Leave the farms and cities behind, jump straight into managing your own planets in The Universim, a brand new God-game in development by Crytivo Games and Alexander Koshelkov.
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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“The Universim brings with it enough innovation to create somewhat of a new genre in the gaming world. We don’t want to restrict your control over the game to a mere farm, town, or city, we want you to control entire, procedurally-generated planets, complete with wildlife and dynamic environmental conditions. You will certainly spot some familiar mechanics in The Universim, adapted from some of the best god games of all time, but it’s almost entirely designed from the ground up. Some of the mechanics in the game will be introduced to you for the first time ever, and that is why your feedback is absolutely crucial for us. We want to position ourselves as an indie studio that is driven by your positive feedback. We came here to make fun games, and to do that we need your help and support. The Universim is our first game as a studio, and that is why it’s very important for us to deliver an excellent product.

Please keep in mind that we’re planning to add features and new mechanics along the way, which means that the game won’t be packed with action and content from the very beginning. Overall, The Universim is a slow-paced game, where you will guide a species as it evolves from the Stone Age all the way to Space Era and beyond.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Until we’re happy with what we’ve got. We’re planning to be in ongoing development for as long as we need to. Depending on the game’s success, we will also continue developing new features that the community wants to see in the final release for absolutely no extra charge. However, we expect The Universim to show its full potential within 12-18 months from now. Again, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have a lot of fun in the game much sooner. We’re just making sure you understand what to expect.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The Universim will be dramatically different and far more polished closer to release. As we said earlier, we will continue introducing new mechanics and developing new features as we go. New features will either break the game or make it far more enjoyable. That’s where we will need your feedback. Taking part in our Early Access puts you right beside us on this journey, and we have a long way to go. If you’re the type of person who expects no bugs, glitches, or missing content in the game, we highly recommend you to wait for proper reviews or the full version of the game to be completed. We encourage you to invest some time into researching more about The Universim before purchasing it. As much confidence as we have in The Universim, your expectations can be very different, and we want do our best to ensure you aren’t disappointed with what you get.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“We have spent a huge amount of time developing an in-game planet generation engine by the name of Prometheus. We made it capable of generating procedural planets with dynamic life conditions on them. At this time, we have a main planet with a certain generation scheme on which you’ll start playing. We call it Mother Planet. This planet will make you feel right at home, as it’s based on the planet you’re currently sitting upon. New features and mechanics will be added as we progress, along with new eras and planets. Currently, your civilization begins with two citizens that can evolve and spread. We are restricting gameplay to the Stone Age to test all of the major systems before additional eras are introduced. Later on, you’ll be able to help them evolve through different eras, such as: the Stone Age, Medieval Era, Modern Age, and Space Era. Our team are working hard every day on new features and bug fixes. As you read this message, we probably fixed a whole bunch of issues in the game. Naturally, it can be quite difficult to describe the current state of The Universim, as it changes all the time, but you can keep up to date by reading updates on all of our major channels. We just want to assure you that we’re doing our best to implement new features as soon as we can, but we’re not prioritizing time over quality.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“This is still up for debate, as we want to ensure that the product’s final pricing will be fair based on the functionality of the finished game. We still have many features that we’re discussing internally, things that change the game drastically, and those features might take us a lot more time to develop. That is why some things might change down the road. However, we will always do our best to keep the price as fair as possible. Once more, we didn’t come here to make tons of profit, our aim is to acquire a large enough budget to make The Universim the best planet-management god game ever and continue to amaze you with our new games in the future.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Even though Crytivo Games is new name on the market, we are already known as a responsive and supportive developer. The Universim is our product and the success of it is incredibly important to us. And without you, we will not have success. We will do our best to communicate with you on Steam and in our official forums to make sure you are as satisfied as possible. We want to be an indie studio you can rely on, not one that came here to make tons of profit on sketchy DLC’s or in-game purchases. We’re all about fun and innovation, and we want you to be a part of it.”
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July 11

The Universim Demo Available Now on Steam!


