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Pharaonic is Now Available on Steam and is 15% off!*

Pharaonic is an unforgiving Action RPG set in Ancient Egypt with a combat system that draws its inspiration from Dark Souls.

*Offer ends May 5 at 10AM Pacific Time
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Play Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online at 50% off the regular price!*

If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here.

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
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Tomb Raider is Now Available for SteamOS! If you already purchased Tomb Raider on Steam, this comes as a free update.

Tomb Raider explores the intense and gritty origin story of Lara Croft and her ascent from a young woman to a hardened survivor. Armed only with raw instincts and the ability to push beyond the limits of human endurance, Lara must fight to unravel the dark history of a forgotten island to escape its relentless hold.

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Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition is Now Available on Steam! Owners of the original Ori get 75% off the Definitive Edition.

“Ori and the Blind Forest” tells the tale of a young orphan destined for heroics, through a visually stunning Action-Platformer crafted by Moon Studios.

Packed with new and additional content: New areas, new secrets, new abilities, more story sequences, multiple difficulty modes, full backtracking support and much more!
Discover Naru’s past in two brand new environments.
Master two powerful new abilities – Dash and Light Burst.
Find new secret areas and explore Nibel faster by teleporting between Spirit Wells.
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King's Quest - Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb, all new content for King's Quest is Now Available on Steam!

King’s Quest - Once Upon a Climb is the third chapter in the new, critically-acclaimed reimagining of the classic King’s Quest game series. In his latest adventure, King Graham recounts his most personal tale yet.

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Save 75% on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition during this week's Midweek Madness*!

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time
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Today's Deal: Save 75% on The F.E.A.R. Franchise!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Wednesday at 10AM Pacific Time
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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is Now Available on Steam!

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is the RTS videogame adaptation of Games Workshop’s classic tabletop game, pitting the Chaos, Imperium, Eldar, and Orks against each other in visceral space-battles.
Product Release - Valve
Don't Starve Together is Now Available on Steam!

Don't Starve Together is the standalone multiplayer expansion of the uncompromising survival game Don't Starve.

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