Community Announcements - Chris
Tomorrow marks the start of Race Season Ten. It sees the return of Descent: Champions and includes Descent burst races. Its signature event is a 90 minute fixed-seed Brutal event, which is, well... Brutal. On a different note, today's news post covers a wide variety of PvP topics.
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton

If you're interested in testing out this patch head on over to the Preview branch! You can gain access using the secret passcode "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF" in the Betas tab.

  • Added backdrop editor to create some vistas surrounding your map. This is basically a 1/4 resolution version of the terrain without details to help make the world seem bigger, such as the mainland on PEI. All terrain tools should work with this, so let me know if something doesn't.
  • Added world chat. (J)
  • Added area chat inside 128. (K)
  • Added group chat. (L)
  • Added gestures menu. (C) Perform an action or click surrender again to stop surrendering.
  • Added ability to scroll through chat.
  • Added auto search through inventory to find a replacement item when done using a consumeable item such as a grenade or barricade.
  • Added hints for controls and interactions.
  • Added option to disable hints.
  • Added information at bottom of screen in editor about hotkeys and current object.
  • Added hotkey labels to buttons for tools.
  • Moved hitmarker onto server to prevent false positives.
  • Improved placement of vehicle information.
  • Improved gun information.
  • Improved support for mixed animations.
  • Underwater vehicles are deleted when leaving the game so you don't have to wait for it to respawn.
  • Increased firetruck speed.
  • Raised max players to 32 just to see how well it works.
  • Fixed moving objects outside map border.
  • Fixed headlights and sirens disabled on server.
  • Fixed not being able to put resources near map border.
  • Fixed top and bottom range of material baking.
  • Fixed importance of other player flashlights.
  • Fixed pickup cancelling out equip.
  • Fixed vehicle ignition when underwater.
  • Fixed starting chatting while performing another action.
  • Fixed melee/gun interact request getting muddled up.
  • Fixed quality update with using items not applying.
  • Fixed crash when number of zombie regions and navigation regions differed.
  • Fixed vehicle blocking explosion.
Thanks for reading!
Community Announcements - Tyler
Holy cow! Fuse is in the running for a Steam Winter Community Choice Sale with a crazy discount of 80% OFF and we need your vote!!!
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Go participate in some game dev democracy and vote in the next 13 hours to get Fuse at a huge discount!

Want an even better chance to get Fuse dirt cheap? Flip some tables and tell your friends!

For Eternal Glory!

That link again:
Community Announcements - festiVINE ☃
A major bugfix and several balance tweaks:

•Bloop's inksplosion radius increased by about 25%
•Bloop's insplosion stun increased from 20 to 60
•Bloop's inksplosion knockback increased from 4 to 8
•Mishka's attack speed passive has roughly tripled in power
•Yoji's attack speed is now 20% faster
•Halved the damage of Android's static electricity
•Shelby now grows in length every level, instead of every other level

•Doubled the rate at which Growth Battery charges
•Thorny Gem should now be twice as effective

•Fixed a bug where Giga Mechworm went on a different Christmas vacation and never returned
•All crates now have double the chance to drop powerups (from 10% to 20%)
•All crates are now less likely to drop Big Bombs
•All crates have a chance of dropping a higher tier powerup (wood dropping tier 2, etc)
•Many Arena enemies should now begin spawning earlier
•Increased the brightness of dark rooms by 10%
Community Announcements - mikez
Holiday Experiment - Versus-Series Style Superjumps
Happy holidays, I got you some extra air time!
I'd make some jumping for joy joke but it'd be awful so consider this your reprieve.
This is a large change, it invalidates many combos but provides many new ones, opens up new neutral gameplay, etc. I've wanted to try this for a long time just to see how it goes. It may turn out to not be very "Skullgirls" but the best way to learn is by doing - that's what the Beta is for!
This is by no means final, and I'm very sad I have to explicitly state that, hello internet. See what you think, maybe it's fun.
- Everyone has double the takeoff velocity for superjumps, and has air control with the joystick.
- Hitting with a normal during a superjump cuts your upward velocity in half, just like all the old Versus games.
- Just for this experiment Painwheel's flight speed (in all directions but especially upward) has been increased to help it compete with superjumps.

- Final in-game portrait for Big Band, not recycling an animation frame. Heh.
- FINALLY fix the RoadRoller-letting-Peacock-move bug, after two years! THANK YOU BAIKEN for finding a consistent way to do it!
- Bugfix: Big Band's j.LK now follows the same rules as other multi-hit highs, rather than only being high for the first hit even if the second hit is the one that makes contact.
- Bugfix: Big Band's ground parry no longer ends up standing in the air vs certain moves like Double's Lv3. Thanks Ninja.

