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Date de parution: 3 mai 2011

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"Mount and blade with guns. That's right, swords and guns. What more could you want?"
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À propos de ce jeu

Dans un monde ouvert choisissez vos alliés, vos ennemis, les provinces à conquérir, les châteaux à assiéger et les quêtes à remplir. Fire & Sword se base sur le système de combat de Mount & Blade: Warband. Des armes à feu ont fait leur apparition sur le champ de bataille. Mousquets et pistolets peuvent être utilisé en combat au corps à corps. Pour aller au-delà du mode solo, Fire & Sword comprend également un mode multijoueur et le nouveau mode 'Captain'.

Comprend :

  • Une nouvelle histoire basée sur une nouvelle culte : "With Fire and Sword", du prix Nobel Henry Sienkiewicz.
  • Un nouveau siècle avec des pistolets, des mousquets, des grenades et d'autres armes.
  • Des armées personnalisables. Les joueurs pouvant personnaliser leurs soldats.
  • Quêtes additionnelles. Intrigues politiques et factions. Toujours plus d'aventures dans un monde nouveau.
  • Plusieurs fins possible pour plus de jouabilité.
  • Recherche historique de premier plan pour une profondeur de jeu exceptionnelle.
  • Action multijoueur nerveuse avec la nouvelle dimension des armes à feu.
  • Histoires avec des quêtes spéciales dites des 'particular faction'.
  • Quêtes additionnelles.
  • Armes à feu. Une toute nouvelle dimension stratégique.
  • Option pour assiéger les villes ou les châteaux.
  • Nouvelles cartes multijoueurs avec le mode 'Captain Team Deathmatch'.

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : XP / Vista / Windows 7
    • Processeur : 2.1 GHz ou meilleur
    • Mémoire vive : 1.2 Go de RAM
    • Disque dur : 900 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte graphique : Carte comportant au minimum 128 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX
    • Version DirectX® : 9.0c
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Posté le : 20 octobre
The greatest game!
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Posté le : 30 juillet
Very good games of medieval time !
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Posté le : 3 juillet
>Named Myself Sir AnusII, as I am the son of Sir Recctum the first...
>Conquered lands in the name of Russia
>Betrayed the Russian King
>Conquered His land
>Married a russian warlord's daughter
>Then I came home and played some Fire and Sword
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Posté le : 12 juillet
Bought new weapons and armor for about 100k
Has an army of elite Swedish mercs

Accidentally pressed surrender

10/10 will play again
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Posté le : 19 juillet
What can I say about this game?


While the gameplay itself is absolutely phenominal, there is a MAJOR drawback that I discovered once I was finally given a castle to oversee. Beyond the challenge of getting your best friend, the King, to give you a little slice to call your own, when the budget screen shows up for each town/castle/village you own, instead of putting every tariff and expense on a single sheet with a breakdown of each category as was done in basic Warband, here they point out to you EACH AND EVERY thing you have had built, and every person you have had hired for EACH AND EVERY town, castle, and village. As I mentioned in my first review, there are a lot of options for each location you own. Now imagine every week in game, you are bombarded by a 30 page dissertation of every individual expansion you have ordered. It makes the game *almost* unplayable.

This is the only major drawback of the game that I have found. If you can cope with this first paragraph, read on and see why I would still reccommend keeping a dictionary handy to check your sperling and that you should purchase Mount and Blade with Fire and Sword!

It's fan-freaking-tastic!!
I loved the original, but lets face it, there comes a point when there is no more challenge or suprise to obliterating your opponents on the field of battle. That game was drying up for me, it was finished.
Then this little gem appeared, and the love was reborn!
The game is the same concept; pick a faction, crush the opposition.
What makes this game so great? They give you freaking muskets, pistols, and grenades!
The reload spead is faster than reality, but who wants to stand around reloading all the time?
But the powder weapons, even at their worst stats are devastating.
The grenades are a lot of fun, but leave a bit to be desired. You can choose from three different sizes: Small medium and large. (Sounds like a freaking fast food menu, right?) The problem with each of them is they do not replenish after each battle as bullets and arrows do. But hey, they're already OP, so theres gotta be a drawback somewhere, right? Now here's where I have an issue with the game: Some unknown set of circumstances casues them to explode but do no damage. (Believe me, Im not missing. When you are taking the walls and you are the first one up, get to the top of the ladder and look down at the horde waiting for you [units set at 150]. You cant miss a target like that if you tried. So after the first two grenades, the rest seem to stop working.) But with any of the three types of grenades, you can expect 3-4 kills with one throw. Oh! There is nothing more satisfying than watching a surge of blood-thirsty warriors coming at you with every ounce of confidence that you are going to be splattered across the walls. Then with a single throw, 7 of them just drop dead. And the rest? Well, there seems to be a large impact on morale with these explosions. Sometimes you dont even have to hit anyone. They hear these beasts go off nearby, and that's all for them! FT! Im done!!

Another drawback to this game: They took out a lot of the weapons you could get in the original. My favorite was the heavy axe (Or something it was a one-hamded axe, dealing 40c) and they also took out the lucern (Fudge spealling, the pole-hammer) both gone. Replaced now by generic fencing swords and eastern equivalents. The game is still entirely playable, but you just yearn for your tried and true steel buddies of old.

Other features of note: You can upgrade and armor recruits at mercenary camps. Each camp has their own nationality and their upgrades only affect that nationality. (Rascist, I know)
In cities and Castles/fortresses: You can visit Weapon, Armor, and Horse masters to order "custom" associated gear. There is also a WONDERFUL new adition of the Merchant Guild!! Leave a couple thousand Thaler (money) at the "bank" and let it accrue interest.

Theres even more to mention, but if you even managed to get this far in my review, I salute you! If you liked Warband, just stop reading and get Fire and Sword already! You wont regret it!
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