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Paris im Herbst... ein brutaler Mord im Palais Royale. Als Nico Collard eingeladen wird StaatsmannPierre Carchon zu interviewen, wird sie unwiderruflich in eine furchterregende Verschwörung verstrickt. In dem mehrfach preisgekrönten klassischen Adventurespiel 'Baphomets Fluch: The Director's Cut' begeben sich die clevere Journalistin...
Veröffentlichung: 2 Sep. 2010
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Enthält 3 Artikel: Broken Sword 2 - the Smoking Mirror: Remastered, Broken Sword 3 - the Sleeping Dragon, Broken Sword: Director's Cut

Localized Titles

Französischer Titel: Les Chevaliers de Baphomet - The Director's Cut
Deutscher Titel: Baphomets Fluch - The Director's Cut

Über das Spiel

Paris im Herbst... ein brutaler Mord im Palais Royale. Als Nico Collard eingeladen wird StaatsmannPierre Carchon zu interviewen, wird sie unwiderruflich in eine furchterregende Verschwörung verstrickt.

In dem mehrfach preisgekrönten klassischen Adventurespiel 'Baphomets Fluch: The Director's Cut' begeben sich die clevere Journalistin Nico Collard und der unerschrockene Amerikaner George Stobbart auf eine geheimnisvolle Reise voller Rätsel und Gefahren. Führe George und Nico rund um die Welt bei ihrem Abenteuer, erforsche exotische Orte, löse uralte Rätsel und vereitle eine finstere Verschwörung rund um die geheimen Wahrheiten der Tempelritter.

'Baphomets Fluch: The Director's Cut' mit einem neuen Handlungsstrang auf, zusätzlich zu der klassischen Story, die schon Millionen von Spielern begeistert und fasziniert hat. Es ist Zeit, die weltweiten Abenteuer von George und Nico auf eine völlig neue Art zu erleben, mit neuen Rätseln, neuen Scherzen und der unverwechselbaren Hintergrundgeschichte, der diese Spielereihe ihren wohlverdienten Ruhm verdankt. Besser kann man Adventurespiele nicht genießen.


Director’s Cut des Klassikers – Neu-erfunden und verbessert:
  • Eine komplett neue zusätzliche Geschichte mit 2 Stunden zusätzlichem Spielvergnügen
  • Zusätzliche moderne Minispiele in der ersten Person
  • Neue Gesichtsausdrücke gemalt von Dave Gibbons, der Mitbegründer von Watchmen
  • Eingearbeitetes Hilfesystem – versichert, das die Spieler nicht frustriert werden
  • Verbessertes Audio - für Musik und Stimmen

Systemvoraussetzungen (PC)

    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
    • Prozessor: Pentium
    • Speicher: 64 MB
    • Festplatte: 1.5 GB
    • Grafikkarte: jegliche Grafikkarte mit 64 MB Grafikspeicher
    • Sound: jegliche Soundkarte
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The original Broken Sword will probably always be my favorite point and click adventure game due to the fact that it was the first point and click game i ever played and the fact that the story is so strong and the characters are so likable, i really can't see any other point and click game beating it as far as i'm concerned.

As for the Directors Cut i have to say that it is still a really enjoyable experience but nothing compared to the original. Some things i don't like about the Directors Cut are the fact that they removed alot of interactions with characters and other random objects in the game, this may seem like a small thing to criticize but alot of the funny interactions that i grew up hearing when i played the original game on the PS1 have been removed.

But apart from this i still highly recommend this game if you like Point and Click Adventure games
Verfasst: 8 März 2014
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Years before Dan Brown's Da Vinci's Code made headlines for its religious subject,there was another story that had a similar setting even starting in Paris and ending in Scotland.This gem was Broken Sword:The shadow of the templars a point and click adventure game released 1996 and re-released in 2010 for the PC with more content as a Director's Cut.

First i'll talk about the main game and after i will talk about the director's cut.The game begins in Paris where our main character George Stobbart is enjoing his vacations.Just as he drinks his coffe and enjoying the parisian autumn two people enter the Caffe: a man with a briefcase who stops to order a coffe and after a short time a clown with a musical instrument.The clown takes the mans briefcase and leaves his instrument which is revealed to be a bomb which goes off and thats how the game begins.The whole story is about George's quest to find the costume killer,and as the plot advances we find out the whole story arc is about the conflict between Templars and Assassins and the templars called here Neo-Templars are the bad guys(sounds familiar ? :) ).Besides Paris, other places you get to visit are Scotland(twice),Spain and Siria, each with its own feel and colorfull characters which make this a game a joy to play even after you finished it once.The game has hand-drawn animations which look gorgeous, the voice acting is solid and the music works very well with the whole game.

The original game has from me a 10/10 rating, i find no issue with it,its a great adventure game with great characters and a good story.

Now about the director's cut, after the succes of the first game the game got 4 more sequels:Broken Sword The Smoking Mirror,Broken Sword The Sleeping Dragon,Broken Sword The Angel of Death and recently Broken Sword The Serpents Curse.Between Broken Sword 4 and 5, the first 2 games The Shadow of the Templars and The Smoking Mirror where re-released with more content and improvements.The director's cut of Broken Sword starts with Nicole Collard not with George a day before the bombing of the caffe and is essentially a proologue setting up the main story.The new content is some levels with Nico where we find more about her past.As the main game starts the first problem appears:the sound quality,the new recordings really stand out against the old ones from the main game,and also some of the character designs look worse than the main game which is weird one good exemple is when the character visits a hotel in Paris and there is one character reading a newspaper in a armchair, for some reason his outline was removed he looks like a black mass of animation.Also they changed the interface and added dialogue pics at the top corner of the screen with the faces of the characters with which you hold a conversation.

rating for the director's cut:8/10 the new content is good but the technical problems really drag down the score , they could have remastered it better,luckily they remastered the second game perfectly and the problems here are not present.
Verfasst: 25 Mai 2014
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10.0 Std. insgesamt
Broken Sword is an adventure game on the must play list. The story is one of the most intriguing I've ever played. It combines with good puzzles to keep you thinking. If you get the game, be aware that the director's cut has this annoying circle that appears on objects that you can interact with and they have changed some of the scenes. This might not be so bad for people getting into adventure games or someone that has never played this game, but returning gamers beware.
Verfasst: 11 Juli 2014
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There's a surprising amount of modern sensibility to this remake of the original Broken Sword. There's a helpful hint system, interactive objects flash with a small icon, and there are the usual visual and audio upgrades you'd expect. You'll still run into some infuriating moments of classic adventure game puzzledom, but the hint system is fairly clear and the pixel hunting is, thankfully, kept to a minimum. The hand-drawn graphics look sharp, but sometimes the speech seems slightly off, as though some dialogue was spliced in using different equipment. It can be a bit jarring. For the most part, though, this is a serviceable remake of a classic adventure game, and the story is still a fun little mystery romp.
Verfasst: 3 März 2014
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8.1 Std. insgesamt
This game is unique,its a gem,I totally recomend it to you,trust me,you wont be dissapointed,even if some parts of the game are "dense" ,it doent lose its "touch",plus the music and the animations,its perfect,10/10
Verfasst: 31 Januar 2014
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