It’s Demo Release Day! YAY! The last “demo” we released on steam was a very long time ago. In reality, it was a tech demo, which means there wasn’t much to do beyond flying around the world listening to the planet tell you a story. Add in a few neon lights and that would’ve been quite the trip! Today we’re happy to announce that we’re updating the Steam Demo with an entirely new one, which actually lets you experience what the game’s really about. It’s important to keep in mind that the demo is always going to be a few versions behind the latest release, so certain bits of functionality or bugs fixes will be missing. We’ve been receiving a lot of questions pertaining to whether or not someone’s PC can run The Universim. Now you can test it for yourself and get some peace of mind before you join our awesome family.

Our vision is clear: we would not encourage anyone looking for the best possible experience to purchase The Universim at this stage, due to it still being a work in progress. We understand that Early Access is not everyone's cup of tea, and we respect and appreciate that. We are incredibly fortunate to have our amazing community that continues to test and improve the game alongside us every day.

As you can tell, we’re also very passive with our marketing approach. We’re not investing anything into major game promotion campaigns just yet. At this stage, we’d rather put our efforts entirely into the development of the game instead of constantly trying to bring in more purchases for a quick fix. We hope the frequent patches with a great spread of new features and bug fixes proves that for you. We’re also holding back on contacting press at this time. If you're wondering why nobody talks about The Universim on gaming sites, now you know!

The new demo is available for download via Steam RIGHT NOW. It will be available through other digital distribution platforms later on. Let us know where you would like us to upload it.

Remember, we won’t be directly supporting the demo version with patches. Certain issues were resolved in newer updates, which is why we are avoiding the whole demo patching process, but none of them should be game breaking.

Please go ahead and share the news with your friends and family. As always, we encourage you to leave us your feedback on our Forums or join the live discussion on our Discord channel.

Also, don’t forget to follow The Universim and Crytivo on Twitter and Facebook. We publish updates pretty often there and would love to hear your opinion before we officially announce or present them on our website.

Oh, and before we forget. If, by any chance, you find yourself in Germany (Cologne) next month, be sure to stop by our stall at Gamescom for some great swag and a meet and greet with the team!

Thank you all for amazing love and support!
Crytivo loves you, too!

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July 4


Hello Creators!

Hold on to your Nuggets! There’s quite a bit in store for you today. It’s been another amazing and super productive month. The team’s momentum never slows. They’ve been squashing bugs left and right, as well as improving the game’s performance and your overall experience in the game. So many things have been ironed out thanks to the help from all of you! Your support and feedback is outstanding and does more good than you could ever know. Please continue reporting bugs and issues via Discord, the Forums, or simply sending us Tweets or commenting on Facebook. Thank you for everything you do! Alright, let’s not make this all about you, shall we?


We’re happy to announce the initial rollout of the Save and Load system \o/. We know, we’ve been keeping you waiting for quite some time, but this is a surprisingly complex system due to a few of the technical aspects of the game. This comes down to how we save procedurally-generated content. We needed to ensure 100% accuracy when you load your game back. We are releasing the system with a few limitations in somewhat of a beta mode. Right now, you’ll only be able to have a single save file, but remember that this is only for initial release. This will help us collect and identify bugs more easily.

How does it all work? We’re introducing unique saving mechanics to The Universim. Saving is going to be an actual part of the in-game experience, tied to a certain mechanic. In order to save your game, you’ll need to construct the Archive Building. This structure stores the entire history of the Nugget civilization (also known as save files). When the building is functioning properly, the game can be saved. If the building is destroyed, you’ll likely feel a slight build up of anxiety over the fact that progress will no longer be saved. There will also be an autosave option that will allow your Nuggets to write their history on their own. Of course, you can load your game back at any time from the Archive building or main menu.

As you probably already noticed, we want The Universim to be a challenging experience where every action can lead to a potential disaster for the Nugget civilization. As a result of the game being a work in progress, balancing might be an issue at times, but we work hard to fix issues as we go. At times, you might find yourself thinking that a particular feature is too aggressive or impossible to overcome. Please know that we are developing systems that will allow you to properly deal with negative situations and turn things around.


At this point, you’re going to have to choose to either hold onto your Nuggets or your buildings, because something is going to be blown away! Tornadoes have now been added to the game. They are the latest natural disaster to be implemented and will threaten your civilization whenever they appear on the planet. It’s an enormously destructive phenomenon that can potentially eradicate your entire civilization, but the good news is that it’s very rare and the chances of it hitting your village is very low. If it actually does decide to pay your civilization a visit however, we extend our condolences. In the future, you will be able to direct tornadoes using Creator Powers.


