added a tab for custom content settings.
  • ZP Options - Clients can control if servers can open their Steam overlay to web pages (see Angelscript function above).
  • ZP Options - Move "Disable player sprays" option from the misc tab to the custom content one.
  • Added animations to the zombie lives counter for consistency with the rest of the HUD.
  • Added a warning threshold to zombie lives counter (will flash red if zombies are almost out of lives).
  • Health is no longer considered critical below 20 (HL2's value), it is now considered critical below 35 if you are a survivor and 80 as a zombie.
  • zps_sapidcerebrum
    • Fixed basement trap's door elevator.
    • Fixed Zombie ladder at the light booth.
  • Fixed golf club dealing more damage on the stomach/chest rather than the head.
  • Decreased pistols firing rate, the time between 2 shots has been changed from 0,11 seconds to 0,13 seconds.
  • Increased movement speed for regular zombies 140 to 145.

Server owners are required to update their server as soon as possible - also be sure to backup your server.cfg file. Steam will automatically update your client shortly.

Official Discord Server

We'd like to remind you to join us on our official and verified Discord server! Come chat with game developers, playtesters and the rest of the community!

Discuss with everyone, suggest stuff, thank and complain changes we did, and stay tuned for sneak peeks there. Join now:

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“The thrill of fending off a zombie hoard who are being controlled by real people is great!”

“Zombie Panic! Source is a truly one-of-a-kind experience for survival FPS lovers.”

“If you love a fast paced, first person Zombie shooter, this is your game. The positives of this game far outweighs any improvement areas that could be identified.”
Zombie Gaming

Despre acest joc

Dive into the zombie apocalypse with Zombie Panic! Source: a cooperative, survival-horror first-person-shooter. A fast-paced standalone modification.
Choose your team as the undead or a survivor. Enjoy their unique abilities, weapons, and challenges in this high-paced, action-packed thriller.

The Teams

As a survivor, unlock large arsenals of firearms, explosives and improvised melee weapons. Can you stop the waves of undead? Will you engage the horde head-on, or barricade and fortify while your friends play sniper? If all else fails, Panic! Then run as if your lives depend on it… for they surely do.

As a zombie, you’re free to hunt the living like the rabid beast you are. Feast upon their flesh and unlock your inner berserker. Heightened zombie night-vision gives you the upper hand in dark environments. Infect survivors as the carrier zombie (patient zero), to weaken their defenses, then sadistically watch them turn on each other. Use it all to your advantage to strategics, ambush, conquer and destroy your oblivious living counterparts.


Zombie Panic! Source hosts a variety of game modes for excellent replayability. Explore the zombie apocalypse with:

  • Survival Mode: Put your ability to scavenge and survive to the test. Easily the top player choice.
  • Objective Mode: You’re on a mission. Whether it’s to escape or defeat the horde, you’d better use your brainz to find those keys, get the power back on, hack that computer, and get to the chopper! Otherwise… I think you know what happens.
  • Hardcore Mode: For experienced zombie connoisseurs, you and your teammates get to enjoy pitting yourselves against extra tough foes, and even rougher odds.

Cerinţe de sistem

    • SO: Windows® 7 (32/64-bits)/Vista
    • Procesor: 1.7 GHz Processor or better
    • Memorie: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafică: DirectX® 9 level Graphics Card
    • DirectX: Versiune 9.0c
    • Rețea: Conexiune broadband la internet
    • Stocare: 8 GB spațiu disponibil
    • Placă audio: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    • SO: Windows® 7 (32/64-bits) or above
    • Procesor: Intel® Dual Core 2.4 GHz Processor
    • Memorie: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafică: Video Card Shader model 3.0. NVidia 7600, ATI X1600 or better
    • DirectX: Versiune 9.0c
    • Rețea: Conexiune broadband la internet
    • Stocare: 8 GB spațiu disponibil
    • Placă audio: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

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