Carefully guide your nation from the era of absolute monarchies in the early 19th century, through expansion and colonization, to finally become a truly great power by the dawn of the 20th century. Victoria II is a grand strategy game played during the colonial era of the 19th century, where the player takes control of a country, guiding...
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"Politcal movements, tech of the time and with grand strategy gives a huge sense of immersion. For a history buff like me it's tear jerkingly perfect."


“This is a wonderfully deep game, and its sandbox nature is much more open than Hearts of Iron III was and so it's much more enjoyable at the beginning.”
8,5/10 – Strategy Informer

“Victoria II incorporates challenging strategy and sim elements with enough flexibility to satisfy any weasel-beating gaming goof.”
4,3/5 – CheatCodeCentral

“Saying that it stands head-and-shoulders above all of the scant competition for grand-strategy kingship almost goes without saying.”
9,5/10 – CPUGamer


Carefully guide your nation from the era of absolute monarchies in the early 19th century, through expansion and colonization, to finally become a truly great power by the dawn of the 20th century.

Victoria II is a grand strategy game played during the colonial era of the 19th century, where the player takes control of a country, guiding it through industrialisation, political reforms, military conquest, and colonization.

Experience an in-depth political simulation where every action you take will have various consequences all over the world. The population will react to your decisions based on their political awareness, social class, as well as their willingness to accept or revolt against their government.

Key features:
  • Deep engrossing political simulation with dozens of different governments.
  • Detailed economy with over fifty different types of goods and various production factories.
  • Over 200 different countries can be played, during the era stretching from 1835 to the onset of WWII.
  • Advanced Technological system with thousands of inventions to discover.
  • Improved graphics and interface, as well as multiplayer support.
  • A streamlined interface makes the game easily accessible.
  • Automation of various tasks including, trade and population promotion.
  • Advanced spheres of influences system, where the great powers battle over the control of the world.
  • Cottage production simulating pre-industrial economies.
  • Gunboat Diplomacy, no need for negotiating as a fleet outside a port may be a more persuasive argument.
  • Historical and Dynamic missions guiding your country through the history.


    • OS: XP/Vista/Windows7
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® IV 2.4 GHz or AMD 3500+
    • Memory: 2 Gb RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB Available HDD Space
    • Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon® X1900
    • Sound Card: DirectX® compatible
    • Controller support: 3-button mouse, keyboard and speakers
    • Special multiplayer requirements: Internet Connection for multiplayer
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Yeah, it's pretty good.
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This game is fantastic. I remember in my first play through of the vanilla game in the middle of a massive world war between just myself (Germany) and the UK I noticed the People's Republic of the United States with an independent Manhattan Commune. In my next game with the A House Divided and Heart of Darkness DLC I played as Germany again but this time Russia released Poland as a sovereign nation become a democracy and lost world power status. At the same time French rebels would make it a democracy, then they would revolt to make it a communist government and then revolt again for the democracy all the while losing its industry and military and falling to 16th most powerful nation. As I dissected the Austrian Empire to be only the Danubian Federation (A smaller nation missing most of its eastern territories) to be the 20th ranked country. Then after taking the resource rich Manchuria and Mongolia from the Chinese I was involved in a great war caused by the crisis system (allows smaller nations to get great powers to back their claims on other countries). Spain and the Ottoman Empire, who had colonized almost all of Africa save South Africa backed me up against the French, UK, the Danubian Federation and Italy during which I took most of India from the British and made them give the rest of it to their Indian Satellite nation Hyderabad.

You can completely change history in a warped manner, Have the Ottoman's regain their former glory, help Spain reconquer their former colonies, form Scandanavia and take Finland back from Russia, westernize as Panjab and take India from the British. Maybe you want to westernize as China and have your legions of soldiers annex Russia, Japan invade Germany. Building the Panama canal as Japan and doing all the things listed above are possible in Victoria 2 as if you can figure the complexity of the economy and population that pushes the game to more interesting heights each time you play.
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300 hours in I have realised this game is not actually about running an empire, it's about making you its ♥♥♥♥♥. 11/10 no regrets.
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not enough opportunities to exterminate my pops to live out my power fantasies to compensate for my inferiority complex

