Community Announcements - Josh "Spikey00" Y.
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This one is relatively small but contains the last new bonus ship type of the expansion, a few important changes to Showdown Devices, and a few less-important-but-still-nice other changes.

That last bonus ship type is the "Neinzul Combat Carrier", which is a light combatant starship that can also build any youngling types you have unlocked. It also can always build a new unique type of youngling called the "Shrike", which is a fast cloaked raider-type ship sure to better enable humans everywhere to annoy the AI.

<i>If you are looking for people to play AI War with, give the latest <a href="">AI War Meetup Sortie Fall 2012</a> a look!</i>

<i>This is a standard update that you can download through the in-game updater itself, if you already have 6.000 or later. When you launch the game, you'll see the notice of the update having been found if you're connected to the Internet at the time. If you don't have 6.000 or later, you can download that <a href="">here.</a></i>
May 31, 2013
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
  • Applied new textures to some station parts.
  • Textures for BioDome_01, docking_02, GasPodS_01, Housing_01-
  • Housing_05, Ring_01, Ring_02, and Shipyard_01
  • Manual turret/Weapon control. After pressing X to toggle manual fire control (an aiming reticle should replace the default mouse), any weapons set to the
  • Manual fire group in the weapon manager will fire if left mouse is clicked. If the weapon is a turret, it will track with mouse movements. Press X again to disable (freeing you up to just target ships or whatever). If a turret is being manually controlled and the player is aiming outside of the turret’s arc, the turret will revert to its group target if available.
  • The graphics options should now only show resolutions supported by the user’s monitor.
  • Added RSS feed display to splash screen, fed from KV community announcements.
  • Turrets should now be much less likely to shoot the ship they are mounted on.
  • Optimized weapons fire for performance.
  • Corrected size of projectiles for each tier of weapon. (visual update coming soon)
  • Fixed a collision layer issue causing projectiles to collide when they shouldn’t
Community Announcements - Kimiko
Hi everyone, welcome to our Friday Update and the last day of May!

While we have been working a lot this week, there’s really not a whole lot to say in terms of updates, but this is what I’ve got!
  • The balance and mechanics update on the beta patch is going well. We’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from the community and we want you to know that we DO listen! We have started up a Balance Testing Council, which will have representatives from both the NA and EU scene to help us go over everything related to the balance and mechanics of the game.

  • In regards to the next beta update, we’ll have it out for you on Monday. With the new council, we wanted to get as much out of it as possible, so we weren’t able to get a release out today.

  • Customization will be coming soon! It’s looking really good so far! You will be able to customize your background pattern, colours (within team range) and emblems + helmets.

  • After the current beta is all done and released, we’ll be focusing on bringing the SDK + tools out to you. Thus, it will be released in the beta for you to test out after the balance and mechanics are all taken care of. Again, it will be released in the beta first and foremost. It’s happening guys! :)
See you next week!

Kimiko, Community Manager
Community Announcements - Hi11Zone
Siegeworks Sneak Peek, Just Around the Corner

I'm super excited to reveal just a little information about what our team has been doing, and the much talked about Siegeworks expansion!

So here's a a little teaser on whats to come:
New towns to Siege, some even unique which you've never ever seen before and you can conquer them all in solo or co op. New Siege Units for all races.The Intro menu will have some interesting surprises. Exciting new Market items. Guilds and Alliances, with your own chat systems, rewards and so much more!

New, redesigned pathfinding system with reduced lag and improved performance. A redesigned combat system with battalions fighting as one, as well as a smart new unit AI. New Unit positioning and system for placing units on walls, and even more to come!

For more info and Pictures:
Community Announcements - Alden
In continuing with smaller, more frequent batches, we've just Greenlit four more games and one software title.

These titles were selected on the same criteria we have been using in the past: Votes in Greenlight give us a hugely valuable point of data in gauging community interest along with external factors such as press reviews, crowd-funding successes, performance on other platforms, and awards and contests to help form a more complete picture of community interest in each title.

Here are the latest titles advancing through Steam Greenlight, and being offered worldwide distribution via Steam:

This batch will be the first round of developers to run through a set of redesigned tools on Steam aimed at streamlining the process of shipping new titles.

As with past batches, these titles will be released independently in the weeks or months ahead, as they complete development and integrate with any of the Steamworks features they are interested in utilizing.
Community Announcements - Mako
New features and items now available!

New Features
  • The end-game cel­e­bra­tion is now enabled.
  • The new Score­board is now enabled.
  • The first round of Founder pack bot names are now live.

