Community Announcements - nasKo
Hello again.

As per the last Mondoid, we’re hard at work plugging away at all the things we said we’d be plugging away at last time so this Mondoid is just going to be a bit of us reporting in, with a little bit of new stuff to prevent Mathas from having to talk for ten minutes about puppies again.

So first, new thing!

Woop! Yep, you can now burn all those zombie corpses you’ve been stacking and thus re-create “the pit” from “The Last Man on Earth” / “I Am Legend” (the book, let’s not mention the film) except with additional accidentally setting yourself on fire.

All this moving and burning of corpses is paving the way for disease and other unpleasantness as a result of having rotting corpses decorating the inside of your safehouse – something we’ve wanted to deal with for a long time but would have been horribly punishing without a mechanic for removing / destroying bodies. But now we have that, we can have the other. HOORAY!

The Reporting In Bit

The game world, so far, consists of Muldraugh, West-Point, and a bit to the north containing a bunch of stuff including a (really, really big) mall and the amusingly-named “Knob Creek” *muffled laughter*. It’s pretty big, so far as hand-made game maps go BUT NOT BIG ENOUGH. To put everything into perspective, this image shows the areas mentioned above and then I’ve indicated the areas currently in progress.

Wowzers. Quite big, eh? So don’t be expecting this map expansion like, tomorrow, or anything since as you can see we’re talking about doubling the size of what’s there currently. And it’s not just bigger in area – that bit to the north? You know what’s up there, don’t you? Yep. A city. Which means that whooooole area is jam-packed with high-density buildings. So we’re talking twice the area but significantly more than twice the number of buildings (and… well, flupping loads of zombies too).
So, yeah…

Short Mondoid this week and I’ve tried to be fairly vague with the map stuff to avoid spoilers, but that’s where we are at the moment. Hope this was enough for you, Mathas <3

*Featured image credit: Steam user "D_loaded", link to source.
Jun 30, 2014
Community Announcements - sir
See all the greates events, news and videos of the past month in one thread:
Month Express: June[/h1]

Read the exclusive interview with one of the God Squad founders, information on the latest Gamemaster's 'Gotta Go Fast' events and see the best three Toribash videos of June!
Jun 30, 2014
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton

Here are the patch notes for version 2.0.3:

-Added water purification tablets.
-Added the ability to purify water, milk and orange juice.
-Added an explosive force to exploding cars.
-Added the S.S. Haven, a fortified cargo ship.
-Added tooltip error when using Gold features without Gold.

-Improved car color system to preserve details.
-Improved lever action animation.
-Reduced buckshot rarity.

-Fixed floating item spawns on the bridge.
-Fixed server filters not working.
-Fixed a bottleneck in the networking.
-Fixed flickering on blood splatters.
-Fixed burned car coloring.
-Fixed zoom on novuh iron sights.
-Fixed harvestable plants not using Steam time.
-Fixed looking away from fertilized plants resetting their state.

Now that we're getting into the last week before release I will focus mostly on bug fixes and tweaks, as well as getting more friend keys out to Gold members.

Thanks for reading!
Community Announcements - Dishmink
Hey Everyone,

Here’s our second major patch adding some new features, and fixing a bunch more bugs. We’ve also finally added a player head!!

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to

Version 0.03 Changelog:


  • No enemies mode! Type “veganmode” on title screen to activate (without the “”)
  • Player head added! And held items now correctly cast shadows
  • New suprise item added to plane
  • Yacht location is now random
  • Bats now correctly fly out of cave entrances
  • Partially built structures are now saved
  • Fixed water not accumulating on terrain when raining
  • Cassette player can now be turned off by clicking it a second time if it’s already playing
  • Log Cabin now has a floor, a door with hinge and a sleeping/saving spot
  • Birds will now land on window ledge of your built log cabin
  • Molotov will extinguish if in contact with water
  • Improved sunset/sunrise lighting
  • Two new effigies buildable, simple head on stick and arms pointing to sky
  • House boat buildable (Warning : buggy!! - especially with sharks. Also, may sink)
  • Stick marker added to custom building, quickly build yourself waypoints
  • Coral and seaweed added under water (rough)
  • New buildable item : Stick holder
  • Inventory can now carry 1 additional stick (to make shelter construction easier)
  • Small texture tweaks/improvements
  • Shadow distance increased for High and mid settings
  • Improved motion blur on held items
  • Hanging rope pick ups added to deep in caves
  • New cave lighting prop: Laptop
  • 11 new filmic inspired grade options added to graphic options menu
  • Bench now buildable via book section ‘Furniture’
  • Single bat prefab added to parts of caves
  • Improved lilypad pop-in
  • Med pickups now go direct to inventory instead of being eaten on pickup


