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"Mount and blade with guns. That's right, swords and guns. What more could you want?"

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Chinese Translation Updated

Hello all, just a little update to let you know that the small update you received was to improve the Chinese Translations for the game, which you can select from the game's config window. Shouldn't affect anything else, so don't worry about it if you're not interested in Chinese :).

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Caribbean! is now released!

Hello Mount & Bladers!

Today marks the day that Caribbean! goes on full release. After almost a year of Early Access, Snowbird Game Studios (developers of With Fire and Sword) have worked with your suggestions to bring you this release version! It's a unique project and a very different game from when it was first made playable.

As reflected by the name, this project isn't a TaleWorlds or Mount & Blade game but a project developed by Snowbird Game Studios, using a licensed version of Warband's engine, tailored in areas to the specific needs of the title. Given that, you can expect to see a lot of differences, when compared to games from the Mount & Blade franchise.

Caribbean! is now available to purchase on Steam.

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在一个开放的沙盒世界中,您可以选择您的盟友、敌人、需要征服的土地、需要攻略的城堡以及展开需要展开的任务。《火与剑》创立并扩大了来自《骑马与砍杀:战团》的高度重视作战系统。火器已被引入战场。另外,滑膛枪和手枪亦可在肉搏战斗中,被用来作为随身武器,以迅速击毙您的敌人。除了增强单人游戏模式的可玩性, 《火与剑》同时还提供了原版的多人联机内容,包括一个新的游戏模式:领军模式。


  • 基于邪教小说的故事情节——《火与剑》,作者为诺贝尔文学奖得主亨利·显克维支。
  • 战争的新纪元,将手枪、滑膛枪、手榴弹以及其他先进武器装备带入了战场。
  • 完全可定制的军队;玩家可以为他们的士兵装备每一件武器&装备。
  • 额外的任务类型。丰富多彩的派系以及更多的政治阴谋。新大陆上的更多冒险。
  • 增加再可玩性的多重结局。
  • 深层次探究的历史背景将过渡到游戏的每个细节.
  • 惊人的新联机动作,带领玩家展现旧时期技术与火枪威力的蜃景。
  • 玩家在加入任意阵营前具有 3 条主要的故事任务线。
  • 额外的任务类型。
  • 火枪的使用,给作战模型增加了全新的战略深度。
  • 在围攻城镇或城堡前,提供选择了新的攻城选项。
  • 新的多人联机地图以及新的多人联机模式——“领军死斗模式”


    • 系统:XP/Vista/Windows 7
    • 处理器:2.1Ghz 或更高
    • 内存:1.2 GB
    • 硬盘空间:900 MB
    • 显卡:128 MB+
    • 声音:DirectX 兼容声卡
    • DirectX®:9.0c
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神做不解释 中文好评如潮
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骑砍三大错觉:1.我能割草 2.我能反杀 3.你打不着我
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Most people do not like With Fire & Sword. I see why this is true. The guns often one shot, the single player is often more based on caravan running than fighting, and it's in general a pain in the ♥♥♥. The only way to get any action is to fight a nation, as there are too many patrols in the game for bandits. However, the customization of mercenaries and the actual fighting is TONS of fun. If you can wade through all of the boring ♥♥♥ start of the game, you will find glory. I had fun with this game, but I reccomend simply getting Warband with Napoleanic wars, unless you REALLY want singleplayer with guns. 8/10
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Aye, over thousand hours have been sunk in Mount & Blade With Fire and Sword.
And why I've sunk so many hours in this game, you may ask,
The answer is: because I really love the time period of this game and I find it most interesting part of history.

But let me tell you what the game is:
The game is basically reskin of Warband with muskets with the singleplayer which is a sniper simulator in a nutshell.
Multiplayer is full of pike-spammers (is that even a real term?), badmins, musket snipers, horsearchers who can headshot you miles away and stupidly fast infantry (like Crimea and Cossacks) who can almost outrun a horse.

I have very negative thoughts of this game and only good thing is the time period of game.

Perhaps this is bit harsh judgment but buy this game if you are masochist, perhaps then you will find this game fun.

Edit: review updated with more explanatory content and (hopefully) better grammar.
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Why would you visit Poland, Ukraine, or Russia to experience slavic culture when you can just play Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword?
Drink vodka! Fight tartars! This game has it all!
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Invaded Poland 11/10
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There is not a lot of games if any like this. it has battles that you can take part in battles between hundereds of troops, then eventually become king if you wish. this game is so good, i feel bad for buying the collection for 8$ on bundlestars. i have zero complaints with this game, its simply perfect.
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I will lead your armies to victory. Then marry your daughters.
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10/10, be a slav and squat around the amazing land of virtual slavland, its the fun of slavland but without the cold weather, track suits, and angry russian teenagers
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This game turned me into an alcoholic.
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I.G.N: "It's like skyrim with guns" 10/10
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Tis a good but nuanced game. I could only recommend it to people who really like Mount & Blade and are interested in Polish history. Game has promised patches that never came, the "Black Mace" story quest (Ukraine/Zhaparozhie) is still broken IIRC haven't done it recently. The game is also incredibly imbalanced and the firearms are the worst of it.

The sad part is that it's not the inclusion of the firearms, but rather their mechanics. You can reload a a full-length rifle while galloping on horseback, I'm not even exaggerating sadly.

Like I said good but nuanced game. Only buy if you really like M&B and Polish history.
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Not as good as Warband but still addictive.
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if your looking for fun and want something from the mount and blade title but you cant afford to buy mount and blade warband and the dlc if your looking for guns so what do you do ? you buy this game super fun the multiplayer is good the graphics are nice and realy you should get the normall mount and blade warband becous thats also a great game i have put almost 100 hours into and i realy like this game and i think more people should get it and play it becous its fun so click the buy button :D
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Removed kebab from Crimea with mighty ♥♥♥♥♥ war cry
10/10 Medieval Kebab Removal Simulator
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