New Items
  • New Out­fit­ter Cos­metic Items
  • Chaps — Axl
  • Ass­less Chaps with Sweet Snaps — Axl
  • Com­mando Har­ness (Black) — Axl
  • Base Belt (Brown) — Axl
  • Pit­bull Pocket Strap — T-Bone

  • Happy Hour is set to 4pm across all regions.
  • Added buff meters to bots and teammates
  • Tweaked some of the start­ing level require­ments on gametype-specific contracts.
  • Every­one now faces each other dur­ing the pre-game huddle.
  • You can now see when a sta­tion­ary enemy is aiming.
  • Co-op Prac­tice Mode XP has been reduced 25%.
  • You can no longer change teams in a co-op prac­tice game.
  • Trailer Park has been slightly changed to improve gameplay.
  • Sub­stan­tial increase to Score to XP Ratio.
  • Increased XP bonus for win­ning a match.
  • Changed logic for team assign­ment for play­ers that join a game mid-match.
  • Made improve­ments to team bal­anc­ing algorithm.

    - Enjoy!
Community Announcements - Elyse_Neocore
The Scenario DLC enables players to fight high-level monsters that are above the level 30 threshold throughout the new levels reachable from the Secret Lair. Additional levels will be added to the Scenario DLC throughout the year along with unique in-game items and spectacular boss fights. After future updates, players will earn ’’Heroic Deeds” to boost their character to an even more legendary status as they slay the mysterious threats to the world of Borgovia.

Good hunt, fellow Hunters!
Community Announcements - Elyse_Neocore
Updates to The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Major changes include:

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing v1.1.00

Known issues:
The multiplayer game still has some issues. Please play it with a character created for the multiplayer only because data loss may occur sometimes.

Balance changes:
- Lady Katarina has percentage based HP regeneration on each difficulty level.

Fixed bugs:

- Fixed an issue with Snowpelt.
- Fixed a Multiplayer-related issue with the Parry skill.
- Players cannot teleport outside the map anymore.
- Custom colors of other players work correctly.

- Fixed a rare issue where Lady Katarina forgot which combat form she used last time.
- Fixed the second Set bonus of the Ravenscar Belt. (Giving some Weapon Damage bonus to a Belt doesn't really help much ;) )
- Items couldn’t get dropped inside terrain objects.
- Whirlwind Ornithopters fixed.
- Wasp Ornithopter fixed.
- Assault Ornithopter fixed.
- Some pathfinding improvements have been implemented.

New features:
- Scenario Mode is available in the game.
- Achievements got in-game icons.
Community Announcements - lars.doucet
Hey there everyone!

I just pushed Version 1.0.78 of Defender's Quest to the "test_public" beta branch. This version of the game has Steam Workshop support, and it'd be really swell if you could help us test it prior to its official launch a few weeks from now.

You should:

1) Opt into the "test_public" beta branch
2) Join this group:

(For now I've only updated the WINDOWS version to 1.0.78. Once it's been tested for a few days and we catch the most obvious bugs I'll work on Mac/Linux builds, too.)

To access the beta branch, right click on the Defender's Quest entry in your steam library, then select "properties." Then, select the "BETAS" tab, and pick "test_public" from the drop down menu. No password is required.

(If it doesn't re-synch, go to properties->local files->verify integrity of game cache, sometimes this works)

Anyways, once you've got version 1.0.78 (verify version # in bottom right-hand corner of title screen), you can start playing around with mods!

Here's the official guide:

I will be posting and sharing some example mods over the next few weeks, and I'd love it if you all would do so, too. If you find any bugs with mod support, please let us know, and provide this additional information:

-Your Steam username
-What your local mods directory looks like (screenshot = awesome)
-Information about mods you've shared & subscribed to

(The kinds of bugs you encounter will probably depend a lot on what mods you've installed, what you've subscribed to, etc, so the exact configuration will help me reproduce any issues)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

1) Can you create a mod?
2) Can you upload(share) a mod to Steam Workshop?
3) Can you subscribe to mods and then download/install them?
4) Can you edit and play mods?
5) Does everything seem to work like it should?

For those of you on GOG, Kongregate, etc, fear not, once we're done testing we'll update the DRM-Free version of the game as well, but of course it won't have any hooks to Steam Workshop.
Community Announcements - KittyChix
Which of this week's Aerocaches would you like to see made permanently?

Vote now!

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