Product Update - Valve
Mar 6, 2012
Update 2 - Alan Wake v1.03 release notes:

* Add Latin-American Localization support (download the Free DLC from Steam and add -locale=esm to Alan Wake's Steam launch options to use it)
* Added -directaiming command line parameter that removes all mouse acceleration (enables also -rigidcamera automatically)
* Improved low level mouse reading routines to make the control cope better with low and variable frame rates. This also removes the reported jerkiness when -rigidcamera was enabled. You may need to re-adjust your mouse sensitivity in the menus!
* Removed auto-aim that was accidentally enabled in the previous build
* Added a frame rate limiter to menus & videos to prevent cards running at 1000's of fps (reduces stress on the graphics cards)
* Reduced CPU use when game doesn't have focus
* Fixed "first run" on a 2nd PC overwriting saves & statistics downloaded from cloud
* Fixed crashes when using alt-tab to change out of the game when the game is loading
* Fixed DEVICE_CREATE_ERROR for users who have "custom DPI" set in Windows.
* Fixed one specific case of "File IO Failure" issue when unable to write to My Documents
* Fixed camera to remember it's side preference (tab key)
* Fixed Cursor Key / Numpad assignment issues
* Fixed screen brightness back to original when changing process
* Fixed some cases of "back" and Return to Game functionality so that it doesn't need 3 presses
* Thanks for your feedback! We are still working on improvements & fixes, please see our forum for up to date troubleshooting and update information:

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