Yes, you read that right! Now you can admire the glorious, shapely, and impeccably-groomed (well, maybe not always) facial hair found on certain Nuggets. What’s cooler than seeing a barbaric Nugget with a thick, red beard yelling unintelligibly about something in the middle of the village? It’s even better seeing them scream like an upset gerbil when picked up and thrown.

However, we didn’t just add beards to the game, we added the innovative Dynamic Beard System™ . With Research Perks, you’ll be able to alter how your civilization looks. Some perks will either reduce or increase the percentage of Nuggets that wear beards with pride. This can be something like the Stone Shaving Blades Perk. It has the unfortunate side effect of leaving Nuggets irreparably scarred, but they’ll feel so much fresher with a shaven face. On the bright side, the scarring will at least add something new to their usually emotionless appearance.


We feel that you might start getting overwhelmed with the amount of news being sent to you by your civilization. We decided to introduce the News Grouping System to remedy this. This system will combine a number of similar news stories that occur within a short time period together into a single event. Of course, we will allow you to choose the manner in which news is delivered to you from the News Archive panel. So far, there are 3 options: Full - will show you all news messages without grouping; Minimalistic - you’ll only see icons related to events; and Compact - similar news messages will be combined into groups. We hope you like it!


Introducing a new Age: The Age of Enbrightenment (Previously known as Medieval). We will be adding new structures and upgrading existing structures when the player advances to this point. So far, the upgrades we have are:
-Upgradable Farm - Increases available plots, and allows two farmers in each farm.

-Upgradable Well - Increased maximum water capacity and refill rate.

-Upgradable Reservoir - Doubled amount of water stored.

-Upgradable Water Pump - Double water output.

-Eatery and Hospital from previous patch.


To kick off the initial Creator Power implementation, we’re starting with the Heal Power. This Power allows you to heal Nuggets, repair buildings, or even regrow resources that have been harvested. It’s like a trusty multi-tool. You can select this Power from the Creator Power Menu and use it by holding the left CTRL button before clicking on the desired object. This feature is still in an incomplete state, so expect a few missing pieces here and there. The Heal Power will be improved in future patches. We rolled this Power out as quickly as possible in order to help combat the Engineer bug that could still potentially appear. This involves Engineers not performing tasks properly. We believe the bug to be fixed, but precautions are never a bad idea.

-New Improve Nugget Portraits in the Nuggets ID Cards. Now Nuggets have accessories and you can even rotate them.
-Now Evolution Tower Research Panel can be open from the main UI


-Hide Bags - Increase Nugget carry capacity
-Tinctures - Increase Hospital heal speed
-Iron Stomachs - Decrease chance that Nuggets will get sick
-Fertilization - Unlocks Farm upgrade
-Artisanal Waterworks - Unlocks well, water pump & reservoir upgrades
-Cooking Utensils - Decrease Eatery cooking time
-Mortar & Pestle - Decrease hospital medicine preparation time
-Molars - Decrease the time it takes Nuggets to eat

There are so much more have been fixed and added, please continue reading here: NEW PATCH - ARCHIVED PATCH NOTES



Yes, we're going to Gamescom this year! If you’re planning on heading there, be sure to drop by our stall. We love meeting each and every one of you. Most of the team will be there to showcase The Universim to attendees. We’ll be there from August 22 to 26, and, you can find us at Hall 10.1 Aisle. Stop by to pick up some awesome swag. If you mention you’re already part of the family, we’ll treat you as a honored guest!


Our demo has become super outdated on Steam, so we're planning to release a new version in the middle of the month. Demo content will be limited, meaning that certain buildings will be locked and the game itself will be several updates behind the live version. We're also not offering any additional support for the demo. We want to give newcomers the opportunity to try the game out before they buy it. It will also act as a great tool to test your computer’s performance before purchase.

