Aug 31, 2014
Community Announcements - Rock1
Patch 1.42 Notes

- Removed movement acceleration. Holding down a movement key now only moves the cube one block.

- Clarified a text for completing/clearing a stage.
Community Announcements - Chris
Our next Forsaken Masters Content Update (1.2.2) allows you to keep your pets in your hideout. We've taken a screenshot of what it looks like with a variety of scorpions roaming around. We'll be posting more information about the other contents of 1.2.2 in the coming days.
Community Announcements - Guntrix
Hello everyone,

We have a maintenance schedule today.
Maintenance schedule:
August 31 23:00 – September 1 00:00 US Pacific Time

Scheduled Tasks:
  • Server maintenance and fix on random client crash issue.

The game servers will be closed during the maintenance.
We’re sorry about the down-time and will do our best to reopen the game servers as soon as possible.

- GunZ Team
Community Announcements - mikez
- Online play is now thin border instead of borderless, and uses a more widely-accepted code path to maintain the window's position when it changes. (It seems not all graphics drivers support querying client window position, which is kinda nuts!) Hopefully this fixes some people's freezing/crashing issues when it switches the window style, plus it's slightly prettier. Tell me in the comments! If there are still issues, I'll keep lookin' at it...
- Disabled Alt-Space in online play just in case some versions of Windows somehow allowed it with a borderless window.
Aug 31, 2014
Community Announcements - mav
New snapshot is out today. If you are unsure of how to get the latest snapshots, please check out this helpful video!

Change log:

This snapshot was focused on fine tuning the support role, namely indirect fire. The goal was to make it easier to fire at targets behind cover and hit loan range targets consistently. One feature that was worked on a lot but didn't get worked out in time for this snapshot was the range finder crosshairs. It will be done soon though.

+ New projectile physics type added, allowing me to finely control projectile arcs
+ Splash damage was converted to a damage curve, meaning splash does more damage than it used to

* Howitzers overall damage was increased
* Howitzers overall range was increased

* Rockets overall range was increased
* Rockets received a significant reduction in starting velocity
* Rockets received a reduction in acceleration velocity
* Rockets received a reduction in max velocity
* Overall rocket spread was increased

* Base weapon camera zoom level was increased to match the 3rd person camera zoom level

+ Advanced crosshair system was created
! - Bug in the advanced crosshair -> GUI system prevented the feature from working fully so it is currently disabled. [Support ticket is open]

I am looking forward to feedback on the new systems!
Aug 31, 2014
Community Announcements - LegacyElite84
Well, this was supposed to be the range finder update, but it fell short do to some technical issues.

I did manage a lot of gameplay changes though.

I completely reworked the physics of howitzers and rockets. I created a system that gives me a lot more control to the flight path.

Howitzers were re-tuned.
-I believe overall damage was increased
-Overall range was increased.

Rockets were re-tuned
-Significant range increase (though it's an overall decrease because of the differences in the old and new physics system)
-Overall spread increase
-Significant reduction in starting velocity
-Reduction in velocity acceleration

Splash damage system was reworked. The old system used a pure math [inverse square] calculation. The new system uses a damage falloff curve, allowing me full control over it. This resulted in a significant increase in splash damage being dealt.

Made base weapon camera zoom level match the 1st person zoom level [this will result in an overall zoom increase to ALL weapons]

Did a WHOLE LOT of work to create and setup a system to do advanced crosshairs [animation, range information, etc.] but didn't get it to work fully in time for this build. I have a support ticket open about the item that is blocking it.

Went to code the AI to know how to use the new physics system, but apparently they already figured it out....
Join the discussions on the forums:
Community Announcements - Astral Projection
Steam patch scheduled for September 1st includes:

- Recall System: All player ships are now equipped with a Recall System which acts similarly to a personal jump gate on a 5-minute cooldown. At any time a player may drop a Recall Anchor in any star system. Later on, the player may activate the Recall System to jump directly to the star system in which they dropped the anchor. The jump requires a 5-second charge up.

