Community Announcements - LordShaggy
- Night is more dark

- MOAR Caves!!!!! (Must make new world to see)

- Torches light increased as well as when held

- Cryorods are now cheaper

- Jellies, Bomb bots, Protolife crabs have had balance adjustments

- Switched tool bar to be in full view as default (hit shift to condense)

- Can now see current rounds in clip, maximum in clip, current rounds in storage, maximum rounds in storage for a particular weapon when that weapon is equipped.

- Can see how many rounds vs max rounds by opening up your inventory for each projectile type

- Adjustments to creature spawns

- Solar storm event has been adjusted and now drains energy instead of health for it's duration

- Laser Picks now do damage to enemies at the cost of energy

- Fixed issues with creature spawn positions

- Fixed issue with world generation

- Fixed issues with wormholes

- Added more threat to Protolife anomalies

- New tutorial
Community Announcements - Flux
Our weekly Blade Symphony developer hangout is at

Today we talk about the new character and our road map to full release.
Community Announcements - OVERKILL_Almir
Hey everyone!

If you didn't know already, Team Evil is one of the most active PAYDAY crews out there (and one of the oldest!).

They stream here: Team Evil Twitch channel

Their steam crew page is here: Team$Evil T$E

I joined Team Evil for a session of PAYDAY 2. Thanks for having me guys!

Check 'em out, they're pro heisters for sure.

OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
Community Announcements - mikez
We're going back to not-bulleted-list format, the front page display screws up lists (hah) and I have to buy more ammo anyway.

Spectator mode is still in-progress, it no longer crashes but is not quiiiiiiiite good enough for Beta testing.

- More lobby crash fixes, specifically around leaving during the countdown RIGHT when you get your partner assigned.
- "999MS" is now "?MS"...because it's unknown. I certainly don't know any question marks, do you?
- You can now back out of the Ping Confirm window with MK in Quick Match again.

- Stage preview on stage select! Yay! (Those buttons at the bottom of the screen are for shortcuts, but they don't work yet.)
- World Warrior Princess and My Pain Will Be Visited Upon You now show achievement progress. Nothing changed, or was even broken, in terms of earning them.

- Fix Daisy Pusher on late hits, the opponent should no longer just get tripped and not fall in, ever.

Big Band
- Did more work on him, including adding his permissions to the DLC file that IGG backers have...but at this point mentioning it is just taunting you all. :^) Yes, the beta will still be used for testing things, including this saxy beast when he is ready.

You know what I highly recommend?


Sleep...and Azumanga Daioh. There's nothing a good dose of Takino Tomo won't fix. (I tried Nichijou, but it just came across as trying too hard to achieve what Azumanga did without really understanding how Azumanga did it. Cue nerd rage.)
Aug 30, 2013
Community Announcements - [NWI]Jeremy
We have a new update for you guys this weekend. Here's the changelog:

  • New Content
    • New and improved main menus.
    • Updated Market, District, Ministry and Buhriz_Coop.
    • Updated map overviews with grids.
  • Critical Fixes
    • Improved weight system to better differentiate between light and heavy with contrasting acceleration, sprint and slide speeds.
    • Improved damage model and hitboxes.
    • Improved LMG recoil in hipped and bipod modes.
    • Tweaked sway behavior while moving.
    • When you are awarded a supply token, it now pops up on the bottom of your screen and makes a sound (like it used to), to remind you that you've earned supply.
    • Fixed server CFGs so server admins can modify game cvars without the game mode overriding them.
    • Increased effectiveness of AP rounds.
    • Reduced OSX inventory bug where players could not see or select weapons/upgrades. [Note: This appears fixed for some and broken for others - hence "reduced" instead of "fixed". Please let us know if it works for you or not!]
  • Coop & Artificial Intelligence Improvements
    • Fixed hunt mode so bots now properly spawn throughout the map.
    • Added a "# Insurgents Remaining" counter to hunt mode.
    • Fixed supply gaining in coop. You now get a supply token every 2 kills.
    • Bots no longer sit there and stare at you when they should be attacking.
    • Bots now hear you if you try to sneak up on them without quietly walking.
    • Bots now investigate more intelligently.
    • When you are capturing a point in checkpoint, bots no longer sprint at you aimlessly - they are more methodical.
    • In coop you can now see friendlies no matter where they are in the map, even if they're not in your squad.
  • Misc. Improvements
    • Pressing escape can now close various ingame menus.
    • Increased Firefight game length from best of 5 to best of 7.
    • Increased Coop game length from best of 3 to best of 5.
    • Fixed wave count not being displayed pre-game.
    • New player animations for deployed bipod - player no longer looks like he's standing normally when in fact he's crouch deployed.
    • First person deployed animations are no longer really low on the screen.
    • Tweaked tracers so LMGs are the only weapons that use them.
    • Updated sniper rifle sounds.
    • Fixed an issue with the M4A1 silencer appearing to be floating.
    • Fixed RPK hollow point rounds from using AP round qualities.
    • Explosive sounds now use speed of sound rule.
    • Tweaked glass material so it's less transparent (sometimes people thought there was no glass there when in fact there was).
    • Added normal map details to a bunch of textures in the game that didn't have them before (you might notice some graphical improvements in some of the environments).
    • Added xbox 360 controller support.

For more information, please visit the post on our official forums.
Community Announcements - Njoror
Elemento Veteran's Reward

Starting August 28, 2013 to September 25, 2013, if your RO2 account matches the following criteria, you will receive a cool gift box for free.

1. From August 28-September 25, players who have logged into the game and manage to have at least 2 hours of play time each day, for at least 14 days and less than 21, they will be entitled to Hero Package D.

2. For players who manage to log into the game and have at least 2 hours of play time each day, for at least 21 days between August 28-September 25, they will be entitled to Hero Package C.

Community Announcements - alfred
We have released an update to our Half-Life 1 SDK. This update adds support for mods to allow them to build Linux and Mac OS X versions. You can get the tools via the "Half-Life SDK" tool in Steam, and the code is available via our <a href="">GitHub</a> page.
Community Announcements - Black Majic
  • Steam Trading Cards are now available for Electronic Super Joy!
  • Expanded supported resolution list
  • Added Volume Sliders for sfx and music
  • Fixed collision issue in Down The Rabbit Hole
  • Backing out of Achievements/options can now be done with B button or back key
  • Fixed checkpoint restart timer exploit
  • Fixed issue where World 4 would display the wrong number of collected/total stars
  • Better controller support
  • Some performance improvements
  • Other minor bugfixes/tweaks

Custom controls are still incoming, but I do have a workaround to save you azerty/qwertz players that I've posted in the forums.
Aug 30, 2013
Community Announcements - [][ronma]Oli4

Today marks the day that Admiral Swiggins embarks on the shores of Awesome! The result of our community 'Design Your 'Naut' competition has stepped up to the plate! Waving his anchor like he just don't care, he'll make anyone doubting his Tea etiquette walk the plank! With splendid voicework done by none other than Myndflame!

Read and discuss patch notes here:
Community Announcements - [][ronma]Oli4
Jumping around your room, pulling your hair because you can’t donate using the Starstorm Kickstarter page? Jump and pull no longer (unless you really want to of course)!

We reached our main goal in only one week! Now it's finally time to open alternative payment methods that will enjoy the same rewards as the Kickstarter Tiers.

We're teaming up with the Humble Bundle to bring you every Tier as a dedicated store! So choose your Reward Tier amount and get pledging!

Pledge here!

After the campaign on Kickstarter ends, there will be surveys to get the needed info from you guys to get all the correct goodies out the door!

From the entire team,
Thank you!

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