Choose your Minion Master and collect an army of Minions to go head-to-head with other players online, in a real-time Minion battle! Your Minions await you!
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Dec 2, 2016

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Since this is an online PvP game, we would like to test the balance and get player feedback before release.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“We are planning on a full release in January 2018”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Here's a list of things we would like to look into with you before we leave Early Access:
  • Lots of new Minions, Spells and Buildings
  • Balancing
  • New awesome Masters
  • More social mechanics
  • Leaderboards (Done)
  • More progression systems ("Expeditions" in progress)
  • 2 Vs 2 - Team Battle (Available in Beta version)
  • Overall polish
And the extra unplanned good ideas that always occur”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game is fully playable, with lots of Minions and Masters you can be creative with. There's progression systems, Drafting, Matchmaking leagues, Arenas to unlock, Global chat, Friend listing, Profile summaries, Achievements, Replays, a Challenge system and much more.
You progress will not be wiped when leaving Early Access, it's yours to keep.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Minion Masters will be free-to-play in the future. If you buy the Early Access version you will get an exclusive Arena and a great gift when the game is released!”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We are always very active on the Steam Community forums where we collect your feedback and engage in the discussions. We will also be playing a lot and chatting with you in the in-game chat.
On top of that we have a suggestion system.

Lastly we are very active in the community Discord for the game, receiving bugs, feedback, suggestions and balance discussions from the active players.”
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Recent updates View all (53)

November 15

Update 52 - Stay Healthy

Minion Masters!

The Wicked Witching Night comes to an end and Master’s look forward to a more merry celebration at the end of the year..

This week brings some exciting stuff with it. We have a ton of fixes and small improvements that we’re sure you’ll love, as well as a handful of balance changes.

And while you’re listening to the new Milloween voice lines, remember to submit to the card design contest!

Changelog for Update 52

Milloween Voice implemented

  • Spirit Infusion
    • Mana cost up from 2 to 4
    • Number of spirits up from 2 to 3

    --- Developer comments ---
    There’s been many requests to change spirit infusion in some way. We agreed that the “boss decks” that have become popular can be somewhat problematic, but we do not believe they should be removed entirely.
    It’s a strategy that many consider fun to envision and play, so it should be a valid strategy.
    The issue is that it’s not very fun to play against at the moment. While we have some ideas on that front, we’re starting with a simpler change to make the health buffs less effective and harder to cycle.
    This should hopefully make it harder to go all in on the infusion strategy to create one big minion that ends the game in one push, but rather sprinkle it into their decks as a 2-3 card combo.
    Based on how the spell performs in this version we’ll see if more serious measures are needed.

  • Dragon Nest mana cost up from 3 to 5

    --- Developer comments ---
    The Dragon Nest was reworked last week, and according to much of the feedback we received it was severely overtuned. The power of removing the mana restriction brought back some very cheap spell decks, which felt extremely hard to play against if you did not include a lot of specialized counters.
    While a lot of interesting suggestions have been made, we’re aiming to keep the card simple and believe we can alleviate a lot of the concerns by increasing the initial investment of playing the Dragon Nest.
    Coupled with the Infusion change, using the Dragon Nest strategy also requires more skill, since using spells with guaranteed value is now a lot slower for the deck.

  • Grenadier Scrat attack delay down from 800 to 600
  • Annihilator attack delay down from 800 to 600

    --- Developer comments ---
    We’ve had an issue with some of the Area of Effect units’ attack delays for a while. They felt clunky to play because their attacks were so extremely slow, and they always took a lot of chip damage even against things they should be strong against.

  • Healing Fireball up from 2 to 3

    --- Developer comments ---
    Healing in general is an issue because it feels really bad to play against. A lot of players had issues with spending a lot of mana trying to bring down a big unit only to have it healed up again with no counter left to handle it.
    The cheap cost, high flexibility and lack of counterplay of Healing Fireball meant it was a really powerful solution that most of the time didn’t require much to pull off, and we believe the investment of that kind of spell should be greater.

  • Scott the Sensitive Savage health up from 450 to 550

    --- Developer comments ---
    Scott hasn’t seen as much play as we’d like after the event and we believe it’s because his mechanic is rather easy to exploit by the opponent.
    While he’s a powerful defensive tool with his high damage, he was proving lackluster on the offensive for such an expensive card.
    Buffing his health will allow him to win more fights before getting depressed, or perhaps allow him to survive until he gets back up again.

