Smid ditt vapen och gå i Jedins fotspår Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy är det senaste spelet i den hyllade Jedi Knight-serien. Ta på dig rollen som en ny elev ivrig att lära dig om "the Force" från Jedi-Mästaren Luke Skywalker.
Användarrecensioner: Väldigt positivt (1,824 recensioner)
Utgivningsdatum: 16 sep, 2003

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Smid ditt vapen och gå i Jedins fotspår
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy är det senaste spelet i den hyllade Jedi Knight-serien. Ta på dig rollen som en ny elev ivrig att lära dig om "the Force" från Jedi-Mästaren Luke Skywalker. Interagera med kända Star Wars karaktärer på många klassiska Star Wars platser när du ställs inför det ultimata valet: Slåss för det goda och friheten på den ljusa sidan eller följa vägen av makt och ondska till den mörka sidan.
  • Anpassa din karaktär genom att definiera både utseende och kön innan du kommer in på Akademien för att lära dig om kraften och farorna med "the Force".
  • Bygg din egen ljussabel från handtag till blad. När du utvecklas kommer du upptäcka kraften i att svinga två ljussablar eller den ultimata dubbel-bladade ljussabeln som blev känd genom Darth Maul.
  • Nya ​​fordon, vapen, makt kraft och Star Wars platser.
  • Med ett unikt nivå-urvalssystem kan du välja dina egna uppdrag och äventyr.
  • Sex flerspelarlägen, inklusive lagbaserad belägring, och två-mot-en powerduell. Kämpa på 23 multiplayer arenor!


Mac OS X
    • Operativsystem: Windows 2000, XP eller Vista
    • Processor: Pentium II eller Athlon 450 MHz
    • Minne: 128 MB
    • Grafik: 32 MB OpenGL kompatibel
    • DirectX®: 9.0a
    • Hårddisk: 1.3 GB
    • Sound: 16 bit Direct x 9.0a
    • Flerspels-krav: Pentium II eller Athlon 450MHz
    • OS: 10.7.5 (Lion), 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion), 10.9.5 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (Dual-Core), 2.2 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB
    • Graphics: 256 MB, (NVidia): Geforce 8800, (ATI): Radeon HD 2600, (Intel): HD 3000
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB
    • Peripherals: Macintosh mouse and keyboard

      NOTICE: The following video chipsets are unsupported by Jedi Academy
      • Intel Integrated GMA 950/X3100
      • ATI RADEON HD 2400
      NOTICE:This game is not supported on volumes formatted as Mac OS Extended (Case Sensitive)
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Upplagd: 10 mars
Have you ever wanted to be a Jedi? The Force isn’t strong enough in real life for you to be one? Well then, this game is good enough to satisfy that need. If you never wanted to be one, then this game will show you its charm anyway and afterward, you’ll fall in the former category. Despite its outdated look, the gameplay is engaging and the story has the SW charm to it. This game has the original trilogy’s atmosphere, but it has more action. Despite its predecessor, the level design won’t get you lost and there is less linearity, as you can select your gender, race, lightsaber fighting style and its shape and choice you make in the (near)end, whether to stay in the light or give into the dark and the consequences feel strongly(the protagonists attitude changes, some die, some get hurt, everything is awesome). There are some great moments for a Star Wars fan, such as fighting alongside Chewbacca, force choking Boba Fett, or taking a station down with Wedge Antilles.
The gameplay involves lightsaber fighting(this is what made the Jedi Knight series famous) that inspired the combat of Blade Symphony, as there are many duels. Aside from those instances, chopping arms and heads of stormtroopers that actually can aim is really entertaining. Jumping on walls, then on your adversaries is a good example of how fluid the combat can be. There are three types of force powers: light sided ones, which involve sustaining health by healing and protection, and turning your enemies into allies, the universal ones like force push, pull, speed, sense and lightsaber throw and there are the dark sided ones, which are damaging and risky, as you’ll enter modes that strengthen you while draining your health, exposing yourself with force choke or force lightning, though the latter, when upgraded to its zenith, means pushing everyone out of the room while having bolts all over them. You also have an arsenal of weapons to your disposal, that have primary and secondary types of firing.
The story has its charm, as you start up as a student and end up being a Jedi Knight, there are many iconic characters and there is Kyle Katarn, the hero of the other Jedi Knight games. The plot isn’t really intriguing, but it has its mystery. 80% of the game you’ll be doing missions that don’t seem to be related to the plot, but more to being a Jedi, that is keeping the peace in the Galaxy.
The game last for about 8 hours, provided you tend to be alive most of the time. For Star Wars fans it’s a treat and some don’t exaggerate when they call it the best Star Wars game; while it’s a matter of taste, this game ends up on being on the favorites list. For newcomers, it’s enough to make them understand why people go crazy over Star Wars. The game isn’t complex, but is good enough to spend time with it and enjoy doing so.
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Upplagd: 14 februari
Sliced Jawas, slammed tuskan raiders against walls. Not the droid you're looking for. 11/10.
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Upplagd: 31 mars
A classic game set in the classic universe. This is a must play not only for the Star Wars fans.
+ Magnificent and balanced combat system
+ Choose your style: single, dual, or a sabrestaff
+ Variety of guns
+ Use the Force, Jaden!
+ The protagonist doesn't have to be a human :)
+ Option of choosing between the light and the dark side
+ Soundtrack
+ Tons of player-created content
- Plot isn't an A+ material (but it's not bad by any means)


