The Longest Journey is an amazing graphical adventure, where the player controls the protagonist, April Ryan, on her journey between parallel universes. Embark on an exciting and original journey of discovery, where you will explore, solve puzzles, meet new people, face terrifying monsters, learn, grow, and live the adventure of a...
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Very Positive (737 reviews) - 94% of the 737 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Nov 17, 2000

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"The Longest Journey is not only the best adventure games in recent years, it's one of the best games ever"
- GamesDomain

About This Game

The Longest Journey is an amazing graphical adventure, where the player controls the protagonist, April Ryan, on her journey between parallel universes. Embark on an exciting and original journey of discovery, where you will explore, solve puzzles, meet new people, face terrifying monsters, learn, grow, and live the adventure of a lifetime!
  • Over 150 locations spanning two distinct and detailed worlds
  • More than 70 speaking characters
  • 40+ hours of gameplay
  • 20+ minutes of high-resolution pre-rendered video footage
  • Cinematic musical score

System Requirements

    Minimum: Windows 2000/XP, Pentium 166 MMX , 32 MB RAM, Mouse and Keyboard, 640x480 SVGA high colour (16bit) video card with 2 MB RAM, Windows compatible sound device, 300 MB free hard drive space
    Recommended: Pentium II, 266 mhz, 64 MB RAM , 3d accelarator card ( Direct 3d compatible ) with 4 MB RAM, 1GB free hard drive space
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
96 of 100 people (96%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
43.6 hrs on record
Posted: March 12, 2015
This game is only for patient people who don't mind the old graphics.

I've only recently discovered the universe behind this and Dreamfall and as a real sucker for good stories, I went for the first one in the saga. It blew my god damned mind. You play as April Ryan, an unknowing savior of the two worlds that had been split ages ago. She is able to cross the border between them and is able to fully interact with both of them. You'll meet dozens of interesting people and creatures that are fairly believable and likable. You'll be solving some really tough puzzles that don't compare with what's called puzzle now-a-days. Some mysteries which don't make any sense in the beginning will be revealed and fit so perfectly in the story at the end. Other mysteries stay concealed until now and keep thousands of fans excited for more. I highly recommend playing this one before jumping to the newer Dreamfall games. I give this game the ultimate rating 10/10

In fact, I loved the game so much that I made a complete walkthrough guide to it, feel free to check it out if you're seriously interested in buying this game because the tasks can get very confusing sometimes.
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80 of 83 people (96%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
30.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 16, 2014
Having previously played Dreamfall, which I consider one of my favorite games, I recently decided to give The Longest Journey a shot. Now, having finished the game, I can say that this game surpasses Dreamfall and is without doubt one of the best game I have ever played. This game is a masterpiece in storytelling and has some of the most believable and likeable characters I've experienced in a video game. The writing and voice acting is top notch. The graphics are dated but there is some nice looking world design and set pieces. The puzzles are varied and fun however some are downright illogical (I'm looking at you, rubber ducky). This is a long game, and it's worth every second.
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79 of 83 people (95%) found this review helpful
25.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2013
Upon completing the Longest Journey, I wasn't surprised it constantly gets ranked in top PC game lists.

Clocking in at a solid 25 hours, it will keep you entertained for quite a while. You do have to put yourself into the Click and Point Adventure mindset however, as it is by no means, a fast paced game. It's more like an interactive book.

The game for me shined the most in its dialogue. Nearly every character has an incredibly natural enunciation rarely found in games. It gives you a stronger connection with them, and helps you believe every word.

The next best parts of the Longest Journey was its story and variety of characters. It takes place in the 23rd century Venice, and gives a fascinating perspective of the past, present, and future. With a story as interesting as this, that's all I can really say without spoiling anything.
The characters feature a wide range of tallent and personallity, which makes them so interesting to talk to. By the first sentence someone utters, you already know what kind of person he/she is, and how he/she is going to treat you, it really is that detailed.

For a game stuck in 640x480 resolution, it is full of very detailed and beautiful scenery. 3D objects are pretty pixelated and jaggy, and are probably the thing that aged the worst. Some up-resing would benefit The Longest Journey pretty well, but I quickly became lost in everything else it had to offer, that the quality rarely bothered me.