  • Improved cannibal village track implementation
  • ‘Lake’ track added to Geese Lake
  • Bash pass at all ambient sound implementation, better transitions, better positioning, fall off and ranges
  • Thunder and rain sounds randomized
  • Cave audio pass, adding reverb and echo, better balancing
  • Underwater sound filter added
  • Water footsteps sounds now play when you walk into water


  • More memory optimizations should improve stability
  • Lowered memory usage further if 32bit windows is detected, should fix crash on opening if less than 4gbs of usable memory is available (note: 4gb usable is still recommended)


  • Head no longer pokes through collision!
  • Fixed some items missing from inventory when game was loaded
  • Fixed collision where you could wall walk out of plane
  • Fixed can’t carry more raw fish message that would appear when you had too many rocks.
  • Fixed pond covered in logs
  • Fixed left hand held conflicts between lighter, torch walkman etc
  • Removed gleam on inventory coins and flares
  • Fixed floating garden
  • Fixed leaf vertex colors on small leaf hut
  • Fixed flare gun falling through yacht
  • Fixed log going to -1 if you died whilst holding a log
  • Fixed small effigy construction shader being too faint
  • Removed grass cutting from opening inventory (was causing crashes on some pc’s)
Community Announcements - Chris
This week's Build of the Week episode showcases Unhost's Dual-Totem Ethereal Knives Shadow, which really highlights how powerful a build can be if you use near-optimal items. If you'd like more information about the build, he has posted a build guide here. To submit a build for a future Build of the Week episode, please post it in the appropriate class forum on Thanks!

Last week we received a few requests for a full copy of the B-roll combat footage that was used to assemble some sequences in the video. I've uploaded the full uncut combat sequences for this week's video here.
Community Announcements - SZ

A pile of Compendium rewards have just been released! Check out the new Pudgling courier, chat emoticons, weather effects and more. Purchasing a Compendium unlocks all present and future Compendium rewards, such as couriers, immortal items, battle booster, stat tracking, and an unusual taunt for the upcoming Techies hero.

With this update, we're also introducing Live Rewind, allowing you to pause, rewind, and jump around the timeline when spectating any live game. Saw an awesome team fight? Rewind and watch it again and again. Need to grab a drink while your favorite team is playing? Pause the match and resume when you get back.

Meanwhile, if you're coming to The International, you might want to head over to our Ticketing FAQ to prepare yourself for the event.

Can't make it to The International? Try joining (or hosting!) a Pubstomp, where people around the world gather locally to watch The International. Check out our Pubstomp page to learn more.
Jun 30, 2014
Community Announcements - [UBI]ChemZero
Last month we launched 10 new variations of two new camo patterns.This month, we're releasing another 10! Each camo is available forevery gun and works just like a regular attachment.

Check out the latest new camo below:

New Weapon Camo Preview
Community Announcements - Brother None
The latest Wasteland 2 Kickstarter update contains a lot on our current progress and plans, covering topics like the local area map, loot drops, jamming changes and frequency increase of alarm disarm and demolitions.

But aside from that, it speaks a bit to how Early Access has gone for us, and how we handle the revenue. Here is that section of the update:

Wasteland 2 is 2x bigger than Kickstarter budget allowed!

Wasteland 2 is a hell of a project. One that is larger and more nuanced than we had imagined even when completed our Kickstarter campaign and knew what our budget was. We've had the good fortune of having a nicely selling back catalog, which allowed us to put a good chunk of our own money into making this the best experience possible. That along with some help from Early Access on Steam provided additional revenue along with a great influx of feedback.

We made this promise a while back and it still holds true. Every penny coming in from sales is still going back into making Wasteland 2. By this stage, it means we have doubled Wasteland 2's initial budget.

There was discussion when we put the game up on Early Access whether it was a good idea or not. I can promise that the game we are close to releasing would not have been the same without it. While Wasteland 2 would have been released months ago without Early Access, it would not have the polish, detail, and scope that we are bringing to you in very near future. The past few years have been one large learning and refining process for all of us, and in hindsight, we can measurably say this had a huge positive impact on the game. Nothing beats the feedback from tons of you playing the game and the resources and time to act on that feedback.

