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Community Announcements - Chris
We are running two sales on Stash Tab Bundles this weekend! For the first 24 hours (Saturday, PST), we've discounted Premium Stash Tab Bundles by 17.5%. On Sunday, Regular Stash Tab Bundles are discounted by 26.6%. Thanks again for the generous support! To buy them, just press M in-game.

We've had a lot of reports about server stability issues in the last few hours, mostly from Canada and to a lesser extent, other areas of Northern America. We've escalated the issue to our server host who are investigating it. These types of issues usually involve internet issues between various ISPs and can be resolved with the ISPs investigating for a few hours. We're keeping a close eye on it!

There's a similar issue going on with our Australian gateway over a longer period of time, related to internet choppiness between Australia and our master servers in America. We're looking for solutions to this and are confident that we can resolve it.

We broke another international player concurrency record last night and it's very clear that tonight is going to be another all-time high! I'll let you know how it went after the weekend.

We've been receiving a lot of feedback about the Forsaken Masters expansion. The vast majority is extremely positive, but some players have expressed concern with the balance of some of the bosses in the Beyond league. We are reading the feedback, continuing to playtest, looking at player data and making more changes. I expect the next set of changes will be deployed on Monday or Tuesday. The leagues are an evolving thing, and we're keen to hit the sweet spot of challenge, reward and fun.

There's a strike team within our core development team working on adding content to missions in Forsaken Masters. Lots of very cool additions are coming over the next few weeks.

Enjoy the expansion over the weekend! Oh, and thanks for buying stash tabs!
Community Announcements - DarthBenedict
-Added a new booster, the phase drill. It lets you charge through enemies dealing damage.
-You can now send invites to multiplayer games when you aren't hosting.
-Inviting people to games is a bit easier.
-First map now has dynamic music.
-Some minor co op bugfixes.
-A few weapons and engines have had stat tweaks.
Community Announcements - Eric.B
I didn't notice this when I put out 1.15.2, but my changes to factory prices was missing! They're now in. Enjoy! :)
Community Announcements - Scapes

ArcheAge's Closed Beta Event 4: Conflict & Conquest has begun! This fourth event started at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) this morning and will run until the same time on Wednesday, August 27! Be sure to read our CBE4 announcement article for full details about this event! If you have more questions about ArcheAge Beta, please visit our FAQ.

We look forward to seeing you in ArcheAge!

Discuss this article on the forums.
Community Announcements - Vince
Welcome to update # 8. It’s a big update that adds all kinds of things but very little new content, unfortunately.

1. You can return to Teron now. There isn’t much to do there yet as the unfinished quests have been resolved without you (thanks for nothing) and new content will be triggered by the events in Ganezzar, which hasn’t been released yet.

So much like Caer-Tor, the new Teron maps (there are two actually, one where the Imperial Guards took over, the other where House Daratan reigns supreme and the town is swarmed with mercenaries) are nothing but a foundation on which new content will be build.

Still, you can walk around, chat with people, admire Antidas’ grave, stop in front of crucified Miltiades, meet a mercenary captain who will replace Mercato if you had him killed, and report any bugs and consistency issues (people who should be dead being alive and kicking, etc).

2. We split the Teron map into 3 to improve performance. The old map included the mine and the raiders’ camp, which wasn’t the best way to handle it. Now Teron, the mine, and the camp are truly separate locations, which - in theory - can cause all kinds of issues but hopefully won’t.

We tweaked the mine location a bit, replacing the old tower with something equally Roman but more combat-friendly, plus made it easier to explore it outside of text adventure. Overall, there is less ‘teleporting’ now.

3. We tweaked Alchemy as per very helpful players’ suggestions

  • Added more reagents to Maadoran and Teron alchemists' inventories
  • Increased poison damage by 1 point for all levels.
  • Bombs and liquid fire no longer miss.
  • Bombs critical chance (knockdown effect) is now 50 - (victim's constitution - 6) x 15.
  • Alchemy level 9: Black Powder Bomb (Frag) has vsDR 5.
  • Alchemy level 10: Berserk potion homeostasis gives 3 DR and takes 5 HP at the end of the effect.
  • Alchemy level 10: Neurostimulant (Eagle Eye) gives 25 THC bonus.


