Community Announcements - mikez
"My combo doesn't work! THE HORROR!"

Same updates from the regular game, including Art Gallery.

New IPS Test - Link Tracking
- Can't start a chain with a move you previously hit with in Stage 5. (Same as regular IPS.)
- No more undizzy.
- Can't link off the same move multiple times in Stage 5. Airdashing, jump-cancelling, and landing are all links.

Assist-combo-start scaling and counterhit bonus damage are still there.

Boo, or something.
Community Announcements - mikez
- Fixed some UI issues with the lobby. No more perpetual glow on the countdown.
- Queen of the Hill should be better at matching up people fairly.
- Possible fix for insta-quit matches after laggy startup. Check it, person from Skullheart!

- ART GALLERY! It is not translated into Japanese yet, and may have errors in other languages, but there ya go.
[edit] The file should be up now. I didn't do anything else...spooky.

Boo, or something.
Community Announcements - Chris
We're planning to deploy the first post-release Path of Exile update (1.0.1) on Tuesday November 12 (US time). We have a total of approximately seven such content updates queued up before the significant expansion release (1.1.0) early next year (plus dozens of smaller patches as needed). This news post addresses the structure of one of these two-weekly updates.

The structure of a two-weekly content patch is as follows:
  • Approximately five new Unique items: Ideally most of these will be supporter-designed Uniques, but we will insert a few GGG-designed ones here and there. 1.0.1 contains five new Unique items.
  • At least one new gem: We're trying to add a new skill or support gem per content update. Some updates may contain more than one gem if they're ready in time (especially if they're easy ones to add). The plan for 1.0.1 currently has Enhance and potentially up to three new aura gems, but they may make their way into another patch if they're not ready.
  • Approximately two new achievements: We're planning to bolster the set of achievements over time. There are some pretty cool things you can do in Path of Exile that we haven't added achievements for yet. Unlike our challenges, most of the achievements are designed to be somewhat obtainable so that it's a reasonable goal to have all of them and continue to collect the new ones as they're released.
  • New vendor recipes: These are really fun for the community to find, so we'll add some with each patch. We may not say what they are, though.
  • Several new microtransaction effects: I'm not entirely sure which ones are in 1.0.1 but I am pretty sure that at least one of them applies to Spectral Throw.
  • Piles of other content and fixes: The two-weekly patches also contain whatever bug fixes, new features and content are ready at the time. We create them by tagging the state of our internal servers around 10 days before the patch is released and then fix up any remaining issues with that version of the game. 1.0.1 for example contains dozens of fixes and improvements to the core game including Bandit Respecs and support for PvP tournaments (used in PvP Season One). It also has the race event codenamed Descent 2.

I hope you guys have a great weekend! Over the weekend, I'll be working on server stability updates with Jonathan, the new Build of the Week episode (ready early next week?) and leveling up my (currently level 47) Nemesis Marauder.

