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Combatti orde di pericolose creature in un mistico mondo fantasy.
Data di rilascio: 20 Giu 2011
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Include 4 oggetti: Dungeon Siege III, Dungeon Siege, Dungeon Siege II, Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun

Informazioni sul gioco

I Legionari hanno protetto la nazione di Ehb per secoli. Ma un giorno sono stati traditi, decimati, condotti sull'orlo dell'estinzione. Ora che il male è tornato a Ehb, il popolo si rivolge ai pochi Legionari rimasti, richiedendo la protezione offerta in passato. Ereditando il compito della Legione, accetterai la richiesta d'aiuto? Come si risolverà il tutto, dipende esclusivamente da te!

Dungeon Siege III è un Action RPG che fonde, senza soluzione di continuità, un gameplay frenetico ed intuitivo ad un robusto sistema RPG forte di un'ampia selezione di abilità, arricchendo il tutto con bottini in quantità e la profondità narrativa che ha reso celebri Square-Enix e Obsidian Entertainment. Il giocatore potrà avventurarsi da solo, con gli amici in locale, oppure online, per un'esperienza multiplayer completa.

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1, Windows 7
    • Processore: Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz o equivalente
    • RAM: 1.5 GB
    • Scheda Grafica: ATI Radeon HD 3870 o NVIDIA 9800 GT
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Hard Disk: 4 GB per l'installazione completa
    • Audio: Non è necessario alcun hardware di accelerazione audio
    • Sistema Operativo: Windows 7
    • Processore: Core i5 750 2.67 GHz o equivalente
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • Scheda Grafica: ATI Radeon HD 4870 o NVIDIA GTX 260
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Nonostante le molte recensioni negative a me DS3 è piaciuto molto: trama simpatica, gameplay semplice e grafica molto bella.
Mi ha regalato delle belle ore di gioco. Io ho comprato il pacchetto completo: i primi due capitoli non mi hanno entusiasmato e non li ho nemmeno finiti. E visto che chi amava i primi due episodi non amava il terzo ho iniziato a giocarci.
Per me è da comprare (visti i saldi ^_^ è un'occasione!).
Pubblicata: 22 Giugno 2014
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il gameplay un po' ripetitivo, ma resta comunque un gioco fntastico
Pubblicata: 23 Giugno 2014
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Devo dire che ho apprezzato molto questo titolo è davvero un buon GDR, è immediato e con meccaniche piuttosto semplici ma molto divertenti. La crescita del personaggio è abbastanza appagante, il comparto grafico è carino ed è leggero.
la trama è bella e ben narrata.
in co-op il titolo rende di più.

voto: 8,0
Pubblicata: 8 Agosto 2014
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Let me start off by saying I have not played the first two Dungeon Siege games, so I cannot say this game did or did not kill the series or something like that. And although this was my first Dungeon Siege, I can honestly say I immensely enjoy this game. I loved how I could actually control my character's movements instead of just clicking on some part of the map and wait for them to get there. It makes me feel more involved. Also, the combat was absolutely great and at times a great challenge. The abilities the four hero's have were all fun to use, and they each felt different from the other's. Something that really impressed me was that when you change any part of your armor, so too did your character. I do not tend to see my character's look change with other RPG games like this one, so it was just nice to see something as simple as this being implemented.

Now, despite what I said, I still have faults with the game. I have to agree with many others when saying that camera was a pain at times. It was too close to the player, and at times it made me feel constricted. However, is the camera beyond awful and ruin the whole game? No, not even close. I also would find myself getting stuck in objects towards the later levels for some reason. I would be walking then uh oh, I am now stuck in a log, or what have you. I also see many complain about the confusing skill tree, clunky AI, bad controls, and for some reason picking up objects. I really do not understand their complaints because one: the skill is so simple to use. You literally choose what ability you want(only certain levels let you pick an ability), where you want your proficiency, and what talent you want. It is so straight forward. As for the AI, I have never had a problem. My companion was always helpful ( I have not played co-op) and never felt useless, and the enemies were not mindless oafs. I also thought the controls were just fine. There was nothing confusing about them (I played keyboard and mouse). And picking up objects? Really? If there are a lot of items near you, press ctrl. You now just picked up everything. No reason for that to be a struggle.

If this is your first Dungeon Siege game (because apparently this is not worthy of being called a Dungeon Siege), or if you like action RPGs, I recommend this game. It is beautiful, addictive, and the story is actually pretty awesome. I got hooked with it and felt really involved in it. It really is a solid gaming experience, and I wish more people could see that. I also recommend getting the DLC as well. Raises level cap, grants enchanting weapons and armor, and adds a good lengthy and engaging mission. The game is great and I highly recommend picking this one up.
Pubblicata: 11 Maggio 2014
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First off: This game is NOT a bad game!

It actually is a pretty good one. The problem it has is its name. This is no Dungeon Siege!

Obsidian/Square Enix would've been better off by giving this child a different name, or make it a Spin-off (like it happend with Baldurs Gate back then. PS2 version was called Dark Alliance). This would've been alot better and the die hard fans of Dungeon Siege 2 wouldn't have been dissappointed that much. Especially when considering that they made this game with consoles in mind. The Port is bad. Crappy and slow UI, plays best with a controller and so on. Performance is good though.

Anyways, in terms of Action-RPGs, Dungeon Siege 3 is not bad. It has its flaws, yes, but overall it's good enough to be picked up by fans of the genre. Especially at a discounted price.
It features good graphics, a decent story with multiple choice stuff, okay-ish combat with dodge mechanics and a nice lootsystem which keeps the good loot coming until the end. The companion system they used in the game felt kind of good too. They weren't annoying and could stand their ground on their own. They even pick up gold drops for you.

The biggest problem this game has, is its lack of bigger maps. It's mostly a really long tunnel... and I mean really long. It's on par with FF13. There is not much exploration going on and this is especially bad when you reach Stonebridge (the games Mainhub/Town). It doesn't feel like a Town at all.
Where the game kind of got it right was with the Treasure of the Sun DLC. Here it actually feels like you are running around on a big map with ways to explore it. Still a longshot away from being called an open world, but it felt satisfying to run around in the Desert. The DLC introduced a few new/nice Puzzle-/Dungeonmechanics as well.

So getting the DLC with the game should be a no-brainer.

But I don't recommend picking it up at the current price. 20 bucks for the Game+DLC is too much. 10 bucks at most seems about right.

All in all I'd rate it with 7/10. So definetly recommended to fans of the genre.

Pubblicata: 13 Aprile 2014
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