Escape to a puzzle game fantasy world with amazing creatures and weapons! Addicting gameplay blends with immersive roleplaying in this sequel to the award-winning Puzzle Quest!
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Дата виходу: 12 сер 2010
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Escape to a puzzle game fantasy world filled with amazing creatures, powerful weapons, and challenging minigames! Addicting Match 3 gameplay is blended seamlessly with immersive role playing in this sequel to the award-winning Puzzle Quest! Jump right into the action and customize your character with any one of four classes, each with different skills and abilities. Gain experience and earn treasure as you progress through the adventure, unlocking new spells and harder Match 3 challenges! Are you a brave enough hero to reclaim the once peaceful village of Verloren from the evil clutches of the demon Gorgon?

Key Features

  • Learn to use new mana gems, spells, weapons and much more.
  • Customize your characters with 4 classes in both genders.
  • Explore an immense and immersive fantasy world in story mode!
  • Play tons of unique minigames to earn treasure and experience.
  • Upgrade and equip your character then battle your friends online!

Вимоги до системи

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista
    • Processor: Intel® Core 2 @ 1.8 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 Mb (GeForce® 7 / Radeon® X800)
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 475 MB Available HDD Space
    • Sound: DirectX® 9 Compatible Sound Card
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74.0 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 11 жовтня
Very fun, enjoyed it.
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33.0 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 4 жовтня
I am not entirely sure how I spent 33 hours on this game... but they were certainly worth it.
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9 з 12 людей (75%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
49.4 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 16 травня
Coming after the complete mess that was Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, Puzzle Quest 2 returns to the tried-and-tested Puzzle Quest formula we know and love with some enhancements to the gameplay and a streamlined story/quest mode. It's a good game (I wouldn't have played it for as long as I did if it wasn't) but leaves some things to be desired.

First things first: the game is *incredibly* slow compared to its predecessor, both in character movement on the map screen and within the gameplay itself. And whilst the story of the original didn't set any new records in originality, Puzzle Quest 2's story is both completely unrelated to the first and so boring that I just skipped it entirely. They have also stripped out large chunks of the sidegames in the first game (castle building, mount training, item creation, etc) and replaced them with laughably easy "unlock doors" and "disarm traps" minigames.

The addition of the new weapon system makes things interesting, and opens up a new strategy to the game. But towards the end of the game I found this just made the game a cycle of building up weapon points, and unleashing them on the enemy - ending the fight within a few turns of doing so and reducing fights to a monotonous routine. The armor/blocking mechanic is also interesting at first, but to be honest it just makes the game slower.

That all said though, it's still a good game. Three-in-a-row game mechanics are simple and addictive, and I don't feel that the time I spent playing the game was wasted, but I don't see myself replaying it any time soon due to its slow nature (compared to the first game that I completed at least five times.)

If you like three-in-a-row games then you'll like this. But I would recommend the first Puzzle Quest a lot more than its sequel.
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5 з 6 людей (83%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
77.3 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 26 червня
I've sunk more hours into this than I would like to admit. Great if you want a point-and-click meets bejeweled type game. Definitely fun and easy to set down when necessary.
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3 з 3 людей (100%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
39.6 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 5 липня
Meh. Alright game, but not as good as 1.

PQ2 was very streamlined compared to PQ1, though not as streamlined as Marvel Puzzle Quest. Compared to 1 there are neither elemental masteries nor elemental resistance. Your weapon is now an activatable ability, which you use a new type of gem to activate. The weapon becomes your primary form of damage.

The fights are alright for the most part, except for the one or two times your weapon is replace by a very, very awful item that you have to use to kill a tough boss. That fight ruined the game for me.

The overworld isn't a map so much as it is an explorable world, but with that comes confusion and annoyance. There are secrets to be found but they're not very well hidden, and the paths are almost always blocked by a beastie of some sort. You know, except for when they aren't, so you go around the entire dungeon just to avoid one fight. I don't recall if monsters respawn or not, but I believe that they do not.

The entire experience was less enchanting than that of PQ1, but that doesn't mean this is a bad game. It just doesn't live up to my expectations.
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5 з 8 людей (63%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
7.1 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 7 червня

I am a huge fan of the original Puzzle Quest, having played through it back in the day on a nintendo hand-held. That game was broken in some ways, but not in a bad way, more that if you were careful and managed things just right, you could eventually create an amazingly over-powered character that could 'lock down' the whole board and win by the first or second turn.

Sure that made multiplayer pretty unmanagable, but for the single player game it actually gave a certain level of domination satisfaction of 'here is my incredibly over-powered end game character let me just splatter the fields of puzzle-battle with the remains of anyone foolish enough to challenge me'.

I mention this because I guess having seen how over powered people could become in the first game, it seems like they made it a priority to 'fix' that in this second outing.

While the core gameplay survived intact, it seems like they have gone to great lengths to reduce the utility and natural meshing of the various skills and secondary mechanics to the point it honestly feels less like an RPG dressed in puzzle elements, and more like a basic match 3 game with some very light rpg traces sprinkled in.

The 'overworld' is now quite limiting and slow. While there are a number of options to go and do, they are often so removed and seperated that you will spend as much time wandering slowly from screen to screen as you will actually battling bad guys. Additionally it feels like a number of the areas you 'could' possibly go are more or less artificially blocked by bad guys way higher level than you to the point that in the end there really is only one fairly linear line of progression along the enemies that won't just smash you routinely.

Its not truly *bad* in that the core matching and fighting is ok, it just seems like here in the second outing, the overall rpg tone is honestly a net negative, not positive like it was the first time around.
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46.2 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 28 травня

Starting as just a lone traveler, your character stumbles upon a village, where after further investigation and goblin slayin' you are tasked with saving the realm from evil. I'll admit, it's not the most original story, but I didn't clock 40+ hours into this game for nothing. It's the addictive gameplay mechanics that kept me hanging around.

