Community Announcements - Happy Wars Team
  • Tuning was done to address the occurrences of a network error.
  • ネットワークエラーが発生する症状に対し、調整を行いました。
Community Announcements - Chris
We received an amazing response to the Forsaken Masters announcement yesterday. Many players had questions on how the new mechanics work, so we've prepared a (detailed and very wordy) Development Manifesto update that covers the new features and some of our design goals.
Community Announcements - ⓣⓘomega
An update has been released with the following changes
  • [BETA]Milan updated with fixes and much more contrast to reduce the excessive flaring
  • [BETA][FFA] Entrely new Spawning system
  • [BOMBING]Uprising restored with correct spawn locations for terrorists
  • Being Kicked for AFK will now eject you from the room
Community Announcements - panzergamingstudios
Hey guys this is the first ever matinance build where we have a build of the game up with so many changes we need to go in and well do even more! Multiplayer is being worked on right now. The game will not load past the first level, or it shouldn't. We apologize for the inconvience.
Jul 31, 2014
Community Announcements - [TrendyEnt] Pmasher
Greetings Defenders!

As the dust has started to settle from the launch of Dungeon Defenders Eternity, a lot of you have asked about our post-launch roadmap for Eternity.

We’ll be updating Dungeon Defenders Eternity on a weekly and monthly basis. Weekly, we’ll be releasing small patches to address bugs, implement minor changes, and overall continue to polish Eternity. Monthly, we’ll release what we call a content patch which can include things like maps, game modes, pets, and more.

In addition, we have kicked off part of our development team to investigate the two requests you’ve been discussing most often, offline mode and private taverns, and are working hard to slowly bring back bits and pieces of the missing content from the original Dungeon Defenders over time. We don’t have any answers or timelines to share yet, but stay tuned!

With that being said, our first content patch will appear around the end of August and will not only include a brand new mission, but a new twist on some old Dungeon Defenders content.

Today, we’re releasing our first weekly patch -- Patch 3.2! We have some highly requested quality of life fixes in here (I’m looking at you, pesky tavern joining messages) as well as some important bugfixes and balance tweaks. Going forward the Eternity team is dedicated to making Dungeon Defenders Eternity the best experience for both new and old players alike and we look forward to using your feedback each and every step of the way to make that a reality.

-Marc “Tsuda” Singer

Patch Notes - 3.2
  • Removed tavern messages on players joining and leaving
  • Dyes can now be sold on the dye page
  • Min and Max Quality filters put in for blueprints
  • View Active Sessions will no longer show missions on the final combat phase
  • Smoothed out wave progression on Endless Spires
  • Smoothed out wave progression on The Summit
  • Increased Arcane Library defense units from 80DU to 100DU
  • Monk's boost abilities now properly scale mana cost over time
  • Reduced Wyverns speed on harder difficulties
  • Increased Shroomite pet's poison spread to affect more enemies
  • Reduced the time between spawns on Death From above challenge
  • Adjusted health scaling on bosses to match campaign boss scaling
  • Curse of Weakness Amulet cooldown increased to 20 seconds from 7 seconds
  • Incinerate Amulet mana cost reduced to 50 from 80
  • Elemental Affinity Amulet base dropped from 300% to 150%
  • Spider minion now shoots webs again
  • Players can no longer enter mob spawn areas on Foundries & Forges
  • Players can no longer enter mob spawn areas on Dread Dungeon
  • Doors now open correctly on Magus Citadel
  • The Southeast spawn doors now open correctly on Endless Spires
  • Some locations on maps and the tavern have now been blocked to prevent players from ledge-hopping out of the map
  • Shai Hulud Huntress Weapon no longer has insane speed
  • Propeller Cats no longer rolls additional projectile and fire rate stats since it has no projectiles
  • Fixed doors not opening on Akatiti Jungle
  • Fixed Turtles on Akatiti Jungle from breaking after a single use
  • Leveling up in the Tavern will now give player full mana
  • Summoner when phase shifting will now have his armor disappear as well
  • Summoner's spider minions now attack at the correct rate
  • Countess' attacks now all hit properly on combo attacks
  • Initiate's attacks now all hit properly on combo attacks
  • Huntress flame thrower and poison flame thrower can no longer stun-lock enemies
  • Castle Armory's white column visual artifact is now gone
  • Amulets now auto-lock when equipped
  • Weight stat now properly displays on the Hero and Inspect screen
  • Removed the inspect folders in the crafting page
  • Amulets when equipped will display numbers immediately
  • Enemies spawn at correct levels on the final waves of No Towers Allowed challenge
  • Enemies spawn at correct levels on the final wave on Campaign and Moving Core maps
  • City in the Cliffs enemies like Orcs and Ogres should stop getting stuck in spawns
  • Tavern Siege's northwest spawner now functions as intended
  • Elemental enemies now only hurt a player once instead of twice in one attack
  • Hotkeys are now usable on the crafting page to do item management
  • Ogres have a new icon
  • Adjusted shop previews for a few items
  • Updated the regeneration aura heal icon and changed streaks on heal buff
  • Hamster pet's tooltips corrected
  • Summoner's dark elf warrior description has been spell checked
  • Added a description for the player debuff on Riddle of the Deep challenge
Jul 31, 2014
Community Announcements - sir
All the main Toribash events and best videos of July in one place (and also, some development stuff too):[/h1][/b]

