Regardez la bande-annonce haute définition et observez ce dont il est question dans ce jeu. Heroes of Annihilated Empires - est une trilogie fantasy dans le genre RTS vs RPG pour ordinateur. Ce jeu bénéficie d'un tout nouveau moteur de jeu 3D. Le premier épisode se déroule sur l'île d'Atlans, territoire historique des elfes.
Évaluations des utilisateurs : très positives (115 évaluation(s)) - 86% des 115 évaluations des utilisateurs pour ce jeu sont positives.
Date de parution : 22 nov 2006

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À propos de ce jeu

Regardez la bande-annonce haute définition et observez ce dont il est question dans ce jeu.

Heroes of Annihilated Empires - est une trilogie fantasy dans le genre RTS vs RPG pour ordinateur. Ce jeu bénéficie d'un tout nouveau moteur de jeu 3D. Le premier épisode se déroule sur l'île d'Atlans, territoire historique des elfes. Le monde est immense, vivant, plein de magie, de créatures mythiques, de héros et de puissantes forces engagées dans un conflit à grande échelle qui remonte à la nuit des temps. Le jeu vous mettra aux commandes de l'un des héros, des milliers d'hommes de vos armées ou des deux en même temps. Vous disposez d'un arsenal complet de possibilités et de puissants sortilèges. La possibilité de mettre à niveau votre héros, d'améliorer ses capacités, de trouver des artefacts et de mener des quêtes variées apportent une grande diversité au jeu.

  • Opposition novatrice de deux genres dans un même jeu - RTS vs RPG
  • Nouveau moteur 3D
  • Monde détaillé, avec prise en charge de 5 romans de l'écrivain Ilya Novak, déjà très célèbre en Europe
  • Batailles gigantesques d'armées composées de milliers d'hommes
  • Quatre races uniques, des compétences individuelles, des sortilèges et des artefacts
  • 12 héros, 12 peuplades neutres, 100 unités et 150 bâtiments différents
  • Types de personnages brillamment conçus et animation impressionnante des unités
  • Plus de 150 objets magiques et plus de 100 sortilèges
  • Histoire aussi originale que prenante
  • Mode multijoueur classique via Internet ou un réseau local, jusqu'à 7 joueurs dans une partie. Mélange de deux genres : RTS vs RPG avec la possibilité de combiner les deux principes de jeu ou de choisir l'un des modes au cours de la partie.
  • Système de carte original pour les sortilèges, intéressant tant pour les joueurs invétérés que pour les profanes. Plus de 50 cartes de sortilèges
  • Processus intéressant d'évolution du niveau des personnages tout au long du jeu
  • Intros et cut-scenes à vous couper le souffle. Séquences de bandes dessinées entre les missions pour pénétrer plus profondément dans l'histoire

Configuration requise

    Windows 2000/XP
    Les derniers pilotes son et vidéo sont vivement recommandés pour bénéficier de performances optimales. Pour augmenter les performances du jeu, veuillez fermer tous les programmes d'arrière-plan (messagerie instantanée, antivirus, contrôle du système).

    Configuration minimale : Processeur Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz ou AMD Athlon XP 2000+, carte graphique nVidia GeForce FX5200 ou ATI Radeon 9000 avec 128 Mo de mémoire, 512 Mo de RAM, carte son compatible DirectX 8.0, 2,5 Go d'espace disque disponible

    Configuration recommandée : Processeur Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz ou AMD Athlon 64 3200+, carte graphique nVidia GeForce 6600 ou ATI Radeon X800, 1 Go de RAM, carte son compatible DirectX 8.0, 2,5 Go d'espace disque disponible

    Configuration optionnelle : connexion Internet pour le mode multijoueur, configuration minimale : connexion par ligne commutée de 56 Ko

Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
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Posté le : 5 octobre 2015
I initially thought to review this game perhaps after a dozen hours of gameplay at least, but I later found myself with a list of pros and cons written down in my head and felt it was right and reasonable to do it now. (at the moment I've played as little as 130 minutes). The reasons why I'm spending time to write this review are:

1. There are only 95 reviews, not enough. The community looks small and I'd never heard of this game myself despite loving RTS games with all my heart
2. As mentioned, I'm an RTS vidya aficionado. I have a lot of experience with such games and I love to be able to post a semi-technical review for once in my life, comparing everything that was done in the past to this 'modern' game.