Quality of Life
  • Rage FX remade to look better.
  • When choosing between cards and gold in Expeditions, you can now see how many copies of the card you have already.
  • You can now inspect the card when choosing between a card and gold in Expeditions.
  • The Expedition camera now focuses on your destination upon clicking to move - thanks WaitAnd 挂个蒸汽帮
  • Area indicators added to Minions that deal Area damage.
  • The default crafting view no longer includes cards you have 3 or more copies of unless you tick “Include uncraftable cards” - Thanks Euphytose
  • The Eternal Woods Expedition now costs Global Supplies to start instead of Relics.
  • A few reward things have been changed to smooth out the Relic gains from playing repeated Expeditions.
  • You can now use Draft decks to play Expedition challenges (wins and losses still count)
  • PvP challenges in Expeditions no longer complete if you leave the game - Thanks Sinilil
  • Added disappearing effect to challenges in Expeditions
  • The Mana bar now flashes when you have max mana and flooding extra mana.
  • The win camera movement now better handles the difference in height for low level or high level victories.
  • Reduced the screenshake for Magma Storm
  • Beam of Doom now has clearer indication when the ground decal is obscured (e.g. inside the Master Tower)
  • The intro camera is now slightly zoomed out in Team Battle
  • Polished the moves in Expedition to feel smoother despite long server response time.
  • Quitting to menu no longer shows the win animation for the opponent.
  • Clicking space to reset your camera in Expeditions now also resets the rotation.
  • Wizard Puff can now hit Settsu with the death star.
  • Challenge banners in Expeditions are now slightly smaller.
  • Lighting is now unique to certain expeditions, despite being the same environments.
  • Removed intro message for Expeditions the first time you open it.
  • Rarity should now be clearer in the Duke’s Decree challenges
  • Empty card slots in your deck are now highlighted as red.
  • Friendly quest rewards updated to fit better with other quest efforts.

Bug Fixes
  • Demolisher Volco now has a proper ragdoll
  • Fixed a UI bug with average mana cost displaying wrong things during Draft - thanks EtherLord
  • Fixed an issue with decals giving errors in certain environments.
  • Fixed controllers not responding in Expeditions.
  • Fixed a bug where getting Raging Reinforcements with Future Past would cause the new card to not have an effect when played.
  • Fixed an issue where Illusory Cleaver did not get inspire in Team Battle.
  • Fixed some issues with post processing on the Expeditions maps in different environments.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would move back and forth between the Power Tower and match summary when getting multiple rewards.
  • Fixed a UI issue where the loot counter would display at 100% until you picked up your first treasure where it would update.
  • Fixed a bug with Replays displaying the Skin name of the Master instead of the player.
  • Fixed a performance issue where Brutus was not loaded properly before he was spawned.
  • Fixed a bug where Minions would predict the enemy Master as dead and start doing something else just as they won the game.
  • Fixed an issue where Supplies were out of sync with the Server after ranking up and playing games with the new bonus.
  • Fixed a bug where Demon Warrior would display with less health than she actually had in Expeditions
  • Fixed a menu bug where everything would be blurry after exiting Expeditions.
  • Fixed the UI still displaying in the victory animation in Team Battles
  • Fixed an issue where emotes in matches would display shorter than normally - Thanks Sera
  • Fixed the VFX showing relics flying to the wrong currency - thanks markljunggren
  • Fixed a UI bug where the tabs in shop would not work when a tooltip was shown.
  • Fixed some tooltips not appearing in the intro flow for new players.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to continue loading after ready was sent, making them join the match later then others - thanks Eazotop, Khazlariko and more
  • Fixed replays breaking if you disconnected during loading.
  • Fixed flightless dragons having a flapping ambient sound.
  • Wizard Puff death star can no longer hit dead targets or enemies in black hole.
  • Fixed a number of issues with long moves in Expeditions giving bugs
  • Fixed a lighting error in Cursed Valley
  • Fixed an issue with lighting when moving quickly between two environments in Expeditions.
  • Fixed some strange seams and colours for water in Scrat environments.
  • Fixed level tooltip showing wrongly in certain languages.
  • The skin now becomes properly coloured when you buy a Master or skin in the selection menu.
  • Fixed a scaling issue with the tick mark on the MMPG qualifiers after the tutorial.
  • Fixed some particles showing through other UI in solo challenges.
  • Fixed draft Master selection showing skin names instead of normal Master names.
  • Fixed an issue where salvaging a Card would lag.
  • Fixed legendary reward FX playing when you inspected your opponent’s deck.
  • Fixed Last Stand showing the buff wrongly in Team Battle - Thanks ecke
  • Fixed an issue with rewards not showing properly when you had the Team Lobby open - Thanks Riuka Soulripper
  • Fixed the Season Bonus not showing as green in match summary if you had just attained it.
  • Removed the white flash that appeared when you opened the map in Expeditions.
  • Fixed an issue with bots being able to spam the chat.
  • Fixed a bug where getting Raging Reinforcements from Future Past/Present caused the first time playing it to not do anything - Thanks Selet and Khazlariko.
  • Fixed an issue where errors occurred if you canceled matchmaking just as you were getting a match.

