Pilot spacecraft ranging from small, nimble interceptors to heavily armed gunships. In ASTROKILL, you will engage in combat against enemy fighters, capital ships, outposts, freighters, turrets, and even space mines. To succeed in this unforgiving zero-G battlefield, you must master your ship and its weapons.
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Release Date: May 27, 2016

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Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“We want to make the best space shooter possible. With Early Access, players can steer the development of ASTROKILL in the right direction before release. Player feedback is critical to making a game enjoyable, challenging, and replayable.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The game should be released 3-6 months after beginning Early Access. So far, development on ASTROKILL has been rapid. With just 8 months of total development time, we were ready to show it at gaming conventions. Since then, the game has progressed so much further, and we're confident we can release it after a few months of Early Access.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Since the core gameplay mechanics are well established and polished, the full version will primarily feature more game content. This means more campaign levels, ships, scenery, characters, and dialog. And, of course, the full version will address any issues Early Access players have via bug fixing, new features, and gameplay balancing.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“In its current state, there are three game modes: practice, campaign, and survival. Each game mode is fully playable for each faction. However, there are future campaign levels, dialog, and ships that will be added throughout Early Access in preparation for a release.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The game will be priced lower during Early Access to encourage a broad and welcoming development community.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Any feedback from Early Access players is highly valuable to us. Is the game too hard? Are the controls intuitive? Is it stable? Is it fun? Already, we have taken player feedback (from gaming conventions) and addressed them with numerous changes in a very short time-frame (sometimes overnight). Ultimately, we want the game to be a joy to play. If it's not, we want to know why and fix it.”
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December 30, 2016

2017 development schedule

The following is a tentative ASTROKILL development schedule. This will be updated and reposted over the next few months as progress is made.

Minus sign (-) = unfinished item
Plus sign (+) = finished item
Letter "o" = obsolete item

PHASE 1 (December 2016) - COMPLETE

+ replace all asteroid-fragments with more realistic models
+ add/replace all other asteroids

+ introduce more complex, realistic turrets (based on the Phalanx system)
+ allow destruction of turret-components to reduce functionality (destroy pitch-motors)

+ create functional and destructible radar-dishes that broadcast enemy-locations at long ranges
+ allow player to see what friendlies see (share detections across team)
+ create separate visual-detection and instrument-detection systems to give radar strategic importance

+ simplify and rearrange HUD to give a military glass-cockpit feel

- make existing dialog less distracting (blend vocals with existing SFX)

- add in-vehicle reverb to muzzle-sounds

Campaign lock-down
+ temporarily lock campaign during overhaul
+ reduce price by 50% during overhaul to reflect fewer playable levels

PHASE 2 (February 2017)

Destructible Props
- create military containers, industrial equipment, etc. for senseless destruction

Customizable Fighters
- replace existing fighters with component-based fighters
- create fighters by combining engines, cockpits, fuel-tanks, gun-systems, and body-panels
- implement a variety of selectable body-panels and guns
- allow player to customize loadouts and specs of each ship

- replace existing dropships using new ship-components

Supply Ships
- replace existing fly-through-hangars with simpler/easier system
- create supply-ships to provide new rearming capabilities

Space Stations
- replace existing depots with component-based space-stations
- create destructible windows that expel equipment and personnel when broken
- create centrifuges for artificial gravity
- allow capturing of space-stations and its affect on victory-conditions

PHASE 3 (April 2017)

- replace existing freighters with industrial freighters influenced by real-world cargo-ships

- create civilian shuttles for assassination and escort-missions

Capital Ships
- replace Hammurabi with new component-based version
- create an OBA-styled capital ship

Campaign re-release
- re-purpose existing campaign-levels to accommodate new game assets
- add more strategic levels that make use of radar and other new features

PHASE 4 (June 2017)

Unreal Engine
- upgrade to the latest and greatest Unreal Engine

Gold Release
- publish full release on Steam
- buy bottle of brandy

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December 30, 2016

Patch - Phase 1/3 of major overhaul

- Added a new Phalanx turret system with destructible components (like pitch-motors)
- Added destructible and functional radar dishes (spots enemies at great distances)
- Added both a free-floating and anchored mount for turrets, radar, etc.
- All friendlies are now visible to the player at any distance
- Enemies spotted by friendlies are now visible to the player (shared information)
- Detections now require line-of-sight (hiding behind objects is now possible)
- All debris is now shootable and collidable
- New turrets have destructible components (like pitch-motors)

- All asteroids and asteroid-fragments have been replaced by more realistic models (some directly based off actual asteroids or comets)

- HUD has been rearranged to maximize readability and give a glass-cockpit feel
- Ship visibility is now shown on HUD (how many foes are currently detecting the player)
- Small components (like fighter-turrets) are now marked on the HUD

- Fixed issue with pressed joystick-buttons not being displayed in the controls menu

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“Never has blowing stuff up been so supremely satisfying.”
9/10 – OPNOOBS

About This Game

  • Gritty and intense space combat in 1st or 3rd person
  • Playable ships include fighters, gunships, and interceptors
  • Enemies include capital ships, outposts, freighters, turrets, space mines, and squads of fighters
  • Ballistic weapons, including machine guns, flak cannons, homing missiles, and rail guns
  • Realistic zero-G controls via directional thrusters
  • Shields that repel projectiles with anti-gravity
  • Campaign and Survivor modes (campaign is currently being overhauled and is temporarily locked)

A gritty space shooter for the PC

ASTROKILL is a fast-paced, intense, physically realistic action game set in space. Players pilot fighters, gunships, and interceptors (in 1st or 3rd person) from either the Outer Belt Alliance or the Dominion of Man in hard-hitting dogfights.