First off, let me tell you my background with RTS games and similar genres mostly comes from countless nights playing Age of Empires II - so when I think of any real-time strategic game that's my anchor. If you don't like the whole base-building sub-genre (i.e. you strongly prefer RTS's like Warhammer or Company of Heroes where the focus is on point-capturing etc) don't consider the rest of this review at all; thanks God HOAE is a base-building RTS.

Back to the point, I can list several more RTS's I've played:

-The aforementioned Warhammer and Company of Heroes series (respectively dawn of war and the first title)
-All age of empires titles (including AoM), but the first game. I was too young at that time and never found the classical age inspiring anyway
-Warcraft III
-The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II
-Grey Goo (very recent, few may know it)
-Command and Conquers III
-Imperivm (European game, not known at all)

Non-RTS but still strategic games that have inspired me, and of which features were often present in many RTS games too:

-Total War series
-Heroes of Might and Magic III
-Others I can't think of

I know this whole wall of text might seem pointless or that I may sound like I'm bragging about my collection of strategic games, but it's quite the opposite, I'm simply trying to give a reference to anyone reading so that he or she can understand my point of view and pros/cons. Enough, let's start:


+Nice unit design in general -- Many units are well drawn, a handful are somewhat original.
+Good classic base-building -- Again, this is my POV. I've played so many annoying RTS's that focused on capturing resource points and lacked the building side to the point of forcing everyone to play in what we all call 'rushing'. You can't turtle in, you ♥♥♥♥ing can't in games like Company of Heroes. If you pick just 2 or 3 points you're doomed.
+Diversity between factions -- As with most 3/4-factions modern RTS's, all buildings and units are designed differently for each faction. I think however that GSC did a good job because most units have no real counterpart in the other races' respective armies. (e.g. a race having a few and expensive elite infantry units whilst its opponent has massed and cheap ones with relatively identical stats, and thus taking the same niche)
+Nice soundtrack, not as good as the OST found in many old RTS games, but very much decent and above average
+Excellent damage/defence system -- I liked this one quite a lot. Most games, even Age of Empires to an extent, ignore altogether technical mechanics like the type of damage a unit does. For instance, in AoE we get only 3 types: melee, missile and siege damage. Here, there's crushing, piercing and chopping or something, as well as magic damage. Every unit has its own damage type and natural resistance to a few other types. This detail makes battles much more strategic, as you have to consider what type of damage is most used by your enemy's forces and so on...
+Many unit specific upgrades -- Every unit has several improvements pertaining its damage and defence, some upgrades related to all faction units are present too