This game is a combination of Bejeweld style puzzle matching and RPG. By matching certain gems, you fuel your character's abilities, deal damage to the enemy, or build strength for melee attacks. As your character levels up, you gain access to better weapons and better abilities. Figuring out a strategy against your foes is incredibly rewarding, and if certain spells are timed right, your character can quickly come a formidable opponent. Leveling up my character was a blast, and with each new dungeon came numerous new enemy types for me to test my skills.

There are also tons of side quests to complete, given to you by the many village folk you come across on your travels. There is never a shortage of things to do. Also I cannot forget to mention that this game is gorgeous. The hand-drawn worlds and creatures are a sight to behold, and some of the bosses are unforgettable.

The only negative is that once you nail down your strategy, gameplay can begin to feel repetitive. While I was constantly rewarded with new spells and weapons, I found early on that a single spell combination was the most effective for my character, which meant I was repeating the same tactics over and over, making things a bit mundane. This is why I encourage experimentation instead of taking the boring route like I did.

For RPG and Bejeweled fans, this game is excellent. You get a ton of bang for your buck, and you will find yourself coming back time and time again.

+Addictive gameplay
+Tons of quests
+Beautiful world

-Meh story
-Gameplay MAY become repetitive
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1 з 1 людей (100%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
0.3 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 16 травня
Riveting experience, touched my heart.

The Romance was beautiful.
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267.5 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 31 травня
I can't stop playing this stupid, stupid game.
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2 з 3 людей (67%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
0.5 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 24 червня
Definitely not nearly as good as the first Puzzle Quest. Format and overall play is totally different. It seems that the way to defeat enemies is by potions and spells rather than matching tiles which takes away the whole puzzle aspect of it. I like the map of this game, but that's about it.
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2 з 3 людей (67%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
34.3 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 28 липня
34 mindless hours later and I sit here wishing I had never bought this game. You will too, unless you find literal HUNDREDS of tedious bejewelled games back-to-back a rousing experience. I really shouldn't judge, though; I'm sure if you're willing to invest hundreds of hours into Candy Crush, this game is just what you need to finally tip you over the famed Cliffs of Insanity and plummet down into the Trench of Fully Vegetative Coma.
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3 з 5 людей (60%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
24.6 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 8 травня
Not as good as the original, I found. Still a fun time killer. 7/10
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1 з 2 людей (50%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
63.9 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 31 травня
I can't say many nice things about this game so i won't, What i will say is games like this one are why valve should change they'er refund policy on steam games, Now i never played puzzle quest 1 so i came in not knowing what to expect but willing to learn the game, What i learned was this game has one of the most cheep A** A.I.'s i've ever seen, Nothing says bull chips like haveing the enemy start the match and then get free turn affter free turn ( sometimes up to 5 or more) while you eat damage and it gets almost half the mana it needs to cast it's more game ending spells, And if thats not bad enough alot of those spells are broken as hell, free turns, random effects that aren't random in the least, spells that can be spamed again and again in a single turn, And don't get me started on the blocking, i've done 100+ damage to an enemy only to have it knocked down to 25 and that's AFFTER i hit the game's level cap, And why oh why in the mid game are you sending me enemys so low level that i can't get EXP from them? If i had got this game from a store i would return it, get my 10$ back and spend it on something that would not make me hate my self or my laptop but i can't, i can only hope if puzzle quest 3 gets made those who make it learn the difference between challenging and cheep because baby this is CHEEP.
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3.8 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 9 вересня
this game SUCKS. enemies know where all gems will fall. so my move is a single move sometimes i match four, then when it comes their turn, all you ever do is line them up for a connecting 4, CONSTANTLY. in number one, the enemies still knew where the gems would fall, but there you got things to counter this, like mounts and got to craft your own weapons, here, it looks like a sad attempt at trying to make the game streamline, all it has done is make me miss the first one, and remind me why games shouldnt have a second part to them, honestly, save your money, or even better, buy the first one, cuz this one is JUNK! wish i could get a refund.
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49.7 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 1 червня
Same idea as Puzzle Quest: Match-3 game with different 'powers' and RPG elements.

Yeah, it's also as bad as you've probably heard. The animations are slow, the game is debalanced with your character being massively overpowered, the story is terrible and generic to boot, and it's entirely absent of careful thought and creativity throughout.

Almost any other match-3 game is better than this.

Good alternatives:
Puzzle Quest
Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign (F2P)
Bejeweled 3
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57.7 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 14 травня
Much as I loved the first Puzzle Quest, this iteration is just pretty bland. The game interface is sluggish and pretty uninformative. The characters are completely bland. There is no wandering the world and picking up funny companions along the way.

If you don't care much about the Quest but only liked the Puzzle, then you may enjoy the various minigames, and the many fights. Otherwise, stick with Puzzle Quest 1, and go assiege a castle with your whole crew!
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23.8 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 25 червня
Great game to kill some time, a mix of puzzles and RPG upgrade elements. If you've played any of the other puzzle quest games you should definitely get this one, if you haven't this game is a good start place to jump in.
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42.9 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 21 червня
Fun game to play. Fairly easy to start with, then when you get into it gets hard on a steep curve. Enjoyable for a challenge.
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2.0 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 20 червня
super fun
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30.9 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 27 червня
A fun little game. If you don't like match three games then this isn't for you, although figured that would be obvious. At times it feels like the game favors the AI, sometimes heavily, so can be frustrating for sure but I see it as a challenge or than BS.
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