Pilot spacecraft ranging from small, nimble interceptors to heavily armed gunships. In ASTROKILL, you will engage in combat against enemy fighters, capital ships, outposts, freighters, turrets, and even space mines. To succeed in this unforgiving zero-G battlefield, you must master your ship and its weapons. You will blow away spaceships with machine guns, flak cannons, homing missiles, and rail guns. Your Gravity Shield will protect you from enemy fire and even turn their weapons against them.

Campaign and Survival mode

Pick a faction and enter the fray in either a story-driven Campaign mode or an arcade-style Survival mode. In Campaign mode, you will fly missions within the context of a faction-specific story-line. With each passing mission, you will discover new environments, characters, ships, and challenges that test your skills as a fighter pilot. If stories aren't your thing and you just want an endless blood bath, then there is Survival mode. Like an old-school arcade game, you must fight and survive wave after wave of progressively more difficult enemies. Fight to beat your own top score or attempt to dethrone the number one player on the Steam leaderboards.


In ASTROKILL, battles are fought with conventional weapons, like belt-driven machine guns, proximity-based flak cannons, and Javelin-style guided missiles. When it comes to inflicting damage downrange, nothing is quite as effective as high-velocity metal slugs. The kinetic energy behind a 30mm bullet travelling at 900m/s is tremendous. If that's not enough, flak cannons fire explosive projectiles that detonate near enemy fighters, doing area damage. Homing missiles track fighters and attempt to intercept them and detonate within their kill radius. If a missile misses its intended target, it will reassess the battlefield and track a new target.


The universe in ASTROKILL feels used and unforgiving. By means of striking visual details and punchy sound effects, a war-torn atmosphere is conveyed in the dark reaches of space. Factions battle from the rocky, mineral-rich regions of the Outer Belt to the icy territories of the Dominion. The ships of the Outer Belt are jury-rigged of bare metal plate and marked with red paint, while Dominion ships are precisely engineered war machines with white hulls and blue detailing. Dogfights are a chaotic spectacle of whizzing bullets and flashy explosions. Pilots are flung from their ships and haplessly tumble through space praying their attackers follow the unwritten rules of space combat.


The gameplay mechanics in ASTROKILL are similar to old-school space shooters, such as X-Wing and Freespace, where the focus is on combat. In ASTROKILL, dogfights are frequent and challenging. Players must master their flight controls and weapon usage to be successful. The weapon systems are all projectile-based, so players must lead their shots to hit moving targets. If an enemy ship is selected, a leading crosshair will assist in aiming. Limited ammo means players must strategize their weapon operation. Lulls in combat provide opportunities to rearm in hangar bays. The spacecraft controls are thruster-based and can be operated in either manual or automatic modes. In manual mode, players have full and direct control over each thruster. In automatic mode, thrusters will fire at the right time and intensity to keep the spacecraft heading in the direction it's facing. This unique and realistic flight control system is the basis for all spacecraft movement throughout the game.

Rocket physics

In ASTROKILL, the propulsion system is based on Newtonian physics. When fired, each thruster applies a realistically simulated force on the ship. This has numerous implications on gameplay. For example, to travel a constant speed, a pilot simply accelerates to that velocity and then stops accelerating. The speed will be maintained due to the lack of friction in space. In terms of braking, it would be very difficult for a player to fire each thruster in such a way that his or her spacecraft comes to a complete stop (with respect to a frame of reference). This is why each spacecraft comes with a flight control system that intelligently fires each thruster at just the right time and intensity to bring the ship to a stop. So, when you see the exhaust flare from a thruster, it's not just a visual effect. That thruster is applying directional acceleration to the ship proportional to its intensity.

The Gravity Shield

One of the unique features in ASTROKILL is the Gravity Shield. As its name implies, this device creates a negative gravitational field around the spacecraft. This negative field affects objects with low mass, like projectiles. Bullets, flak shells, and missiles will arc away from the field as the GShield "pushes" on the projectile. The strength of the shield diminishes quickly due to its high power consumption. And, a spacecraft cannot fire its own weapons while the shield is up. When the GShield is used properly, it will drastically reduce damage, increase the chances of winning a dogfight, and allow a single fighter to survive an encounter with a superior opponent, like a warship.

System Requirements

    • OS: 7
    • Processor: 3.2 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon 6800 or better (GeForce GTX 660 or better)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: N/A
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