It's a blast from the past – still fun after all these years. The game tells us the story of the Jedi struggling to prevent the Cultists from resurrecting Marka Ragnos – an ancient Dark Lord of the Sith.

The protagonist, unlike in most of the games in the Jedi Knight series, is one of the Luke Skywalker's students named Jaden. One can choose race, gender, and appearance of the main character. What is more, the hero's lightsabre can be customised as well. Later on, there is also a possibility to choose either a single blade, dual blade, or a sabrestaff. Each of the weapons feature a different playstyle, animations, and moves. In addition to the elegant weapon(s) for a more civilised age, there are a few guns and explosives available.

The lightsabre combat system is truly unique and works like charm. It is easy to learn and hard to master. It punishes the weak and empowers the strong, so to speak: it rewards well-timed blows and dodges as opposed to mindless mashing the buttons as fast as possible. Moreover, it is well-balanced: every playstyle is viable. Apart from fencing, a player can use a variety of Force powers which are divided into three categories: Neutral (e.g. Push), Light (e.g. Heal), and Dark (e.g. Lightning). In single player, a player can assign points to the Light and the Dark side powers (the Neutral ones grow as the story progresses).

While single player is decent, the clue of the game is its multiplayer. I have put around 200 hours in the multiplayer alone and I definitely am looking forward for more. Despite the game being past its prime, it still has a small but devoted community. There also are myriads of mods, characters, maps, and other types of player-created content which further improve longevity of the game.

Concluding, Jedi Academy still is the top dog when it comes to Third Person Slashers and one of the best Star Wars games in my opinion. I have yet to play a game with a more enjoyable and balanced combat system. I strongly recommend trying it out even today: it may look dated, but the core mechanics are timeless. A 10/10.

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37 av 42 personer (88%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
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Upplagd: 25 februari
Pros about this game:

+Force lightning
+Then Jan punches the Weequay right in the...
+Killing Rosh
+Force lightning
+Force lightning
+Rancors (Especially the mutant ones)

Negatives about this game:

-Force lightning
-Not getting to kill Rosh more than once
-Not getting to kill Rosh at the start of the game
-Not getting to kill Rosh with force lightning

This game is great! Things to implement in the future: Long-range force lightning that can target across Korriban maybe?
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Upplagd: 20 juli
Lore-friendly & fun from start to finish // Recommended for Star Wars fans

+ Voice acting is mostly passable, with a few notable exceptions
+ Visuals, animations, and effects are decent for year of release, so it's hard to justify counting them against the game; they didn't necessarily age well, but certainly not to such a degree as to hold it back
+ Movement and platforming feels smooth and organic; this is particularly evident when 'force jumping'
+ Environmental puzzle elements are well-designed, and work well with the use of the player's core 'force abilities'
+ Dark side/ Light side orientation can be chosen, but isn't necessarily influenced by dialogue, as in many other titles
+ Audio design is ripped directly from the films, and does well to complement the final product
+ Melee and FPS transition works seamlessly; both are fun in their own right, and neither serves to detract from the game's enjoyment
+ Combat is both fun and engaging; this, clearly, was the primary focus of the developers, and the combat system is easily that which works best in the title
+ Secret areas are available, offering tangible rewards for one's mission
+ Controls are intuitive and adequately explained in the tutorial missions; however, there is seemingly no controller support to speak of
+ Plot is nothing sensational, but it measures up fairly well to the rest of the franchise, and doesn't divorce itself from the established nuances of the Star Wars universe

- Vehicle controls, notably turning, can prove a bit clunky in practice
- Enemy AI is positively atrocious
- Multiplayer appears to be completely dead and abandoned

If you enjoyed this review, please follow my curator page. Feel free to join my group, LockeProposal's Big Day Out for discussion and announcements, and I also have a budding YouTube Channel for those interested. Thanks for reading!
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