Check July's Month Express by rubash and discover what's been happening with the Toribash community lately and what is going to happen in August!
Jul 31, 2014
Community Announcements - Planeswalker
• Can cancel click-and-drag movements by pressing ESC.
• In-App Purchases clearly state that you must defeat Avacyn to access the content before making a purchase.
• Improved mana tapping suggestions.
• Hold the Gates counts only its controller’s Gates instead of all Gates on the battlefield
• Séance text corrected in German
• Japanese prompt for Shock corrected.
• Dead Reckoning correctly deals damage, not triggering effects such as “Deathtouch” and “Lifelink”.
• Paragon of Fierce Defiance’s activation cost corrected.
• The highlight box is now positioned correctly when renaming a deck
Community Announcements - section_nec
We are happy to announce achievements and badges for Vlad: The Impaler. You may now earn special rewards and achievements through your journey. Craft badges and collect profile backgrounds, emoticons and rare cards.

[Community Updates]
- Achievements are now available! See a full list of what you can unlock in our Steam Store Page.
- Trading Cards & Badges can now be unlocked while playing. Complete decks to craft badges and unlock special rewards including emoticons and profile backgrounds
-Coming Soon: Vlad 4-Pack! Get 4 Vlad keys for $24.99.

[Misc Updates]
- Additional Quest dialogue improvements
- Addressed 'gray screen' issue

We also want to thank the community for your feedback. Your support helps us, as developers, create a better experience that we can grow and improve over time.
Community Announcements - Entropy Phi
Noir Syndrome Version 1.6 is now available for all users!

As I had mentioned in the preview, this patch is on the larger side. An all new "Sandbox" mode has been added that provides unlimited days and hunger. Additionally, the killer has taken to hiring hitmen to stop you from eventually capturing them. As you get closer to solving a case, hired hitmen will try to track you down and try to stop you. Anyone could be out for you, so pay attention to what people say and you might get an early warning that you're being hunted.

If you missed the patch notes, take a look below to see what's new!

New Features:
- Added a new "Sandbox" mode (in addition to normal, hard, and impossible)
- Sandbox mode gives the player infinite hunger and infinite days
- Sandbox mode works in the Dinner Party as well, except there is still only 1 day
- You cannot earn score, unlock badges, purchase scraps, or complete challenges in Sandbox mode
- Added hired hitmen to the main game who will search for the detective
- The chance for a hitman to appear increases as clues, suspects, and days are accumulated
- Killing hitmen will not anger any factions and will prevent any more for a while
- Added unique screen overlays for each costume pair
Gameplay Changes:
- Camera shifted slightly so the player is more centric
- Each hitman eliminated will provide a significant score boost
- Hitmen will show up much sooner and much more often on Hard and Impossible modes
- NPCs may warn the player when a hitman is currently searching for them
- Slowed hostile NPC's initial shooting times slightly on all modes
- Slower shooting only affects the first shot, so players can load in and react better
Fixes and Improvements:
- The 'Costumes' menu now gives tips depending on how many scraps you currently own
- Replaced "Challenge Points" with "Hitmen Killed" in the 'Statistics' menu
- Challenge Points can still be viewed within the Notebook
- Minor AI improvements
- Minor bug fixes
Community Announcements - [ACE] cbordeu
The community progression has reached the second phase of the Warlock!

The amount of damage on the seal represents the amount of progress the community has achieved in reaching the next phase. The first seal has been broken! When the seal breaks completely new elements will be introduced in to the abyss.

Note: If you want to receive updated reports of the community progress directly we suggest you join the Official Game Group or follow us on Twitter / Facebook. Links are provided below.

OGG link:

Facebook link:

Twitter: @AbyssOdyssey

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