Bestuur en heers het grootste keizerrijk dat de mensheid ooit heeft gekend.
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Releasedatum: 22 sep 2004

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"Forget R2 and just buy and mod this to your own desire. One of the classics of the series and extremely fun tactics based as well as strategy."

Over dit spel

Als het Romeinse imperium eenmaal onder jouw bevel staat, is het nog geen tijd om het zwaard neer te leggen: de Barbaren komen eraan. Met twee prijswinnende titels van de gewaardeerde Total War-serie, zul je twee keer zoveel obstakels en mogelijkheden hebben om het grootst gekende rijk te controleren en te veroveren.
De Collection Edition bevat:
Rome: Total War Leid een van de drie adellijke Romeinse families in een eeuwenlange missie om de heerschappij over het Romeinse Rijk te verwerven.
Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion
(officieel uitbreidingspakket voor Rome: Total War) Neem zelf de val van Rome waar als de Barbaarse hordes aanvallen, een bittere machtsstrijd tussen de rivaliseerde facties veroorzakend.
  • Verkozen tot het beste strategiespel van 2004 door IGN, GameSpy en GameSpot.
  • Vecht aan de zijde van of tegen de grootste leiders van de geschiedenis zoals Julius Caesar, Spartacus en Hannibal om het Romeinse Rijk uit te breiden of te vernielen.
  • Beleger de Romeinen als Attila de Hun, de angstaanjagende Saksen of andere woeste facties gebruikmakend van hun typische wapens en mogelijkheden.
  • Voer het bevel over strijdvaardige legioenen in cinematische en epische gevechten waarbij tegelijkertijd duizenden soldaten op het scherm te zien zijn.
  • Een eeuwenlange campagne waarin spelers strategisch moeten omgaan met de economische, burgerlijke, religieuze en militaire takken van hun rijk.


    Minimum: Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP, Pentium III 1.0GHz or Athlon 1.0GHz processor or higher, 256MB RAM, 2.9GB of uncompressed free hard disk space (plus 500MB for Windows swap file), 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card and latest drivers, 100% Windows® 2000/XP compatible mouse, keyboard and latest drivers, DirectX® 9.0b, 64MB Hardware Accelerated video card with Shader 1 support and the latest drivers. Must be 100% DirectX® 9.0b compatible, 1024 x 768 Display Resolution, Internet (TCP / IP) play supported;Internet play requires broadband connection and latest drivers; LAN play requires Network card (Multiplayer)
    Important Note: Some cards may not be compatible with the 3D acceleration features utilized by Medieval II: Total War. Please refer to your hardware manufacturer for 100% DirectX® 9.0b compatibility.
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Geplaatst: 3 juni
Rome: Total War is the most highly acclaimed game in the Total War series. Upon it's launch, it was apparent that the Total War series had something different to offer to fans of Turn Based Grand Strategy games. In time, it would become known as one of, if not, the best Total War games ever made. You might ask yourself why out of all the newer Total War games is Rome the best? Well, there's several simple reasons.

- Simple design, as it is one of the first TW games
- Large, sprawling cities to battle in, but not too detailed so as to distract the player.
- The single best Soundtrack you will find in any TW game.
- Large map, but not on a ludacris scale such as Rome II.
- Great choice of factions
- Campaign and battle map look beautiful
- This game can be played smoothly at its highest settings on any modern computer
- Massive replay value

- [post suggestions in the comment area]

Rome is a nice and simple, beautifully crafted game. It is what CA was praised for in the Total War series. Rome II is way more technical with a great deal more to learn Honestly, the inlons about this game. Just as I have, almost all major and indie critics have given this game a 9/10, 95%, 4.5/5, etc. This was also given "14th Greatest Game of All Time" apparently and I do think it deserves it.

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Geplaatst: 1 juli
look at my hours. i think that's a review in itself.
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Geplaatst: 5 september
Rome Total War this is a global turn-based strategy with tactical battles in real time. The third part of the series is developed by British studio Creative Assembly, and its release was in 2004. The developers managed to create an atmosphere of ancient Rome.