Beta Experiments
- Reversal window after hitstun/wakeup is now 2f instead of 4f.
- Assist vulnerable time before attacking 2f -> 4f. I actually don't think I like this, but again, Beta is for trying.
- Valentine can counter bursts, with both versions of her counter super.
- Daisy Pusher specifically disallows tagging for 4f after it goes active, all other actions by the enemy are OK.
- KK is now a dash shortcut and a valid pushblock command just like PP. I was against this, but realistically I have no logical reason why not so let's try it. (Beowulf's chair grab outprioritizes dash, but I will consider other motions for it if this stays.)
- Fix Fukua's HK Drillationship wrong 3f of invincibility as assist.

- Full movelist with real names.
- Non-rough animation for Gigantic Arm.
- Real animation for backdash!
- Add Lv3, Three Wulf Moonsault, QCB+PP / 214+PP.
- Add Lv3...wait, what? Two Lv3s? Yep. Add Lv3, Wulfamania, 360+LP+LK. Return of the 2-hit headbutt!
- Taunt input is now LP, MP, Fwd, LK, MK (Talbain's Moment Slice). I greatly prefer this to HCBx2.
Community Announcements - hypercanestudios
The trench divider has been removed from the list of obstacles in the Glutten for Punishment achievement.
Community Announcements - Raf
One more update before the Holidays and Christmas!


* Added a generic governor template and improved the other specialized templates to reserve cap space for the appropriate buildings (improves colony specialization)
* Improvements made to how the AI manages colony builds and ship build queues in mid-to-late game

* Ancient worlds and some other special worlds will now provide bonus capacity for additional buildings
* The probe in the tutorial will now disappear once the mission is finished
* Already discovered techs through archaeological digs will now display the appropriate tech field boost message

* Fleet list window content will now correctly fit at 5:4 resolutions (eg: 1280x1024)
* Ordering a survey system to another sector will no longer reveal the star name before arriving

* Fixed a rare issue where the game could crash during a survey system
* Unloading troops to your own colonies will now incur a 10 turn delay before the ship can receive fresh troops. You can still use the load troops to transfer back from the colony.

* Reduced the Ghostship weapons quantity to make it a bit more balanced
* Fixed an issue where a split task force could cause the combat instance to happen in the wrong sector

* Fixed an issue with instanced combat requiring the player to press auto (space) to exit after a battle has ended
* Fixed an issue where a colony population would not grow if it was reduced to zero and the planet conquered without destroying it
Community Announcements - Digital Homicide
A change is going in to resolve issues for those who have high pings to the server and are having action bar/inventory/equipment issues due to it. (this includes loss of action bar items)

The downfall is your inventory/gear/action bar will be wiped when patch hits.
You can save stuff by putting it in containers as those will not be affected.

I will wait for patch until tomorrow evening since this is of significant impact.

Some of the other changes with this are -
Auto stack from container to inventory
Craft lock - so you don't accidentally select something else while crafting something and hose your timer.
Couple other small fixes.

May be a few other fixes if i can get to them this evening.

Some work has also gone into making a single player version choice from the lobby eventually. This will be a 3 or 4 stage process which might be able to be completed before end of year.

Community Announcements - Trichotomy
There was a very small update to Dog Sled Saga today - here are the changes:
  • Moved save directory according to platform (existing saves will be relocated automatically)
  • Fixed err.txt and log.txt file creation
This update is mostly an effort to help us continue to diagnose the crash errors on laptops with multiple graphics devices (see here)

The new save file directories are:
  • Windows - %home folder% / Saved Games / Dog Sled Saga
  • Mac - %home folder% / Saved Games / Dog Sled Saga
  • Linux - %home folder% / .dogsledsaga

Dan and Lisa
Community Announcements - Alex Poysky
Hey there everyone. It's sunday, around 2 A.M here in Spain.

I've mapped out the next update we'll be pushing tomorrow, but don't want to give too many details away as it's a surprise Christmas update!

One thing I CAN say is that we have FINALLY overcome the internal slump that's been keeping us from putting achievments in, expect more than 20 initially, with more to come in future patches!

It's been a long time coming and once again it's due to how we internally coded the game. Who knew making games could be HARD right?

In any case, exactly this day last year I made myself a promise that if we were even moderately successful I'd pay out of my own pocket if someone couldn't afford the game for christmas.

I'm making good on the promise. This is a serious, no strings attached proposition.

If you WANT Pixel Piracy, and do not have the economic means by which to procure it, I will personally chip in for your copy. That's it, it's that simple.

I know there will be abuse, but I hope that the christmas spirit in all of you keeps it to a minimum. I genuinely wish to help those that may not be in a position to enjoy a game very often, and while I would gladly invite each and every one of you to a coffee, beer, or sandwich, I'll never get the chance to physically meet you all and feel this is a good way to help out.

I'll be available on our chatroom here
every so often over the holidays, and I always make good on my promises. Open up a PM to me and let me know you can't afford the title and I WILL get it to you post-haste.

The only thing I could ask of you all is to pay it forward and help someone in need someday. I've been in dire straits before, I've HAD to eat white rice with my dog because I couldn't afford anything else. I know what that's like.

It might not be much, but it's what I can do.

Happy Holidays everybody!

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