Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, winnaar van meerdere E3-awards voor het beste spel in het genre, is het vervolg op een saga die begon in het bekroonde The Longest Journey. The Longest Journey wordt beschouwd als een van de beste avonturenspellen ooit.
Gebruikersrecensies: Erg positief (269 recensies)
Releasedatum: 17 apr 2006

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"Easily one of the most pleasant easy-going story-driven 3D games. Just makes you wonder why aren't there more games like this."


Gamespy.com - Adventure Game of the Year - "Dreamfall stands so far out of the pack, we believe it would have been a stellar candidate no matter what year it was released". If gaming is ever to be more than merely colored lights and sensation, though, it needs these types of experimental projects to move forward. Gaming may not yet be "art," but with Dreamfall, we're one step closer"

Read the full review at gamespy.com (half-way down the page)

Gamespy.com - #8 Best PC Game of the Year - "An amazing trip with some of the most fascinating characters you'll ever want to meet through some of the most breathtaking and wondrous scenery you're ever going to see "

Over dit spel

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, winnaar van meerdere E3-awards voor het beste spel in het genre, is het vervolg op een saga die begon in het bekroonde The Longest Journey. The Longest Journey wordt beschouwd als een van de beste avonturenspellen ooit. In Dreamfall worden de spelers meegenomen op een avontuurlijke ontdekkingsreis met een spannend en emotioneel plot. Dreamfall is een volledig interactieve wereld waarin de prachtige muziek, verbluffende graphics, fascinerende personages en ongeëvenaard gevarieerde gameplay een nieuw tijdperk inluiden voor het genre. Bereid je voor op een spirituele, fantastische en geweldige speelervaring.

  • Ongeëvenaarde variatie in de gameplay Nog nooit had een avonturenspel zo veel variatie in de gameplay! Gebruik je hersens of je spieren; sluip, vecht of praat je weg langs de vele uitdagingen die het spel te bieden heeft. Wees beleefd of grof, bedreigend of vleiend; in Dreamfall maak jij de keuze. Hierdoor weet je nooit wat er gaat gebeuren.
  • Drie personages Ervaar het verhaal vanuit drie verschillende perspectieven en zie hoe het lot van alle personages samensmelt in een heroïsche finale. Elk personage heeft unieke eigenschappen en een eigen kijk op de wereld, waardoor je constant variatie in de gameplay hebt.
  • Drie werelden Dreamfall strekt zich uit over drie prachtig gerealiseerde werelden, het spel heeft meerdere hoofdstukken en een verbluffende hoeveelheid gedetailleerde locaties. Reis door een futuristische versie van de aarde, reis naar een magische fantasiewereld en ontrafel de mysteries van The Winter.
  • Unieke interactie tussen de werelden Dreamfall introduceert de splinternieuwe focusfieldfunctie, waardoor Dreamfall tussen het klassieke aanwijzen-en-klikken-spel (waar je overal op het scherm kon klikken) en het actie-en avonturenspel zit (waar je naar het voorwerp toe moet gaan om het te gebruiken). In deze gebruiksvriendelijke en contextgevoelige interface kun je de gehele zichtbare omgeving zien door de ogen van de personages. Zo kun je informatie verkrijgen over voorwerpen in de verte en nieuwe speelmogelijkheden creëren.
  • Weloverwogen thrillerachtige verhaallijn Dreamfall heeft een weloverwogen en meeslepende verhaallijn die het futuristische, het fantastische en het spirituele combineert met moord, verraad en een complot dat ons hele bestaan in gevaar brengt. Dreamfall biedt een ongewoon en speciaal verhaal, waardoor het klassieke avonturenspel samenkomt met het moderne actiespel.
  • Verbluffend geluid en verbluffende soundtrack Luister naar een ontroerende en epische soundtrack in 7,1 surround. De stemmen, waarvan je nekharen overeind gaan staan, zijn door meer dan 50 professionele acteurs ingesproken. Geniet van de muziek, je gaat vanzelf op het puntje van je stoel zitten.
  • Een spel voor iedereen 50% van de spelers van het originele The Longest Journey was vrouw. Met de bijna filmachtige aanpak, de realistische personages, de weloverwogen verhaallijn en de gebruiksvriendelijke interface is Dreamfall een spel dat iedere tiener of volwassene kan spelen, het maakt niet uit hoe ervaren je bent.


    Minimaal: Windows XP (met Service Pack 2), Intel Pentium 4 1,6 GHz of AMD Sempron 2800+ of hoger, 512 MB RAM, 7 GB vrije schijfruimte, geluidskaart die compatibel is met DirectX 9.0c, 3D-hardwareversnellingskaart vereist: 128-MB kaart en de nieuwste stuurprogramma's die 100% compatibel zijn met DirectX 9.0c.

    Aanbevolen: Intel Pentium 4 2,5 GHz of AMD Athlon XP 3500+

Nuttige klantrecensies
14 van de 16 mensen (88%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
26.0 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 18 maart
This game is mostly about listening to dialogs and running from A to B, back to A and then to C. Has an awesome story!

