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¡Crea locos y funcionales vehículos para resolver misiones con tu propio y único estilo!
Fecha de lanzamiento: 21 Abr 2011
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Comprar Cargo – The Quest for Gravity

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19 marzo 2014

bitComposer is turning 5 this week! No need to lose your grip – hold on to something, a buddy maybe? Over the next 3 days, we will have a discount of 80% on Cargo! - The Quest for Gravity.

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Acerca del juego

Los dioses no han visto con buenos ojos a la humanidad y la Tierra, como sabemos, se ha visto reducida a un grupo de archipiélagos, poblados por "BUDDIES": diminutas criaturas no sujetas a la fuerza de gravedad, libres de frotar y retozar a su antojo.
Los dioses han concedido a los BUDDIES libre soberanía sobre estas coloridas islas para su propio y caótico disfrute. Pero hay un modo de detenerlos... la DIVERSIÓN es el ingrediente secreto que hará bajar al suelo a los BUDDIES y devolverá la gravedad a la Tierra.
Eres uno de los últimos terráqueos vivos, y depende de ti producir una saludable dosis de diversión para restablecer el orden en la Tierra.
¿Tienes lo necesario para superar a los BUDDIES y recuperar el favor de los dioses?

Características del juego:

  • ¡Jugabilidad única e innovadora basada en la física, que ofrece múltiples soluciones a cada misión, además de un modo caja de arena ilimitado!
  • Explora gran variedad de paisajes y lugares, incluyendo islas volantes, extensos entornos subacuáticos y numerosos interiores. El paso de las estaciones afecta de forma dinámica a la jugabilidad.
  • Montones de piezas y componentes distintos que pueden ensamblarse para crear vehículos disparatados pero funcionales.
  • Usa tu propia música para crear una banda sonora personalizada

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
    • Procesador: Pentium 4 a 3 GHz o AMD Athlon equivalente
    • Memoria: 1 GB para XP / 2 GB para Vista
    • Disco Duro: 4 GB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: 128 MB o más, compatible con DirectX 9 y Pixel Shader 2.0 (ATI Radeon X800 / NVIDIA GeForce 7600 / Intel GMA HD Graphics)
    • DirectX®: Mejorado para DirectX 9.0
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX 9.0c
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nose ni como cojones tengo esto
Publicado: 27 diciembre 2013
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This game is a odd, wacky, and just plain weird. I can imagine this game being thought of one late night at the office with nothing better to do. Theories asside, lets talk about the game.

The story of the game is somewhat hard to follow, but without trying to give out spoilers here, you must help these mechanical "gods" re-create the world with your engineering and creative powers. There are four seasons in the game, each one with different themes, like winter freezes all the water so you can drive on it. The game took me about six hours to finish, and thats with me messing around a bit. After you finish the story mode there are little to no reasons to do it again. The only thing for replay is sandbox mode, where you play around on the island with many (but limited) tools, making any vehicle your heart desires.

One small thing this game did horribly is sound, the begining sequence the voice acting was bad enough to make me want to quit the game. It got better from there, but the sound just isnt there in this game.

Throughout the game there is a little bar at the bottom of the screen that tells you what to do next, but I would of rather seen a check list menu or really anything other than this. It doesnt grab your attention easily, and I offen times would find my self forgeting about it and wondering what to do next. Other times when I did see it, what it said didnt make sence, one example that tool me awile to figure out was, near the end of the game it told me to "Find a large object" and it tool me almost fifteen minutes to figure out what I was suppost to do.

Now the big grabber in the game, making your own vehicle, is somthing this game does fairly well, you startout with a base for your vehicle and build from there. So, say you want to build a car, start with a car base, add a few connectors, add wheels to the connectors. and you are all set! However, on occasion you will run into problems. The game gives you blueprints that you can find, these are pre-made vehicles that
A. get the job done,
B. Are faster to make and,
C. Look cooler than anything I could make.
By the end of the second season I found myself going to these rather than building anything myself. Also the gravity and physics in this game dont feel right. Planes and helicopters feel like they're made from paper, the cars are too drifty, and the boats feel like your anchor is alwase down.

All in all this game is a quirky, fun, just plain weird building game that lets you be creative in a world full of weird things. But the story isnt there, the gameplay is diffferent and it really feels like its incomplete. But if you have six plus hours to burn, this isnt the worst of all choices. (Just dont get it for full price) :)


Publicado: 29 noviembre 2013
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For being a game devoted to "fun," the constant reminders across the screen asking "Are you having fun?" serve to make me aware of the lack of fun. I played it to the end (one end of two), and only stuck it out to check it off a list of games I have in my library. It is short (less than 6 hours). The physics of the game are frustrating (especially at the end when flying comes in). The humor is not my style, but it may be yours... The story is terrible. Making your own vehicles serves little to no purpose as the blueprints of vehicles are often good enough. They force you to build one time during the game, but that even that was limited (as there was only one real option on how to build). I do not think this is worth your time let alone money.

I should add that the time listed for me is slightly off due to steam network issues. It was less than 6 hours of play time though.
Publicado: 30 enero 2014
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An entertaining, if confusing, game

Story Summary: Three bumbling Gods responsible for recreating Earth as an experiment hire a zeppelin captain and his pilot/mechanic Flawkes to deliver parts so they can repair their planet-building machine. The devil, who sabotaged the planet-building machine, talks Flawkes into editing the Earth into his own image. Flawkes must entertain the proto-humans (called Buddies) to produce FUN, a currency that can be used to build machines and pull heavy objects out of the stratosphere.

This game is a mix of puzzle-solving and building and driving around in your own crazy vehicles. The faster/higher they go, the more entertained the Buddies will become and the more FUN you earn.

Playtime: about 6 hours to complete the story mode

* The story and visuals are hilarious at times: the first time I had a “Buddy dance party”, I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.
* Vehicle building is easy and fun, designs can be saved and reloaded at will. Or, if you don't enjoy it, you can use pre-made blueprints and skip vehicle building altogether.
* Game lets you import and use your own music for Buddy dances.

* Crashes, bugs, and insufficient auto-saves. Twice I managed to strand a submarine underneath the seafloor, once while going past a loading screen and another while editing the submarine when it was resting on the sea floor. The game only autosaves at the beginning of a new season, and seasons are very long. I’ve also read reports of the game failing to load saves made at particular times.

*** Important: if you decide to play this, save your game often and save in a new slot each time. ***

* Sometimes it’s hard to know what the game expects you to do. I had to consult a walkthrough for the volcano restarting section in winter, and for the tornado sequence in summer. I also had to look up online what the key for placing clefs was. (Enter.) This might be due to poorly-done translation of the guiding text (Cargo was originally developed in Russian.)
* Airplanes don’t control well.

If you’re a fan of games with weird characters and settings, like Zeno Clash, a fan of games where you build vehicles, like Spore or Kerbal Space Program, or a fan of silly nonsense humor, I think you'll enjoy this game.
Publicado: 8 diciembre 2013
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It is a fun game but get it on sale. I beat it within 1-2 hours for both the good and bad ending. In the end though it is a good game and light on your hard drive but like I said get it on sale it will not last and is not worth the normal price.
Publicado: 9 diciembre 2013
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