Cheers from Betadwarf!
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November 8

Update 51 - Fire and Fury

Minion Masters!

Today we have some exciting changes for everyone.
We’ve received so much interesting feedback about Expeditions and are ready for another iteration on the feature as well as some long awaited balance changes.

The nomad and the general
Once I walked the world. I saw people with contorted faces grasping at the gold dug from the earth. I fled and fled until my legs could barely carry me anymore.

As I stumbled through the desert my memory fading, I met a man who called himself the General. And he said: “Nerf ragepoison”
As I pulled myself from the ocean, exhausted and weak, I met the General and he said: “Nerf ragepoison”.
As I crawled through the blistering cold of the mountains, I met the General and he said: “Nerf ragepoison”.

Now I sit here before you, at the warm campfire with my body rested and supplies aplenty, and I say; “Nerf Rage Potion”.

Card Design Contest

Yes, you’ve heard us right – YOU can now become a Minion in Minion Masters! BetaDwarf presents the Minion Masters Card Design Contest in cooperation with Zgriptor... and the best thing is, your card may actually get implemented into the game!

Here’s how it works:
  • From today onwards, you’ll have 2 weeks for you to think and carefully design your card
  • To submit your ideas, please check the related posts on the Steam forums and Reddit
  • After that, every card goes into one big poll that lasts for 1 week
  • After all that, we begin the final voting period in which we pit against each other the best 3 cards from each category and this final voting process (5 days duration) will determine our grand winner that gets to join us in the great pan galactic warfare. Please note: BetaDwarf has the final say and provided card information is subject to change.

You’re basically only limited by your own imagination, but in order to not have this contest run forever, we decided to limit submissions to the following categories:
  • Melee
  • Ranged
  • Flying

We’re looking forward to your ideas, creations and submissions!

Changelog for Update 51

  • Rampage - Rage buff decreased from +100% damage to +50% damage.
    Also affects Volco perk 3, Raging Reinforcements

    --- Developer comments ---
    There were a couple of problems with the Rampage card and the Rage buff in general.
    The Rage buff could completely swing the interaction for certain minions, and in some cases even turn counters on their heads.
    Most of all we were not fond of strategies that relied on a single rampaged push to win the game with a specific counter required to survive.
    While we would still like large Raged pushes to be effective, they should no longer be able to completely obliterate you for one misstep.

  • Volco
    • Perk 1 - Afterburner changed to:
      When Volco holds the Marked bridge and plays a card, he fires a firebolt at the enemy Master dealing 60 damage.

      --- Developer comments ---
      Volco’s first perk has been a piece of the game we wanted to look at for some time. While we had expected a larger rework to be required, we found a different version of the original that didn’t change too much and maintained a lot of the upsides of the design without the major downside; suppression.
      While the perk had a clear counterplay - taking the bridges - opponents of Volco felt unable to do anything when Volco was playing multiple cards to activate the afterburner.
      Only hitting the Master maintains the synergies of the perk but removes that frustration.
      Volco players will also be forced to reconsider their deck choices somewhat. Since the perk can no longer feed in on itself by holding the bridges and can neither help Volco answer air attacks, bridge control and anti-air will need inclusion to make more rounded decks.
      It’s an obvious downside to the perk to not hit Minions, so we reduced the requirement for activating it by only making it one bridge, which is randomly selected and Marked when he gains the perk.

    • Perk 3 - Tempers flaring affected by Rage buff change, no further changes.
      --- Developer comments ---
      Volco’s third perk was also part of the reason we changed the Rage buff. The game changed massively when he gained the third perk, and interactions swung a little too heavily in his favor.
  • Raging Reinforcements
    • Affected by Rage buff change
    • The card now shows a card buff in hand detailing what Minion(s) will spawn on play.
    --- Developer comments ---
    Raging Reinforcements was not too good before we changed Rampage, so it obviously needed some kind of balancing to account for the change.
    We believe a Mana reduction would be much too powerful despite the random nature of the card, so we opted for a different direction that might address some of the other critique the card has had; randomness.
    The card now decides the spawned Minion(s) as soon as you draw it, and the result is indicated as a card buff, allowing you to make informed decisions based on a hopefully more fun kind of random on the card.

  • Dragon Nest
    • Changed to: Summons a Flightless Dragon Whelp whenever its Master plays a Spell. Because dragons love magic.
    • Lifetime up from 30 to 45 seconds.
    • Health up from 250 to 300.
    --- Developer comments ---
    Dragon Nest was another card that required very specific answers to handle, and despite the changes we made some time ago, we didn’t feel the card was really in a good place yet.
    The root of the issue has always been the fact that the Dragon Whelps spawned were high damage flying units, thus requiring a specific response to battle.
    We love the basic interaction of spawning Minions when you play spells, but decided to use the relatively new Flightless Dragon Whelps as the card to spawn instead, as that will allow many decks to handle the swarm of dragons.
    This also let us do away with the mana requirement, which wasn’t performing quite as well as we had hoped. A few stat changes were also necessary, as the building is now more of a long term production building based on Spells rather than a quick burst of dragons.

