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Utgivningsdatum: 25 Jan 2011
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“Ett riktigt monster till uppföljare."
90/100 – Game Informer

Om spelet

I Dead Space™ 2, förenar du dig med Isaac Clarke, systemingenjören från Dead Space, när han vaknar tre år efter de fruktansvärda händelserna på USG Ishimura. Ishimura var ett rymdskepp i Planetcracker-klass som belägrades av groteska efterlevnader av dess döda besättning, så kallade "Necromorphs". Efter att ha upptäckt en underlig artefakt känd som "the Marker", befinner sig Isaac på Sprawl, en jättelik rymdstation i omloppsbana runt Saturnus. Oförmögen att komma ihåg hur han kom dit och plågad av tokiga syner av sin döda flickvän Nicole, måste han överleva ännu ett mardrömslikt utbrott av Necromorphs när han kämpar sig mot ett svar som han hoppas kommer att avsluta allt kaos.


  • Ta dig fram genom rymden med 360 graders rörelser.
  • Bär förödande verktyg för att dominera det främmande utbrottet.
  • Stycka dina vänner strategiskt i flerspelarläget.

Ansvarsfriskrivning för användning Online:



  • Processor: 2.8 GHz-processor eller motsvarande
  • Minne: 1 GB RAM (XP), 2 GB RAM (Vista eller Windows 7)
  • Hårddiskutrymme: Minst 10GB hårddiskutrymme för installation, plus ytterligare utrymme för sparade spel
  • Grafikkort: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 eller bättre (7300, 7600 GS, och 8500 under minimisystemkraven), ATI X1600 Pro eller bättre (X1300, X1300 Pro och HD2400 under minimisystemkraven), 256MB-grafikkort och Shader Model 3.0 krävs
  • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
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overall 9,5/10
as survival horror 8,5/10

+ great presentation, graphics (that run great) and sound, cinematic atmosphere, everything feels right
+ action gameplay is done well, you don't have limitless ammo to use, that makes it a bit of a survival game, thus you usually have to choose which weapon to use most and upgrade - good variety of monsters (and a very intimidating ONE)
+ nice idea with the space suit, that implements interesting gameplay elements
+ some clever puzzles
+ good horror story, likable main character

- too much action for this kind of game
- could be more survival and more horror, but the scary moments are there if you let yourself into the game
Upplagd: 25 November 2013
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Dead Space 2 is amazing. It takes everything the original put into the series, and enhances it. The controls are more precise, smooth and convenient (with the addition of a single button health and stasis refill system), the visuals are even more detailed and gritty, the sound is as creepy as ever, and the story remains intriguing and intense. You must work to unravel the truth behind the Sprawl (the game's setting), Unitology and Necromorphs, as well as battling (literally) horrific hallucinations and delusions from an alien form of dementia. If you are a fan of the first, then you will definitely enjoy this.

While the base game mechanics are not terribly different from many over-the-shoulder style third person shooters, several aspects are worth mentioning. One of the hallmarks of Dead Space 2 is that it forces players to use weapons to defeat enemies in a different way. In a time when headshots are the gold standard for 99% of games, Dead Space 2 requires players to sever limbs in order to defeat enemies--well-placed head shots will get you nowhere. This is a refreshing change of pace, as the dismemberment strategy will change based on enemy type (there are several), and thus every battle becomes much more tactical. There are also a wide variety of unique weapons to choose from, and each weapon will serve a different purpose in your arsenal, depending on how you want to fine tune your Necromorph killing strategy. Puzzles are frequent enough to serve as welcome breaks from the tense action, but not too frequent to become annoying.

Atmosphere was my main draw to DS1 and now DS2. Visceral Games has managed to create this incredibly immersive environment that manages to literally keep me trying to be prepared for what they may throw at me next. In my opinion, the number one contributor to creating such an unrivaled level of atmosphere is the sound design. Anyone who plays this game owes it to themselves to have it on a good home theater system or at least some good quality headphones. The surround sound not only adds to the spookiness of the game, but delivers vital information of approaching creatures. Even in areas with no baddies to kill, the sounds of metallic creaks, cracks and scrapes in the Sprawl's ventilation system let you know you're never safe. Indeed DS2 has some cheap scares, but they're so well timed and not always predictable that I have a hard time believing someone who says they never jumped during a play through.

The music is well composed, and only adds to the atmosphere. The music is also well timed and sometimes gives you the impression that something large is coming. Sometimes it never happens, while other times it does. It manages to build levels of tension and keep you on your toes, never taking for granted the next dark hallway, for a necro is commonly waiting in unseen corners.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Dead Space 2. One does not have to be familiar with the first to enjoy this, as there is a "Previous on Dead Space" menu option available to bring newcomers up to par; however, to get the most from the story, I would highly recommend it.
Upplagd: 22 December 2013
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The title says "Dead Space 2", however, the game places as if it was "Dead Space 1.5" - and don't get me wrong, that is not a bad thing. The first game was nearly flawless in a sense of re-launched the survivor horror genre. The second game succeeds in reigniting the experience of the first game and adding new useful elements.