There are so much more have been fixed and added, please continue reading here: NEW PATCH - ARCHIVED PATCH NOTES

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About This Game

  • Meet the Universim

The Universim aims to revive the glory days of the god-game genre, and bring it into the new generation with fresh ideas and ambitious gameplay. With the powers of a god, you are unleashed upon the universe to begin forging your galactic empire in the stars. From dust to the cosmos beyond, your civilization will rise through the ages under your guidance. Yet, this is not the same static world you may be accustomed to, this is a dynamic, living world that is just as unpredictable as it is beautiful. Everything in The Universim revolves around dynamic gameplay. No two planets will ever be the same, natural disasters and other events can be triggered at any time, and the AI will react to the world in an organic and believable way. Although, it wouldn’t be any fun if things don’t get a little silly every now and then.

Your citizens (Nuggets) will make their own decisions and always seek to better the civilization in some way, but, at times, things may not always go to plan. Fortunately, you are there to keep them on the straight and narrow. Or, rather, to keep them from getting themselves killed, at least. One such situation that may arise from bad decision-making is that two or more AI cities declare war on one another. You then have an important choice to make: intervene and attempt to bring an end to the chaos, or simply watch as they destroy one another. Some people just want to watch the world burn, and we’re okay with that.
Research plays a pivotal role in The Universim, and is therefore an area that will require your utmost attention. Without certain discoveries or technology, your civilization may not even be able to progress beyond the Stone Age. For instance, fire is a crucial invention to ensure the warmth and safety of your early civilization, amongst other useful applications. New research options become available as your civilization progresses through the ages.

Learn More About Nuggets

Due to the dynamism of the game, natural disasters, alien visitors, disease, war, famine, riots, and so much more can be thrown at your civilization at any time. All of these factors will leave their mark on the civilization, but can be dealt with in numerous ways. When something like the plague strikes, it is up to you to quickly strategize on how you will help your civilization overcome this disaster. The way in which you fight certain disasters varies from era to era, depending on the current research level and available technology.

When it comes to disasters, the world itself is not the only bringer of doom. You, too, can trigger disasters if you are displeased with your civilization’s decisions. Your influence over the world is dependent on two basic elements, Power and Wrath. Power comes from having a loyal civilization under your control. Successful completion of tasks and other activities will generate the Power you need to alter the very world itself, such as changing the weather or triggering events. It can also be used to initiate a major civilization action. Conversely, if your civilization begins to lose loyalty due to failed events, every action they perform that displeases you will generate Wrath. This, in turn, allows you to unleash destruction upon them at any time.

The more loyal a civilization is, the better they will follow your orders. Sometimes, you just need to remind them who is boss. What better way to do that than to send a meteor down with a friendly note strapped to the side? There are also less destructive ways of maintaining loyalty, though. You kind of need a civilization to exist in the first place if you plan to rule over one. Although, it’s sometimes just fun to blow things up, isn’t it? You monster.

Disasters will also have many simulated secondary effects. Something like a meteor crashing into the planet will not only leave a sizeable crater, but it could also set trees and buildings on fire. Fires spread dynamically, making it rather dangerous for any structures or citizens within range. However, YOU can prevent forest fires! By wielding your Creator Abilities, you can drag a storm cloud over the impact zone and cool the situation down before things get out of hand. Creator abilities are your way of interacting directly with the world and assisting with various issues that may arise. These kinds of abilities drain Power, though, so use them wisely!

Buildings and society will evolve as you progress from era to era. Every era will bring with it entirely new types of buildings that will impact your civilization in some way. All buildings will be constructed around what we call The Epicenter, the central heart of every city in the game. You can place an Epicenter in any feasible region on the planet that supports cities, and buildings will begin developing around it as your population grows. Normal housing structures can be built automatically, but you will need to explicitly choose where special buildings go up. Special buildings include things like farms and nuclear power plants. Civilization development and expansion is based on the conditions around your Epicenters. In certain environments, your population and buildings will grow faster. However, in cold environments, deserts, and other rather inhospitable areas, resources like food may be scarce and will thus hinder development.

In a vibrant, living world driven by dynamic events, realistic natural processes, and ever-changing environments, you need an in-game simulation engine that is capable of going above and beyond expectations. This is what the Prometheus In-Game Engine™ aims to be. Developed from the ground up in Unity3D, it will form the foundation upon which every element in the game is built.