  • Morgrul, the Swarmer King - Mana cost reduced from 5 to 4.
    --- Developer comments ---
    We believed Morgrul had a lot of potential in the hands of skilled players, as the versatility the card offered through instant damage and knockback could be used quite well. However, the card has not seen as much playtime as we had hoped, and that is most likely because 5 mana is the point where things have to be really impactful to include in your deck or they will slow you down too much.

Join our players Sinilil, Eazotop, Dipshit, Shadyhobos, Videogamer77 and developer UncleOwnage for a roundtable at 15 CET discussing the changes on The King Puff Cup stream.

Quality of Life
  • Bridge Marks are now placed according to player position in Team Battle. Two similar Masters’ Marks are combined into one.
  • When reaching the max global supply cap at 20,000 supplies, excess Supplies are now sold very cheaply for gold - Thanks Grey Wolf.
  • The move animation in Expeditions is now faster.
  • Team Battle now downprioritizes forming the same team multiple times in a row.
  • Team Battle further downprioritizes matching Premade vs non-Premade.
  • Team Battle further downprioritizes matching teams with a large rank difference.
  • Currency and free spin token tooltips updated to reflect the supply changes - Thanks StevenEven
  • Expedition grass tile colours revisited and homogenized.
  • Expedition Map now starts centered and zoomed out.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where you could start a ranked battle from Expeditions using a Draft deck and be flagged for cheating - Thanks KestreL.
  • Fixed an issue where King Puff’s Mark sometimes would not swap with Trick Swap when he was player 2 on a team in Team Battle - Thanks StevenEven.
  • Fixed a few issues with Expedition Maps having holes and errors.
  • Reworked some loading flow to reduce crashes on computers with low VRAM (this should fix many of the issue people have had loading into 2 vs 2)
  • Fixed a bug where the Card tooltip box would stay on the UI if you selected the card while you had were hovering over the buff.
  • Fixed a bug where you would receive a “you left the game” message and lose after winning an Expedition match - Thanks Jan-Niklas.
  • Reduced a number of texture sizes that did not have to be as large. This should further reduce crashes.
  • Fixed Daggerfall daggers being covered by snow.

Cheers from Betadwarf!
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2 vs 2 Beta!

The Team Battle mode has been added to the game!
In 2 vs 2, you can play with friends or strangers and finally try out that ridiculous combo you came up with but needed 16 cards to make work.

There are now three ladders:

See the full update here


  • "It’s pretty fun. Ultimately it’s a pretty damn good version of the Clash Royale model."
  • "Pick Up and Play PvP at its finest"
  • "If you’re familiar with things like Nexus Wars and Castle Attack, or just Clash Royale, you’re immediately gonna be able to pick this game up very very quickly. Obviously there is quite a lot of learning involved with the different troop types and cards available. But it's really slick. It’s plays really really well. It’s a good version of that game type, for PC."

About This Game

About Pricing

Dear player, we would like to make you aware that Minion Masters will be Free to play in the future. If you buy the Early Access version you will get an exclusive Arena, a great gift when the game is released and an additional copy for your friend!

Fast-paced head-to-head Duels

Choose your Master and summon your Minions to level up your powers and defeat your opponent.
Your Minions will charge blindly toward their opponents, leaving it entirely up to you to decide their course by where you place them.
You can also use mighty spells such as the healing fireball (YES healing..) in the midst of your wounded troops.

Unlock and Craft Mighty Minions and Spicy Spells!

  • Like the Demon Warrior that grows stronger every time you play it - Raid boss time!
  • Or the peace-loving Mana Puff, that gives you extra mana when it's happy - which is always.
  • Of course, you could also get the Troubadour, a large, friendly gentleman who loves his bagpipe more than his opponents do.

Real-time Online matches - from Wood League to Grand Master

  • Play online against worthy opponents who think they can outwit you.
  • Craft exciting new deck in our draft mode, and pit them against others.
  • Lightning-fast matches let you play “just one more” all the time.
  • Or invite your friends and beat them with your home made deck of juicy creativity!


Customize both your character and your arena with epic skins!

”Anything else?”

Really, that’s not enough? Well all right then, how about
  • Replays!
  • Rapid game updates!
  • Collect your own Arenas!
  • Season rankings!
  • Gorgeous 3D visuals!
  • Pick one of a bajillion strategies
  • Did we mention the Puffs? There’s even a King Puff!

See you in a world of fantastic Minion duels!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i3, 2.4 Ghz or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT 240 or equivalent, minimum 512 MB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
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