Nov 30, 2013
Community Announcements - Games Foundry
I am pleased to announce that Folk Tale Dev Blog 16 is now available:

Topics include:

  • Location Editor
  • Character - Beastman
  • Featured Icon

We look forward to your feedback.

Best wishes,

Simon Dean
Project Lead, Folk Tale

Read and discuss Dev Blog 15:

Read and discuss Dev Blog 14:

Read and discuss Dev Blog 13:

Read and discuss Dev Blog 12:

Read and discuss Dev Blog 11:

Read and discuss Dev Blog 10:

Read and discuss Dev Blog 9:
Community Announcements - termi
We've tallied up the scores for the tournament registrants, here they are!

  • Jok3rellone
  • Flash
  • Zanzamal
  • WhoArts
  • Dogaru
  • Inathero
  • Angles
  • Xelot
  • Airlines
  • Kana
  • eBunny
  • Th3c4sch
  • =(eG)=Keith Wicher
  • Hoody
  • Oak
  • Cynoxious
  • Shooting Star
  • Ecioh
  • Mugen
  • RickyWL
  • Mugsworth
  • The Greatest Black Karate Man
  • Raffle
  • Wolfloor
  • Dinosaurathon
  • Asowa
  • West Korea is Best Korea
  • DarkInfestor
  • Sentient
  • Tsuko

Hope you guys are ready for the touney and we'll be in touch soon with additional info !
Community Announcements - EF Admin
Version is being updated to the main branch after being tested in beta for a while. Changes since the beta are as follows...

  • Adjusted bonus points granted for time when completing Goibniu Mode.
  • Added bonus points for current level when completing Goibniu Mode.
  • Non boss enemies no longer grant points after level 20 in Goibniu Mode.
  • Ash Bringer now dissolves if it hits a wall.
  • Holy Order and Black Blessing reworked.
  • Various typos fixed.
  • Hot fix for error on enemy electric beams.
  • Hot fix for slow spell casting while Ash Bringer is equipped.

For the full list of changes in this version Click Here

If you where using the IGPU betas to address a graphic issue that occurs on some devices, please continue to do so. It will have the latest updates and changes until a permanent solution is found.
Community Announcements - fug4life
Our weekly show and tell has started, come join us!
Live Link
Nov 30, 2013
Community Announcements - LordShaggy
  • Swapping out current light system with a slightly simplier one temporarly. This is to solve an issue were a number of users would experience inconsistant but frequent freezes while playing the game.
    We are moving to full focus on multiplayer and will return and focus on solving this issue after, but we wanted to remove the crash
  • Optimization in the rendery loop
  • Added First Achievment
  • Memory Leaked Plugged
Community Announcements - OpenRealms
We just pushed out another quick patch. We found and were able to resolve an issue that was mainly showing on Macs.

The issue caused a crash whenever a player would swing a sword. Since the users wouldn't see the sword animation, it appeared as though it was crashing whenever they left-clicked in the game.

This issue has now been resolved. Please make sure you are up to date if you had been experiencing this issue.
Community Announcements - Riley

A menu crashing bug in the developmental branch of SourceMod (1.6) has been fixed. We urge anyone using SourceMod to update to snapshop #4176 immediately.


If you need help upgrading SourceMod, click here for the upgrade instructions.
Community Announcements - Rami

As promised, we tried to get loads of new features in this week, and we're happy to tell you that through herculean effort and diligent work, we've succeeded! Amongst a ton of stuff, we made a whole new mutant you can play as. And golden guns. And crowns that actually do something. Actually, feel free to stop reading this and start playing right now!

  • Chicken! A katana-wielding mutant that can slow down time.
  • Crowns now work! They still need a lot of work, and some of them are horrible or unbalanced, but you can find them in the Crown Vault and mess around with them.
  • Gold weapons! That will start spawning after you loop the game.
  • A new B-skin.
  • Loading texts can now be based on the weapon you're carrying.
  • A secret, new, rare enemy in levels after Desert.

  • Crossbow Lungs renamed to Bolt Marrow, now makes bolts jump straight into nearby enemies. Lots of fun!
  • Plasma weapons now deal splash damage making them not quite useless.
  • Frogs walk away from you at spawn.
  • Less accuracy for the Auto Crossbow.
  • Ammo starting amounts are different.
  • Steroids ammo starting amounts are different.
  • More range for the Snow Tanks.

  • Weapons should no longer go through portals after death.
  • Portals should no longer spawn outside of levels.
  • Frozen City enemies now spawn when looping.
  • Gators no longer spawn inside walls.
  • Gators & Assassins now give Rads when killed before activated.
  • Health can no longer be negative.
  • When carrying a melee weapon only, the bullet ammo type no longer lights up on the HUD.

  • Snowbot finalization & car pickup/throw animations.
  • Snow and ashes in the Frozen City.
  • A couple of new Frozen City props, including 2 rare ones.
  • Renamed Crossbow Lungs to Bolt Marrow.
  • Cool pedestals in the Crown Vaults.
  • Snowbots now leave dust trails when attacking.
  • Smoking Gators now carry their shotgun on their back.
  • Some more loading screen texts.
  • Snowtank graphics!
  • Y.V. now starts with a gold revolver.
  • Chainsaw is now a Jackhammer.
  • Big Dog corpses look slightly different.

Next week we'll be fixing some loose ends in preperation for December. We'll be slowing down on the updates for the weeks after the next one temporarily, since most of the team will take a breather sometime in December. There will still be streams on every Tuesday and Thursday, although they'll generally be art-, music- or sound-related. We at Vlambeer do want to make sure the game is stable and has plenty of things to play around with this week.

We hit 10,000 sales earlier this week and wow, thanks so much for getting the game to such a staggering number so quickly! We're super humbled and thankful to everybody in the community. Do tune in on Tuesday and Thursday to let us know what you thought of everything in Update #7 and please do share the game with friends on Twitter and Facebook and all that.

Nov 30, 2013
Community Announcements - banov
Hey! Shortly pushing an update. I had to do it in kind of a rush so some new stuff might be messy/broken in some obscure way, but, I wanted to get it out sooner cause i don't know when i'll next have a solid chance to work.

We now have:
  • 10 new coins
  • 4 new enemies
  • A new class
  • Big balance changes--changed some coin distributions in chests, and stacks are now weaker
  • Fixed level transition crashing--I think!
  • Fixed some other stuff too

You can follow along on what I'm working on at the wiki, here: There's still a bunch of things that I'm working on which aren't making it in yet. Sorry! There's a lot!
Community Announcements - 1337 Games | mnL
Ladies and Gentleman,

The HUNT THE GM Event II is starting NOW!

Reload your guns and move to the Server called "HUNT THE GM”! in [EU1].

More informations about the Event can be found at our Facebook Page and in our Tactical Intervention Forum .

Also there is a Steam discussion opened:

Good Luck and Have Fun
Tactical Intervention Team

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