The puzzles as well can be pretty cryptic. I had to look up a guild many times to figure out what to do next. That didn't bother me too much either, but it would have been nice if the main character gave hits on what to do.

I am currently working through the sequel, Dreamfall, which early on already has reoccuring characters and locations, and because it came out 6 years after the first, it's nice to see things in better detail.

If you want a less action oriented experience that feels like a mix of an interactive painting and a best selling novel, I highly recommend picking up the double pack. With a promising 3rd installment in the works, how can you go wrong?
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60 of 62 people (97%) found this review helpful
23.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 1, 2014
The Longest Journey does its name justice. It is an epic adventure from beginning to end and it never gets tedious or boring like a lot of adventure games tend to do when they try to forcefully increase the playtime. The setting is unique, intriguing and creates a great atmosphere. The plot is original and inspiring and shows what adventure games can do when they're done right. The brightest aspect of the game, however are the characters. From the heroine to the minor characters, they are all wonderfully designed with a certain integrity that makes them incredibly powerful. They bring the story to life and make for a truly memorable game. This could not have been done without the excellent writing and voice acting. The only argument I have against the game's excellence is the pacing and execution of the lest stretch before the finale, which compared to the rest of the game seemed rushed. It seems as if the development team was not able to give this segment the attention and devotion that it deserved. It is a small issue barely worth mentioning however, since the rest of the game shines brightly.

If adventure games are your thing, this is a must-play.
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58 of 60 people (97%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
17.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 2, 2015
I came to The Longest Journey expecting a classic, critically aclaimed point & click adventure with a great story, and the game really delivered. This has to be one of the best written games I have ever played, without any exaggeration.

The thing with game plots and game characters is that we usually compare them to other game plots and characters when we praise them, so "slightly less superficial than everything else" gets named "brilliant writing". The Longest Journey's writing could easily have been a book or a good movie screenplay however, and it definitely is shockingly better than most games I can name. Characters have personalities, distinct voices, motivations, relationships, lives. Their conversations make sense and are interesting. You get to care about everyone, and you can empathize with your down-to-earth yet epically heroic protagonist. The world-building and exposition never feels like a boring dictation that you need to click through to go on. Even the in-game Diary serves an actual purpose, adds to the story and delivers hints in writing that you really want to read. There is drama and silly jokes, grand adventures that get toned down with humor, an epic sci-fi/fantasy save-the-world plot with twists that make actual sense and don't leave gaping plotholes behind. It's all quite a feat, especially considering the theme.

And yes, the graphics didn't age all that great, the gameplay doesn't reinvent the wheel, there's the long back and forth running through mutiple screens to patiently wait for, and some of the puzzles are what you'd expect from classic point & click adventures - namely not all that brilliant. But it honestly doesn't matter. If you like the genre, you have to play this game, there is a reason it's still getting mentioned so often. It's not just a true classic, it's also very much a joy to play.
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56 of 59 people (95%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
14.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 4, 2015
If you are thinking about playing this game, please do.

The Longest Journey has quickly become one of my favourite games, with possibly my all time favourite video game story line. The graphics are dated, but trust me, it doesn't matter - the story line and characters make it beat most of the games with fancy visuals that we have today.

The characters are excellent, April Ryan is an absolute bad ♥♥♥, how is it there was a game made with a witty strong female lead 15 years ago but they can't manage it now?! I loved her, you will love her.

The puzzles are challenging at times, but that only makes the experience more immersive.

If you're wondering whether to buy this before playing dreamfall, 100% yes. I was going to skip this one, thinking the graphics and age would make it a chore - I was wrong. This is way better than its successor.

Just buy the damn game,
You won't regret it.

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44 of 46 people (96%) found this review helpful
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16.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 21, 2014
English review (Polska wersja, jak zawsze, niżej):

By completing the Steam version of The Longest Journey I have broken one of the most basic principles of gaming: One does not simply come back to playing a game that one loved more than ten years ago. But upon doing so I have to tell you two things: This game aged pretty badly. And it hasn’t got old one bit. These two sentences do not constitute a paradox.