Also, please remember that sales of the Halloween Microtransactions end soon! Press M in-game to access them (they're in the Newly Added section).
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox
After intensive Development and Testing, we are proud to present our current update for Realms of Arkania. With a myriad of new features, fixes and improvements, along with a complete graphical overhaul of the Buildings and the Town environment, you are most likely to not recognize the game any more, in the most positive way. Give it a try!
  • Opening Hours and -Days for Markets
  • Characternames can be Changed ingame
  • Fixed Battle Character turns
  • Partymanager now correctly shows User Images
  • Battle Opponent Health display
  • Camera-”Sweep” on Loading a new Town to reduce post-loading jiggle
  • Gardianum Spell target fixed
  • Fixed some Tavern texts
  • The Dead Ship dungeon unlocked
  • Companion NPCs unlocked
  • Display of Weapon skill in the inventory
  • Reduce current VI if losing permanent VI while freezing
  • Fixed “Markets have identical offers”
  • Fixed savegame breaking when saving in specific buildings
  • Fixed Name display of some Market Stalls
  • Fixed “bare hand” sortiment offer
  • Fixed Sickle checkbonus
  • Fixed Be my Friend target aquisition
  • Introduced Helter Skelter
  • Fixed Summon Ghost
  • Added convenience presets for Item moving and looting amount
  • added more travel events
  • Fixed Blacksmith accepting multiple weapons
  • Thinmarsdotter Clanegh quest now correctly triggers Thinmarsdotter Thoss quest
  • Honest Jorge Clanegh enabled
  • Egilsdotter Quest + Dialog improved
  • Windenbek / Nameless Temple improved
  • Introduced Events in Towns
  • Included User-contributed Events (thanks to lunatic, Ali Bengali, ugralitan, NeoderWeise)
  • Fixed a Diceroll bug delivering exaggerated results
  • Rabalancing Hunting, Water- and Foodconsumption
  • Battles: Repeat last Action
  • Battles: Wait in the same Battleround
  • Battles: Autobattle
  • Battles: Acceleration Factor for animations
  • Battles: Opponents can now spawn after the first round, not revealing the full enemy strength right away
  • Eating of certain herbs
  • New and improved Graphical effects
  • Complete overhaul of Buildings and Towns
  • Hetman Tronde now lives in a real longhouse
  • Travelmap now has an actual background (before: Black)
  • Waterreflection autoadaption depending on performance (optional)
  • Made Town Runin Trigger optional
  • Introduced “Town borders” triggering a “do you want to leave this town” Dialogue
  • Unconcious Characters are automatically replaced as leaders
  • Cameraheight now depends on Leading Character height
  • More “Backgrounds” for Dialogues
  • Numerous other smaller Bugfixes
Community Announcements - ZPS.Phyrefli

The brand new Team Domination game mode and the first multiplayer version of Martin Jonsson's unique multi-levelled map are the headlines in this feature-packed Interstellar Marines update.

The Team Domination game mode, along with a reduction in run speed and an increase in spawn time, all combine to make the gameplay more tactical and cooperative. With the new scoring system not only do you gain points for kill shots, you also gain points for capturing - helping your team and denying the enemy!

Please click here to watch the update video

Daily Deal 40% Off!

If you want to purchase Interstellar Marines for a friend, or have not purchased the game yourself, why not take advantage of this weekend's Steam sale? Click on the link below to find out more.

Click here to see Interstellar Marines on Steam

Version: 0.5.6
Released: 30th of October 2013

New Features
  • ADDED: New "Team Domination" capture game mode:
    - The team that has most presence in a Domination zone takes tickets away from the enemy
    - Tickets are distributed evenly between the dominating players in the zone
    - The team that ends on 0 tickets OR has the fewest tickets left when the time runs out loses
    - Only one Domination zone is active at a time
  • ADDED: Domination zones to all existing maps.
  • ADDED: Global team score that's always visible.
  • ADDED: Support for in-world UI overlays (currently used to outline the Domination zones).
  • ADDED: 1st iteration of queued SARA announcements to local player.
  • ADDED: Network capability to dynamic platforms.
  • ADDED: Taser light to marine's impact effect.
  • ADDED: Ville-Valtteri Kinnunen's combat suit concept art to the Spearhead content folder
  • UPDATED: Elevation map with improved bunkers, markers, reverb zones etc.
  • UPDATED: Alternate routes to Arch and Rupture to support new Team Domination game mode.
  • UPDATED: Dynamic platforms now performs better and works with physics (ragdolls).
  • UPDATED: Marine run speed and weapon bobbing to be a bit slower.
  • UPDATED: Team colors are now always the same for friends (blue) and enemies (red).
  • UPDATED: Player names over friends now positions correctly with distance.
  • UPDATED: There's now a small wait period after dying before respawn is possible.
  • UPDATED: Marine spawning now takes enemy vicinity and respawn point occupation into account.
  • UPDATED: Spawning is now always "grounded".
  • UPDATED: It's now possible to switch team during countdown regardless of team sizes.
  • UPDATED: Initial countdown increased from 10 to 20 seconds.
  • UPDATED: Tracking color and label markers on all maps.
  • UPDATED: Impact effects now spawn more persistently and accurately on client-side.
  • UPDATED: All image effects to the latest from Unity 4.2.
  • FIXED: "Tapped keys stay on after dying/loading level".
  • FIXED: "Camera shaking becomes unstable with low FPS".
  • FIXED: "Cannot switch team".
  • FIXED: "Join game friend info is not cleared on disconnect".
  • REMOVED: Corrupted shader that made flashlight cones pink (possibly fixes black screen bug for systems with Intel HD graphics cards).
Known Issues
  • FIXED: Player scores does not always sort correctly.
  • FIXED: Other players will seem to float above or interpenetrate while standing on a moving dynamic platforms (network smoothing will exaggerate this effect).
Keep the great feedback coming!