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发布于:10月28日 me look stupid. But, the more stupid I played, the more I addicted to it. Damn...
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You can make America communist. 10/10 would waste life on again.
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Great game that many people overlook. It has some fualts ,but it has many great mechanics. Compared to other Paradox Interactive games it is quite cheap. 8.5/10.
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The best strategy game i ever played.
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Victoria 3 pls! One of the best paradox titles I've ever played.
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Ever wanted to put yourself in control of an empire ? Of course you do . This game offers just that. It has complex diplomacy with other nations in the world. Complex tech and a very complex economy. I'm saying they're complexed because they are not difficult but because , they go in extremely in depth.


~Total control of your Empire
~ Love the music
~ Complex tech , play your own way
~ Establishing conlonies
~ Trade
~ The way wars are faught


~ Lots of revolts once you become really big , can tend to be a little annoying

Overall Score

Well Done Paradox
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I think my played hours says it all.
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Removed Kebab with Iceland's military might.
10/10 would remove again.
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Likely the apotheosis of the Paradox grand strategy genre. Expansion is difficult, wars are huge, and the economy requires real thought. If EUIV has become too simple, this one is perfect.
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While not Uni-Europa IV or CrusKings II, this title holds its own and is basically the only game of its type for this era. I have a full collection of Paradox games and this is a must have for anyone interested in this genre.
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Victoria II like most grand strategy games from Paradox is very time consuming but also very fun. The game by itself is very fun and very playable however before the HOD dlc was added you could just declare war on anyone whenever you wished * yes you took a infamy hit but it still felt to easy to just go to war * With that being said the HOD dlc adds a feature where you have to wait a certain amount of time 90-365 days to justify going to war with a country. With the crisis system added with the DLC it really makes you think about who you want to get caught up in an alliance with because when one of your great powers allies or you get caught up in a conflict every great power is dragged into it no one is safe. * You can chose not to take part in the conflict but you will end up taking a massive hit * all in all I'd give it a 8/10

Pro's - very fun
- Great way to change how history plays out
- You get cant get enough

-♥♥♥♥♥♥ rebellion
- Little but of a learning curve * not to bad *
- Battles are a bit sucky I feel theres no real strategy in the way battles were made. It'sMOSTLY * not always * bigger force wins.
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it is right crack
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A really complex strategy game featuring the one of the most interesting / challenging era of human history.
The learning curve is quite steep but it's after you start to understand the contepts it's really rewarding.

It's 9.5/10 in my book.
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You can play as communist Texas. 10/10.

But seriously:

Victoria II isn't the prettiest grand strategy game that's ever come around. The economic system in particular requires about seven PhDs and consultation with the Elder Gods to understand, and sometimes it feels like you don't really have any control over the politics of your country beyond slight nudges. Some would argue that's the entire point, but I digress.

Where Victoria II will grab you, and hold you, is the sheer diplomacy system. Whereas in EU4 one country will simply superblob, Vicky has a very nice system of balance. Countries rarely blob, and even when they do, they're only one catastrophic war away from being knocked down to size. And just like other Paradox games, Victoria II is incredibly easy to mod. Don't like your flag? Change it! Want to rename a political party? Change it! Feel like modifying a few provinces to balance out the economy? All that's needed is a few corrections in a text file.


- Combat feels the most balanced of any Paradox game. Even Art of War.
- Politics system will always have you coming back for more
- Incredible attention to detail. Every country has its own republican, monarchist, fascist, and communist flag.
- Great power mechanic makes it actually feel like you're actually playing as one state among many, instead of just one human vs the same computer wearing different hats


- Economy system is an absolute mess.
- Since Heart of Darkness, sieges take far, far too long.


First off, I do NOT recommend this to anyone but gamers who have a grand strategy game or two under their belt. Anyone else is just going to take one look at the industrial and demographics screen and uninstall the game. But for those who learn its mechanics, Victoria II will pay back in dividends.
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Good game. Very diffucult to incredibly easy, depending on the nation you choose to play.
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A glorious game where you can annex the entirity of asia, conquer panama just to be able to build the canal, and then invade and annex the Crimean penninsula as Japan.

While still having a lower industrial score than the US

My favorite and most played game