Back in the days, the art of TLJ was simply breathtaking, which nowadays clearly isn’t the case. The 2d backgrounds are still impressive, but all the models are old and ugly. If you’re going to play this game in modern times take my advice and override the display settings from your graphic card’s control panel. TLJ really benefits from trilinear filtering.

Having said that, besides the models and somewhat clunky and dated controls ( though nothing really serious) TLJ remains the most complete adventure game experience I have ever played. The game skilfully balances between the hard dystopian sci-fi and magical fantasy, creating a truly uniqe and extensive storyline, the characters –even these appearing for a few minutes – are charming and original, and the humor is clever and entertaining. Speaking of characters: the game’s protagonist – April Ryan – is perhaps the most developed and unique character in gaming. And also, it should be noted that the game soon turns much more adult and dark than one should expect from a story about girl jumping back and forth between the worlds of magic and reason ( but then it swings back to cheerful fairytale just to get even more serious in the next chapters).

The voice acting is stunning. Actors do an unforgettable job, especially during the final chapters of the game. This may come up as a surprise since if you pay attention to credits, you will notice that one actor often voices three or four characters. Furthermore, the dialogues are written in a truly brilliant way – even the shortest ones are witty and memorable.

While it can be argued that after finishing there is nothing much to come back to (there is The Book of Secrets but obviously I won’t tell you what’s inside…), a single playthrough took me 16 hours which is enough time for two point and click games. While the puzzles usually aren’t that difficult (usually… the rubber ducky puzzle)and don’t take that much time,still there is an INCREDIBLE amount of lore, and some dialogues can take few minutes while characters convey that information. Vestrum Tobias is particularly guilty of that, since he introduces April to the story of the world. Worlds.

The ending is perhaps the most fulfilled and satisfactory conclusion to a game I have ever seen, but it leaves a sense of melancholy. I will probably play this game in the next ten years just the way I tend to re-read certain books to measure them against the impact of years. This may be the only game in my entire Steam library that I would grade ten out of ten without hesitation. And in the meantime, I’ ll be waiting for The Longest Journey Home…

Polska recenzja:

Kończąc Najdłuższą Podróż na Steamie złamałem jedną z najbardziej podstawowych zasad gamingu: Nie można tak po prostu wrócić do gry którą kochało się więcej niż 10 lat temu i oczekiwać że doświadczenie grania w nią nie uległo zmianie. Najdłuższej Podróży wyraźnie przybyło lat. Ale też nie zestarzała się nawet odrobinę – i nie, te zdania wbrew pozorom wcale sobie nie przeczą.

Swojego czasu grafika Najdłuższej Podróży zwyczajnie zapierała dech w piersi. Obecnie tła ciągle mogą robić wrażenie ale wszystkie trójwymiarowe modele są zbyt proste, słabo oteksturowane i zwyczajnie brzydkie. Na pewno pomaga odwiedzenie panelu sterowania karty graficznej i manualne włączenie filtrowania – grafika odrobinę na tym zyskuje.

Pomijając grafikę i nieco przestarzałe sterowanie (nic bardzo poważnego) Najdłuższa Podróż ciągle jest najbardziej kompletnym i spójnym doświadczeniem jakie zapewniła mi gra przygodowa. Gra umiejętnie miesza dystopijne sci-fi z bajkowo-magiczną fantastyką opowiadając wyjątkową i bogatą historię. Postaci – nawet te pojawiające się na chwilę – są urocze i oryginalne, opowiadane dowcipy nie są nachalne i potrafią rozbawić do łez. Skoro mowa o postaciach: April Ryan – główna bohaterka – jest chyba najciekawszą i najbardziej rozbudowaną postacią z jaką spotkałem się w grach. Trzeba też dodać że atmosfera gry szybko staje się dużo cięższa i bardziej dorosła niż można by się spodziewać po opowieści o dziewczynie skaczącej między światami nauki i magii ( a potem znów zmienia się w radosną bajeczkę tylko po to żeby w następnym rodziale stać się jeszcze bardziej poważna – nie pozwala się nudzić nawet przez chwilę).