In contrast to the previous parts, Rome stepped far forward. Now we can observe the large-scale battles with a huge number of soldiers. Units got the opportunity to move freely on the map. Gameplay consists of two parts: strategic and tactical. The strategic part takes place on the map during the Roman Republic. The game begins with the stage of the republic from 270 BC and ends with Imperial Rome '14 our time.

In the game, there are historical events they sometimes affected during the game. During the course, we can use a variety of actions: to give the order for the construction of buildings, gather a group in the province and improve its performance, diplomacy and start moving army. The strategic objective is the fact that we need to take Rome and 50 provinces. The tactical part of a battle involving thousands of soldiers. Actually the purpose here is to beat the enemy's tactics. The ability to play the number of different factions from Rome to African.

During the first call in the game menu will be available only 3 fractions. To gain access to other factions need to destroy them in the game. Also, if you reach the popularity among the people of the Roman camp can start a war with the allies. Now it is possible to break alliances with the camps. An important aspect of the game is to support the mood of the population. In case of poor management, poor, remoteness from the capital, it is not excluded that the uprising will begin. If the rebellion is successful then the city has to declare independence or to move to a particular faction. In the economic part of the game here, it is made up of trade, taxation, agriculture and mining. All the funds we spend on the construction of new buildings, maintenance of the army and the army recruitment.

And now, let's talk about the army, here it has a huge number of units, many of which are historically true. In the battles can participate several armies. We can also use the services of mercenaries. The game has 3 special character needed to solve specific tasks. Diplomat needed to conclude separate agreements with the various camps. Spy is a very important business unit, he gives us information about the number of enemy army which gives an advantage to the enemy forces. Assassins destroys generals and various agents of enemy factions. Perhaps, for the 2004 Rome it is a masterpiece.

The atmosphere of ancient Rome
Tactical composes
The number of different units

Graphics is good for 2004, but not now
Pretty hard

Total: 9/10

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Geplaatst: 26 juni
Rome: Total War is the Third game in the Total War series, released in 2004. Being 11-years old, as well as having several newer titles in the Total War series, Rome: Total War considerably shows it's age; However, with that being said it is still a fun, interesting game in the overall series. The game takes place prior to the middle ages, After the fall of the Roman Republic, during the Early Roman Empire. As is typical with the Total War series, You start off with a small number of player factions to choose, in this case 3, and unlock additional factions as playable once you conquer them.

Also as is typical of a Total War game, gameplay is divided between the real-time battles when in combat, and the turn-based actions of exploration, nation-building, and diplomacy. Rome: Total War has been consistently rated as one of the highest games throughout the Total War Series, based on IGN, Metacritic, and GameRankings, and has a large following, as well as many player-made mods. Despite it's age, Rome: Total War is a strategy game any fan of the Total War series should have.
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Geplaatst: 26 juni
Rome: Total War

The game that launch the Total War series towards heights that it could've never dreamed of. This game is a turn-based strategy game where you take command the various factions during the Roman Era as you command, build, govern and attack Rome's enemies.

The battle system unlike the system you will see in the modern day versions of the game is really simplistic. Sort of like an almost modern update of Imperial Glory. Now of course, the usual complaint would be "OMG the game is too hard" or "OMG the online players are wrecking me" Luckily the game has an in-depth tutorial plus you have all the time in the world as this game offers various combat both historical and custom made as you polish your skills in battle. And also being a leader of Rome.

The advisor system is really helpful as they give advice towards the player. DO NOT turn it off if your new. Keep that option for advisor input set to "High". Plus the User Interface for manging your territory and what not is simplistic as well.

Now bewarn, save often. Some of the daily tasks that the senate assigns you don't really give you concrete directions. For some of them it's a simple click of the "zoom in towards target location" while others it's "Find this city" and your just like "Um okay...WHERE?!" some of these tasks are important as it may further your position in the Roman government.

If you still want a simplistic Total War game this is for you.
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