Your team at Zero Point Software
Oct 31, 2013
Community Announcements - Undead Sanya

- Increased zombie variety
- Adjusted mouse sensitivity range
- Make car door kills more reliable
- Constraint to supported resolutions in windowed mode
- Reduced shadow artifacts
- Switched to 'tab' and 'z' for left bumper and right bumper in the UI
- Substituted all hints and help text for PC keys
- Switched center prompts to PC keys


- Fixed white zombie
- Fixed jumpy mouse
- Fixed button prompt when searching
- Fixed 'clicking on esc deletes my save'
- Fixed wrong button for dropping rucksack
- Fixed issues highlighting melee weapon display
- Fixed some mouse hover states

While we WILL continue to patch and improve the game after we officially go into "full release" next Tuesday (and I've got a thread asking for your top three hoped-for changes between now and then), I am especially eager to find and fix any text problems (controls/loc/otherwise) between now and the Tuesday patch. So if you can leave a note with any you find, I'll pass 'em along. That's assuming Zip and Chris don't spot your posts themselves; they have both been lurking.
Community Announcements - MelaneeofGOME
Hey Everyone-

Melanee here - newest additional community manager on the GOME block! I just wanted to pop in to give you all a quick update on the above issue. The current status is that we are definitely aware of the problem with the mouse freezing and have been working on a fix which I'm told is progressing nicely. That fix is now being tested and will release as soon as it's been cleared by QA. In the meantime our advice is to employ this temporary workaround: Navigate through the summary screen using the ENTER key and arrow keys to navigate.

You should regain cursor functionality in the main menu, and have it for the next match.

We're sorry for the inconvenience & are working quickly to clear the issue!

Community Announcements - DiscorderlyChaos
Servers will be down for maintenance tomorrow (November 1) from 5:00 to 6:00 GMT (October 31, 10 to 11 PDT)
Oct 31, 2013
Community Announcements - [ICE]_Beastman
Hi all, thanks for your patience in waiting for the developer to fix the ending of the game. When you boot up the game, you may notice there is a Steam update and we are happy to confirm that the new ending is now in.

Once again we’d like to take the opportunity to apologize for the abrupt and incomplete original ending which should not have been passed by our QA team. We aim to publish high quality games and please rest assured that we have learned from this experience and have taken steps to ensure that something like this does not happen ever again.

We hope you enjoy the game.
Community Announcements - arctyc
Major News

This week’s build features one of our most community requested features to date! The ability to ‘Create a Party’ with a group of your friends has arrived with Build v.37. Players can now create a party with up to 7 of their Friends and enter the Matchmaking playlists as one group. Additionally we have added the ability to select teams by selecting ‘Team A’ or ‘Team B’ once players are in a matchmaking lobby. Please keep in mind that Team selection priority will favor Parties.

To read all the details head over to the {LINK REMOVED}.

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