Osoby podkładające głos dokonały czegoś niesamowitego. Gra aktorska – szczególnie w końcowych rozdziałach – jest genialna. Tym trudniej w to uwierzyć, biorąc pod uwagę że prawie każdy z aktorów podkładał głos przynajmniej pod kilka postaci. Co więcej dialogi napisane są po mistrzowsku – niektóre zostają w pamięci na długo po ukończeniu gry.

Skoro już o tym mowa – skończyłem grę w 16 godzin i właściwie poza Księgą Tajemnic (Oczywiście nie powiem co znajduje się w środku...) nie ma po co wracać do świata gry. O ile zagadki na ogół nie są trudne (chociaż … dmuchana kaczuszka) i nie zajmują wiele czasu, świat gry jest niezwykle bogaty i te 16 godzin to przede wszystkim zwiedzanie i dialogi – niektóre trwające dobre kilka minut, szczególnie jeżeli ktoś zacznie opowiadać historię świata gry. Światów.

Zakończenie gry – jak cała opowiedziana historia – jest piekielnie satysfakcjonujące, przemyślane i kompletne. I zostawia straszliwe uczucie melancholii – po 16 godzinach gry, czyli czasie którym można by skutecznie obdzielić dwie lub trzy gry przygodowe, szkoda było mi że to już koniec. Z całej mojej Steamowej biblioteki jest to jedyna gra której bez najmniejszych wątpliwości wystawił bym ocenę 10 na 10. Prawdopodobnie odświeżę moją znajomość z Najdłuższą Podróżą za następne 10 lat tak jak to robię z niektórymi książkami, a w międzyczasie czekam na Najdłuższą Podróż Do Domu … czy jakkolwiek zdecydują się to przetłumaczyć.
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36 of 37 people (97%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
18.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 27, 2015
My review will only show the amount of hours (very few at time of posting) I've played this on steam, but don't let that fool you into thinking I've never played this game. I've just recently re-discovered it on Steam during the winter sale and couldn't be more excited.

This literally was the first PC game I ever purchased with my own money back in '99. Entire evenings and weekends and school breaks were devoted to this game.

I forgot the name of it years after losing one of the discs (the monster 4 disc collection to install it back then) and used to ask people all the time if they had heard of this game. None had, so I figured I was out of luck.

Yeah, the graphics are dated, but it's still a beautiful game. The voice-acting is phenomenal for the time and pulls you in.

I'm so excited to start the journey over again, this time with my boyfriend watching as I play and getting interested in the lore as well. This type of game is not his 'genre', but he will sit and watch me go through it like he's viewing a movie, and pretty much, that's what this game is good about doing. It's a slow moving movie, with a great plot and characters that you help move along.

I even remembered the rubber ducky outside the window right off! That's how long lasting this game stays with you. I loaded the game, went through the opening sequence, and as soon as April was in her apartment I declared "There is a rubber duck outside this window that I have GOT to get right now!"

I'm not a puzzle person, at all. So that aspect of the game has always had me pulling my hair out, but I'm excited to take this game on as a 30 year old and not as impatient 14 year old, who'd give up and find a guide online to just get through it.

Long story short: If you love point-and-click stories. Get this one. It is most definitely my favorite of all time. Right after that, find Syberia and Syberia II. They're another series of point-and-click adventure games that I thought were from this same developer and they were very close to the style of The Longest Journey.
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31 of 33 people (94%) found this review helpful
18.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 3, 2014
The Longest Journey is a LONG journey of our main protagonist, April Ryan. She's confused, clumsy, ♥♥♥♥♥y, and sometimes can be manipulative too (well it's the nature of the point and click genre), but you'll love her! You'll get absorbed into the witty, funny, and deep story about "Balance", it's just like reading a really good novel that you can't put down once you started reading it. The writing is just so good, it's worth mentioned again, it's so good! And the voice cast is seriously GREAT, they not just speak, they 'live' the role. Sometimes the dialogue can be so long and take a lot of time, but I enjoy every single of it (Hell I feel guilty if I skip the dialogue!). It's one of main strongest point beside the story of this game, simply amazing. If you play the game and reach the point where you meet Crow, the most narcissist bird you've ever seen, you'll know what I meant.