-No Age-up --Basically, the most common of all features, one that usually makes RTS games last ages, was totally ignored. Here the only thing that limits your civilisation/race's progress are a few locked end-game buildings that require you to build unrelated and cheaper ones in order to be able to construct them too. Pretty disappointing, even the aforementioned Grey Goo lacked this wonderful feature.
-No huge unit diversity WITHIN the faction --yeah you heard that right, I have applauded the developers/designers for making diverse unit sets between each faction, and now I whine because there's no diversity within the races themselves. I'm afraid I have to. If what I said above was indeed true, on the other hand they went too extreme with this originality, and forgot to implement a handful of units I would say are a must regardless how original a faction may be. Example: I've played almost exclusively as the Cryo race (some reclusive northmen with a taste for ice magic and many ancient alliances with beings who inhabit the tundras of all fantasy and mythologic settings), and they lack any kind of cavalry AND missile unit. All they have is a diverse array of slow uberbeings (yetis, giants, golems, mammoths) who deal melee -and almost exclusively of crushing type- damage. I understand it could of been for the sake of originality, but to this point? All I have for a ranged unit is either a spellcaster or a ballista. Seeing as all peons use bows, it is implied this society of northmen has a tradition of bow hunting of some sort, which is already implied by the mere fact of living in a ♥♥♥♥ing frozen land in the far north.
-Lame lack of unit-voicing --It bothers me so much that they don't say anything when clicked, dragged, ordered to attack, etc. Any RTS I've played had it, even Grey Goo... So why the ♥♥♥♥ not GSC?
-No unit-specific evolution-like upgrade --I'm so used to unit transformation and evolution too, and I can't feel satisfied with a bunch of armour and weapon upgrades. Like, even in HOMM there are unit upgrades, people love to see their 'whatever' transformed into 'lord whatever elite' with its stats multiplied by 3 for a nasty sum of resources. Again, a very common feature seen even in RTS games like Company of Heroes (the veteran upgrade or something), overlooked by GSC.
-Bad pathing of certain units --no further explanation is needed, you'll see it.
-Some elite units are too much limited in numbers --Most high power units can only be trained once per building type. It's like if you build some barracks the construction houses 10 pikemen and that's the maximum you can have. To train more, you're forced to set up a row of identical buildings. I understand the building limit per se, but perhaps some upgrades or an 'expand building' feature also present in other stuff would of been more reasonable... One ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ mammoth per building is too much to bear...
-Odd design choices in a few things --Like the Cryo heroes being all human but of different ethnicity. Others might think it's fine, but to me it makes no sense to have the Mage look like some caucasian bearded all man, the Warrior like an average Inuit fisherman and the Ranger a female east asian teenager. On the other hand, whilst this faction has weirdly designed heroes, and is somewhat original per se, typical faction/races present in all fantasy games, novels, films whatever are totally absent (e.g. humans, orcs, gnomes, trolls). Many neutral races are indeed present but only work as a source of income and artifacts (slaughter them) or as mercenaries; most of those would have actually been a wonderful addition to the small list of playable civilisations.
-Unit healing, lastly --yeah I don't know for other factions, but to heal my units with the Cryo I have to cast a spell repeteadly from my Temple or something, and that heals some 10% of all of my units... Pretty crappy and relatively expensive. Also, non-living units seem unrepairable, some have stated. Certain elementals like Ice golems and spirits self-regenerate.
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Posté le : 27 janvier
Almost 10 years later this game still packs a punch. HoAE is WC3's less talented cousin: less epic, less terrain variations, less audio clips and so on... but it's still one remarkable RPG/RTS hybrid. Fairly challenging, too! The icing on the cake is that in the singleplayer campaign you can truly build the hero your own way... a tank to hold off armies, pure magic damage or high attack speed archer, and you also get to select spells for your personal roster. Not that intricate as one would reasonably expect though, but still more recreational than playing the same preset character for each mission. You can also switch your playstyle on the fly, depending which objectives you are pursuing in the current chapter. HoAE is the game on par with some of the 21st century strategy classics, just not as refined and chock-full as those classics.
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Posté le : 25 janvier
This Giraffe Called Grandma Told Me To Do It
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Posté le : 29 octobre 2014
Excellent jeu de Stratégie !!!

Les graphismes sont resté vraiment très corrects même après 8 ans !

Le gameplay est vraiment sympa avec des batailles comprenant plusieurs centaines d'unités par camps.

Un coté RPG, tant en solo qu'en multi, grâce à un héro (à choisir entre mage, guerrier etrôdeur) que vous controlez et qui évolue. Celui-ci gagne des sorts, des caractéristiques et de l'équipement sur le champ de bataille.

Le multi fonctionne parfaitement avec des cartes assez grandes qui permettent pas mal de stratégies différentes.

Pour la campagne solo, je ne suis pas encore arrivé au bout mais l'histoire à l'air prennante avec une révélation à la fin. Je n'en dis pas plus...

Fonctionne sans problème sur mon PC avec Windows 8.1 :)

Du côté des moins, on citera juste le nombre restraint de carte en multi (mais possibilité d'en télécharger sur des fan-sites), pas de succès Steam et le fait qu'il n'y ai pas de suite car c'était censé être une trilogie, dommage...

Pour conclure, un très bon jeu à ne pas manquer car ses points négatifs ne sont pas bien nombreux.
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Posté le : 24 novembre 2010
Raaa ... heroes of Annihilated Empire ... un jeu magnifique, qui laissait présager 3 volets à sa sortie, malheureusement UN seul est sorti, ça met franchement en boule, mais on y peu rien et on recommence une nouvelle partie après avoir finit la dernière. Du rpg, du rts, des intro de missions en bandes dessinnées, déroutantes au premier abord, puis franchement sympatique ... On aurait espéré que le jeu soit jouable sur steam avec windows vista, malheureusement NON ! Un comble vu le prix du jeu, je le recommande pour une seule raison, trouvez le en version boite, occasion ou neuf, et jouez-y sur un xp ou 7 (pas sur que le dernier windows le fasse tourner) car le jeu est VRAIMENT super :)
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