- new tutorial mission for Recall System

- Warhead Launcher recoil greatly reduced
Community Announcements - elecdog
I did various improvements while planning, so I decided to add dark worlds and release the update.

The launcher is gone for good, and settings are now in a text file instead of Windows registry. You'll need to change them again if you're updating since they'll be reset to the defaults, but it's only once for this update.

Change log:
  • Game settings are now saved in the Windows app data folder instead of the registry.
  • Removed the launcher.
  • Added dark worlds.
  • Worlds with undiscovered treasures are now highlighted on the universe map.
  • Available resources are now displayed on the universe map.
  • Added a hint on how to scroll and zoom the universe map.
  • Added descriptions for special worlds, visible on the universe map after visiting the world.
  • Activated triggers are now changed on the world map. No more looking for the missed one!
  • Changed magic vortex effect a bit to make it different for portals, spells and resources.
  • Improved tutorial to tell which buttons to use and point to objects on the map.
  • Player now respawns in the castle with zero mana and half health after death.
  • Available resources are now displayed when at the crafting altar.
  • Monster loot is now configurable from script (note for modders).
  • Optimized some parts of the world generation.
  • Added some decorative filler elements like forests and lakes.
  • Improved artistic post-effect and sky shaders quality a bit.
  • For debugging purposes, log files are saved in the Windows app data folder now.
  • Screenshots are now saved in the Windows app data folder.
  • The new game now starts in the first world directly, without the universe map.
  • Fixed saved game bug which likely only affected the tutorial world.
  • Fixed rare universe generator bug that prevented the access to the crafting world.
  • Some other minor improvements.
Aug 31, 2014
Community Announcements - [Uber] Garat
The launch edition of the game includes a number of upgrades, including enhancements to both single-player and multiplayer. It will also include two new features: resource-rich gas giants and the "Annihilaser," a celestial laser of doom that obliterates planets with each tremendous blast.

As a thank you to our generous backers and early access supporters, we're giving you all access to these features shortly via a game update.

Additionally, the release build of Planetary Annihilation will be available on the show floor at PAX this August 29 through September 3.

Thank you again for all your support throughout development. We're thrilled to deliver on our vision for an RTS with massive scale and even more massive battles, easy-to-use tools, and incredible moments. We can't wait to show you what's next.
Community Announcements - K1lo
The most commonly seen questions I've seen on the Isomer Steam community and officials forums have related to tutorials .. specially the lack there-of. In previous builds, Isomer would start off without much (or even any) explanation or back story. One minute you're generating a world, the next BAM! You're on that world with a few bewildered workers wondering exactly why their commander is having so much trouble with that mouse thing they're holding.

Well worry no more, in the build that was released earlier today ( my focus has been adding tutorials and help screens. More than 30 different tutorials are now in the game (can you catch them all?) and will trigger depending on what's currently happening. My hope this will answer a lot of questions, help new players and provide some background to some of the hidden mechanics in Isomer.

On top of this I've made the title screen more snazzy (ooo procedural nebulae...) and made a number of general tweaks. Spawn pads will now heal units standing on top of them which makes them much more useful, especially for static guard posts. Unit decision making and movement has been improved to make sure any unit that side steps to get a shot at an enemy will face in the correct direction when they step back to their original position. Furthermore, combat instructions are always prioritised even when a unit or group of units is moving making control more intuitive.

Lastly, some weapons have had their accuracies tweaked to balance the game a bit more. Hint - use more lancers ;-)

Here's the full change log for build

New: Enemy units rank 4 or above now have special rank decorations.
New: Added 31 tutorials to the game.
New: Spawn pads now heal units standing on top of them.

Improved: If a unit moves as a result of a combat side step, on returning to their original location they will turn back to where they were originally facing.
Improved: Improved title screen background and added an Early Access badge.
Improved: Made Alien Blaster Heavy Rifle less accurate (Good -> Average).
Improved: Lancer weapons have been made more accurate (Average -> Good).
Improved: Units assigned an attack order will prioritise this above all other instructions.

Bugfix: Fixed erroneous logging of prefab config files being missing.

As usual the update can be downloaded from the launcher or automagically via Steam.

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