The Longest Journey est une aventure passionnante où le joueur a le rôle d'April Ryan dans son voyage dans les univers parallèles. Embarquez dans une aventure que vous n'oublierez pas de si tôt, résolvez les énigmes, rencontrez de nombreux personnage, partez en exploration et faites face à de terribles monstres.
Évaluations d'utilisateurs : Très positive (322 évaluation(s))
Date de parution: 17 nov 2000

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Recommandé par les curateurs

"An older, but still fantastic point and click adventure with one of the best female protagonists in gaming. This is a complex, wonderful story."


"The Longest Journey est non seulement le meilleur jeu d'aventure de ces dernières années, mais c'est aussi l'un des meilleurs jeux jamais créés"
- GamesDomain

À propos de ce jeu

The Longest Journey est une aventure passionnante où le joueur a le rôle d'April Ryan dans son voyage dans les univers parallèles. Embarquez dans une aventure que vous n'oublierez pas de si tôt, résolvez les énigmes, rencontrez de nombreux personnage, partez en exploration et faites face à de terribles monstres. Vous allez apprendre et sortir grandi de cette aventure unique !
  • 150 endroits dans deux univers distincts
  • Plus de 70 personnages avec lesquels vous pouvez dialoguer
  • Plus de 40 heures de jeu
  • Plus de 20 minutes de scènes haute-définition
  • Une bande son exceptionnelle

Configuration requise

    Minimum : Windows 95/98, 2000, XP, Pentium 166 MMX, 32 Mo de RAM, souris et clavier, carte graphique avec 2 Mo de RAM 640x480 SVGA high colour (16bit), carte son compatible Windows, 300 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    Recommandée : Pentium II, 266 MHz, 64 Mo de RAM, carte graphique 3d ( compatible Direct 3d ) avec 4 Mo de RAM, 1 Go d'espace disque disponible
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Dans le Point & Click, il existait à l'époque de son âge d'or plusieurs catégories. Les jeux avec un univers sérieux, ceux avec un univers loufoque et ceux avec un univers fantastique, digne des plus beau romans.

The Longest Journey fait partie de cette catégorie. Ce jeu fait partie de ceux qui ont été l’apogée de ce genre. Un jeu qui peut sembler classique au premier abord, mais qui se démarque par la richesse et la profondeur de son univers. Un univers dont la beauté et la complexité n'ont d'égale que la trame narrative du jeu.

Alors certes le jeu a très mal vieilli visuellement, et il est assez compliqué à faire fonctionner de nos jours (Merci à Steam qui permet de profiter des magnifiques musiques du jeu, qui ne fonctionnent malheureusement pas avec la version boîte sur les OS récents), mais ce jeu a la capacité d'emporter un joueur dans une aventure dont il ne décroche qu'avec difficulté.

Peu de jeux vidéos peuvent prétendre avoir une telle qualité.

PS : Bien qu'indisponible en français sur Steam, il existe un patch FR disponible dans la section "Guides". Donc ceux qui rechignent à le tester à cause de l'absence de VF, elle est disponible pour peu que vous la téléchargiez. ^^
Posté le : 25 juin
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A true gamer would care not for the graphics quality but for the game's true quality.
The story is beautiful, and the characters are very easy to relate to. The puzzles are not too difficult, but also fairly challenging. There is also humor in the game. It's one of those games that are long and they grow on you and after you finish it, it's a shock. I still wish to stay in that world. I wish the longest journey were a longer journey.
Posté le : 23 avril
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The Longest Journey is a LONG journey of our main protagonist, April Ryan. She's confused, clumsy, ♥♥♥♥♥y, and sometimes can be manipulative too (well it's the nature of the point and click genre), but you'll love her! You'll get absorbed into the witty, funny, and deep story about "Balance", it's just like reading a really good novel that you can't put down once you started reading it. The writing is just so good, it's worth mentioned again, it's so good! And the voice cast is seriously GREAT, they not just speak, they 'live' the role. Sometimes the dialogue can be so long and take a lot of time, but I enjoy every single of it (Hell I feel guilty if I skip the dialogue!). It's one of main strongest point beside the story of this game, simply amazing. If you play the game and reach the point where you meet Crow, the most narcissist bird you've ever seen, you'll know what I meant.

The art is masterpiece in concept, but when getting compared to modern games, it's still good but you can see some limitations in the execution, especially in the character department. The character's polygon still rough, sometimes the animation get glitch and weird, but hey what games in that year doesn't? If you see the art concept by their artist, you just can't imagine, how great the visual will be if its getting remade with technology that we have now. Thank God it's happening right at the moment!

The puzzle is cool, some are smart and fun, some just aren't. In some points you need to go back and forth one place to another, moreover if you miss one dialog with one character, or miss examined that one tiny point of the scenery, sometimes it can be exhausting. Some people simply just attracted to the story and get annoyed easily when get stuck, it's understandable. If you want to take the 'fast lane' I recommend the guide of UHS Hints because it reveals the only information that you need at the time, one by one, so you will not be spoiled. I still recommend to solve the puzzle by yourself though, because of its rewarding feeling.

The game has one of the most satisfying ending, the feeling you got from finished that Bioshock game, it's there. I don't want to spoil too much, but I just want to say, whatever made you stop and not finishing this game, for god's sake just-finish-it. Even it takes a long time, just like me :) English is not my first language; I reopened the game after have better vocabulary, and it's the right decision

Well, here I am, 14 years later, finished the game, and now I can confirm when people said that this game is one of the best adventure game ever made by human, it's true.
Posté le : 3 août
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There has been a time, around 2000, everybody was thinking that maybe graphic adventures were doomed. After the commercial failure of Grim Fandango the future seemed obscure, and The Longest Journey was a shining light. Maybe I am too melodramatic, but I like to think that TLJ saved this genre, because it showed to everyone that it was still possible to make extraordinary point and click games.

I won't tell you anything about the story, if not that it has a strong sci-fi/paranormal vibe, because I really want you to discover it entirely. The setting is futuristic, and you'll help the main character, April Ryan, discover the truth about herself and the world she lives in. The characters are deep and very well written, the story manages to be funny and allegoric at the same time, and the puzzles can be really challenging. Old School. Awesome. In the end FunCom and its lead writer at that time, Ragnar Tørnquist created a world that feels alive, characters you really care for, and a story that will make you think about our role in modern society. Even the smallest details are perfectly integrated in the main narrative arc. The Longest Journey is a must have for any graphic adventure fan, and a great game in general.

Sadly, as many early 3D games, if played now feels (graphically speaking) very outdated, but I assure you it won't be an issue as soon as you enter this fantastic world. But yeah, a resolution patch would be awesome ;-)
Posté le : 24 septembre
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Recommended for anyone into old-school adventure games.

The game hasn't aged too badly. An okay story, does a nice job of introducing you to the world(s).
Posté le : 7 août
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