Carefully guide your nation from the era of absolute monarchies in the early 19th century, through expansion and colonization, to finally become a truly great power by the dawn of the 20th century. Victoria II is a grand strategy game played during the colonial era of the 19th century, where the player takes control of a country, guiding...
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发行日期: 2010年8月30日


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"Politcal movements, tech of the time and with grand strategy gives a huge sense of immersion. For a history buff like me it's tear jerkingly perfect."


“This is a wonderfully deep game, and its sandbox nature is much more open than Hearts of Iron III was and so it's much more enjoyable at the beginning.”
8,5/10 – Strategy Informer

“Victoria II incorporates challenging strategy and sim elements with enough flexibility to satisfy any weasel-beating gaming goof.”
4,3/5 – CheatCodeCentral

“Saying that it stands head-and-shoulders above all of the scant competition for grand-strategy kingship almost goes without saying.”
9,5/10 – CPUGamer


Carefully guide your nation from the era of absolute monarchies in the early 19th century, through expansion and colonization, to finally become a truly great power by the dawn of the 20th century.

Victoria II is a grand strategy game played during the colonial era of the 19th century, where the player takes control of a country, guiding it through industrialisation, political reforms, military conquest, and colonization.

Experience an in-depth political simulation where every action you take will have various consequences all over the world. The population will react to your decisions based on their political awareness, social class, as well as their willingness to accept or revolt against their government.

Key features:
  • Deep engrossing political simulation with dozens of different governments.
  • Detailed economy with over fifty different types of goods and various production factories.
  • Over 200 different countries can be played, during the era stretching from 1835 to the onset of WWII.
  • Advanced Technological system with thousands of inventions to discover.
  • Improved graphics and interface, as well as multiplayer support.
  • A streamlined interface makes the game easily accessible.
  • Automation of various tasks including, trade and population promotion.
  • Advanced spheres of influences system, where the great powers battle over the control of the world.
  • Cottage production simulating pre-industrial economies.
  • Gunboat Diplomacy, no need for negotiating as a fleet outside a port may be a more persuasive argument.
  • Historical and Dynamic missions guiding your country through the history.


    • OS: XP/Vista/Windows7
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® IV 2.4 GHz or AMD 3500+
    • Memory: 2 Gb RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB Available HDD Space
    • Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon® X1900
    • Sound Card: DirectX® compatible
    • Controller support: 3-button mouse, keyboard and speakers
    • Special multiplayer requirements: Internet Connection for multiplayer
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P社4萌之一 本作的亮点就是外交系统了 国家的每一步发展都需要玩家细细斟酌 而在其他系列里重要的军事也显得有些弱势 不过整体游戏有60%的时间都在调整军力 吞并 傀儡 殖民 无不体现着19世纪的列强一步步发展的足迹 游戏需要玩家花费许多时间慢慢了解 喜欢快节奏游戏的同学不推荐入手 本作不像全战系列一般 宣战并打下一块领地就能纳入国土 战争借口的慢慢实现 租界 殖民地 的慢慢本土化最终纳入国土 很好地体现了如何以文化侵略一个民族并将其吞并
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After the Paradox intro, it will minimalize the game and then open it again after a few seconds. However, when the loading reaches ''initialising map logic'' I get the following error everytime: Runtime Error! Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/victoria2\v2game.exe
Abnormal program termination
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Play as Germany and invade Mexico.

Because im 12 and reckless. 10/10
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27.0 小时(记录在案的)
University of Victoria II - Faculty of Economics and Genocide

Department of Imperialism and Slave Trade

Room 10/10
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The most complex, historically accurate and rewarding grand strategy game I have ever had the pleasure of playing. If you are interested in European history circa 1830-1936, this game is a must have! I have played several Paradox titles (EUIV, CKII) but Victoria II stands in a league of its own. The sheer amount of depth provided lets you feel like you are actually in command of an entire nation. The learning curve is not terrible, but an online tutorial (, youtube) is definitely recommended. This game pulls you in and never lets go. Therefore I can whole-heartedly recommend that you go forth and conquer savage natives, for Queen and country!
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Each paradox's grand strategy has a unique gameplay elements but this one just beats every grand strategy game that paradox has made so far. In other words. Rebels, rebels, rebels. elections, rebels, rebels, rebels, Crisis, elections, rebels, rebels, so on and so forth. It is so funny yet so boring.
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FANTASTIC GAME! Can't wait for the next expansion!
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Wow, this is my favourite Paradox game now. Unlike EU3 and 4, war is the means, not the end. The end is your economy and population. You use war to support your economy, not the economy to support your wars. Lots of interesting themes like capitalism, industrialism, socialism etc. So fun.
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Game crashes right after instalation, giving and error of: File exception 622.

The solution is to do the following:

1. Go to the folder /Steam/SteamApps/common/Victoria 2/map/cache/
2. Delete all of the contents of this folder, but NOT the folder itself.
3. Go to the folder /Steam/SteamApps/common/Victoria 2/
4. Run v2game.exe
5. Your map cache should now be reconfigured. Exit the game.
6. You should now be able to run Victoria 2 normally, using the Victoria 2 launcher (victoria2.exe) or Steam.

Other than that, I enjoy this game.
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District of Columbia becomes slave state secceeds along with Wyoming invade Hawaii instead
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i think that this is a great game,it provides a simulation for every country in 1836 ands you can change history from what it was to some thing different e.g america invades austrailia another e.g britain takes brittany from france,this game has so much to offer, i would give it a 9/10 rating ,1 more e.g atjeh annexes bali.
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4.8 小时(记录在案的)
Victoria 3 pls! One of the best paradox titles I've ever played.
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Yeah, it's pretty good.
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Had it for less than a week and already poured 39 hours into it.

I'd recommend it any day.
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I mean who doesn't want to play as the socialist state of Zulu?
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It's a great grand strategy game. I like idea of economic system. It would be even better to have trade route system like EU IV.
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so fun i love paying as canada and trying to be what my country is and better. dont plan to play this others because its not easy its poor system for that
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A game where you take control of a country during the Victoria era from 1836 to 1935 or so. Go bonkers. It's so damn fun.
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A good game