At this stage in production we are thinking about practical tasks such as getting a gold master version so we can start printing discs. We're currently aiming to have that done in late July, but that doesn't mean we wrap up the project. Some people will stay on (as others move fully to Torment) and continue working on the game until its release to provide a day one patch, and we fully plan on significant post-release support.

The most obvious of that will be the mod-kit and of course post-release patches. We do not have any expansions currently planned but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any in the future. We will keep an eye on feedback just like we have during the beta period and be open to taking another look at features that are highly requested. Basically, while we are nearing the release date and thus nearing "the end" in that sense, we are looking forward to working on this game for quite some time yet!
Community Announcements - Goldhawk
Another update for Xenonauts has been released. Again, this is largely a stability update that will not break save games, but it does chance a few game files. If you have any major mods installed (map packs will work fine) then you may need to re-apply them after the update.

  • Month-end funding screen now appears before the Game Over screen if you lose the game.
  • Fixed the issue with upper levels of building not being visible if you have a soldier behind them.
  • Soldier equipment should stop "disappearing" on the Geoscape.
  • Killing a Zombie with a tank no longer spawns two Reapers, the second of which is invulnerable.
  • TU Reserve slider now works properly when you change weapons.
  • AI is now a bit less passive inside UFOs.
  • Extras launcher links now work correctly.

If you want to read the full changelog, you can do so here.

In other related news, the Mac / Linux builds are also finally getting somewhere. We've just enabled them for public download on Steam, but be aware that they are not yet fully functional.

LINUX: If you are playing on Linux, you must have WINE installed to be able to play the game. If it is installed then you should be able to download and play the game with no problem.

MAC: We're not able to launch this through Steam, but we can now distribute the files through Steam. Once they have downloaded, go into the download directory and open - the game is within.

Both the Mac / Linux builds still have some issues in them that we're working on fixing. The visual glitches from the Industrial tileset on V1.06 have been fixed, though - they were making the game unplayable for many.
Community Announcements - x-4000
Version 1.026 is out, and contains a number of things that fans have been asking for, as well as a number of important fixes.

There are some overall improvements to the solar map AI in this update, and there is also an overhaul of the ship graphics and their ships.

There are also new Advanced Start options that let you customize your gameplay experience, and it's from there that the name of this update derives. There are four new options added in this update, but more are inevitably coming in the next few weeks. With a game like this -- like AI War, too -- having flexibility in how campaigns play out is definitely a good thing. That means not just in-game options, but also options when you are setting up a new game.

In AI War, the lobby is incredibly complex and daunting to new players because of that extreme flexibility. There must be over a hundred things you can choose or tune on there. Our goal with TLF has always been to make it a lot more accessible to new players by making the Quick Start pretty much only ever have two options. But then Advanced Start is something that we figure can run wild and get as complex as it needs to, in order to better serve the hardcore players. Now that we are getting a better idea of what the hardcore players are actually interested in as options, we're starting to do that.

In particular, there were some things that for new players are not a problem, but experienced players find them too easy or too tedious, and this update allows you to either make those harder or turn them off. This doesn't mean we're never going to actually update core mechanics, but it does mean that we can make a kind of baseline set of core mechanics that does not just smash new players into complete pulp (as much), but where we still have options for the hardcore fans to ratchet up the difficulty in more specific ways than the two difficulty level dropdowns allow for.

Again, all of this is super familiar to anyone who knows AI War -- except this time we're aiming not to increase the baseline learning curve despite catering to the hardcore fans at the same time. An important lesson we have learned since AI War.

--------------- What's With The Shift In Schedule Lately? ---------------

I actually wrote about that last week on our recently-moved blog.

--------------- Ongoing Updates ---------------

The support of the community, and the growth of it, remain amazing to me. It's been 10 weeks, and it's clear we definitely have a winner here. As of a couple of days ago we have now broken even on the game, meaning that we actually are making money over and above what we spent creating the game. We're continuing to expand the improve the game via bugfixes, balance updates, and new content, and plan to do so for the foreseeable future.

It won't always be on a consistent schedule, but if you're familiar with our post-release support for AI War: Fleet Command over the past 5 years, that's basically the arc that we are currently expecting here unless something unexpectedly changes.

At present we are also working on expansions for both AI War and TLF (TLF: Betrayed Hope). The expansion for TLF is expected to be available for preorder through our site in early July, with access to the current beta of the expansion. The actual full release of the expansion is expected to be in August at this point, on all the existing distributors that carry the base game.

More to come soon. Enjoy!

This is a standard update that you can download through the in-game updater, or if you have Steam it will automatically update it for you. To force Steam to download it faster, just restart Steam and it will do so.

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