The art is masterpiece in concept, but when getting compared to modern games, it's still good but you can see some limitations in the execution, especially in the character department. The character's polygon still rough, sometimes the animation get glitch and weird, but hey what games in that year doesn't? If you see the art concept by their artist, you just can't imagine, how great the visual will be if its getting remade with technology that we have now. Thank God it's happening right at the moment!

The puzzle is cool, some are smart and fun, some just aren't. In some points you need to go back and forth one place to another, moreover if you miss one dialog with one character, or miss examined that one tiny point of the scenery, sometimes it can be exhausting. Some people simply just attracted to the story and get annoyed easily when get stuck, it's understandable. If you want to take the 'fast lane' I recommend the guide of UHS Hints because it reveals the only information that you need at the time, one by one, so you will not be spoiled. I still recommend to solve the puzzle by yourself though, because of its rewarding feeling.

The game has one of the most satisfying ending, the feeling you got from finished that Bioshock game, it's there. I don't want to spoil too much, but I just want to say, whatever made you stop and not finishing this game, for god's sake just-finish-it. Even it takes a long time, just like me :) English is not my first language; I reopened the game after have better vocabulary, and it's the right decision

Well, here I am, 14 years later, finished the game, and now I can confirm when people said that this game is one of the best adventure game ever made by human, it's true.
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30 of 33 people (91%) found this review helpful
13.2 hrs on record
Posted: April 2, 2014
Best point and click adventure game I’ve ever played. Up there, if not more enjoyable than The Curse of Monkey Island, Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars and The Walking Dead - I can see now why it is scored so highly.

First of all The Longest Journey no doubt requires a lot of patience. The game shares more familiarities with a novel, having an extraordinary amount of dialogue to go through and numerous objects to click on and explore. Story felt refreshingly unique and flows well. It is split into thirteen Chapters of varying length and themes. The voice acting is brilliant – characters feel natural, not samey and often time’s humorous (mature content).

Puzzles on reflection were mostly straight forward, logical and challenging – and only had to use a guide for small sections of the game that didn’t make sense or where I forgot one piece of dialogue (you need to complete certain things in order to continue with the plot). Graphics and cut scenes look dated at first impression but soon becomes part of the games charm. Musical soundtrack does a fantastic job at conveying the different moods throughout the journey.

Chapter Three is the funniest, and cements the fact that this is now one of my favourite point and click games. Definitely a masterpiece.

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Recently Posted
[UM] Frungi
43.2 hrs
Posted: October 11
This is a point-and-click adventure game with 3D characters on 2D backgrounds. It's an epic chosen-one story that, to me, doesn't quite feel finished in some middle parts. Get these fonts and put that folder in your game directory, because the game expects them but does not include them. Also, I highly recommend forcing anti-aliasing in your graphics card settings, since the game runs at 640×480. Or you could try forcing a high resolution with dgVoodoo, though I haven't done so.

The game's point-and-click interface works like this: If you click on something you can do more than look at (and hear your character's thoughts on), it'll bring up a circular menu around the cursor to let you choose to use your eyes, mouth (for talking, drinking, etc), or hands, where applicable; if you can only do one of these, clicking will just do that. Right-click anywhere to bring up the inventory, or press A and D to cycle through it, and then click to use an item or to talk to someone about it.

Overall rating: $16.
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56.6 hrs
Posted: October 10
Good game with a good story line that leads to the very excellent second episode "Dreamfall".
Helpful? Yes No Funny
22.5 hrs
Posted: October 5
At the time of this review i've just started playing classic adventure games (but i plan on many more) so this might change in the future.

But, i think this is a fantastic adventure. The dialogue is so full of nuances while mantaining a very large section for exploration and puzzles. I mean, i dunno the standards, but more than 20 hours is pretty long for adventure games, isn't it?