A sequel to one of the best stories you can find in gaming, but now you get three playable characters and very nice graphics for its time! April Ryan is back although her cheerful spirit is distored after what had happened in the previous game and therefore I recommend playing The Longest Journey first. Zoë, from the world of science, will be fighting a huge corporation while searching for her best friend. Kian, from the world of magic, finds himself torn between his faith and what his leaders tell him to do. All these three characters will get to interact with each other and controlling them, throughout the 14 hours that this title offers, is really great fun. You'll need to solve a few minigame puzzles (hacking), find ways to enter dangerous areas by putting enviroment to use and meet numerous people who always have something interesting to say. I wouldn't like to compare Dreamfall with TLJ since they are very different. They stayed similar in things that matter though and I appreciate that with 10/10. Again.
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9 van de 10 mensen (90%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
11.6 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 14 maart
Replaying this again in 2015... What this really is, a telltale games game way before there was such thing as telltale game, and just oozes with class and depth, unlike telltale games.

The graphics are aged for pc standards, but thankfully human voices haven't evolved, and its still top quality voice acting by todays standards.

If you never played tlj i'm not sure if the effect would be as strong as it carries over the background... but if you have this is amazing. You're just watching this tlj story continue and you want to come back.. for what happens next in the story story (dont bother thinking about the gameplay, not the point at all, theres quality here and its not that).

....I don't remember dreamfall being as awesome as it is when i first played it. Excellent surprise and really looking forward to chapters.
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4 van de 4 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
12.6 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 15 juni
Beautiful game. If you like adventure genre, you gonna like this one. 10/10.
P.S: Don't forget to play Dreamfall: Chapters after you finish this one.

Controls are hard to get used to.
A lot of bugs with Windows 7/8, but at the end of the day, game works.
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33 van de 34 mensen (97%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
11.7 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 23 oktober 2014
Overall this was a pretty good game, guys!!!

If you played TLJ (The Longest Journey) then you'll like the story of this game, but quickly realize how big of a change there was in gameplay mechanics of this sequel. As a very big fan of the original, I have to admit, at the start off this game, with the different controls and lackluster main character, I was thinking I wouldn't be a fan of this one and in turn, would end up being disappointed or would avoid the 3rd game, Dreamfall: Chapters- this ended up not being the case. The story is a 3rd person adventure/puzzle (WSAD/arrow key movement, not Point & Click) with minimal fighting and frequent puzzles. The puzzles aren't terribly challenging and only 1 part of the game has you do a lot of back & forth "fetching". You swap between 3 roles or characters in the game with the main character being a new girl, Zoe. Chat can be fast forwarded with the space bar, game is saveable at any idle time (non-conversation/cut scene), and, sadly, the game does not allow full screen windowed, which is something I enjoy in many games due to my dual monitor set up.

-Game is now realized in a full 3D environment. Graphically much better than TLJ.
-Main character, Zoe, grows and changes from when introduced to the end of the game. I really appreciated this as I initially was very uninterested in her.
-Story developed nicely. It was slow in the start and middle as it built up. The last couple hours of the game I felt very attached and well immersed.
-Puzzles weren't bad and most were easily solved without external assistance. I do want to call out I always use a guide in point & click games because, honestly, I just don't have the time for all the trial and error and I really do enjoy the stories of these games.
-Once you figure out the controls, the WSAD keys, Space Bar, and Tab can control your inventory, action wheel, and every other in game action needed- very easy to play from a laid back position.

-Movement and camera control gave me motion sickness during the game, especially at the start as I adjusted sensitivity and tried multiple configurations to find the "sweet spot". Eventually I gave up and primarily used the movement turn keys to control the camera turn.
-The combat was dumb. Controls were clunky and fighting was unneeded. This was during the time where game devs were trying new features and hitting as many check boxes as possible.
-Main character was kinda pathetic in the introduction and start of the game. I really felt she started to hit her stride when she arrived at Japan.
-Focus mode was mostly pointless and forgotten the majority of the game. A couple puzzles required it, otherwise it didn't do too much.
-1 Part of the game had you go fetch quest items, back and forth, twice. I really missed the ability the double click the edge of the map to instantly move- something found in other Point & Click Adventure games (Deponia trilogy & TLJ, for example).

TL;DR/Bottom line: Get the original, The Longest Journey, and this game, the sequel, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, as soon as you can afford it. I highly recommend them both and they go on sale together for $6.24 at the lowest. The 3rd game, Dreamfall: Chapters released 2 days ago (10.21.2014) and is, at the time of this writing, receiving very positive reviews.
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29 van de 34 mensen (85%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
8.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 16 januari 2014

+ fantastic presentation, cinematic feeling, great voice acting, great soundtrack
+ awesome story with many twists, fantastic dialogues
+ likeable main character, you get to bond with her
+ although in 3d person, good controls overall

- basic gameplay, more are inventory based puzzles which are fine, but the stealth gameplay is very basic and irritating at times, so are the fighting sequences
- not as good as the original gameplay wise, although the story is better in dreamfall imo and that's why i give it a solid 9
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