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Control and conquer the greatest empire ever known to man.
Udgivelsesdato: 22 Sep 2004
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Om spillet

Nu hvor Romerriget er under din kommando, er det ikke en god ide at lægge sværdet: Barbarerne er på vej. Med to prisvindende titler fra den ansete Total War-serie får du dobbelt så mange forhindringer og muligheder for at tage styringen og erobre det største imperium, menneskeheden har set.
Gold Edition indeholder:
Rome: Total War Før en blandt tre romerske adelsfamilier på et århundredelangt togt mod at opnå den fulde kontrol over Romerriget.
Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion
(officiel udvidelsespakke til Rome: Total War) Vær vidne til Roms undergang under de barbariske horders angreb, som fremtvinger en bitter, intern kamp mellem rivaliserende faktioner.
  • Udråbt som Bedste strategispil i 2004 af IGN, GameSpy og GameSpot.
  • Kæmp enten side om side med eller imod historiens største ledere som Julius Cæsar, Spartakus og Hannibal for at udvide eller ødelægge det romerske imperium.
  • Læg romerne under belejring som hunneren Attila, frygtindgydende saksere eller andre vilde faktioner, som bruger signaturvåben og -evner.
  • Anfør krigeriske legioner i filmiske kampscener med tusindvis af soldater på skærmen samtidig.
  • En århundredelang kampagne giver spillere strategisk kommando over deres imperiums økonomiske, civile, religiøse og militære aktiviteter.


    Minimumskrav: Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP, Pentium III 1,0 GHz eller Athlon 1,0 GHz processor eller hurtigere, 256 MB RAM, 2,9 GB ukomprimeret ledig plads på harddisken (plus 500 MB til Windows swap-fil), 100% DirectX® 9,0c-kompatibelt 16-bit lydkort og de nyeste drivere, 100% Windows® 2000/XP-kompatibel mus, tastatur og de nyeste drivere, DirectX® 9,0b, 64 MB hardwareaccelereret grafikkort, der understøtter Shader 1, og de nyeste drivere. Skal være 100 % DirectX® 9.0b-kompatibel, 1024 x 768 skærmopløsning. Internetspil (TCP / IP) er understøttet. Internetspil kræver bredbåndsforbindelse og de nyeste drivere. LAN-spil kræver netværkskort (multiplayer)
    Vigtigt: Nogle kort er muligvis ikke kompatible med de 3D-accelerationsfunktioner, som udnyttes af Medieval II: Total War. Kontakt hardwareproducenten for at finde ud af, om kortet er 100 % DirectX® 9.0b-kompatibelt.
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109.4 timer bogført
They say rome wasn't built in one day, but that certainly depends on how much you play this game, and with a game like this, you can easily get stuck in front of your computer for hours. I've heard some good and some bad things about the sequel to this game, Rome II, so i figured i might try and review this one instead.

I realize there's alot of RTS games kinda similar to this out there, but by some miracle i found my way through all those rip-offs and half bad ones, and found my way to this. Anyways, let's get to it

Now even though this game might not have the best graphics, it's a good quality game, the game runs very smooth on even the worst of computers, I experienced a surprisingly few number of glitches and flaws. Also this game variates a lot more than you’d think, the terrain and weather and basically all the nature, and even soldiers surrounding the battlefield has an effect on the battle itself, and it manages to create a somewhat realistic atmosphere.

You start of by choosing between a rich number of factions to play as, and each faction has their own abilities, starting points, diplomatic and offensive advantages, and of course they all are different difficulties. Now when you start you can also choose different campaign lengths and modes, but the ultimate goal, is to conquer the world. Even after you’ve reached your goal, and have gotten the “You Beat The Game!” message, there’s a lot to do.

Now the game doesn’t have many great tracks to get you humming along, infact it has a couple of tracks running in the background, and some music to set the mood for a fight, but that’s in the rough it, and that’s one of the things letting this game a bit down in my opinion.

To sum up, this game has a great costumization ability, and is good for a replay, or even two (to all the rome fanatics xD) not the best graphics or music but all in all, I give this an 7/10
Indsendt: 12 April 2014
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21.6 timer bogført
The Total War series has an element of elegance to it. Treating the ways of historical battle as finely and closely as it does is rare, and only some years after its first installment (Shogun) did the videogame industry begin to shoot similar titles.

After the legendary Medieval, not many people believed that, apart from a change of setting to a different historical moment, not much different content would come up. Then Rome shouted: you're wrong.
This game brings pretty much every element of real-time strategy and tactics to the table: city development, troop development and upgrade (besides restoration of battered troops), a ranking system for experienced details that smell pleasantly of Total War spirit, and a turn-based diplomatic conflict and tension only rivaled by the Civilization series, in my opinion.

Rome does have its flaws, mainly related to in-battle bugs and primary AI, but its general brilliance is undeniable. Total War lovers meet RTS lovers in this game, as we witness the rise of Rome from the eyes of three powerful political strata of the Roman Empire (houses Brutii, Julii, and Scipii), besides several pagan tribes from central and eastern Europe - some of which you can control after the main campaign has been finished -, as well as northern Africa. A complete set of compelling diplomatic progress is also displayed in Rome (you can constantly set up family alliances, strengthening the power of military stations in cities you control through the maturing of new generals and governors), as well as completude of technological upgrades, and plurality of maps for different battle strategy tastes, from snowy forests of Northern Germany to Spanish plains to Eastern European rocky hills.

Rome: Total War puts you right into the heat of pre-medieval belli, the moments of Roman rise and fall, the pressure from the outside and from the inside. Intrigues, military management, civil complexities, and territorial tension.
Indsendt: 24 Maj 2014
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136.3 timer bogført
Still one of the most amazing and in-depth games I've ever played.
Indsendt: 14 Marts 2014
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242.3 timer bogført
The best Total War game to date and probably the greatest strategy game ever made. An absolute steal at current prices. Highly recommended
Indsendt: 28 Juni 2014
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18.0 timer bogført
As I have it on a disc too, I don't have many hours on Steam, but it's still one of the greatest games I've ever played!
Indsendt: 19 Juni 2014
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438.3 timer bogført
Arguably the best PC game ever made and it is still a classic. At the time was a massive leap in realism and content, better than anything I had played. Still play often. All true gamers own this game! 10/10
Indsendt: 25 November 2013
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