I remember playing Cold Fear. It's a great game with insanely crappy controls on par with Resident Evil and the constantly changing camera view. While playing Cold Fear, I recall that the only real effective way to stay alive and progress in the game quickly was by walking and aiming at the same time. That way, you would actually prevent the constant camera changing views as well as cumbersome controls. As sad as that may be, I found myself doing a lot of that in Dead Space 2, but then again, in Cold Fear you were not in constant danger of being jumped by a monster from behind the corner. The controls become much more smoother and responsive when you walk and aim at the same time, and I think that is a crappy control design, both for PC players and probably the console players.

I feel sorry for left-handed people here since this game only has the right over-the-shoulder view. I mean, how hard is it to give the option of switching the view?

It is very welcome to be able to hear Isaac's voice this time. Playing as a mute in video games is a slight immersion killer, at least in my case.

Also, in the first game, Isaac would start walking on the diagonal line, wherever you were trying to walk diagonally by pressing W and S or W and A. When you try to do that in the second game, the angle at which Isaac starts walking is barely noticeable, it still feels as if he is walking straight up instead of making a slight left or right - you'll know what I am talking about.
Now in order for you to turn anywhere effectively, you'd have to use your mouse, and to be honest, I don't remember too many games doing that, with the exception of Cold Fear, Resident Evil 4 and 5.

But back to the positive things:
I know this is cliche but the graphics are exceptionally well done and extremely detailed - you will see for yourself. The shadows, the lightening are flawless to say the least.

The game is scary, but you knew that already. I think the first game was many times scarier than the last two Resident Evil games. The second game will definitely put some small temporary dents in your psyche. I found myself jumping and cursing repeatedly.

The physics work like they would in the actual world, and the telekinesis ability would probably solve most of your problems.

The music in this game is a must. When I play this game for the second time, I'll probly play without the music, since it always kills the immersion for me, but on the other hand, a large portion of the scares in the game are contingent upon the "music" if you can call it that. The downside is that the constant screeching music can be a give away, since it subsides when you kill enemies in your immediate area, just like in the first game.

The sound is one of the pillars of this game, and it's probably where the heart of this game is. You constantly hear the distant growls as well as scratching in the ventilation shafts. The voice acting is passable.

There is more open space now and this open space still feels like, well, the open dead space, with or without the monsters.

The battles are still as satisfying as ever, but they can get frustrating at times. The good old retreat-them-and-shoot-them formula doesn't always work here, because you WILL find yourself surrounded. The game can get pretty hard on the Zealot mode, but I hate the fact that they give you an option to change difficulty in mid game, what a cop out! Plus I don't like the option challenging my commitment and resolve to beating almost any game I play on the maximum difficulty

There are plenty of weapons, but my favorite still remains the good old plasma rifle. I mean come on, all that engineering and mining equipment is interesting and all but we still want to see some automatic fire.

The game plays great in 3D vision and there are no FPS spikes.

The environments are more varied. You can actually get plenty of solid glimpses of the pre-necromorph normal civilian life

The new monsters are really well implemented, but I couldn't help but feel that some of them were already used in Left4Dead. I guess at some point you will start running out of ideas and start recycling the old ones. Nevertheless, the AI stays strong.

As with the first game, the save stations are enough to give you the incentive to be cautious and not rush, die and re-load constantly.

The good old weapon and skill upgrades are still here.

I should also point out the great pacing of the game. They really did a good job of making you semi-relaxed and then unleashing hell on you and vice versa. I think I should also mention something that is taken for granted. With the exception of save stations, this game is continuous. That is, you will never see a loading screen, and your screen will never go dark for a few seconds; This game is like a continuous narration of a nightmare and you are the protagonist with emotions and aspirations. Consider other games and think of how many loading screens you will go through that interrupt the game play and mar the immersion.

Word of advice, count your shots and memorize how many shots it takes to kill a necromorph, there is a good chance you really didn't kill one.

The multiplayer is not bad. If you play as humans, you will have a few minutes to complete an objective, and that gameplay does feel like a co-op experience. If you play as the necromorph, you will have to stall and prevent the humans from completing their objective by spawning in strategic areas and working as a team. It's fun, but I doubt many will play the multiplayer in a few months.

Play it for the awesome singleplayer and its highest punishing difficulty.
Upplagd: 27 November 2013
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This game is truly fantastic, not only does it keep you constanly engrossed in the story and the action but it also keeps you on the edge. It's not like any other game, there's is no HUD and your health is read from the lights on th back of the player. But I think this is what sets it apart from other games and makes it a true pleasure to play!
Upplagd: 30 November 2013
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Suspect every vent.
Upplagd: 28 December 2013
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