Granted, i listened to every piece of dialogue i could find, i like to explore my videogames, but it was just fantastic to do because it's very well written and it makes sense. (when i say this i mean that it makes sense in the world the developers have created)

The story i won't tell you, it's just really good. You have the accept the theory that the cosmos have their own mind, and you have to like things like 2001 A Space Odyssey. Spiritual and Mystic are keywords here. I do, a lot. This doesn't mean religion, just spiritual cosmos, yeah let's put it this way.

Aside from that there's exploration and puzzles, it's quite extensive in interactions and some puzzles, the harder ones can take you quite a long time. But there's no trial and error. Everything has hints everywere and you have a journal in witch you can read every conversation and note that the protagonist herself has taken so you can sort it out yourself.

Someone very smart could probably trim 5 hours from my time even in their first playthrough but i feel proud of myself because i use the guide only 3 times, i just couldn't see objects that were in my face (talk about oblivious) so that's totally my fault, but for the actual puzzles i did like i told you above and i was able to figure it out. Took me some time at times but yes, it's very rewarding to do so.

Fantastic game, i always felt that modern adventure games were praised with no reason because they didn't reasonate with me, their sense of urgency, QTEs and other gimmicks that force you to move forward no matter what you actually wanna do.

In this game, the adventure is what you make of it and i say it was quite the masterpice.

Go into this blind, do not inform yourself, and rest assured i run this on my GTX 950, Windows 10 x64, so i guess this runs everywere. The only tweaking you will have to do is maybe, depends on your soundcard, going into the Steamapps folder for this game, select Configure and then select Windows Multimedia, but just in case you don't have audio.

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17.6 hrs
Posted: September 23
Just replayed this classic masterpiece some 15 years after my first run-through. And WOW does it hold up! A great old school adventure game of the point-and-click persuasion, with an amazing story, cool atmosphere and lengthy gameplay set in both a future bleak version of earth, as well as a magical fantasy alternative.

Unlike those extremely annoying old Sierra games where opening the wrong door, forgetting to pick up the red berry from the Evil Wizard's toilet 5 hours earlier, or just putting on the wrong pair of socks, will kill you instantly and set you back to your latest saved game where you'd still forgot to pick up the damned berry, TLJ encourages you to try everything. This game will never punish you for exploring, just like - for example - the original Monkey Island trilogy.

There were a couple of small but easily ignored graphical glitches on my Windows 8.1 rig, e.g. some characters walk around with slightly unmotivated see-through holes in their heads, but you don't play a game originally released in 1999 to dive into the realer-than-real pixelwork. This IS your parents' old adventure game. Also, if the Yes/No dialogue window turns out blank, kick it DOS style and just press 'y' for Yes. You'll be just fine.

Again: a classic adventure masterpiece. Highly recommended.
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Suicidal Seagull
1.5 hrs
Posted: September 20
Beautiful. Old games like this are usually good.

I've only played an hour and a half of it and I'm already hooked. The story is great and from what I've heard it gets a little emotional later, which I love. Story Rich games are crap if you don't FEEL.

Up to now, 9/10
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22.9 hrs
Posted: September 18
It is quite difficult to recommend this game now because of the graphics. But if you can overlook that and give this game a shot, you will be surprised and left wanting for more. A interesting puzzle game with absolutely intriguing story and amazing concept. And ooh.. the voice acting. Just perfect.
10/10 I am not exageratting
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35.7 hrs
Posted: September 15
Absolutely love this game. What a brilliant story, it stayed with me for a long time.
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26.1 hrs
Posted: September 15
One of the best quests I have ever played. Use dgVoodoo to solve some of the game problems.
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0.6 hrs
Posted: September 12
I had no idea how really bad the graphics were. I had no idea how boring the conversations were. I can't believe the high ratings and reviews unless they were written 20 years ago. 30 minutes in game and removed it from computer. I'm not sure I can trust these reviews. Seriously, a score of 91/100? Really??? Total waste of money and time.
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18.4 hrs
Posted: September 3
Live it as you were reading a book and the game will be really amazing.
If you're searching for fast pacing game and difficult enigmas it will be a delusion.
The game in itself is just finding things on the screen or put the ones you already have on it, but beside this the story is awasome, good dialogues, good fantasy.
I'll how's the next one.
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