Victor et Alicia viennent tout juste d'emménager dans cette grande ville. Alors qu'ils cherchent à s'établir les choses prennent une tournure étrange...
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1 février

February Update


I hope you're all doing well despite the fact that it's February – the dreariest month of the year. To give you a little more pep in your step, we're releasing a fairly meaty update for the game.

The biggest change is a continuation of the work we began last month, when we made the selected dialogue options remain dimmed throughout the chapter. This time we extended that functionality so the option states also gets included in your save files. This was done because a certain portion of Chapter 6 required it, but it really helps in the more dialogue heavy parts of previous chapters as well. Especially the interrogations in Chapter 3.

Development on Chapter 6 is going very well. We're still working on the last big areas. We don't have an ETA yet. Stay tuned.

For those who think we're wasting time releasing these updates, I've added a question to the FAQ. It's at the bottom. It'll hopefully answer some of your concerns.

Here's what the update contains:

• Engine: Added dialogue states to save format
• Game: Made some dialogue options undimmable
• Game: Tweaked UI
• Chapter 2: Tweaked item placement
• Chapter 1 & 4: Tweaked Edie dialogue
• Chapter 4: Streamlined portrait photo interaction
• Chapter 5: Removed dialogue
• Chapter 5: Removed response option
• Chapter 5: Rewrote dialogue
• Chapter 5: Added response option
• Chapter 5: Added interaction options
• Chapter 5: Increased beam path visibility
• Chapter 5: Clarified legion hint
• Chapter 5: Tweaked sound volumes
• Chapter 5: Fixed graphical glitch with Selma's grandfather
• Chapter 5: Reduced memory footprint
• Chapter 5: Removed autosave point
• Chapter 5: Added fail-safe check
• Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5: Fixed typos

Don't be shy if you see something strange or buggy in the game.


- a

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6 janvier

January Update

Happy New Year!

We hope you survived the holiday season unscathed. Hopefully you even received a present or two. We also hope that 2016 treated you real swell, like a gentleman, and that you're ready to charge this new shiny year with gusto and pizazz. I know I am!

Charging out of the gate, I'm therefore releasing another one of our beloved updates, to amuse and delight. It's mostly small tweaks that might not look very impressive on their own, but given that we add quite a few of these each month, they do add up over time.

Since our last update, Erik has moved on from experimenting with trippy camera techniques and is now working on the last big area of the game. I'm doing quite a few different things at the moment, but I've been implementing some of the things he delivered and the results are quite spectacular so far. I look forward to hearing what you think. I'm not saying the chapter is done. I just want to keep you informed.

Last but not least, for the few who think we're wasting time releasing these updates, I've added a question to the FAQ. It's at the bottom. My humble Christmas present to you guys. Cheers.

Here's what the update contains:

• Engine: Removed loading bar during fast loads
• Game: Made dialogue states chapter permanent
• Chapter 1: Tweaked item description
• Chapter 1, 2, 4 & 5: Tweaked hallway background
• Chapter 1, 4 & 5: Tweaked living room background
• Chapter 3: Fixed typos
• Chapter 5: Fixed graphical background glitch
• Chapter 5: Reduced memory footprint

Don't be shy if you see something strange or buggy in the game.

Big Love!

- a

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"To play something like The Dream Machine, so exquisitely constructed, so smartly designed, and so atmospherically unique, is a singular pleasure." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"It's so confidently strung together, both in terms of narrative and gameplay, that it's easy to forget that it's the work of just two indie developers."
8/10 - Eurogamer

"A series filled with mystery and charm, elevated to lofty heights by its whimsical clay and cardboard design, surreal storyline, and heartfelt attention to detail."
4/5 - Adventure Gamers

"The Dream Machine is the best adventure game that I've played in the last decade – and maybe in my entire life."
9.5/10 - CD-Action

À propos de ce jeu

The Dream Machine est un jeu d'aventure point and click récompensé, construit avec du carton et de l'argile.

Dans le premier des cinq chapitres de Dream Machine, vous êtes Victor Neff, l'époux d'un jeune couple qui vient d'emménager dans un nouvel appartement. Alors que vous essayez de vous installer vous découvrez que tout n'est pas ce qu'il paraît dans ce calme, modeste immeuble...

Dans le Chapitre 2, Victor va confronter son concierge M. Morton, pour découvrir son appartement vide. Est-ce que Victor peut retrouver son inatteignable concierge à temps et que se cache-t-il derrière M. Morton ?


  • L'univers : Explorez un immeuble inquiétant et découvrez ses mystères. Apprenez à connaître vos voisins et révélez leurs secrets.
  • Histoire : Plongez dans les esprits d'inconnus et de leurs proches en essayant de les sauver de la Dream Machine.
  • Graphiques : Promenez vous dans des environnements superbement détaillés, utilisant de véritables modèles en argile et des décors faits main.
  • Puzzles : Afin de progresser, vous devrez résoudre des problèmes allant du vrai jeu d'enfants jusqu'à l'énigme complexe.
  • Musique : Une musique originale poignante se mêle à la narration, soulignant l'atmosphère surréelle du jeu.

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
    OS: Windows XP or later
    Processor: 1.8 GHz processor
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Hard Drive: 800 MB HD space
    Additional Notes: Mouse recommended
    OS: OSX Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later
    Processor: Intel Mac 1.8 GHz processor
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Hard Drive: 800 MB HD space
    Additional Notes: Mouse recommended

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