Thanks to Prometheus, every planet you encounter in the game will be as unique and vibrant as the last. Doesn’t random generation rock? You will come across planets with varying temperatures and environmental conditions, as well as a wide range of characteristics that make them special. Planets will also undergo the changing of seasons, which affects the many environmental biomes on the planet. It has the potential to cause rapid changes in temperature and conditions, leading to a significant change in the rate of resource gathering and civilization development.

Seasons will change according to the in-game timeline. Summer offers the best food yield and growth period due to its favourable weather, while winter can have a negative impact on the wellbeing of your civilization. Some winters may go by quickly, while others will drag on. There is even a chance for the most brutal winter of all to ravage your civilization for months on Mother Planet. Fortunately, our in-game News System will inform you about upcoming winters, giving you enough time to react and begin preparing for the long winter months ahead by storing food and researching the appropriate technologies. Fire, clothing, storage of food, and building shelters are all excellent examples of proper preparation.

The space era will be the culmination of all your hard work. All of the decisions you have made thus far will truly begin to bear fruit or reveal their consequences, if any exist. This is when you will begin to discover all of the beauty and mercilessness of alien planets.

Colonization plays a huge role in the Space Era, as it allows you to spread your civilization across the stars. New research opportunities, technologies, resources, and more can be discovered by exploring and colonizing planets! However, colonizing a planet requires a little preparation beforehand. Simply hitting the GO button when initiating a mission will likely result in unhappy endings. If adequate research about the planet is not done, it may lead to the untimely demise of your colonization team. After all, it can be rather difficult to traverse molten lava while fending off giant space mosquitoes with nothing but a tube of sunblock! Even more so, if they happen to be wearing the previous mission's sub-zero equipment.

Every planet in the game can be colonized. They may just require a dash of scientific magic to make them habitable. Certain planets could even possess extremely valuable resources, but there is always a catch. Such planets may also have a ticking timer attached to them, indicating that the planet is going to explode or the sun is minutes away from going supernova. Are you brave enough to risk it all and attempt to harvest those resources before time runs out? There is always the option to leave the planet to die in peace, of course. You may already have a cargo hold full of valuable resources and new discoveries. It would be a shame to see all of that go to waste! Oh, and your poor colonization team, too. Imagine all the paperwork…

Naturally, the hardships may not always end at having to harvest all of the resources before the timer hits zero. The planet could still have unsuitable conditions for your team to get the job done. You will most likely need to place atmosphere generators to generate air and thermal regulators to keep the temperatures on the planet at suitable levels. It’s not going to be an easy process, but the rewards may just be worth it.

Most alien planets will also likely have a few strange creatures roaming around. Some may be friendly, and could even become good friends with your crewmembers. Others have sharp teeth and a general dislike for everything that moves. Better pack a few weapons as a precaution! You will encounter many unique and interesting creatures, vegetation, and environments in your travels. Be sure to send any interesting combinations you find to us! Prometheus might get a little ‘creative’ sometimes.

A lot of extra detail is planned to go into numerous planets in The Universim. You can expect to find many easter-eggs and secrets scattered across the universe. There are even plans to possibly include mod support somewhere down the line. After all, no modern game would be complete without inappropriately-shaped rocket ships!

By utilizing an intuitive GUI, you can keep track of the various planets in the universe and manage your intergalactic endeavours with ease. Every star in the sky is actually a different planet that you can discover and explore. This is another area where research and technology can make or break your experience. One such technology is the Discovery Rover. This vehicle can be sent to distant planets to acquire information about the conditions, colonization requirements, hidden dangers, and available resources. However, as with everything else, you will need to prepare your Rover adequately for the mission. Additional technologies like Environmental Armour, Thermal Shielding, weaponry, resource probes, and more will need to be acquired in order to get the most out of your rover and protect it from the dangers of alien planets. There is even the ability to add an all-purpose camera to it, which allows you to take direct control and drive it on alien planets! Did someone say VR? We might have. Maybe.

What will you do with the power to control the universe? With the fate of galaxies resting in your hands, and the fragile lives of so many under your influence, there is no telling what you may accomplish. Through your every decision, you are writing the history of a species. This is your story now, so make it one to remember.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: TBA
    • Processor: TBA
    • Graphics: TBA
    • OS: TBA
    • OS: TBA
    • OS: TBA
    • OS: TBA
    • OS: TBA
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