As many of you noticed the difficulty takes a nosedive in Maadoran. One of the reason for that is that the metal bonuses greatly increase your offensive and defensive capabilities. Each metal adds 2 points. Whereas in Teron adding 2 points is a good bonus (and iron weapons are harder to find), it's relatively easy to buy high quality gear in Maadoran and increase your damage output and/or DR by 5-7 points, which is too much.

So, the no-name crafted items are removed from trader inventories (if you want them, invest in Crafting). Some of them have been replaced by much more expensive unique items. Coincidentally, each metal now adds only 1 point, so getting your hands on some blue steel will increase your damage/DR by 3 instead of 6.

We also tweaked some stats of unique items to make sure they are consistent with the overall balance.

5. A number of bug fixes and minor improvements.

* * *

As always, thank you for your continuous support and patronage. This update is a stepping stone toward a much larger update which will include 3 new locations, so your feedback and suggestions will be much appreciated.
Community Announcements - Noble Empire
Desert Eagle model has been just updated with operated gases and flying bullet feature!!!
Check it!
Community Announcements - weptalo
Hi Everybody!

Today we give you He 111 H-6 for the early access. This magnificent aircraft completes the IL2BOS hangar making it all 10 planes that we planned to create - and we did it. Still there is one BUT - we release it without bomb load this week. Next Friday update will contain necessary corrections

Also today we update the game version implementing massive changes in the multiplayer, improving its technical features. We count on performance improvement however we don't know yet how big this improvement will be. Also some technical issues are expected so don't be surprised if multiplayer mode crashes - we're testing the new system, it's still WIP.

In addition to the changes that have been mentioned above we plan to add the Novosokolniki community-made map to the game today. It should be available in multiplayer to all IL2BOS players. More details

P.S. and a special video for Steam community (in Russian with English subs)

Community Announcements - Programmer Joe
SteamVR has been updated with the following changes:


  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause the Steam Client to crash on startup.


  • Improved error handling when the Oculus SDK can't connect to the Oculus Runtime.
Community Announcements - Sunstone Games, LLC.
Gameplay Fixes:

  • Weapons now stop firing when you are out of Energy.
  • Weapons may not be fired unless you have 2 cells of Energy.
  • Robokomododon's Jet VFX hooked up.
  • Head Tracking fixed - Right stick now moves head & aims primary weapons.
  • Ambient Head Tracking re-enabled.
  • Gigashark's weapon should render properly again.
  • Robokomododon's Belly Cannon now deals damage, and requires 2 cells of energy.
  • Robokomododon's Primary Weapon given proper range & collision.

Engineering Fixes:

  • None (Jason's week off.)

Weapons are still not finished - we're missing proper audio, HUD feedback, damage values, reactions, build-up animations, impact VFX, and proper collision shapes for our other monsters. But these changes should stop the worst abuses.

We're hard at work - this Tuesday (8/26) we plan to have a controller fix implemented - thank you all for your patience!

As always, please keep up the discussion & bug reports - we're relying on all of you to let us know what you want to see done first!
Community Announcements - chaosavy
Hey guys - here's what's been happening since the last update rollup.

  • New story content - about 2 hours worth
  • New instant action scenario
  • Earlier story content revised/updated/improved
  • Story/dialog/mission writing updates/edits/tweaks thanks to an outsider writer
  • 5 new ships (3 new ships - 2 variants)
  • Added new build able defensive platforms for the "rock guys" faction
  • "Mines" can be "built" the way that stations are
  • New HUD elements (target related)
  • Resource request system - have more than one base? Transfer some resources via cargo ships
  • Multi controller support. For those with HOTAS and/or wanting to use a two joysticks at the same time
  • Redone station upkeep
  • Numerous enhancements, tweaks and bugs fixed - change log

What's next:

We are about 2 or 3 more updates until the story line is complete - I'm not entirely sure because I'm not exactly sure how it all ends. Once the story line is complete - focus will be given 100% to art related assets polish and misc issues. Also I'm hopeful that Steam Achievements should be nearing the horizon.

Other happenings:

Check out this new art:


This is the basis of new Steam banners/capsules for the store and related pages. I have it set as my desktop background :) If you want the 1080p version here's a link to download it.

Thanks for supporting the project!


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